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watching,  another  half  keeping  track   of  band  information  and  practice   schedules.  “When  I’m  by  myself   that’s  not  a  problem  but  when  you’re   with  your  family  or  friends,  they  are   like,  “Come  on  now.”    What  about  books?  Do  you  read?  “I   don’t,”  she  says.  “I  have  a  very  short   attention  span.  Books  are  tough,  I   like  bullet  points.”    She  summed  himself  up  with  the      So  you’re  not  going  to  read  this   words,  “I  am  a  band  manger  that   story  when  it’s  published?  “I  will,”   works  closely  with  a  group  of  musi-­ she  laughs.  “I  will  read  everything!” cians  and  makes  major  decisions.  I   work  a  lot  and  I  read  about  the  music      Yeah,  right.  We  don’t  believe  her.   So  here  for  your  delectation  –  and   industry  and  world  events.”   possibly  hers,  if  she  can  put  down      “Yep,  that  pretty  much  sums  me   up,”  she  says.  “I  try  to  be  informed.  I   her  laptop  for  a  minute  –  is  Putry   Azhari.  In  bullet  points… don’t  want  to  be  the  band  manager   You  think  you’ve  had  a  busy  year?  Putry   that’s  like  [high-­pitched  voice],  ‘I   Azhari’s  week  beats  your  year. dunno  maannnn,  I  just  follow  the   “I  am  in  charge  of  coordinating  tours  and  road   band  and  attend  various  gigs.’ activities.  I  supervise  the  band  members  and   ensure  that  everyone  is  okay.  I  have  to  negotiate   There’s  nothing  worse  than  a  dumb   with  the  record  companies.  Other  than  that,  I  need   band  manager  that  doesn’t  know   to  oversee  usage  of  band’s  music  by  moviemakers,   advertisers  and  other  agents.  I  also  monitor  publi-­ how  to  play  an  instrument  or  any-­ cists  work  for  the  band,  suggesting  media  outlets   thing  about  the  current  affairs.” and  pulling  in  connections  with  the  media  world.  I   seek  out  endorsements  and  advertising  deals  that      You  must  have  some  other  inter-­ will  raise  money  and  help  to  position  the  public’s   ests.  Do  you  watch  movies?  “Not   perception  of  the  band  and  their  goals.”…  Yikes! really.  After  an  hour  I  get  antsy.”   The  hardest  part  of  Putry’s  life  is  when  she   She  describes  sitting  at  home  in  front   stops  working. “The  hardest  part  is  coming  off  the  road,”  she  says.   of  a  movie  with  her  laptop,  half   “The  first  three  or  four  days,  the  silence  is watching,  another  half  keeping  track   suffocating.  On  a  big  tour,  you’re  surrounded  by

so...  who  are  you?

15-­16  people  that  you  see  every  day.  There’s   always  something  moving,  whether  it’s  a  truck  or  a   kick  drum  or  a  bag.  Then  you  go  home  and  you  sit   there  in  your  flat  and  you  go  back  and  forth  with   your  laptop  and  you  hear  the  clock  going:  Tick.   Tick.  Tick.  And  it’s  like  hitting  a  brick  wall  –   boom.  That’s  an  adjustment.” Putry  Azhari  drinks  12  cans  of  Diet  Coke  a  day. Can  you  tell  the  difference  between  Coke  and   Pepsi?  “Yes,  blindfolded,”  she  says  without  a   second’s  hesitation.  “When  you  drink  12  of  them  a   day,  you  become  like  a  Coke-­aholic.” Putry’s  line  of  work  is  predominately  male  and   as  a  woman… “I  try  not  to  let  it  bug  me  but  there  is  always  that   undertone.  My  band  (Divide)  played  at  a  venue  last   week  and  there  was  a  girl  on  the  house  crew.  I  was   just  so  impressed.  It  is  inspiring  to  know  that  there   is  a  possibility  for  that  prejudice  to  change.  Don’t   let  it  stop  you,  don’t  let  it  intimidate  you.  Show   them  that  women  work  incredibly  hard  just  like  the   men  do…  and  even  better.” Putry  is  in  a  relationship  with  her  band’s  front   man. “We  have  been  together  for  four  and  a  half  years.”   It  wasn’t  an  easy  relationship,  I  suppose?  “Oh  yes   you’re  right,  it  wasn’t!  Like  life,  it’s  not  all  tidy.   The  speed  of  life  –  and  working  together  in  the   same  industry  –  creates  these  fuzzy  lines  between   business  and  personal  lives.  But  I’m  glad  we  have   learned  to  the  draw  the  line  along  the  way.  He  is   truly  my  soulmate  and  my  best  friend.” Aww!  That’s  really  sweet.  So  where  can  folks   catch  your  band  next? “Come  party  with  us  this  coming  Friday  at  Home   Club!  We'll  be  bringing  a  limited  run  of  our  merch   to  be  sold  at  the  show.  See  you  there.” Divide’s  latest  release,  ‘The  Sun,  The  Moon  &   The  Truth’  is  available  through  Peter  Says   Denim  Records.

