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here's an app for everything these days, and pregnancy is no exception. There are hundreds of apps available to choose from, giving you the ability to track your pregnancy and baby's development with ease. In addition to getting access to week-by-week pregnancy guide and informative articles on pregnancy, you can also maintain your pregnancy diary and connect with other moms-to-be to share your joys and experiences with them. We have shortlisted 15 of the best pregnancy and parenting apps that moms-to-be love to download. To know more about these apps, check out our Cover Story from Page 4. And yes! If you know someone who is an expectant mother, you can congratulate her by gifting the copy of this issue. Cheers! Last month, the world got some blockbuster apps like Pokémon GO and Prisma that have soared to the top of the download charts in no time. While Pokémon GO is all about wandering through public places in search of Pokémon characters and battling with other players in a Pokémon gym, Prisma is a photo-editing app that repaints ordinary photos from scratch into timeless art pieces using the styles of famous painters like Picasso, Van Gogh, or Piet Mondrian. Unlike many other smartphone games, Pokémon GO leaves most of its complexity unexplained. So, upon receiving so many requests from our readers to review Pokémon GO, we have included user guide to the Pokémon GO in this issue. And, if you're wondering how Prisma app works, we've reviewed that app too. Check out our Smartphone Café section on Page no. 20, if you want to know more about the design and performance of recently launched Deca-core processor backed smartphone – Zopo Speed 8, and much-awaited Lenovo Vibe K5 Note. That's not all! If you never want to miss out on any important news, despite of your busy schedule, so make sure you also check out our App of the Month – UC News. Hope you enjoy reading this new issue of Apps Unveiled. If you want us to review your favorite app, drop us an email at Be APPintelligent!





Editor's Choice Prisma: Transform your Photos into Timeless Art Pieces

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COVER STORY 4 August 2016





o new moms-to-be, pregnancy can be extremely nerve-wracking time in their life. There are countless questions that immediately come to mind, for example, what is the best sleeping position during pregnancy, what to eat or what not to eat, when not to exercise during pregnancy and so on. Luckily, you've your gynecologist as well as family and friends to guide you, and the good news is that you have award-winning apps too to help you along. Track everything from day to day changes to your body to your weight and everyday symptoms, watch weekly videos to see how your baby is growing, learn what's safe or unsafe during pregnancy, connect with other moms-to-be to share your joys and pains, access hundreds of articles on pregnancy and a lot more. We have reviewed 15 of the best pregnancy and parenting apps that moms-to-be love to download. Cheers!

Note: Always remember that no app can replace your doctor. So, use these apps just for information purposes only.

August 2016 5


Track your pregnancy day-by-day

MY PREGNANCY & BABY TODAY Available on: Price: Free

BabyCenter's ‘My Pregnancy and Baby Today’ app can help you find answers to all the questions you have in your mind related to pregnancy. For instance: is it safe to take allergy medications during pregnancy, what's the best sleeping position during pregnancy and so on. This app is more than just your week-by-week pregnancy guide. It is chock-full of videos, informative articles and health tips. Apart from weekly videos that show you how your baby is growing, there are videos where you can actually watch real women experiencing childbirth in different ways, including a woman who didn't take any pain reliever medications, a woman who had an epidural and a woman who underwent a caesarean section. Stay informed with educational videos

Try useful Tools during Pregnancy and Baby's first year

Articles included in the app cover vast information, such as why you should maintain a pregnancy diary, second-trimester shopping list, maternity clothing essentials, all about ultrasounds that you need to know, tips on buying a baby car seat and so on. Then there is a Birth Club section within the app, where you can join various community groups to connect with other moms-to-be who are in the same stage of pregnancy. You can share your experiences as well as post questions to get some quick advice. That's not all! Under its Tools menu, the app offers features like Bumpie, Is it safe, Kick tracker, Registry checklist, Baby names, Birth class, Birth preferences, and Contraction timer. ‘Bumpie’ feature lets you record a picture of your growing belly every week, with the option to create a video slideshow later on. ‘Is it safe’ tool, as the name indicates, gives you handy information on what's safe and what's not safe during pregnancy. ‘Birth Class’ is a special series of 51 videos that explain what labor is, what can happen during labor, and important things to know and decide ahead of time. You'll also learn about effective ways to manage labor pain. Overall, it is a must-have app for every mom-to-be so that she can experience the journey towards motherhood in comfort.

