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Welcome / Hola Welcome to our launch issue of Après Beach magazine – the free magazine with its glossy finger on the pulse in the beautiful Balearic Islands.



In this edition we’ll be exploring some of the most treasured gems in Mallorca and Ibiza.

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We feature the one and only “David Bowie” and reflect on is amazing contribution to world music with the “Spiders from Mars”. I interview the Northern Ireland football legend Gerry Armstrong who lives in Mallorca and owns a bar/restaurant in Santa Ponca and take a tour of the Island with Robinson Crusoe. We also interview Norman Cook (Alias Fat Boy Slim) the legendary British DJ and offer you beauty tips, life coaching and cook up a Spanish feast with Nigel Brown. We hope that reading Apres Beach offers you advice and inspires you to have a great holiday. So here’s to the warm Spanish hospitality. Here’s to Beer/Vino, Music, Laughter and Life in the Balearic’s!

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30 Summer 16


explore mallorca!



EXPLORE MALLORCA! The island of Mallorca is known around the world for its warm weather and wonderful beaches. The 300 beaches of the Mallorca are predominant attractions for visitors, from all over the world.

In the areas that are most popular among tourists such as Palma, Calvià and Alcúdia, the beaches are equipped with numerous services for those who have come to Mallorca to relax: sunshades, sunbeds, beach bars, etc. They also offer water activities such as kitesurfing, pedal boats or banana boat rides. The beaches provide lifeguard service and some of which - such as Platja de Palma, Can Pere Antoni and Platja de son Maties are also equipped with ramps for people with reduced mobility and adapted chairs, so that everyone can enjoy a swim in the sea.

Regardless of whether they have white sand or rocks, turquoise or crystal clear waters or are isolated or equipped with all services, all the beaches in Mallorca have a unique charm. According to your interests, you may wish to take refuge in a wonderful crystal clear cove or spend the day on a beach which offers a variety of services such as sunbeds, sunshades and beach bars. You can find a charming and unique beach or cove

anywhere on the island. For example, Northern beaches of Mallorca are mostly sandy and rocky, with slightly colder waters. Whereas, in the East, you will find fine, white sandy beaches with turquoise waters, some of which remain undiscovered. Many of these beaches can be reached on foot through forests or walking down the rocks. However, a handful of them can be reached by car or public transport.

Platja de Palma is one of the most popular beaches of Mallorca, which is located near Palma. It is also one of the most developed and connected beaches of the island. A large proportion of visitors stay in the Platja de Palma area (Can Pastilla, El Arenal, Cala Estancia). Slightly further South from Palma is Magaluf, in Calvià, this is a British holiday area par excellence. It has a wide offer of restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs. If you are looking for more isolated beaches Summer 16




explore mallorca!

Calas de Mallorca (Manacor) may be the place for you. Manacor is an area consisting of several small coves and a beach called Cala Formentor, from which you can see Menorca on a clear day. Mallorca is also home to many naturist beaches, for example, nudism is practised in es Trenc (Campos), la Playa del Mago (Portals Vells) and several other places. One of the advantages of being on an island is that when the winds blow from the North, the beaches facing that direction will experience a heavy swell

of waves. Thus making them ideal to practise sports such as windsurfing and surfing. Moreover, when winds blow from the South the swell occurs on South facing beaches. Before swimming in Mallorca it is important to check the sea conditions and follow the flag indications which can be found in most beaches of Mallorca. A green flag means that it is safe to swim, yellow means that you must be careful and red means that you should not go into the water due to poor sea conditions.


Mallorca has an abundance of museums distributed around the island.

Many people visit the museums to learn about the history and culture of the Balearic Islands, specifically Mallorca. Art exhibitions from all periods, ranging from classical pieces, such as Renaissance and Baroque, to contemporary, avant-garde collections, are displayed in many diverse galleries across Mallorca. Furthermore, visitors and locals of the Island also tend to explore the churches, cathedrals and ruins of Mallorca, to understand more about the history and heritage. The island has a wealth of monuments that stand out for their grandeur and elegance. Some of which are located in the capital, with the Bellver Castle and the Cathedral at the top of list.

Mallorca has been a source of inspiration for many artists whose names are written in golden letters in the history of 20th century art. Joaquín Sorolla, Santiago Rusiñol, Anglada Camarasa, Joaquín Mir and Joan Miró, to name a few, were captivated by the landscape and nature of the island and particularly by its unique light. As a result of its compelling influence on such artists, Mallorca enjoys numerous exhibitional activities throughout the year. There is a rich variety of proposals ranging from museums and private collections, to inspire the modern art scene.

robinson crusoe & friday freddy in the balerarics

Front line Puerto Portals; C./Punta Puerto Portals 29, 07181 Puerto Portals-Claviá Tel: +34971 676 235


ROBINSON CRUSOe & FRIDAY FREDDY IN THE BALEARICS!!! Mallorca’s must see, beaches, bars, clubs and towns.

Day 1. The Arrival:

Positioned on the front line as you enter Puerto Portals, Key West not only offers an amazing relaxed ambience and chilled out atmosphere, it’s unique position allows you to enjoy the most amazing views over this picturesque and fashionable marina.

So for a cool Cocktail, a generous Gin and Tonic, or a chilled Champagne, come and watch the sun go down over the Mediterranean as you relax to the soundtracks of chill-out mixes and club classics.

As the evening progresses be prepared to party the night away, especially on special nights or at the weekends when some of the island’s top DJ’s and live entertainers are here to give you the very best in music.

2 for 1 cocktails daily 12.30pm till 8pm. Food and Champagne Breakfast now available Please check Facebook, Twitter, Our Website or download our FREE app for offers and opening times.

2 hours and 20 minutes in flight, with four stag parties and a hen do. One bloke dressed as a prophylactic. I didn’t see him in the customs hall however, I imagine the Spanish officials must have taken a dim view. Don’t let these ladish quirks of Mallorca scare you away, if partying is not your scene. The island is a number of amazing things and being culturally diverse is one of them. Although, it is a destination for stag and hen dos, it also has sophisticated scenery, such as cobbled old towns and numerous harbours, where serenity is abundant. I digress, Friday Freddy and I [Robinson Crusoe] continued our travel on land, with a hire car. 10 minutes into the trip and Freddy starts vehemently complaining that “it’s a shoe box on wheels”. The car had a cream paint job with garish, red seats - it was not exactly a pulling mobile. After a number of direction stops and a couple of scenic detours, we finally arrived outside Hotel Marina Portals. The 4 star hotel, has views over both the sparkling coast and the climbing hills of Portals Nous, the ideal location to relax. Luckily Freddy had calmed down by this point, as small, gaudy looking cars seemed to be a trend in this neck of the woods. We threw our cases into the room, and without bothering to change, we made straight for the bar, for a well deserved drink!