Southeast  Asia’s  first  Microsoft   Technology  Centre  opens  in  Singapore

Official  opening  of  MTC  Singapore  with  Dr  Yaacob  Ibrahim  and  Ms  Jessica  Tan  at  the  kinect  ribbon  cutting  ceremony.   Photo:  Microsoft  Singapore

they  can  use  technology  to  transform   their  business  and  increase  productivity,”   said  Ms  Tan.        Since  1990,  Microsoft  has  invested   over  S$23  million  in  the  MTC  for  the   next  five  years.  The  US  tech  giant  has   also  hired  world-­class  experts  to  manage   the  MTC,  noting  that  these  experts  will   Singapore  –  Southeast  Asia’s  first   be  sharing  their  knowledge  and  expertise   Microsoft  Technology  Centre  (MTC)  was   with  local  talents  in  Singapore. officially  opened  today  by  Dr  Yaacob          Mr  Bernard  Chew,  Chief  Information   Ibrahim,  Minister  for  Information,  Com-­ Officer  with  NTUC  FairPrice,  who   munications  and  the  Arts  and  Ms  Jessica   toured  the  MTC  added,  “All  of  us   Tan,  Managing  Director  of  Microsoft  Sin-­ benefited  greatly  from  the  session.  We   gapore.  Located  at  One  Marina  Boulevard,   glimpsed  some  of  the  new  technologies   the  new  technology  centre  serves  as  a   that  Microsoft  is  pioneering,  as  well  as   place  for  Microsoft  customers  to  access   how  their  solutions  can  drive   new  technologies  such  as  cloud  computing   productivity  improvements  and  the  way   and  unified  communications  before  rolling   we  work.  This  makes  it  easier  for  me  to   them  out  at  their  own  premises.   introduce  these  technologies  to  FairPrice          “The  MTC  is  more  than  a  showcase  of   in  the  coming  months.” Microsoft  technology.  It  features  industry          In  the  near  future,  Microsoft  also   leading  best-­of-­breed  solutions  from  us   plans  to  include  made-­in-­Singapore   and  our  partners,  presenting  many  sce-­ innovations  to  provide  greater  exposure   narios  from  increasing  energy  efficiency   to  local  software  companies. to  addressing  customer  retention  strate-­        The  MTC  will  also  facilitate  a  whole   gies.  For  the  first  time  in  the  industry,   new  way  of  teaching  and  provide  a  place   there  is  a  place  where  senior  decision   for  business  leaders  and  entrepreneurs  to   makers  can  go  to  see  for  themselves  how   put  their  ideas  to  the  test,  in  line  with  

Ms  Jessica  Tan

Microsoft’s  ongoing  efforts  to  play  a   partnership  role  in  fostering  growth  and   future  competitiveness  of  Singapore.                It  was  highlighted  that  Microsoft  has   a  significant  impact  on  the  local  econo-­ my  in  Singapore.  According  to  a  recent   IDC  Economic  Impact  Study,   Microsoft  partners  and  related  IT   organisations  employ  an  estimated  47%   of  the  total  IT  workforce  in  Singapore.   And  for  every  Dollar  that  Microsoft   makes  in  Singapore,  its  partners  can   earn  US$8.13.        Since  its  soft  launch  in  February,  the   centre  has  attracted  more  than  1,000   external  visitors,  noting  that  50  percent   of  whom  has  arrived  from  overseas.   Microsoft  expects  the  facility  to   welcome  6,000  visitors  by  the  end  of   2012.

1) Globally, we are witnessing a seismic shift in the way people work. This is especially true in Asia, which according to the Harvard Business Review, is the most socially engaged region in the world on the web.

2) In response to this, Microsoft believes that we need to move to what is called a New World of Work. The tech giant highlighted that redesigned offices with the latest technology facilitate greater flexibility, making our working lives easier and more manageable.

3) In Singapore, where Microsoft has a workforce of 1200, the company has completely revamped the office to make the New World of Work - a reality.


4) Microsoft strives to make the perfect work environment so that every employee has space for to be creative. There are several themes to choose from. For example, a cafe-bistro layout for employees to relax and refuel themselves during breaks.

7) The New World of Work creates not just flexibility, but also helps to retain talents in company, reduce office space and encourage a better working environment.

5) Tracey Fellows, Area Vice President, Microsoft Asia Pacific comments, “At Microsoft, we actively encourage our employees to work from wherever’s most productive for them - whether that’s in the office, at home or anywhere else.”

8) Microsoft also mentioned that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, noting that each organization must embark on its own journey towards the physical and mental changes that will best define its own ‘New World of Work’.

6) Now, there are no assigned desks or private offices for managers and employees. Everyone can work anywhere in the office by using a PC handset, webcam or smartphone.

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