6 August 2016

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app comes with a ton of pregnancy tracking tools that you won't find in any other pregnancy app out there. It lets you track your doctor appointments, weight, activity, sleep patterns, nutrition, moods, symptoms, medications and blood pressure on a daily basis. Best of all, the app provides you with a daily feedback and personalized health tips based on the data you track using its tracking features. For instance, it keeps a tab on your symptoms and sends you critical alerts if it feels your symptoms could be dangerous and you should consult your doctor. The app also offers a categorized notebook to record everything from questions for your doctor, things to do, baby name ideas and more.

OVIA PREGNANCY TRACKER By Ovuline, Inc. Available on: Price: Free

Apart from useful tracking tools, the app features 400+ articles categorized on the basis of symptoms, baby planning, labor & delivery, nutrition, medical, exercise, lifestyle, recipes, in addition to fetal development videos. The plus point is that all the articles in the app include footnotes mentioning the sources of information. It is worth mentioning that when you launch the app for the very first time, it asks you to enter a baby nickname while creating a profile so that it can use that nickname in place of ‘your baby’ in the articles to offer a personalized reading experience. That's not all! Features like food safety lookup, medication safety

lookup, and symptoms lookup are unique to this app so that you can have a healthy and safe pregnancy. There is also a built-in Community where you can post your pregnancyrelated questions and share your experiences with other moms-to-be who are in the same stage of pregnancy. Interestingly, the app makes sure that you actively participate in the Community, thus for every question posted by another user, it gives you multi-choice options to quickly respond to that question. And you get to view comments only after that. Altogether, it is a great app that every expectant mom should download. After all, there are lots of good things about this app!


Available on:

Price: Free

Let's come straight to the point. The best part about this app is that it supports both Hindi and English languages. Apart from that, it features Pregnancy Dictionary A-Z, covering almost all the topics such as c-section, childbirth and pregnancy complications, pregnancy diet, pregnancy exercises, week-by-week pregnancy guide, and parenting tips to name a few. You can also share and bookmark the articles.

August 2016 7


I'M EXPECTING Available on: Price: Free

Developed by MedHelp Inc., I'm Expecting is arguably the most comprehensive pregnancy app out there. You just need to tell the app your due date and it will provide you with weekly updates on your baby's growth and useful information related to what to expect in this week of pregnancy. This app pretty much does it all – it lets you track your symptoms and gives you expert advice on how to alleviate the most common pregnancy symptoms; it gives you tips for a healthy and safe pregnancy; it features various helpful community forums where you can connect with other expecting mothers and share your experiences; and most importantly, it provides you with at least two new videos each week that show your baby's development. These videos are created by medical professionals and give you proper insight into what is happening to your body (and your baby's, too). All in all, this app is much like your guide to pregnancy week-by-week. The app also features a Calendar, where you can record your symptoms, your weight, doctor appointments, events, and baby information such as baby's weight, head size or kicks in addition to important notes on a daily basis. In short, you can maintain your pregnancy diary within the app.

SPROUT PREGNANCY Available on: Price: Free (offers in-app purchases) This app delivers both beautiful visualizations of fetal development as well as an array of useful tracking tools and information for expecting mothers. The ‘My Baby’ tab provides images of your baby's development based on the expected due date, while another tab ‘The Doc Says’ provides helpful medical advice on what to expect in your stage of pregnancy. The app also lets you track your doctor appointments and even suggests questions that you should ask your doctor in your stage of pregnancy. Add to that, it also provides you with quick checklists like newborn essentials and what to pack for hospital bag, with an option to create to-do lists. That's not all. The app also lets you track your weight, your baby's kicks, and, when it's time, your contractions.

