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Float Switches Application There are many industrial and home applications where float switches prove themselves to be useful. In fact, in many cases, float switches are absolutely necessary for the proper operation of certain pieces of machinery. The switches by themselves don't do very much, but when combined with other pieces of equipment they prove very useful. There are many different types of switches that can be used for a variety of applications. The float switch is basically used to detect the level of liquid within a container. When a designated minimum or maximum level is reached, the float switch activates and triggers the desired response, such as turning a pump on or off or triggering an alarm. Float switches have uses in industry but also in the home. An environmentally friendly home may use a rainwater toilet and the chances are that it will be controlled by one of these devices. The cistern of the toilet will need to be filled from the main rainwater reservoir. When the cistern is not full enough, the switch can be set to activate a pump and replenish the water supply, switching off again when the cistern is full, thus preventing water overflowing and ruining the bathroom. For more info call us now and speak to one of our telephone operators who will provide you with support or be able to give you a quote for our products and services.

Float Switches Application  

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