The first, and only bar we managed to make it to was “The Ship”, it could have been a local Brighton pub, except everyone but us had a tan. However, our pale complexion didn’t prevent us from hanging around to mingle with the friendly locals. As the night went on , the beers were flowing and the karaoke was belting out, till my memory faded…

Day 2. Paradise Cove: I woke up on day 2 with a heavy head and I looked over to the sofa where Freddy was planted, still fully clothed. Catching a glimpse of the alarm clock on my bedside table, I realised we had just moments to grab breakfast before they stopped serving. Freddy and I made a mad dash for a much needed cup of tea and sat outside to get a breath of fresh air. Neither of us had eaten very much but we decided it was time to make our way to the beach, to catch a full day of sun. The beach - close to our hotel - was a tranquil cove, with picturesque rocks and trees mounted delicately around it, and calm waves that rippled against the shore. Few people had chosen to brave the Mediterranean sea, which was still slightly nippy in mid Spring time. Those that did were able to reach a small island just a short swim away from the beach. We lay down and basked in the sun whilst others on the beach played volleyball, paddle ball and swam in the crystal clear water. The hours flew

by as we alternated between reading books and people watching. As the sun began to descend at around 8:00pm, we wandered along to Roxy bar at the end of the beach, to catch the peak of the sunset. We sat outside the bar, where it jutted out over the sea, which was situated next to an ancient looking church. The combination of the sound of waves with chilled music, made for the perfect atmosphere to drink an ice cold beer in the warm evening sun. Compelled by the ambience, we left reluctantly and made the short walk back to Hotel Marina Portals, to shower the sand away before heading out for dinner. There is no time for a siesta when you are in Mallorca and as Freddy put it, “snoozing is for losers”. Heroes was just minutes from our hotel in Portals, they serve great steaks and have lovely staff. We ate to our heart’s content and headed home.

Day 3. Sóller and Sant Elm: Both of us woke up, nice and early - Freddy even made it to bed this time - showered and put together a bag of stuff for the day. After eating breakfast, we headed off up the coast to a small harbour, called Sóller which is pronounced “so yeah”. So yeah, that’s why we went. The main roads are clear and well sign posted and it wasn’t long before we arrived. Plaça Constitución is the main town square in Sóller. There is an abundance of cafes, bars and a huge, Summer 16

09 9



robinson crusoe & friday freddy in the balerarics

beautifully constructed, church, called Sant Bartomeu (or Saint Bartholomew in English). The church is guarded either side, by the town hall and the Banco de Sóller, an architectural masterpiece and a must see for lovers of Gaudí inspired work. Freddy and I sat down for a coffee in the square and took in our surroundings. We heard a sudden ring-a-ding and down the hill through

We CAN Be Musicians Just for One Day

square came a bright red and extremely retro looking tram, which ended up being our ride to the beach. The beach was a horseshoe shape with bohemian style bars and hotels strewn across the surrounding hills. The bay had every ship, boat and trawler imaginable and not one but three lighthouses. We sat on the beach and watched the world go by. My burnt skin was beginning to look more


like a tan, but Freddy’s remained the colour of the tram and with that in mind, we decided it was time to get out of the scorching sun and headed back to the car, to take the coastal road home. The east side of Mallorca is mountainous and it wasn’t long before we were twisting and turning, higher, above the sea. The views were breathtaking and every now and then we would catch a glimpse of mountain goats. This drive is not for the faint hearted. Although I’m glad that we had done it, I probably wouldn’t do it again. We ended up at the tip of the Island at a place called Sant Elm for a calming Cerveza and dinner. Just offshore from Sant Elm is Sa Dragonera Island, Freddy was full of Dutch courage and decided we had to swim there. It was only 100 yards, so I agreed and soon enough we were standing on our very own desert Island. We felt like real adventurers, but as neither of us were “Bear Grylls”, and we didn’t intend on living off of bugs and frogs for the night, we swam back to civilisation.

To be continued in the next issue...

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we can be musicians just for one day By Paul Spencer Denman (Sade Bassist)

When David Bowie died I cried, and cried, and cried some more. Then I fired off an email to about 100 friends telling them how Ziggy had changed my life, changed all of our lives, but here we take a look at 3 Hull lads who really did change David Bowies life.

Don’t believe me? Well then you don’t know your Rock history mate. So listen up n sit tight cos I’m gonna give you a music lesson, and tell you how it went down. Why? Because I can, because I was there. I’d seen Mick Ronson, Trevor Bolder and Woody Woodmansey play together as “Ronno”, Michaels nickname, in Hull a few times in the late 60’s. Michaels previous band “The Rats” had put out a couple of singles to mixed reviews but “Ronno” had a sound. Something that had come together for them thru years of playing and playing together in and around Hull and East Yorkshire. Trevor’s dad had a record store on Hessle Road called Bolder Bar. He was musical, played Bass and Trumpet and his Grandma gave Ronson piano lessons, that’s how they met and that led to Bolder joining “Ronno”. Former Rats drummer John Cambridge became Bowie’s drummer before and during the “Space Oddity” period and recommended Ronson to Bowie.

Summer 16




We CAN Be Musicians Just for One Day

Cambridge dragged Ronson to London and he joined Hype, Bowies prototype band. “I’d found my Jeff Beck” Bowie would later say. Cambridge left and was replaced by Woody Woodmansey and with Tony Visconti on Bass they commenced recording the hugely influential but commercially unsuccessful “The Man Who Sold the World”. Bolder was drafted in on Bass for Bowie’s next album “Hunky Dory” and this is the first time we see and hear the rumbling juggernaut that would become The Spiders from Mars. Bowie was actually spotted in the phone box, on the shopping center on Greatfield, around this time. It would make sense, Ronson lived there with his Mam, Minnie, and Sister Maggi a couple of street’s away from me. Bowie’s albums and singles without our 3 boys were, at the time, poorly received. Listen to “The Laughing Gnome”. It’s a joke record made in honour of one of Bowie’s hero’s Anthony Newley and worthy of being placed next to Morecambe and Wise, Bernard Cribbins, Charlie Drake et al in the comic section of your record collection, no evidence of the Starman there and thank fuk Bowie didn’t hook up with Ronson during this period. It just wouldn’t have worked. Take a listen to “The Man Who Sold the World” released in April 1971, and hear how a sound is starting to develop, there begins to be a glimmer of rock experimentation, but the songs are still rambling, with the exception of the title track, they kind of meander along, but it has the beginning’s of something, you get the feeling that there is more to come, more to explore. It’s a very interesting and under-rated album and we see a more electric style

We CAN Be Musicians Just for One Day

“Life on Mars” is a great example of the guitar sound of Ronson, the band playing out to a slower beat and Bowie killing it with and incredible vocal. than on Bowies previous albums, led by Ronson’s stunning guitar, but its not quite on the money. It’s not until Bolder joins them for “Hunky Dory” released in Dec 1971, and the first incarnation of the Spiders emerges, that things really start to change. It must have been whilst the writing and recording for this album was going on that Bowie had the light bulb moment of “THIS COULD BE A GREAT BAND!” and we see a real stylistic shift toward heavy rock orientated playing and more precise song writing. “Queen Bitch” being a terrific example of how far Bowie had come as a condensed, compact pop songwriter, and how much he is influenced by our 3 boys. “Life on Mars” is a great example of the guitar sound of Ronson, the band playing out to a slower beat and Bowie killing it with and incredible vocal. Now they are a band. And finally and most importantly… POWWW! Out it came. The age defining moment of my life, and their career, the Sublime, Majestic, Guitar God, Rock Pomp Driven Outrageousness of, one of the

most influential albums of all time “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars” released in June 1972 fully written as a concept album by Bowie, wholly influenced by the playing style’s of our 3 boys. The tracks on this record are actually pretty simple rock n roll songs. When asked Bowie often said “I write Rock n Roll songs”. Tru dat Dave. Its here that the full on force of the Ziggy sound comes to the fore and we can appreciate the drumming of Woodmansey. The total squareness of the incessant beat, very very clever, and sometimes unique, use of the hihat, on the money timing and not an ounce of anticipation or syncopation. Bolder meshing with Woody and doing those sublimely planted root notes, all again square, and on the beat. That too was Bolder’s unique style and choice

of, usually, higher octave bass notes giving the songs a peculiar lightness. When most bassists would plum the depths of the Bass bolder chooses not to, he isn’t afraid to take risks and Bolder shines thru the entire album playing particularly well on Ziggy which incorporates possibly the greatest square passing note on any chorus ever. The syncopation comes from Bowie’s 12 string strummed acoustic and Ronson’s amazing guitar. Check out “Soul Love”, “Lady Stardust” “Starman” all incredible songs and the most monumental rock song without a vocal chorus “Ziggy Stardust”. The chorus is actually an insane guitar riff written by Bowie and Ronsonified. It’s a bone crushing God like chord progression played in a style that is Ronson’s and Ronson’s alone, a stellar player, who’s eclectic electric, hot wired, flame thrower propelled guitar style is allowed to permeate and impregnate every song on this album whilst always interpreting the writer’s passion, and being the perfect foil for his incredible front man whilst doing it. Sound like a fan? Oh Fuk yes I am. Tony

Visconti, Bowie’s long time producer/ collaborator later said “Without Mick who knows? There might have been no Ziggy Stardust”. Tru dat Tony. There was a lot of talk at the time that Bowie and Ronson were Gay, Fags and or “Queer”. Bowie was playing a character, but that, to anyone who knew Ronson, Bolder and Woody was utter garbage. They were working class blokes with working class ‘Ull accents from Hull. They couldn’t have been more lads or laddish. Ronson famously said “I go to the venue, put on my make up, play my guitar, take off my makeup and go home” For Ronson, like me, it was all about the work. When I first saw Ziggy with The Spiders on The Old Grey Whistle Test they, as most bands did at the time, mimed to a backing track. But OHHHHH what a backing track. As Ziggy, Bowie is obviously feeding off Ronson and vice versa and its totally and obviously the sound of a band. The sound of 4 people playing together. As we listen to the full album we see its completely peppered with Strings. All arranged by and, I presume, conducted


by Ronson. When you consider that none of Bowie’s albums where totally self produced it’s interesting that when he goes to produce Lou Reed he takes Ronson with him. When asked who does the strings? Bowie replied “oh I don’t do that he does”. It leads us to speculate about who actually did the knob twiddling. (pun intended) The way the Ziggy songs are presented isn’t an accident. It’s the sound of Woodmansey and Bolder doing what they did. Keeping things square, keeping it tight and bossing the beat. The fingerprint of Ziggy comes from, and is provided as much by the playing styles of these 3 as it is by the glorious songs written by Bowie. That’s why bands sound like bands. Its as much to do with the playing and interpretation as its is the writing. It’s a magical combination kinda like mixing up a stew or some incredible recipe and it happens when only the 3 or 4 people involved are in a room or concert hall together, take one piece of the formula away and it’s not the same. Interestingly when Bowie morphs into “Aladdin Sane” he’s not quite brave enough to ditch everyone and takes Ronson and Bolder with him but leaves Woody behind. The beats on “Aladdin Sane” become more syncopated and anticipated. There is a kind of jazzy feel to some of the tracks. I think that’s what Bowie wanted and he knew that to get it he had to loose the squareness of Woodmansey. Woody was Woody and he did what Woody did and Bowie no longer wanted it. We have to remember the Ziggy period in context. Bowie’s main competition at the time was The Sweet, Slade, formerly

Summer 16




We CAN Be Musicians Just for One Day


The way the Ziggy songs are presented isn’t an accident.


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skinhead band Ambrose Slade, led by Noddy Holder, in my opinion the second greatest rock vocalist Britain has ever produced (Robert Plant being the first, Rotten not counting as he is in a league of his own and he hates Rock n Roll), Paul Gadd better known as the recently disgraced abomination, Gary Glitter, Gene Vincent impersonator Bill Jewry better known as Alvin Stardust, and of course, former trippyhippydippy unicorn Marc Bolan. No one knew at the time just how Bowie, the wonderful chameleon like performer, would outsrtrip all his contemporaries and go on to become an icon. At the time he was just another glam rock star, probably the best of the bunch, but it’s only with hindsight that we see how important he and this period were. He disliked Bolan and at the time there was certainly a chicken and egg debate about who wore the eye shadow and lippy first. I think its fair to say that no one really jumped on the bandwagon. It was already there parked in the nations collective consciousness, they all just took a ride on it, uncertain of its final destination, with Bowie and Bolan fighting for control of the wheel. Both Bolan and Bowie had had fairly unsuccessful career’s as proto hippies in previous incarnations with psudo hippie strummalong tunes. They disliked each other. Bowie also disliked his other bandwagon jumping piano

pounding contemporary, Reg Dwight, better known as Elton Hercules John, and was irritated by their success. What made Bowie different from the rest of his contemporary’s was that he didn’t just carry on like they did. He changed. “Aladdin Sane” isn’t sonically that far removed from Ziggy, its mostly the same people playing. We do see here, however, the emerging influence of Mike Garson who would become a rest of life collaborator with Bowie. Two words for Garson…A Genius. And certainly when that first iconic image for “Aladdin Sane”, photographed not by Mick Rock but by Brian Duffy (see picture), came out we were all a bit miffed. “Well how is it different?” because we had all been told that Bowie’s new image and character, for his comeback, remember he had “retired from the stage” after the final Ziggy show, would be well…. new and it wasn’t. It was an extension of the Ziggy character, we had all seen him

use the lightening bolt motif with Ziggy and his vitally important hair was still immaculately coiffed in the same style. He used Ronson and Bolder, dropped Woody and cut the squareness. I think Bowie realized after the albums release that if he was to truly to morphosize into another character he had to completely replace the musician’s he worked with. By the time we reach “Diamond Dogs”, although he has kept the hair, this is absolutely the case. This is a new incarnation, he has shed his skin and, although not light year’s away from the Starman, he certainly has set off for a more obtuse and diverse orbit. Bowie actually plays guitar on this album, replacing Ronson, and it gives the album a totally different feel, highlighting how important Ronson was to the sound of Ziggy. However Bowie missed being in a band so much that by 1989 he formed Tin Machine. It’s a shame that Reeves Gabrels, Summer 16




Pershing 54

We CAN Be Musicians Just for One Day

WRITTEN BY Paul Spencer Denman (Sade Bassist, Hull City Fan, Proud to be from Greatfield and very very Proud to be from Hull) Jan 2016. With Thanks to Maggi Ronson for her input.

the legendary Stan Tippins, who tour managed Michael in his “Hunter/Ronson” days, was the one who broke the news to me whilst I was on tour in Europe, I went to the back of the bus and cried.…a lot.

as astonishing a guitar player as he is, and the Sales brother’s, both terrific musician’s, never quite gelled as a band and didn’t give David the kick he needed (as our boys had). Tin Machine produced 3 mediocre albums and then David did what David does best, leave and become someone else. Like The Clash, Bowie did make some shit records “Jazzin for Blue Jean” and “Dancin in the Streets” with Jagger ?!?… pleeeeez, “Modern Love” ?? for Gawds sake “get me to the church on time”? Dave, listen mate, TBH I see the irony, but Im not buyin it. A friend of mine summized that Bowie’s musical decline, starting after “Ashes to Ashes”, was the direct result of his dental re alignment. It’s an interesting theory but probably not true. Bowie made a staggering 27 studio albums in various disguises. Who was the real David Bowie? Well they all were My Dear. He was multi talented and incredibly artistic in the true sense of the word. A gargantuan collaborator compelled to express himself, literally, till the day he died. The Thin White Duke, The Cracked Actor, Station to Station, instrumental side of Low, Hero’s, Young Americans, Ziggy, Hunky Dory were all, in my opinion, genius. It’s only with his brazen, and hugely successful, attempt to seduce the U. S. of A. with “Lets Dance”, a polished Bowie, sanitized for America’s protection, squeaky clean, bland and horrible, that he lost me. And I left and moved on to find other Hero’s. “Put on your red shoes

and dance the blues”? No thanks Dave, I already reached out and gave you my hands years ago and you made me wonderful, but I aint putting on them fukin shoes mate. Trevor Bolder lived in Cottingham and Little Weighton and went on to ply his skills with, for a short time Wishbone Ash, but most notably with Uriah Heep until his death from pancreatic cancer on 21st of May 2013……R.I.P. Mr Bass Man. Mick “Woody” Woodmansey, originally from Driffield, with his own band, U Boat, released an album in 1977. He still plays in his band 3D. His last tour was with Holy Holy in June 2015. He is the last surviving Spider… Michael “Mick” Ronson had a solo career lined up by Bowie’s management team, MainMan, well before the final note had been played at the final prophetic Ziggy show at the Hammersmith Odeon on July 3rd 1973 (see picture). He released one quite well received album “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue” in 1974, it made the top ten in the UK, and one badly received album “Play Don’t Worry” in 1975, but he was never a front man, and I think attempting to be one didn’t sit well with him. He joined, briefly, Mott the Hoople worked with John Mellencamp and Bob Dylan, had a band “Hunter/Ronson” with Ian Hunter from Mott, Produced Morrissey, Hanoi Rocks, David Johansen and others. His Last album “Heaven and Hull” was released posthumously in 1994. He died on the 29th of April 1993 from liver cancer. My tour manager at the time,

Michael is buried on Greatfield at East Hull Cemetery a few rows away from my Mam and Dad. When I’m in Hull, to see The Tigers, I always go see all three of them. R.I.P. Sweet Dreamer. So there you have it. I was there I saw it all. I knew those people. I lived amongst them. I was inspired by the Spiders, their Blokeishness, their Hullishness the fact that they were from my City, and their androgyny fuelled version of Rock n Roll. I literally thought “If he (Ronson) can do it so I can I” If I had one wish it would be that Hull celebrated its musical heritage more. People like myself, Stuart Mathewman, The Spiders, The Paddington’s, Paul Trynka, Red Guitars, Lene Lovich (went to my school, unrequited crush, had great legs) Roland Gift (If I missed anyone out lemme know) are not exactly household names in Hull whereas “The Housemartin’s”, only one of whom was actually from Hull, are. The other 3 went to, and met at Hull Uni. Heaton, although I have seen him at several city games, supports… Sheffield fukin United FFS. They used Hull and its people and you bought into it. It’s irritating and wrong. Hull has produced some great music and musicians and we should all celebrate them a lot more than we do. Whilst the effect that this iconic, alien chameleon called David Bowie has had on his audience and musician’s worldwide is certainly beyond my descriptive powers, perhaps what we can say, as evidenced here and with some certainty, is that for sure, Michael Ronson, Trevor Bolder and Woody Woodmansey, 3 lads from Hull did, in fact, change David Bowie’s life.

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18 18


gerry armstrong

gerry armstrong



gerry armstrong great World Cup scoring three goals and knocking Spain out. As a result of that I signed for Real Mallorca.

You played for some great football teams - who was the best in your opinion?

What are your earliest memories of coming to play for Real Mallorca in eighties? My earliest memory of Mallorca in the eighties was in 1983 when I signed for them and we played in the Torino, it is a big trophy in Palma. I came on as a sub against Real Madrid, the match went to penalties and I scored the penalty kick. We beat them in the trophy which was a good start to the season. (The following season we kicked off against Zaragoza. We drew 1-1 but we thought we should have won the match). I didn’t score until another week and half and the game was against Barcelona. When I played against Maradona, Schuester, Magelli and Julio Alberto They had a fabulous team and Santos played for them and I scored

my first goal for Real Mallorca, with a diving header at the far post and then Maradona took over and they beat us 4 – 1. It was a great memory and it was great to score my first goal for the club.

Did you always want to be a footballer? I didn’t always want to be a footballer because as a boy I didn’t play soccer. I played Gaelic football and hurling till I was 17. I got suspended from Gaelic and Hurling for fighting (4 weeks suspension) and in that four weeks. I started playing football at an amateur level and signed for Bangor. Three years later, I signed for Tottenham Hotspurs and THAT WAS IT! I could have gone to Arsenal, Celtic or Coventry, but Tottenham was the club that showed the biggest interest.

Who was the biggest influence in your career? When I went to Spurs, Keith Burkinshaw was a good coach. He had some great ideas, because I was versatile, he played me at right back and centre half. But I wanted to play up front (Centre Forward) so we clashed sometimes. A lot of the games I played for Spurs, were mostly at the back, but upfront was my preferred position. Having said that, I enjoyed my time at Spurs. Then I moved to Watford – Graham Taylor had a massive influence on me. He taught me that I always had more to give and he got an extra 10% out of me. That coincided with promotion in the 1981/2 season. Also Northern Ireland qualifying for the World Cup. So when I went to the World Cup in 1982. I was the fittest I had ever been. I had a

In the Tottenham team I played with Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa, two World cup winners. And I played with Glen Hoddle. Glen and I came into the first team together. And wow could he play! He didn’t even realize when he was 17 how good he was. And I don’t think anybody did. It was momentous for me to play on the same pitch as Glen Hoddle. He was way ahead of his generation. At my debut for Northern Ireland. I played up front alongside Georgie Best and that was an honour and a privilege. He really was amazing and helped me with my confidence and things like that. Then when I went to Watford I played with a young lad there called John Barnes and at 16 or 17 he came through and what a player he turned out to be. I have been fortunate that I played with some really good players, World class players such as Pat Jennings. He was definitely the best goal keeper in the World.

What do you reckon to Northern Ireland’s chance’s at the Euro’s in France this Summer and who’s your money on, to score the first goal? We are very good at set plays, I would say that Gareth McAuley, who has scored seven goals for Northern Ireland is definitely a threat and Steve Davies as scored a lot of goals for Southampton and some great goals for Northern

Ireland too. But our top scorer is Kyle Lafferty. He will cause problems for any defense and I just hope that Northern Ireland do well and Kyle and the boys score some goals, because we are the underdogs and were in 1982, but I think Northern Ireland have a good chance out of that group.

Your currently working for Sky Sports as a football pundit – will you be going to France? I have been working for Sky for 20 years now on La Liga. I have done Champions League games with them and international football. And I have covered all the Northern Ireland games for Sky. Commentating on the Czech Republic match. I am going to be in the studio in Dublin and on site in Paris and Lyon for the three Northern Ireland games.

Can you tell us more about your bar/restaurant here in Santa Ponca? Gerry’s Peri’s has been open for a year and a half now and last year was our first Summer season. You can see that there are lots of people in the square here. Once the music starts on the stage, there is anything up to 800 to a 1000 people every night and it’s busy, really busy for the restaurant. There are many bars round the square. There are a mixture of international bars. We are the only one that is a bar restaurant , that “Specialise in Peri - Peri Chicken”, our Burgers are great and our fish and chips are legendary. I was peeling the potatoes this afternoon.

How long have you lived in Mallorca for? I have lived in Mallorca two and half years this time and ten years ago I lived here for 2 years and when I played here in 1983 for a couple of years. It’s all dictated by work. If Sky want me I am in London a lot.

How does it feel to be “One of only four” who are named in the Northern Ireland Football Hall of Fame? Pat Jennings was in the Hall of Fame, with George Best and myself and Martin O’Neil was brought into it. Which is a select group of players and I am very proud to be one of those four people. Pat Jennings had 119 caps for Ireland – I don’t think anybody will ever beat that and George was just the best player, I have ever seen. We qualified for the World Cup twice whilst Martin was captain in 1982 and 1986 and I finished my last game with Pat Jennings against Brazil in 1986. That wasn’t a bad way to finish your career.

And finally out of all the success’s in your career - what is your personal favourite? My best ever memory has to be scoring the winning goal against Spain in the 1982 World Cup. I have had many friends, singers, performers and they all say. They would prefer that moment of glory against Spain than singing at a concert in front of thousands of people. Our country was in turmoil at the time and a group of lads managed to bring them all together and that was a great achievement.

Summer 16




transform yourself



Transform Yourself This Summer with These Top Tips Nikki Webber is a Clinical Psychotherapist, Life Coach and Founder of mental health support service Follow her on twitter @NikkiWebber2 for more tips and advice. IT is a popular misconception that a life coach’s busiest time of year is in the long, grey and grim days of winter. In reality my rush period is high summer through to the end of September when the sun is shining and the living is easy. Sounds bizarre? Well here’s the thing: the year has stretched out and January 1st resolutions are long forgotten - so the summer holidays become the next landmark for transformation. Who hasn’t thrown a personal development book into the suitcase (along with the detox teas) with a promise the holiday will deliver a spring clean of body and mind. We expect a lot from our summer holidays. We want to get leaner by eating light salads but chase them back with gallons of chilled white wine, olives and exotic cheeses. We assume the break will deliver enlightenment but the sun and sea can create a “holiday head”. It’s an effort to even leave the sunbed when your looking out over crystal waters, nursing a head from the night before. Not surprising then that a quarter of holidaymakers say they return from their break feeling more stressed than when they left. Remember, life can feel like a holiday everyday when you are happy, at your best and in your flow. Clinical Psychotherapist & Life Coach T: ES +34 618 755 320 E:

So here are a few coaching tips to get the most out of your time away and prepare you for a positive change on your return. • Having a good holiday doesn’t mean transporting your body to the beach; you have to take your whole self, body and soul. Let go of your usual thinking habits, so much energy can be lost by negative minor details. • Stop and take notice. Feel the sun on your face, hear the children’s laughter, enjoy the cool water around your ankles, the stillness of reading a book. Savour little moments that are otherwise so easily missed. • Invest in your relationships. The quality of our relationships is the biggest happiness predictor so take this opportunity to really enjoy the people you love and care about. • Make your summer master plan. Brainstorm a list of at least 10 things you can do this holiday. This can include a blend of family fun,

relaxation ideas and personal to do’s like fitness and health. Now pick your top 5. Make a plan to do these five key things during the holiday. • Take note of what makes you happy whilst on holiday and use it to change aspects of your life that you don’t like when you get back home. If we have a plan of action around what we want to do more of, we get to experience more feel good moments. This creates a feeling of satisfaction. • Be grateful. Every day, take note of things you are thankful for having in your life. Opportunities, experiences, people, acts by others…. Gratitude is linked with life satisfaction and optimism, as well as reduced levels of stress and depression, so get creative in your gratitude practice and look for different things.

Norman’s Conquest Kirk Field meets up with a legendary pioneer of British Dance Music and former Housemartin... the one and only FATBOY SLIM. Summer 16





Fatboy Slim otherwise known as Norman Cook was born Quentin ‘Norman’ Cook in Bromley, England 13 July 1963, but grew up in Redhill, England. He moved to Brighton to attend college where he started DJing around town. When he got a call from old school mate Paul Heaton he moved to Hull to play bass in Heaton’s band, the Housemartins. Their first single ‘Flag Day’ made it into the top 120. The second single ‘Sheep’ reached 56, but their third single ‘Happy Hour’ crashed its way to number 3 in the charts. The album ‘London 0 Hull 4’ was also a top 10 hit. When they released ‘Caravan of Love’, a cover of the Isley Brothers tune in 1986, they finally had a British Number One. After replacing a band member they released a second album ‘The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death.’ This album spawned a few top 20 singles, but soon after the album’s release the band split up. Norman returned to Brighton and formed Beats International, who had a number one in 1989 with ‘Dub Be Good To Me,’ a cover of ‘Just Be God To Me.’ Then after a divorce and a complete break from making music, Norman ‘found his mojo’ and formed Freakpower and soon after under the pseudonym Pizzaman, enjoyed such hits as ‘Sex On The Streets’ and ‘Happiness’. Sometime during this period Norman recorded under a variety of aliases including Fried Funk Food and Mighty Dub Kats, but since Loaded-Records owned the name “Pizzaman”, Norman adopted yet another pseudonym which comes from a “ Louisiana blues singer from the 1940’s and which has been his alter ego for the last fifteen years. His album “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby” spawned the huge hits Praise You, Right Here: Right Now! Gangsta Trippin’ and Rockafella Skank, turning him into an international superstar.

Big Beach Boutique In July 2001 Norman arranged a free Fatboy Slim DJ gig in his hometown Brighton’s beach. The event was a hit and 40 000 people came to see it. As a result a CD was released and the party was arranged again the next year. This time Big Beach Boutique II (nicknamed “Normstock II” attracted 250 000 rather than the 60,000 expected, forcing local Police to end the event early amid safety concerns. By the end of the decade, Fatboy Slim was the most in demand DJ on the planet


and in love! Engaged to Zoe Ball of BBC Radio 1 fame on Valentine’s Day ‘99, the couple married her later the same year and had a son, Woody the following year. After winning two Brit Awards, (Best British Dance Act) in 1999 and 2001, his career continued to soar with festival headlining appearances and numerous awards and accolades. In May 2007, he received a coveted Ivor Novello Award for his “outstanding contribution to British music” and became one of the top DJs and remixers, working with such a stars like U2, Madonna, Cornershop, Wildchild, Beastie Boys, Fluke… even remixing Queens “We Will Rock You”.

Rockafella Rehab However his lifestyle was to catch up with him and in Spring 2009, Norman checked into a rehabilitation centre in Bournemouth to fight a “booze addiction” that he has been battling “for some time”. Emerging into the bright Spring sunshine some weeks later, after giving up the drink, he became a father for a second time in January 2010 when Zoe gave birth to a daughter named Nelly May Lois. Since then Fatboy Slim has continued to reign supreme behind the turntables and is loved as much for his down to earth nature and his frank honesty in dealing with his problems, as he is for his music. What was your first impression of Hull? The winter I moved up was bitterly cold and the docks smelt strongly of fish as you drove into the city! It was I recall, a very friendly place though! Where were your favourite haunts? I was often spotted around Newland Avenue; The Grafton pub, The Welly, Sidney Scarborough’s and of course Spiders nightclub...until together with Paul I got barred! Any memorable gigs? Too many to list here! Gil Scott Heron, Haircut 100, Divine and The Ramones at the Top Rank suite. I did see The Pogues and possibly Big Audio Dynamite at the Spa, Bridlington though.... How did you first meet Paul Heaton? We both used to frequent The Railway Tavern in Reigate in Surrey, where I grew up and Paul was living at the time. We we’re ooh, about 16 at the time. I seem to remember that his band supported mine – Disque Attack at gigs in Redhill. He rode a Lambretta scooter and we both liked soul music. Then we formed The Stomping Pond Frogs.

He gave you your first alias didn’t he? Yeah, he called me Ox ‘cos of the Quantocks mountains, because my name was Quentin at that time and he used to call me Quentox, which soon got shortened to Ox, so everyone called me Ox. So when started DJing, ‘The Ox that rocks’ had a good ring to it, and that was my tag! Who have been your main influences? The Clash, Grandmaster Flash, Eric Morecambe, Ken Livingstone and DJ Carl Cox. Any chance of The Housemartins reforming (and if they did, would the tour be called, ‘It’s Happy Hour...Again?’ Funny you should ask, I had lunch with the rest of the Housemartins last year…and we re-swore our pact to never reform! Why not? We’ve had lots of 80’s bands like Duran Duran, OMD, Spandau Ballet and Go West all getting back together recently. We’re all much happier with our subsequent careers so money would be the only reason for a re-union - and we’ve never done anything just for the money…


Fatboy Facts: 10 Things you Didn’t Know About Norman Cook 1. He has 2 cats called Slappy and Toasty 2. He’s colour blind. 3. He co-owns 3 restaurants. 4. He collects vintage mobile phones. 5. He’s appeared on Brazilian Big Brother! 6. He was awarded a star on the city of Brighton’s ‘Walk of Fame’, next to that of Winston Churchill. 7. Q Magazine named Fatboy Slim in their 50 Bands to See Before You Die list. 8. Cook is a 12% shareholder in Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. 9. He completed the inaugral Brighton Marathon last year. 10. Norman, will be playing again this Summer in Ibiza.

Norman Cook Alias... Below are some of the pseudonyms Norman has used to far! Beats International - Brighton Port Authority - Cheeky Boy - Chemistry - DJ Delite - Fatboy Slim - Freak Power - Fried Funk Food - Mighty Dub Katz - Pizzaman - Rockaway 3 - Sensataria - Slimboy Fat - Son of a Cheeky Boy - Son of Wilmot - Sunny Side Up - The Feelgood Factor - The Housemartins - Wildchild - Renegade Master - Yum Yum Head Food.

That will disappoint a lot of folk reading this. Sorry, but I can recommend The Beautiful Southmartins for nostalgia! You hold the Guinness World Record for the most amount of Top 40 hits under different pseudonyms (see Norman Cook AKA...) Have you any more aliases up your sleeve? I’m sure I’ve got a few in me yet but obviously if I told you them you’d know it was me! Do you still visit the Hull area? I don’t get up to Hull much these days as most of my friends there have moved away over the years. Parenthood teaches one many things: so who would win in a fight between Woody and Optimus Prime? Right about now it’s gotta be zombies who are winning everything hands down; it’s Lego versus Minecraft in our house at present!

To Advertise in our next issue August & September distribution.

You co-own a few restaurants and obviously love food. What would be your last meal if you were on Death Row? A Japanese dish called ‘Shabu Shabu’, which involves dipping kobe beef in a broth to cook it. Followed by Death by New York Cheesecake!

Please contact David Hall NOW on + 34 636 839 463

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explore ibiza



ibiza IBIZA, or Eivissa in Catalan, is an island of excess – beautiful, and blessed with scores of stunning cove beaches and dense pine forests. Nevertheless, it’s the islanders (eivissencs) and their visitors who make it special. Ibiza has long attracted hedonistic characters and wealthy bohemians, and the locals remain determinedly blasé about the mullet-haired fashionistas and celebrities who flock to the island today.

For years, Ibiza was the European hippie escape, but nowadays it’s the extraordinary clubbing scene that most people come here to experience. The island can lay a strong claim to being the globe’s clubbing capital, with virtually all of the world’s top house DJs and many more minor players performing here during the summer season. However, visit between October and May, and you’ll find a much more peaceful island – just one club (Pacha) and a few funky bars remain open through the winter. Ibiza Town, the capital, is the obvious place to base yourself: only a short bus ride from two great beaches – Ses Salines and Es Cavallet – and crammed with bars, restaurants and boutiques. The town of Sant Antoni is, for the most part, a sprawling concrete mass of seedy bars and unappealing restaurants, and is best

avoided beyond a few choice bars and clubs. The more pleasant town of Santa Eulària is a good base for exploring the north of the island. Around the entire shoreline, you’ll find dozens of exquisite cove beaches (calas), many all but deserted even in high season, though you’ll need your own transport to reach the best spots. Inland, the scenery is hilly and thickly wooded, dotted with a series of tiny hamlets.

Brief history The Carthaginians, who founded Ibiza Town in about 654 BC, transformed the island into a major trading port, with salt the main export. The Romans arrived in 123 BC and the island continued to prosper. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Ibiza was conquered by the

Moors in the ninth century, and their fivehundred-year reign is still evident in the island’s architecture and traditional dress. But thereafter a gradual decline set in, and it wasn’t until Beatniks discovered the island in the 1950s that Ibiza began to reinvent itself as one of the most chic locations in the Mediterranean. Today more than four million tourists flock to the much-revered “white isle” every year. However, Ibiza’s tourismdriven prosperity has seen more and more coastline consumed by rampant development. The balance between keeping the tourists coming and maintaining the island’s natural allure is keenly felt by the islanders but, for now at least, it’s not hard to find a pristine cove or a quiet forested trail if you make the effort.

Summer 16

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slap it on

Slap it on and stay safe!! With a very pleasing 300 days of sunshine a year in the beautiful Balearics, protecting your skin from harmful rays should be a no brainer but are you taking all the precautions you should be?

slap it on


Fair Skin

Oily Skin

Acne-prone Skin

Unfortunately fair skin is known to be rather flammable and very prone to getting burnt. In fact with no sunscreen you can pretty much guarantee that even a mojito on the veranda is enough time in which to turn an angry hue. Always use a sunblock with an SPF 30 or above and go for one that sits on top of the skin for maximum cover.

Go for sunblock that is both oil and fragrant free to avoid upsetting the natural balance of your skin. Try using a gel or light spray formula in an attempt to keep your pores unclogged and avoid that ‘just ran 5k in 35 degree heat’ look.

Avoid heavy and sticky sunblock’s here and look instead at oil-free alternatives. It is important to note that acne-prone skin is, of course, ultra-sensitive and the upmost care should be taken when protecting it from damaging rays.

Dark Skin With dark or tanned skin you can choose a transparent gel or spray formula that contains the chemical sunblock, Parsol 1789. Avoid using sunblock’s containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as these can look grey and chalky on darker skin. Still be sure to use at least an SPF 30 though, the sun is a tough mudda and you really shouldn’t mess.

Dry Skin With the sun shining out heat rays of pure drying power it is important to ensure that you are as protected as possible. Choose a cream with added hydrating ingredients like glycerin or aloe and run a mile from gels and sprays that contain alcohol.

There is obvious cause for people to worship the sun; it’s bright, hot and has the ability to create an optical illusion that shaves pounds off our figures. However, it must be respected. There is no going back on the damaging effects of UVA and UVB so start young and start high and be sure to seek shade in the hours that the sun is at its highest in the sky. Go and gorge yourself inside on the buffet table instead!

Sensitive Skin Use a physical sunblock with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as they are less irritating to your skin and perhaps consider spending long periods of the day under cover of shade.

Making up more than 60% of our total body weight, water is clearly a critical component to our health and well being and with temperatures continuing to rise I cannot express enough how important it is to be aware of your water consumption. Not only does it keep our bodies functioning, it can also aid in weight loss, keep your mental energy high, increase your physical energy and keep you looking fresh. So make sure you always carry a bottle with you!

Jennifer Jane is a freelance Makeup Artist, Beauty Writer and Vlogger based between London and the Balearics. You can follow her work on: instagram @jenniferjaneMUA Youtube

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Mediterrane-Hull: Dining Balearic Style!

Mediterrane-Hull: Dining Balearic Style!

Mediterrane-Hull Dining Balearic Style! So with summer now upon us and the holiday suitcases being dusted off I’ve gone all Mediterranean on you as I’ve just started writing for Après-Beach, a brand new publication that’s hitting the streets of the Balearic islands this summer so what better way to tell you than to select a couple of quick and easy all-med recipes to try and will get you in the holiday dining spirit if you are having a stay-cation this year! Where do you think of when someone mentions the Balearic Islands of Spain? Just take a stroll around Hull marina on a sun scorched summers day and you’re practically feel like your living in Mediterrane-Hull. For many people the Balearic Islands this may simply mean Majorca or Ibiza. But there is much more to the Balearics than a couple of long term popular tourist destinations. And when in Spain, do as the Spanish do. Eat lunch when they do. Try to stay awake long enough to sample a Spanish dinner and wine when they do and sit

back outside a local restaurant and enjoy a leisurely lunch or better still re-create that theme and feeling at home with these fabulous recipes that I’ve got for you here! Lobster Salad, Lobster Thermidor and Lobster Bisque with Steamed Muscles Some interesting pointers on dining in the Balearics.. In general, the cuisine of the Balearic Islands is based around what is available at the regional markets. And which fish and seafood has been landed locally. Looking around the Balearics today, you would find it hard to believe that, in relatively recent times past, these Islands were poor. So, historically, the people have made the most of what they have. There is no shortage of tomatoes grown on the Balearic Islands. Quite small, and a dark colour, the best ones are called tomàtiques de ramellet. Palma, the capital of Majorca, has the biggest food markets. However, there are plenty of good markets on the other

Islands. For example, you can buy quality ingredients on Ibiza and Minorca. Likewise fish and seafood landed on the shores of the Islands. Spiny Lobster is a classic local dish. And, for carnivores, the Sobrasada sausage is something you must try. After all, it is the national sausage of the Balearic Islands. The good people of the Balearic Islands are also very fond of their bread. Known locally as coca it can be made with or without yeast and with or without egg. Either way, the bread is then topped up with a variety of ingredients including vegetables, spinach or sardines. Stay-acting this summer? dining “Mediterrane-Hull “is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face, enjoy! Happy cooking! Nigel.