8 August 2016



Available on: Price: Free

Becoming a new parent is simultaneously one of the most exciting and terrifying moments of your life. A huge life change, it's a fascinating and fulfilling process. Well, as a new parent you're bound to have questions on everything from getting breastfeeding started, to washing and bathing your baby and changing his/her nappy. Though you've your pediatrician to consult, but loads of apps are also there to help you along. One such app is WebMD Baby. Designed for first-time parents, the app provides you with an extensive library of medically-approved content that can help you take care of your newborn. Watch Videos, Read Articles, Get Tips and more

Helpful content for each week of your baby's development

How it works: Being the first time user, the app requires you to create your user account and baby's profile by entering his/her date of birth, name and gender. Once the profile is created, you can access the home feed filled with personalized parenting and health tips from medical experts and articles to consult. For instance, it gives you a tip that in the week-6 your baby may start to have fewer wet diapers (more like 4 or 5 a day), but the amount of urine will increase since your baby's bladder is growing. Then there are articles like how to calm a fussy baby, how to bond with your baby, how to take care of your newborn's skin and so on. The ‘Baby 101' section of the app is your one-stop access to the

Six comprehensive tools to keep Track of your baby's needs

extensive library of medicallyapproved content (both articles and videos) categorized on the basis of various topics, such as baby and toddler care, vaccines, milestones, illness and emergencies, just for moms, just for dads, ask the pediatrician, and parenting tips to name a few. The best part is that all the articles in the app are either reviewed by MDs, or include footnotes from medical sources to explain where the information is originated. There is also an option to add notes and clips while reading an article. Another useful section of this app is ‘Trackers’, which include feeding tracker (record solids and bottle-feeding), nursing tracker (record and review breastfeeding), diaper tracker

(keep a track of wet/dirty/both diaper change), sleep tracker (record your baby's sleeping sessions), and growth tracker (record height, weight and head circumference of your baby). The app also allows you to collaborate with your partner, relatives, or caregiver so that you can make the most of the trackers included in the app. Tracker updates sync across all devices. Not just that, the app also includes a notepad where you can add notes or questions that you may want to ask a pediatrician during your next visit. Also, it is worth mentioning that the app is compatible with Apple Watch. To sum up, first-time parents will find this app useful to a great extent. Worth downloading!

August 2016 9


First Moms Club Congratulations! You're a mother now; a role that's probably the most influential in any woman's life. Hopefully, the cuddly one is doing great. Now, one thing that is well-known about mothers is that they love sharing stories about their experiences, about kids, about life in general, and connecting with other moms. So here is First Moms Club (FMC) app. This is an app where the criteria for admission is Mommyhood.

Parentune is verified and selfdriven network of 4,00,000 parents to celebrate parenthood. When you launch the app for the very first time, it asks you to create a profile so that it can personalize your home feed – optimized to your child's age and topics of interest. And yes! Expecting parents can also use this app.

10 August 2016

Available on: Price: Free

What started as a Facebook page is today a swanky app that connects Indian moms across the world. In essence, this app is like a social network for Indian moms from every part of the world where they can share their stories, joys, experiences, and help each other. Using the app is simple. Download it, sign in with your Facebook account and you're good to go. You can have a conversation with other moms, ask your queries or share beautiful memories of your motherhood by posting pictures and videos. In case you want to ask sensitive questions anonymously, you can do that too. The app makers also conduct various contests and events from time to time to keep users engaged. For instance, once they have conducted an event called Therapeutic Thursday where moms were asked to share that one talent or hobby that they enjoy doing the most and helps them express their true self. Look, being a mother is hard work and a full time job in the beginning. So, this app gives you a little ‘me’ time to share with other moms. All in all, if you are a mommy, First Moms Club (FMC) is a must-have app for you.

