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IFMSA Asia PaciďŹ c Regional Meeting 2019 Hong Kong

The D. H. Chen Foundation Health Innovation Challenge (Pre-APRM) Invitation Package Serving medical students and the community, locally and beyond.

With Contributions From:

Gerald Choa Memorial Fund

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Health Innovation Challenge A Pre-APRM bootcamp brought to you by the APRM19 Organising Committee


is a matter of creativity and skills combined. As an extension to the

theme of this year’s APRM, “Healthcare 2.0: Innovation in Healthcare”, we hope to offer the opportunity for you to explore the latest medical innovations, identify contemporary health inequity issues and engage in developing innovative solutions Therefore, in addition to the conventional theme event sessions, a 5-day Health Innovation Challenge (HIC) will be organised as a platform to unify students and mentors from different academic and cultural backgrounds to explore digital medicine beyond traditional patient care.

Theme: Health Equity

Understanding health as a human right creates a legal obligation on states to ensure access to timely, acceptable, and affordable health care of appropriate quality…

The statement from the WHO human rights and health section emphasises indiscriminate access to healthcare as an universal human right. The same emphasis on equal access to health is also established under UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 3 - ‘Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages’. Nevertheless, a gap of service availability and quality undeniably exists between the rich and the poor, rural residents and urbanites, and even males and females, especially in less developed countries. Therefore, you are expected to identify a specific local or global health equity issue, recognize relevant stakeholders, and design an innovative solution to alleviate the situation.

Why should I join HIC? Health Innovation Challenge is:

a bonus experience independent of APRM

a platform for you to meet and collaborate with students from different academic and cultural backgrounds, united in their interest in promoting health equity

a great opportunity with mentorship offered, enriching your knowledge about modern health challenges and enhancing your skills in critical thinking, marketing and pitching

a chance for you to pitch your ideas to over 300+ conference attendees, including our partnering companies, through themed events and the activities fair

Who will be my teammates? By joining this event, you will be working with:

Medical students afďŹ liated with IFMSA, and those from unafďŹ liated universities

Hong Kong allied health students, including students majoring in physiotherapy, occupational therapy or other academic backgrounds

Undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in business, computer science and engineering

To facilitate the formation of like-minded groups, you may indicate your expertise and topic of interest during application. You will then be assigned to a group of 3-4. We will also group participants from different regions and academic expertises to increase diversity.

Programme Details Date: 20-24th June Venue: The University of Hong Kong Fee: HKD 100 (local) Registration deadline: 12th June, 2019*

3-day Innovation Bootcamp Attend workshops delivered by leading experts from various industries on design thinking, business planning, global health challenge analysis, and prototyping.

Mentorship Mentors from engineering, computer science, public health, social entrepreneurship and business sectors will be matched to your teams to provide guidance and advice throughout the challenge period.

Team Working Sessions These session are allocated between workshops for you and your team to brainstorm and develop your ideas.

Final Pitch A 6-minute pitch will be presented by each team during the theme event on APRM day 2. The pitches are evaluated based on ďŹ ve criteria: theme alignment, innovativeness, potential impact, implementation, and team and presentation.

*For registration details, please visit our website, refer to APRM invitation package or contact our registration team APRM2019 OfďŹ cial Website: Link to full APRM invitation package: Email:

3-Day Bootcamp Empowering you to conceptualise and turn your innovative ideas into feasible and scalable solutions.

Day 1 - 21 June Opening Remarks

Hack 101

Problem Identification

Keynote speakers including doctors, public health professionals and representatives from patients’ rights groups to will discuss health inequity issues in the Asia Pacific region from different perspectives. Introductory session of the HIC hackathon -mentors will also be matched with your teams during this session. Assigned mentors will guide your team in identifying your problem of interest. At the end of this session, each team is expected to deliver a 2-minute presentation on the chosen issue.

Day 2 - 22 June Proposition of solution(s)

Business crashcourse

Pitching workshop

With the help of mentors, your team will rigorously evaluate the feasibility of ideas and form one proposed solution for the problem identified. Representatives from medical startup and social enterprises will walk you through the practical skills of business strategies necessary for your idea to thrive. Guided by our esteemed mentors’ sample pitches, your group can hone your persuasive speaking skills, learning to deliver effective and attractive pitches.

Day 3 - 23 June Solution refinement and prototyping

Your team will have time to refine your solution, which should be rigorously exemplified and if possible, tested. This will be your final chance to practice pitching with mentor before the selection.

“The Pitch” - 24 June Preliminary round The Preliminary round will be held on day 3 of the HIC bootcamp. Each team will be given 15 minutes in total - 5 minutes of pitch time, 5 minutes of Q&A, and the remaining time for judges’ comments and recommendations. Six outstanding teams will proceed to the Final Pitch on APRM Day 2.

The Final Pitch Held at the “Golden Egg” auditorium at HKSTP on Day 2 of APRM, the 6 outstanding teams will have 10 minutes (6-minute pitch + 4-minute Q&A) to pitch to both our judging panel and theme event audience. Our panel comprises of renowned members from the healthcare and medtech community. Top 3 teams will be selected by the panel, and the “Audience Prize” will be awarded to the team receiving the highest number of votes from our 300+ participants and livestream audience.

Key Evaluation Rubrics Theme Alignment

● ●

Problem identification Multidisciplinary approach


Novelty & creativity

Potential Impact

● ●

Potential in driving social changes Availability, access, affordability


Medical principles & feasibility

Team & Presentation

● ●

Teamwork Structure & comprehensiveness

Frequently Asked Questions 1.

Is the Health Innovation Challenge (HIC) a standalone event? The Health Innovation Challenge (HIC) could be viewed as its own event, but also doubles as a pre-conference workshop of the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) 2019 in Hong Kong, under the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA). It differs from traditional IFMSA Pre-RM/Pre-GA workshops in scale and duration (HIC ends on June 24, while pre-APRM workshops end on June 23).It is open to both international members of IFMSA and local non-members.


Who is organizing the HIC and what are their credentials? The HIC is organized by the Organizing Committee of APRM 2019 Hong Kong, ambitious Year 1-4 medical students from HKU and CUHK with experience in winning hackathons, leadership roles in student organisations, and involvement in global health initiatives. We are partnered with IFMSA, multinational HealthTech enabler HealthConnect Digital and innovation hubs of Hong Kong local universities. These experienced establishments provide skilled mentors and will be the main deliverer of the training programme. With participation from the above organizations, we can ensure the delivery of a well-tested and impactful programme.


Who will the adjudicators be? Distinguished individuals from the field of Medicine, Business, Entrepreneurship, Science and Technology, etc. will be invited to adjudicate for HIC. Preliminary assessment rubrics is published with the invitation package and will be updated in time for the challenge. We believe a diversified assessment allows for diversified ideas.


Can post-graduate students/graduated individuals apply? Postgraduate students and individuals graduated from university less than 1 year ago (as of 20 June, 2019) are welcome to apply.


Where is the HIC held? For June 20-23, workshops will be delivered at the Centennial Campus of The University of Hong Kong (HKU). On June 24 (final pitch day), the pitch will be held at The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) in the New Territories.


Are there any prizes for winners? We are still in discussion with sponsors and have yet to finalize the prizes. But you can expect more than 1500 USD in cash prize for the winning teams, and working opportunities at world’s top MedTech incubators!

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With Contributions From:

Gerald Choa Memorial Fund


Supporting Organisations: