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ABOUT ME ME, ANDREA My name is Andrea, and I study Design at Elisava School. I study cross-disciplinary ,product and space, but with a passion for graphic design and photography. I believe that the key of a good and meaningful design lives on ideas which have to be worked with a lot of process, solid research and experimentation. I am inspired by creative and non-conforming people around me, who all are passionate about something, whatever it might be.

EDUCATION ELISAVA UNIVERSITY Design Major, Product and Space • GPA: 6,47/10 (Position 47/115)

BARCELONA, SPAIN Sep '15 - Present

ESCOLA PROA Bachelor Diploma in Arts • GPA: 7,53/10 • Research project, advertisement and design: La publicitat en la moda nupcial.

BARCELONA, SPAIN Sep '13 - Jun '15

BARCELONA, SPAIN IES MERCÈ RODOREDA Sep '09 - Jun'13 High School Diploma in Social Sciences • GPA: 6,57/10

CURRICULUM VITAE Andrea Preciado Pascual

WORK EXPERIENCE ASSOCIACIÓ ESPORTIVA L’EIXAMPLE Leisure • Take care of children doing extracurricular activities and summer camps. • Educate through sports and expressive activities. • Teach the proper tactical skills of each specific sport.

BARCELONA, SPAIN Jun '16 - Present

November 24, 1997

LANGUAGE SKILLS Catalan: Mother tongue Spanish: Mother tongue English: • TOEFL iBT: 87/120 (Jan ’17) • Intensive English Course at Brighton, UK (Jun ‘13)

ARTISTIC SKILLS •Summer Advanced Class of Arts, Sketch and Painting at TRAÇ (‘10-’12) •Knowledge of marquetry, pottery, machine sew and photography

COMPUTER SKILLS • Proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhinoceros, iMovie, Processing, Prezi, Word, Power Point • Proficient with Windows and Mac systems.

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES • Title at Leisure Instructor (Carnet Monitor). Reference number: 136378 (2017) • Federated at Federació Catalana de Professors de Dansa (2000-Present) • Federated at Federació Catalana de Tennis. Reference number: 0675263-9 (2000-2009)

Hospitalet de Ll., Barcelona




Students have to created a poster for an exhibition called “The Job Description”. In this exhibition every student has to create a commercial stand (space and product project). Moreover we had to make a poster, the one showed, which explains the character for the trade fair .


CHAIR PROJECT Students have to create a wood chair with only one premise. This chair just can be created with fittings unions. So, we had to create a chair through parts but these can only be united with 90ยบ. To sum up, I created a living chair, that you can easily assemble and disassemble. Also as we only had one rule I thought to maximize it, so I put very visible unions.

Description: Students have to design and create a folder (B4 format). Requirements: The folder must have to be created with a rigid material, enough to write on. The folder must be mono material (maximum two materials) Timing: One week Materials: The folder that I created was made of methacrylate and adhesive tape, and closed is with three neodymium magnets. Justification: The reason of these materials is because my folder is designed for people who travel by subway and have to study or take notes. The main reason for choosing this material is because you can see your notes and you can even write over the folder and then erase.


CREATION OF A KITCHEN PRODUCT Description: Students have to design and create a new kitchen product, following an action and an existing brand. Requirements: The product must accomplish one of these actions: separate, mix, take away or compress. The product must be mono material (maximum two materials). Timing: Three weeks The object that I created is a cooking steel plate that you add to the pan with your meal. This object has four slots which drive the fluids (water, oil, etc.) of the meat into a hole on the right site. This action makes that the fluids remains in the pan instead on the grill where the food is, and so they can prevent a good cooking. Chosen brand: IKEA Materials: Iron


We had to make a foot from a plastic cup model. Once we designed our proposal (with low density foam) the next step was to make the silicone mold. After that, we strained resin inside (adding materials, colours, etc.) to obtain the reproductions. Firstly, I tried to make one that wasn’t with traditional shapes and that invite the consumer to take the cup. But as I had to respect the one and only manufacturing process I decided to make geometrical shapes. The final proposal was a foot that has reminiscents of a rock, sliced from different angles but playing with the perfect symmetry to make it more stable since it had to hold a glass with liquid.

LA RICARDA The objective of this project was to design, prototype and present one or several objects for the interior or exterior of La Ricarda house, designed by the architect Antonio Bonet, also known as the Gomis house, is perhaps the most emblematic work he has done, and in architectural terms the best example of Catalan Rationalism. The objects among which we had to choose were: a barbecue, a car bar, a roomba, a light for the outside, a tv, a speaker or a stool with auxiliary table. Each group had to make one of these objects going in harmony with the house, this implied that the aesthetic characteristics of La Ricarda had to be shaped in the new element. At the end of the project the students had to photograph the designed product, in order to the images had advertising quality. After this, we had to create a catalogue with an consequent aesthetic. CONTEXT La Ricarda, is considered one of the architectural jewels of Catalan rationalism. As we have said before, Antonio Bonet Castellana, is the architect, born in Catalonia in 1913. We have to say that the most influential for the Catalan architect was Le Corbusier. This architecture was created as a summer house, located in Prat de Llobregat, in a territory surrounded by pine groves, next to the Mediterranean Sea. It was built on a dune and was placed on an artificial platform, extended in both directions thanks to the presence of framed vaults, which ended up becoming the essential and characteristic element of the house. During the post-war period, the art scene went into decline, so the owner of the house decided to make it as a hiding place for artists, artists such as; Joan Brossa, Joan Mirรณ, Carles Santos, etc. these intellectuals created the CLUB49, to try to recover the vanguard born during the Republic time.


After seeing the wide range of objects we had to choose one, we decided to opt for the car bar, as it was the object that inspired us the most. The product we designed had an essential purpose, the product could be used both, interior and exterior of the house. In this way, we needed to use materials suitable for both areas. Thus, we decided to use dark metal and glass, because for us, they are the ones that define the general concept of La Ricarda, the rationality. Although we should not forget concepts such as elegance, simplicity, symmetry, balance and lightness, which also define it.



SPACE FROM A PLAN This work tried to create a space from a previously given plane. It was a space made of layers that had to combine horizontal and vertical planes on different floors, and we were completely free to do the work as we wanted but respecting the original plane.

COMPACT MULTIPURPOSE SPACE This work may be the opposite of the previous one. It was about creating a space from layer overlapping and creating a compact space where different kinds of activities could be done, such as reading, sleeping, sitting, etc. To summarize it was like a space in a solid block where the activities passed inside and the light had much importance.


Robert M. Parker Jr. ASPECTOS FÍSICOS El hombre vestido con camisa a cuadros y americana, con pelo gris debido a su edad, va bien peinado. Presenta ante todo una apariencia bastante formal.


GUSTOS Como gustos personales le gusta el vino que es a lo que se dedica profesionalmente, por tanto es un hombre culto y erudito. Por otro lado también le gustan las leyes y todo lo que tiene que ver con ella ya que antes de ser catador de vino fue abogado.

VESTIMENTA La vestimenta va relacionada con su forma de ser y a su profesión por la tanto en el ámbito profesional lleva una camisa, americana y pantalones de vestir según al evento o cata a la que vaya. En cambio si se trata del ámbito personal viste una camiseta o polar y unos pantalones.




CARÁCTER Es una personal que parece bastante seria en consecuencia a su trabajo, culta por lo que ha estudiado, perfeccionista y muy detallista.



This is the outcome of the project of product and space briefly explained before, the stand The Job Description. This is the process of creating a stand for the exhibition.

Él en su tiempo libre busca un ámbito tranquilo y relajado donde disfrutar o solo con tal de reflexionar o abstraerse o con buena compañía y probablemente disfrutando de un buen vino.


First we did a study of where our stand would be located within the exhibition, location, light, flows of people, etc. Consequently, we chose a topic from the stablished premises. Finally, my proposal was to create a new concept of wine from mixing it with natural flowers. Then, we had to find two key users who would come to our stand, these were a wine taster and a florist. Shortly after, we began to create a moodboard, ideas and first space proposals and also we began to think what kind of materials would be appropriate according to our idea. To finish, we perfected all these ideas, we created different models and plans every week until we obtained the final result that will be shown later.

Sandra Gil Martínez ASPECTOS FÍSICOS La mujer de pelo castaño oscuro y recogido se muestra alegre y sonriente.


GUSTOS Es una persona muy alegre y amable y empática con los demás. Le gusta la vida social con sus amigos y pareja y salir a tomar algo preferentemente vino. También le gustan las flores y por ello se dedica a ello pero no es su objetivo personal sino que está estudiando para ser bióloga.

VESTIMENTA Como se puede observar viste una camiseta de manga corta de color rosa un delantal azul para trabajar, unos pantalones y zapatos cómodos para realizar su oficio que la mantendrá la mayor parte de su tiempo de pie y en contacto con flores y por tanto su vestimenta va acorde para no mancharse.




CARÁCTER Es una personal feliz, alegre y simpática, que también es necesario para relacionarse con los clientes, es una chica inquieta y por ello no para de hacer cosas trabaja, estudia y tiene una vida social activa.

QUÉ BUSCA En su tiempo libre busca pasárselo bien, aprender y relacionarse con gente que le aporte cosas positivas. También relajarse con la gente de su entorno y acostumbra a ir a vinotecas en sus ratos libres.






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- Nature Painting -

- Body Painting -

- Product and Space Painting -


DIGITAL LABORATORY Digital Laboratory is a subject that I had the last trimester. This is a recompilation of the photographs that I made during these period. Ones are projects in group and others alone, that try to cover different aspects of photography like portraits, still life, story telling and others.

GLÒRIES DOWNTOWN GLÒRIES DOWTOWN is a photo reportage that shows Glòries, a neighbourhood of Barcelona. These photographs, are a selection of two sets, one of windows and the other of textures, which express the personality and the single characteristics which has the centre.


4HORES is a ballet group which I belong to. It was founded nine years ago and nowadays has twenty-eight dancers. During a performance I made a photo reportage trying to show the movements and different emotions that can express the dance. and the big effort that dancers do, playing with the light of each dance and their movement captured.


La Habana - Cuba

La Habana, Cuba

Basilea, Switzerland

Basilea, Switzerland

Basilea, Switzerland

Basilea, Switzerland

Santa Monica, USA

New York, USA

Mรกlaga, Spain

New York, USA

Shangai, Xina

Basilea, Switzerland


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