PARENTUNE A Pro-Parent Community

Available on: Price: Free

The app features four main sections that read Talk, Blog, Ask Expert and Live Feed. In the ‘Talk’ section, you can browse through queries posted by other parents, view comments and also help them out by sharing your experiences. You can also post your queries if you are looking for advice from fellow parents. There is also an option to sort the talks on the basis of topics like stretch marks, lose weight after pregnancy, heartburn, etc. In case, you want an expert advice, you can switch to ‘Ask Expert’ tab and post your question there. While posting a question, you can choose whether it is related to nutrition, wellness, education, or fitness and your child's age group so that you get a relevant advice. A ‘Blog’ section of this app is something that makes it worth downloading. This is because all the blogs featured here are written by parents like you, sharing their real life experiences. ‘Live Feed’ section, on the other hand, lets you keep a tab on fellow parents’ activities. Overall, the app is easyto-navigate and knows its job. First-time parents will surely find this app useful.

BABYCHAKRA Available on: Price: Free

BabyChakra is the one-stop integrated platform for young mothers with children aged 0-5 years – personalized by life stage and locality for users in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Apart from providing you a platform where you can connect with other moms who are in the same stage of motherhood (or pregnancy) and share your joys and pains with them, the app features thousands of quality recommendations on a wide range of services near your location, including gynecologists, pediatricians, maternity hospitals, cord blood banks, play schools, daycares and nanny agencies, baby stores, and child-friendly restaurants, to name a few. The best part is that you can narrow down your search using various filters such as popular, nearest, and open now. While creating a close-knit network of moms, BabyChakra also facilitates information sharing by mothers who are local experts (called MomStars). MomStars job is


BabyBump WebMD Pregnancy Pro Pregnancy

Pregnancy +

By Health & Parenting Ltd.

to keep you updated with what is happening in their locality and write candid reviews on local services. MomStars in return get special privileges like exclusive event invites, discount on services, special gifts and more. Needless to say, you can also be a MomStar, so cheers! The app also has a built-in chat feature where you can invite and chat with fellow mothers. Add to that, there are hundreds of informative articles in the app to refer. Articles cover topics like pregnancy food, career & baby, home remedies, real mommy stories, movies to watch and so on. It is worth mentioning that the app requires you to login either via Facebook or Google+. And it does so to authenticate the user profile and build a trusted network of verified moms.

By Everyday Health, Inc.

What to Expect BabyBerry

By CereBrahm By AddoDoc Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


By Alt12 Apps, Inc.

By WebMD

Available on:

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Price: Free

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Price: Free

August 2016 11


Turn every photo into Art

Have you tried Prisma yet? Pokemon Go aside, Prisma is the hottest app of the season. It harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to repaint your ordinary photos from scratch into timeless art pieces using the styles of famous painters like Picasso, or Piet Mondrian plus world famous ornaments and patterns.

PRISMA Available on: Price: Free

There are chances that you have already heard of this app and experienced its brilliance, so this review will be sort of redundant. But just in case you haven't, or you haven't yet tried it out, here's what this outstanding photo-editing app does. To start with, Prisma doesn't do anything new as such but whatever it does, it does with impeccable style and panache. In essence, this is a photo-editing app that features over 30 ‘unique’ photo effects that make your pictures look like paintings from famous artists such as Picasso, Issac Levitan, and Vincent Van Gogh to name a few. So how does it work? The moment you launch the app, it prompts you to either click a picture through the app or choose one from your existing gallery to play around with the Prisma's photo effects that take a few seconds to turn your pictures into scintillating paintings and mural-like artworks. Every filter gives you an option of choosing the intensity of it by simply sliding your finger across the picture so that it never looks overdone and compliments your taste as well. Once you have had your fill of transforming your image, you can choose to save it into your gallery or share it on one of your social media

