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APRICOT magazine

AUTHOR: Annalaura M. / COVER: Marina Refur

November 2011

The Water issue FEMALE ARTISTS

Elena Ayllon, Marta Bevacqua, Morgana Burke, Julie De Waroquier, Laura Feliz, Sara Fraile, Laura Makabresku, Annette Pehrsson, Marina Refur, Lauren Rozenberg, Dara Scully, Henrietta Soinien, Prudence Stent, Chelsea Taylor, Evita Weed, Lara Zankoul

THE ONLY MAN Jonathan Lin

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7/ Annette Pehrsson

31/ Elena Ayllon

15/ Marina Refur

35/ Dara Scully

19/ Prudence Stent

39/ Evita Weed

27/ Henrietta Soinien

51/ Through Our Lenses

56/ Laura Feliz 59/ Marta Bevacqua 65/ Chelsea Taylor 69/ Sara Fraile

77/ Morgana Burke 81/ Laura Makabresku 85/ Jonathan Lin

THROUGH OUR LENSES PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG by Julie De Waroquier, Lara Zankoul, Lauren Rozenberg, Alexandra Sophie [ ]

- First of all, introduce yourselves (Julie) I'm Julie de Waroquier, a 22 year-old French photographer, also student in philosophy. I'm currently having a double life between photography and philosophy. (Lara) 23 years old, Lebanese self-taught photographer, dividing my life between economic studies and passion for fine art photography. Practicing this art is a kind of escape from reality, and this appears in my pictures which are characterized by a fairy atmosphere, surreal compositions and a desire to reach an imaginary and aesthetic world, which I'd like to share with you. (Lauren) I'm Lauren Rozenberg, eighteen years old, living in Brussel and currently studying history of art. - What is photography to you? And why do you feel the need to create pictures? (Julie) Photography is both art and technique to me. It's imagination and creation on the one hand, and hard work and strictness on the other hand. I need to create pictures not really to express my own feelings, but rather in order to offer pictures that can make people think or dream... like little stories! Everyone can see whatever he wants in my pictures. (Lara) Photography was and still is an escape from everyday reality. Creating photos came very naturally to me as I've always had ideas for fine art photos and visually imagined concepts. One day, I decided to buy a camera and start taking these pictures. As I practiced this hobby, my interest and love for it grew and it has now become a great passion and has taken an important place in my life. (Lauren) I have a very dark vision of the world, very sad, and photography is the only way to materialize my thoughs, like an exorcism. I just want to show my vision of an instant, of an emotion. - Have you ever met each other live? (Julie) I've already met Alexandra, during her solo exhibition in Belfort, a few months ago, and we're all going to meet each other in November, during our collective exhibition in Paris, which is so exciting! - I guess it's quite difficult to have one blog, when you're four people: do you ever argue, or have very different ideas and opinions on how it should be managed? (Lauren) Actually it's not difficult at all. In fact it’s very stimulating because the four of us are different and because we talk very often by email, so we can see the evolution of each of us, and it makes me think a lot (this is photography : constantly think and try to surpass what we've already done!) And yes we argue each other : we give our advises about somes pictures or post-traitement, this is perhaps why it's working such well! - Do you have any project for the future of the blog? Any news coming? (Lara) We are currently working on a very exciting project which consists of going from blog to reality. We are preparing an exhibition entitled "Through Our Lenses" (as the blog's name) in Paris during November 2011. Each one of us will be showcasing around 5 of her photos. We are planning to all be at the opening day, so it will be an opportunity for us to meet in real life and take photos together. Otherwise, we will keep posting and sharing our photographic experiences on the blog.

Julie De Waroquier

Lauren Rozenberg

Lara Zankoul

“Photography’s a hobby,but my job “Photography’s notnot a hobby, but myand job and a real passion. a real passion. It’s the best way to express myself It’s the best way to express myself and the way I see the world” and theMarta wayBevacqua I see the world” Marta Bevacqua

“Photography for me is simply my way of holding onto those paceful moments in my life� Chelsea Taylor

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APRICOT #2 / The Water Issue (Artists:Elena Ayllon, Marta Bevacqua, Morgana Burke, Julie De Waroquier, Laura Feliz, Sara Fraile, Laura Makab...


APRICOT #2 / The Water Issue (Artists:Elena Ayllon, Marta Bevacqua, Morgana Burke, Julie De Waroquier, Laura Feliz, Sara Fraile, Laura Makab...