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Small Ball Makes Big Industry Only 112 workers in wear-resistant steel ball production of non-ferrous metal mines for ore dressing and at this year sales have exceeded 100 million Yuan, reaching 120 million Yuan. A small ball makes a big industry! How Tongling nonferrous Copper Crown investment gold God wear-resistant materials company create a miracle? In the morning of December 18th, when this reporter went to the production site, the workers are putting a different specification of the steel ball into the box. Boxes of steel balls neatly arranged, and they will be delivered to customers domestic and abroad. The company Party branch secretary Wang Changzhi told reporters: "Do not underestimate these balls, the technical content is very high and has more than 10 current patent technologies. Diameter of 150 mm above the forging ball, currently can only be produce in our company and have applied for a patent." Before 2003, the production of steel balls is casting. Because the process is simple, scientific and technological content of steel ball is slightly low and only can meet the general requirements of customers. With the level of science and technology of modern mining mineral processing technology improve, the large diameter increases, and ball mill strongly needs high quality. According to the market demand, they got on the new production line of forging process and the development of large diameter steel ball in forging process. In Asia's first deep well mining in Dongguashan copper ore dressing plant trial, and achieved very good results. Technician Wang Youcai says: a diameter of about 150 mm steel balls into the ball mill, eventually into only 10 mm in diameter. Generally our ball has no fault and not out of round, and plays a very big role in promoting to the mine production standard. With the needs of the customers, they have developed a diameter of 20 mm, 80 mm and 120 mm diameter steel ball to breed series of 200 mm, the development of large diameter steel ball is successful and established the leading position in domestic enterprises in the industry. Now the company an annual output is 20000 tons per year, and the products throughout the country. Among them, forging ball in the domestic market share reached 75% market share and the products are also exported to Pakistan and other countries. The article from:

Small Ball Makes Big Industry  

Only 112 workers in wear-resistant steel ball prod...