12 August 2016

profiles, creating a stir. All in all, Prisma is not a typical photo-editing app; it just offers artistic photo effects that you might not find in any other app at the moment. It is worth mentioning that you might experience a server error at times and couldn't able to process artsy effects on your pictures; this is all just because of the massive success of the app that its servers couldn't able to handle the load (the company mentioned on its Facebook page that Prisma became the most downloaded app in 10 countries within 9 days). Nevertheless, the app works perfectly fine and has a promising future. The company is also working on adding video support that will allow you to apply similar artsy effects to short video clips as well. This feature will be available soon via update. Long story short, you no longer need to click too many pictures to get that one perfect shot to post on your social media account in order to grab the eyeballs and too many likes. Just get the Prisma app, click a picture, apply one of the effects and post it right away. Prisma's effects will make your picture stand out from the crowd. Above all, the app is free and incredibly easy to use, so you should at least give it a shot to see how well it works.


UC News Available on: Price: Free

The app curates content from across the length and breadth of the internet to bring you the latest trending stories, videos and pictures throughout the day. It even tracks trending topics on various social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter in order to recommend relevant reads so that you won't miss out on anything important, or say interesting.

habits and recommends news based on your preferences. The more you read, the better recommendation you get.

Furthermore, sharing a news piece across social networking platforms is a breeze. You can even adjust the font size and switch between day and night mode just with one tap. And the Settings tab allows you to change the language. The app currently Coming to the user interface, it is supports English and Hindi not only user-friendly, but it also languages, but multi-language offers a fluid and interactive user support is on the way, with a experience. Stories are categorized promise to be available soon via based on 20+ channels such as update. Recommend, Cricket, Backed by Alibaba Group and Entertainment, Offbeat, Gadget, designed especially for Indian Fashion, and Health to name a readers, the app is promising and few, with the option to offers relevant quick reads for personalize the ‘Recommend’ anyone to stay on top of the latest feed with topics of interest. You news. You must give this app a try have to just swipe left or right to and you never know it might browse through the channels. become your one-stop destination The best part about this app is to consume latest and trending that it learns from your reading stories on the move.

August 2016 13


Nowadays digital content consumption is on the rise, but at the same time, content aggregators find it difficult to customize, curate and present diverse content to users, that's also relevant to them. Keeping that in mind, UCWeb India, a unit of Alibaba Mobile Business Group, recently launched the news aggregator app called UC News. Powered by Big Data technology, the app is designed to be a one-stop source of trending and curated news content that can be consumed on the go.


SKY ZOO SAFARI Available on: Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

It's one thing to ride a bucking bronco, but imagine trying to ride wild animals in a stampede. Welcome to the world of Rodeo Stampede—an action-packed challenge that's hard to put down. In this game, you play as an enthusiastic cowboy armed with a lasso, keen to snag as many animals as possible. A stampede has caused all the creatures to run at speed down a narrow ravine, leaving you to leap from animal to animal in a mission to not only survive as long as possible whilst dodging obstacles, but to tame some new creatures along the way so that you can build your own zoo and earn your living. There's a lot of complexity in the idea of lassoing animals in a stampede, but the best part is that it's been reduced to one touch control in the game. Simply tap and hold your finger on the screen to ride an animal and slide it to dodge the obstacles; release it to let cowboy fly in the air and then tap and hold again to land him on a new animal. Just remember not to lift your finger off the screen while you are riding. Only release when you're ready to lasso a different creature. Sounds easy, isn't it? The twist is that you can ride an animal only for so long before it gets angry and try to throw you off, so you need to keep hopping between different creatures in the stampede. You know that riding an animal just for 5 seconds is a big deal and that's what challenges you to keep coming back to the game and chase your own high score every time you play. Moreover, the size of your lasso shrinks as you go from animal to animal, making each leap a little more difficult than the last. Rodeo Stampede is not just another endless runner sort of game with missions; it is also about building and managing a zoo as an owner. You unlock new creatures by riding on them for long enough to befriend and tame them. Once you've tamed a new