Lobster Bisque with Steamed Mussels INGREDIENTS: Serves 4 2 whole cooked lobsters

4 bay leaves

15ml rapeseed oil

a small bunch of fresh parsley stalks

2 celery sticks, washed, trimmed and quartered

pinch of salt and ground black pepper 100ml double cream

1 garlic clove, crushed

150ml dry white wine

2 medium carrots, washed trimmed and quartered

150ml brandy

20g salted butter

1 onion, peeled, trimmed and quartered

60g tomato purée 100g arborio rice or 200g potato,

1kg live mussels, scrubbed and de-bearded

1 leek, washed, trimmed and quartered

To serve:

washed, peeled and diced

50mls double cream

200ml fish stock

4 sprigs of dill


sweat with a lid on for 5 minutes.

Cut the lobsters in half lengthways. Crack the claws and remove the meat, saving the shell. Remove the tail meat and save the shell. Wash the claw and tail meat under running cold water, remove and discard the entrail from the tail meat (waste tract, this is a long thin pocket that runs the length of the tail meat and may be dark in colour). Refrigerate the meat for later.

Remove the lid, add the brandy and ignite with a naked flame to burn off the alcohol. Add the tomato purée and potato or rice. Stir well to coat all the ingredients. Add sufficient fish stock to cover all the ingredients; if necessary add some water. Bring the bisque to a simmer and allow to cook for approximately 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

Place a large thick-bottomed saucepan on a medium heat and add the rapeseed oil followed by all the shell and debris, celery, carrots, onion, leek, bay leaves, parsley stalks and garlic, and

Strain the bisque through a sieve into a clean pan and reduce the quantity by half on a medium heat. Check for seasoning, add the double cream. Place a separate pan on a medium heat and

Lobster Thermidor

Lobster Salad



2 medium cooked lobsters

1 lemon, juice only

4 small cooked lobsters

30g butter

pinch of salt and ground black pepper

1 whole garlic bulb, roasted

pinch of salt

325ml fish stock

20ml olive oil 50g samphire, blanched

For the chilli dressing:

6 shallots, finely chopped 60ml white wine 60ml double cream 20g English mustard

40g parmesan, grated 20g fresh sprigs of dill

METHOD: Cut the cooked lobsters in half lengthways. Remove the legs, the tail meat, and the contents of the body (this needs discarding). Wash the shells and the meat in cold water, then return the meat to the tail section of the shells.


12 baby leeks, blanched 12 asparagus tips, blanched 12 baby carrots, peeled and cooked

add the white wine and butter. Place the mussels in a colander and shake; any that stay open must be discarded. Pull the beards from the remaining mussels and once the wine and butter are steaming add the mussels, keeping a lid on the pan for 3 minutes, shaking occasionally. Add the lobster tail and claw meat and continue to steam for a further 2 minutes. Serve the mussels in their shells, with the lobster tail and claw meat, and pour the lobster bisque into a bowl. Dress with a drizzle of double cream and a fresh sprig of dill.

100g freshly shelled broad beans, blanched

30ml rapeseed oil 1 small red chilli, deseeded, finely diced 20ml white wine vinegar

METHOD: Remove the meat from the lobster claws and tails, wash under running water and keep chilled.

Carefully, with a lobster claw cracker or a heavy implement, crack the remaining claws and remove the meat. Wash the meat under cold water and place it in the lobster’s main shell.

Cut the top off the whole roasted garlic bulb and squeeze the purée into a large dish. Add the olive oil, samphire, leeks, asparagus, carrots and beans.

Keep your prepared lobsters in the fridge until ready to use.

Toss gently and spoon a portion onto each of your serving plates.

Place the butter into a sauté pan with the shallots and fry. Add the white wine, double cream, English mustard, lemon juice, salt, ground black pepper and fish stock, and reduce by twothirds. Remove the sauce from the heat and spoon over each of the lobster halves, saving some to serve on the plate. Sprinkle with parmesan and place under a hot grill for 4-6 minutes.

To make the dressing, place all the ingredients in a small food processor and blend. Pass through a sieve to remove any debris.

Serve with fresh sprigs of dill and remaining sauce.

The Nigel Brown Cookery Academy

Arrange the cooked lobster on top of the salad and sprinkle with salt. Finish with a drizzle of chilli dressing and rapeseed oil. •


T: +44 1469 530044

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QUIZ TIME Toms quiz

QUIZ TIME toms quiz QUESTION 1 What’s the official currency in use in Majorca? a) Franc b) Peseta c) Euro d) Escudo QUESTION 2 Name the mountain range running along the northern coast of Majorca? a) Pyrenees b) Alps c) Sierra Nevada d) Trumentana

QUESTION 3 Majorca has 2 official languages. One spanish. What is the other? a) Catalan b) Castillian c) Mallorquim d) English

QUESTION 4 What is the name of the liqueur made from aniseed and unique to the Balearics? a) Tunel b) Mahan c) Hierbas d) Larios

QUESTION 5 What is the Capital of the island of Majorca? a) Palma b) Magaluf c) Arta d) Binnisalem QUESTION 6 The highest point on Majorca is Puig Major (4741 feet) It is close to height of? a) Ben Nevis b) Matterhorn c) Snowdon d) Mount Olympus (Greece)

QUESTION 7 Marjoca’s “Binissalem” region is most famous for the production of what? a) Cheese b) Wine c) Potatoes d) Rabbits QUESTION 8 ”La Seu” is a famous landmark in Marjoca but what is it? a) Beach b) Marina c) Cathedral d) Palace

ANSWERS 1) c 2) d 3) a 4) c 5) a 6) a 7) b 8) c


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Palma: Airport Ferry Terminal Havanas Bar Hostel Cuba Garitos Es Boulevarde Club Palma Bay Grup Hotel Nautic Hotel and Spa Palma Suites Hotel San Francisco Atlas Nixe Palace Pollenca: La Llonja Brisas Poll Dakota Steakhouse Sports Mallorca Can Pastilla

Puerto Portals: La Concha Spoon Sky lounge Bar Cream Diabilto Lucy Wang Wellies Flanigans Restaurant Key West Reeves Bar Portals Nous: Lila Portals Mood Beach Bar La Calita Hotel Marina Hotel Portals Palace Roxy Bar Heroes

Santa Ponca: Gerry Peri’s Soller: El Faro Soller Hotel Jumeirah Grand Hotel Soller Ran Demar Ibiza: Airport Ferry Terminal Nikki Beach Ibiza Rocks Jets Apartments Bora Bora Uyshia Hotel Arrow Hotel Ibiza Grand Hotel Marina Bota foch The Cotton Club

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