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Initial Thoughts from a Prospective or New Member Viewing the Website

By: April Sunshine Hawkins

My first experience with Plaid was when my friend Amanda forwarded me an email with an invitation to an event in the area. I thought to myself, ‘I’ve never heard of Plaid for Women, but it sounds like something I’d be interested in.” I was unable to attend the event, but I checked out the website and thought it looked interesting.

At first glance my impression was that this must be a large network of women all around the country. It was very inviting. When Sarah said, “We are the next big thing,” at our meeting I can feel that being your future. Here are some more things I think are really great about your site: I love the logo and the color choices. The taglines are great.

You tell me there are lots of women who are involved with Plaid:

It is easy to find a group in my area to connect with.

And it is easy to see what events are being offered

It was fairly easy to set up my profile. But, there were a few things that could be more user friendly. I bet common questions are: How do I change my password? How do I find friends? How can I join groups? What should I do while I’m here? How does this enhance my business?

When I came to the forum I clicked on Health and Fitness.

Even though I was logged in I needed to login again to view the forum.

So, I tried that and it wouldn’t let me.

So, I scrolled down to the bottom and tried to contact you about the issue I was having.

This is all I saw. The contact form must be missing.

This link from my welcome email worked and I was able to go to this section of the forum.

Something is wrong with the photo resolution on profile photos on the site when they are not on the persons actual profile page.

A few other things I noticed while visiting the site that we can help with:

This video is missing - it was one of the first I came to.

This seems to be an unusual way of categorizing the regions when searching for an event in my area.

Your YouTube Channel needs to be branded.

And added to your homepage:

LinkedIn also needs to be branded.

Your pins need photos that people will want to click on. If they are generic – they will be overlooked.

I have been doing some brainstorming and I have some fabulous ideas I can’t wait to share at our meeting.

Prepared for Plaid for Women by April Sunshine Hawkins

Plaid for Women - Initial Thoughts  

Prepared for Plaid for Women by Digital Brand Makeover

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