14 August 2016

creature, it goes to your virtual zoo. People visit your zoo and pay the coins (in-game currency) to see the many exotic creatures that you've captured. You need coins to build and upgrade the habitats of your animals; boost their abilities – for instance: elephants can be upgraded to smash through rocks in the stampede; and add new features to your zoo. Presently, there are 3 environments in the game that you can unlock one by one, namely savannah, jungle and mountains. Every environment has a certain stops that can be unlocked in a row by completing a set of missions such as tame one new animal, upgrade an animal habitat and so on. Unlocking a new stop introduces new animals in the stampede, giving you a chance to tame new creatures to add to your arsenal and grow your zoo. Overall, if you're looking for an action-packed endless runner with a refreshing twist, you'll surely enjoy Rodeo Stampede! It can also be played with friends.

By Junglee Games Available on: Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

If you're fishing for the perfect game, it's right here! No pun intended because it's a fish-eat-fish world in the ocean and that's what you will experience once you start playing action-packed There is only one strategy in this game either munch other fish or become their lunch.

ny a M w Ho s Can Fishe at? You E

GAMEPLAY You start off as a small little fish born into the ocean where there are bigger fishes ready to eat you up for their lunch. In order to escape yourself from becoming a lunch of the fish that can eat you, your only aim is to grow big enough by munching seaweeds so that you can also eat other smaller fishes in the ocean and ultimately become the biggest fish in the ocean. The more you eat, the more you become bigger. But here is a catch! The bigger you are, the slower you will be. Well, you cannot have all the advantage, can you? But there is a way out of that as well. You can use your skills to escape yourself from the jaws of the bigger fishes by pooping on them, or splitting yourself into many mini fishes, for example. Oh! Hold on! Did we tell you that is an online multiplayer game? Yes! The best part about this

game is that those big monstrous looking fishes chasing you aren't controlled by the game or computer, they are controlled by real people from around the world in real time. That means you're competing against players who are out to be the biggest fish in the ocean, just like you. Best of all, there is only a single round for this game and there can be as many as 100 players at a time. A round is just 2 minutes long and your overall score depends on how many fishes you've eaten and other stats such as size, death, and fishy combo. You can see yourself on the leaderboard only if you are one among the top 10 big fishes in the particular round. At the end of 2 minutes, based on your performance, you will be rewarded with a rank and prize, such as fish bowls, gold coins and shells (in-game currencies), etc. Fish Bowls are just like treasure chests; unlocking them provides you with new fishes, gold coins, shells and much more. Who knows, you might win the deadliest fish in the ocean! There are 15 types of fishes in the game to unlock, each having its own special skill that helps you escape from the bigger fishes in the ocean once you start growing bigger. Not just that. Once you own the fish, you also have an option to upgrade its skills using in-game currency to make it more powerful. That's not all! Achievements, Leaderboards and much more is there for you to explore in You can even invite your friends to join and compete with you in this underwater adventure. Overall, is fun to play and can be enjoyed by any age group – so get munching!

August 2016 15

Available on:

| Freemium

Pokémon Squirtle



epending on whom you may ask, Pokémon GO, an augmented reality game for smartphones, is either a revolutionary mobile game experience or a potentially lethal fad. Either way, here is an overview of the game that has soared to the top of app charts and added billions to the market value of Nintendo Co. The game is deceptively complex. At first, it seems like all you have to do is wander around, catching digital Pokémon characters in the real world. But unlike many mobile games, Pokémon GO leaves most of its complexity unexplained. The moment you launch the app, you will find yourself in a Pokémon world that you are supposed to master at the same time as you figure out how it works. Well, here's a beginner's guide to the game that's hooked the world. Hope you'll find this information helpful.

