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CLARE ALLAN Hair stylist, Claire Allan was born in South Africa, but at the age of 6 was adopted by a British family and grew up in Northern England. She worked in salons across the capital until she upped sticks and moved to London where she joined the ELLE team to style our December issue. Q Any hair disasters when you were starting out? A I thought everything was a disaster. Looking back it’s all one great learning curve. Q What are you working on at the moment? A I am planning to travel to India for a career break. TOP TIP Tone on tone looks good and creates longer lines.

ANGELA COOKE ELLE’s art director, Angela Cooke, arrived at ELLE in 2001 after she completed her degree in Graphic design at Leeds Metropoliton. After recently taking a belated gap year to travel the globe, Angela is always finding the next best location for a high fashion shoot. Q What are your memories of ELLE? A Party, Party, Party and not much sleep! Q Whats your advice to young graduates starting out? A Be passionate, timely and follow through. Q What is your guilty pleasure? A Tequila! TOPTIP Live each day as if it were your last.

APRIL BOWDEN Model turned photographer, April started modelling at a young age. After tiring of it at the age of 20, April turned her talents to behind the camera. Fun, fearless and effortllessly stylish. This issue is April’s first shoot for ELLE. Q Who is the most interesting person you’ve shot so far? A Liv Tyler; effortless and beauitful Q What makes a great picture? A An image that is original. Q What’s so great about photography? A Meeting great people and an ever changing environment.


GHAZAL R-K Stylist and make up artist. Is there an end to this girls talents? Recently nominated for her work on Tom Ford’s feature film. She’s also collaborated with Lady Gaga and developed her costumes for her UK tour. The Inhouse make up artist and stylist is a favourite amongst recording artists. Q What are the key looks this spring? A Pale, dewy skin with a hint of shine on the lips Q What is your weakness? A MAC make up Q What can’t you like without? A Sudacrem and vaseline!

FASHION FADES, ONLY STYLE REMANS THE SAME. Celebrating 100 years of the fabulous french desginer Coco Chanel

Photographs by APRIL BOWDEN Fashion by GHAZAL R-K

Cream & black mesh dress ÂŁ1299

Silk blouse ÂŁ850

Silk blouse as before, black jodpurs £650, Patent shoes, £1450

This page: Black and cream dress as before. Shoes ÂŁ1600. Opposite page: Black tailored jacket made to measure. Starting price ÂŁ1400, Silk blouse as before.

This page: Sequined black dress £2199, Black shoulder bag £1450, black heels £1200. Opposite: Vintage black fur coat price on application

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