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Brand Strategy Guidelines

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Who we are


Who we target


How we build our brand


Brand Launch Strategy


Week One Water Tank shows up


Week Two Get out the water and tri-fold brochure


Week Three Surprise mail reusable water bottles



Week Four Mobile app release







Introduction A service’s original personality and intentions should inform service decisions so the mission stays consistent through time.


Who we are Described as a person, H2GO would be

Environmentally Conscious Clean

Engaging Friendly


FunCool Funky

The H2GO service should reflect these qualities as much as possible. A consistent brand personality would help H2GO build a dependable relationship with consumers as well as brand loyalty. Once fully implemented, consumers would begin to associate the qualities listed above with H2GO’s water.

H2GO is committed to reducing waste and encouraging the next generation of leaders to practice sustainable living. The brand believes that the combination of reusable water bottles and filtered tap water is unbeatable due to three key factors: Studies showing that tap water is just as regulated, if not more regulated than bottled water. Huge amounts of fossil fuels are used to bottle water, purify bottled water, transport bottled water, and recycle plastic bottles. Natural water resources being depleted at a very fast rate, prevented by drinking water locally.


How we build our b H2GO is a unique concept to which consumers must adjust. The strategic time release of H2GO brand aspects would provide a series of consumer experiences to ease and reinforce the H2GO brand. There would be an initial four week, with a new H2GO aspect released each week. The introduction period would include stages of surprise, ambiguity, clarity, and social gathering.


Automatic starting o




ot too longNot too short Opportunity to make Mondays great Why a week

over period

dents live by week

r weeks make a month

Easy cycle to remember


Who we target H2GO’s target audience would be students at the mapped universities in Los Angeles. There have been reported stigmas against tap water in Southern California due to a slightly different taste and smell. Tap water travels a substantial distance through pipes in order to get to Los Angeles. We target these universities especially because: The universities are within 20 miles of each other. The universities are well established and can be leaders in the field. Students are an active demographic and drink a lot of water. Students are open to new ideas and engage in social media such as our H2GO iPhone app.

University of California, Los Angeles

University of Southern California

Loyola Marymount University

Southern California


Brand Launch Strategy A brand is what distinguishes one service from another service. It is as much a service’s mark as it is personality to which consumers respond.


Water Tank shows The water tank would park for extended time periods around the established universities.

up Week One goals

Stay out of trouble but have a strong visual presence Give a preview of more to come

Look for high volumes of student activity

Get Initiate H2GO appearance student attention Create conversation and intrigue

Develop brand awareness


Get out the water & A week after the tank initially shows up, handing out the filtered water and informational brochure would finally provide context to the obstruction. The tank would begin to fill up students’ reusable bottles with filtered water. The brochure would be handed out at the tank for those interested. The tri-fold brochure would also be stationed near where bottled water is sold on campus in order to increase issue awareness where the issue would be most prevalent


& tri-fold brochure Week Two goals

Talk about sustainable living

Interact with students

Explain how the tank works


Get student mailing addresses


Surprise mail reusa

able water bottles The two weeks preceding the sale would provide time to collect contact information for those intrigued by our service. H2GO would then excite those interested by sending those on the list a free reusable H2GO water bottle with a brochure.

Week Three goals

Encourage Create another refillingvehicle for Bribe students with free stuff

Give out a keepsake to remember the H2GO service and brand

brand presence


Mobile app release The release of the mobile app would encourage students to become members of the H2GO brand as well as more involved in the daily usage of the service. The app includes features such as Tank Location, Daily Water Consumption, and Social Check窶的n. Week Four goals

Inspire ap download

Help students understand the app capabilities

Give clear and simple directions Foster enthusiasm for the new development

Get students to create a username and password

Complete the last big stage of H2GO

Evaluate the product launch

e Currently

24 oz.

October 23, 2012 12:00 PM

I’ve had

300 oz. ...since August 31, 2011

pp ds brand release

Daily water intake

I’ve saved

16 14 12 10 8 6

40 more oz. to go!

The Tank

My Water




Plastic (lb)




Communication The way a service communicates is an extension of its brand personality, and can be especially useful for pointing out other service mediums.


Announcements The best vehicle for updates and announcements is social media. The tone of H2GO should be consistent with its branding as well as be error free. Announcements might include highlighting frequent users, new developments within the service, or more general news about sustainable living especially in relation to water. H2GO social media vehicles include Facebook, Twitter, and the H2GO iPhone app.


Events Events should implement H2GO branding as well as an element of surprise. They should also always involve the tank. Events might relate to promotion, fund raising for an environmental cause, and student organizing collaboration. They might also emerge through more global issues and renewable resource awareness. Examples are

World Water Day Bottled water protest

Earth Day Water Awareness Month

Africa Water Week

World Oceans Day

This book was created by Abby Pribble during Fall 2012 for the senior studio course Visual Information at Washington University in St. Louis. H2GO is a solution found by Mary Yang, Erin Woo, and Abby Pribble to reduce environmental harm by reducing bottled water consumption.

H2GO Brand Strategy Guidelines  
H2GO Brand Strategy Guidelines