WHAT IS POKÉMON GO? ALLOWS PLAYERS TO CATCH, TRAIN AND BATTLE DIGITAL POKÉMON IN THE REAL WORLD The game challenges you to step outside and explore your neighborhood in order to find and catch Pokémon characters as many as you can. As you walk around a neighborhood, your smartphone will vibrate to let you know that there is a Pokémon nearby. The moment the Pokémon appears on your smartphone screen, your job is to catch that Pokémon immediately by flinging the Poké Ball towards it before it runs away. The aim of the game is to capture as many Pokémon as you can – 250 are currently available in the game. You can also battle them at Pokémon Gyms once you get to Trainer Level 5. Furthermore, Pokémon characters are of various types like normal, water, fire, electric, flying, and ground to name a few. For instance, Charmander is a Fire Type Pokémon, while a Horsea is Water Type, or a Pidgey is Normal Type. Each Pokémon has its own attacking and defending capabilities that you'll get to explore during Gym Battles.


As you walk through the real world, your ingame character tracks your movements on the map and will randomly encounter digital Pokémon characters that you're supposed to catch by flinging Poké Balls towards them. All the Pokémon characters caught by you will show up in your Pokédex. It is worth mentioning that the app should be open for it to work, and it constantly uses GPS signals and mobile data (3G/4G). You won't be able to locate and catch Pokémon characters if internet connectivity is not there.

WHERE THE GAME IS OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE? Australia, New Zealand, U.K., United States, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland. Although, the game is yet to be launched officially in India, it has already taken the country by storm and gamers are playing it by downloading the APK (Android application package) file, or using VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. Still, if you are waiting for the official version, then there are speculations going that it would be officially available in India and other Asian countries by mid-August.

From now on, you'll be off exploring all over the world. I hope you get out there and catch Pokémon–and register them in you Pokédex!

Last Updated 31.07.2016

After downloading the app and signing up, Professor Willow will welcome you and introduce you how the world is inhabited by creatures known as Pokémon and ask for your help in catching all the Pokémon characters so that he can complete his research. On accepting his request, he asks you to create your in-game avatar (called Trainer) by selecting a hair, skin, and eye color; style; and outfit. Once your avatar is ready, you will see an anime-like version of Google Maps that hides streets and area names and replaces real-life landmarks with PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms.






According to The Wall Street Journal, network analytics firm P3 Communications Inc. discovered that the app only uses around 5 to 10 megabytes of data per hour, whereas an hour of HD video consumes about 350 megabytes. This is because most of the game's functions such as the camera and gyroscope, which helps you locate Pokémon occur within the device, P3 CEO Dirk Bernhardt said. Despite the game using GPS to locate Pokémon, it doesn't stress cellular networks as heavy as navigation apps which keep redrawing the map, Bernhardt claims.

DOES IT COST MONEY? The game is free to play, with Pokémon to discover at every turn. For players who want to enhance their Pokémon GO experience even more, certain items and upgrades can be accessed via in-app purchases. You can spend real money on PokéCoins, the in-game currency of Pokémon GO. PokéCoins can then be exchanged for items such as Poké Balls, Incense, Eggs, Lure Modules, etc. However, you can also visit a PokéStop to collect these items for free.

PokéStops, located at interesting places such as historical monuments or public art installations, show up on the map as blue squares. When you're close enough to a PokéStop, the box on top of the blue square will open and provide you with items, such as Pokémon Eggs, Poké Balls, Lure modules, Egg Incubator, etc. so that you can catch more and rare Pokémon characters with ease. After collecting the items from a PokéStop, its icon's color will change to purple, and you will not be able to collect items from it again until it refreshes to blue, which takes about five minutes. Conveniently, you don't need to travel away from the PokéStop for it to refresh, so if you live or work near a PokéStop you can collect items often.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR POKÉMON CHARACTERS? ONCE YOU CATCH A POKÉMON, IT'S YOUR JOB AS A TRAINER TO POWER UP AND EVOLVE YOUR POKÉMON TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL In order to win gym battles, you'll need highpowered Pokémon, but to find and upgrade to high-powered Pokémon, you need to be a high-powered trainer. The higher your Trainer Level, the more-powerful Pokémon you'll be able to catch, and the more you can upgrade your Pokémon CP (Combat Power) and evolve them. So, the first question that

18 August 2016

comes to mind is: How to level up your Trainer (your in-game avatar)? Luckily, pretty much everything you do in Pokémon gives you Experience Points (XP) and thus increase your Trainer Level. For instance: Capturing a New Pokémon = 500XP, Checking in at a PokéStop = 50XP, Defeating a Pokémon Trainer at Gym = 150XP and so on.


Earning XP is one point. But you'll also need Candy and Stardust to power up and evolve your Pokémon. Now, the question is how to earn Candy and Stardust? The answer is simple. Each Pokémon that you'll catch not only rewards you with XP, but also gives you Candy and Stardust.

So, it should be like this: Catch as many Pokémon as you can —> Earn XP and increase your Trainer Level + Collect Stardust and Candy —> Power up and Evolve your Pokémon characters in order to win a Gym Battle. Best Part? Upgrading and evolving Pokémon again increases your Trainer Level, and this means having a chance to catch morepowerful and rare Pokémon. Catching more-powerful Pokémon means more Stardust and Candy. All in all, it's a cycle! It should be noted that the Candy needs to be the same type as the Pokémon you want to upgrade. For instance: you'll need Squirtle Candy to evolve the Pokémon Squirtle. So, you need to catch the Pokémon Squirtle again and again to get enough Squirtle Candy to power up and evolve the Pokémon Squirtle to reach its full potential.

The moment you reach the Trainer Level 5 in the game and head to a gym for the first time, you'll be asked to join one of three Pokémon Trainer teams — the blue Team Mystic, red Team Valor or yellow Team Instinct. Though there aren't any specific advantages to any color, still you are advised to choose the one that dominates your neighborhood so that you have more friendly gyms in your neighborhood. Note: Gyms that match with your team's color are called friendly gyms. After picking a team, you can enter a gym of the same color (called friendly gym), provided there is a slot available for you to join. And if you are lucky enough to find a Grey-colored gym in your neighborhood, you can move in right away as it is not claimed by any team yet. Once you have joined a gym, you're supposed to assign one of your Pokémon to defend the gym. This will increase the gym's prestige and improve its defenses. As your gym fends off its opponents, its prestige will increase, thus more slots will become available for new

players to join and enhance the gym's defenses. Note: Suppose you've chosen yellow Team Instinct, then your rival gyms are ones that are owned by blue Team Mystic and red Team Valor. Challengers (other two rival teams) must defeat all of the Pokémon trainers in your gym and reduce its prestige to zero for it to be taken over, so make sure you have one of your best Pokémon stationed at your gym to defend it from rival teams. Note: If in case the friendly gym does not have an open slot, you can create one by improving that gym's prestige. To do so, you can IS IT DANGEROUS send one of your TO PLAY Pokémon there to POKÉMON GO? train against its members in a friendly battle. Winning friendly battles will increase the gym's prestige, thus opens up more slots for new players to join.


Wandering through public In order to win a Gym Battle, you has its own special attacking spaces in search must take a note of CP (Combat Power) abilities that you must consider in of Pokémon levels of all Pokémon currently addition to CP level while choosing characters while defending a Gym so that you've a fair a team of 6 Pokémon before glued to your chance of winning the battle. For heading into a Gym Battle. smartphone instance: if you try to beat a Pokémon It is worth telling you that the means asking for Gyarados (CP level of 1243) with a actual battle mechanics of Pokémon trouble. Many Pokémon Bellsprout (CP level of 101), GO are pretty simple. You tap the cases of accidents you're not going to fare well. Pokémon to perform a fast attack have been and swipe left or right to attempt to Also, types of Pokémon play an reported from dodge any incoming attacks. Fast important role in winning a Gym around the world. attacks also charge your Special Battle. For example, a Water Type So, be alert while Attack meter, and once your Special playing the game Pokémon's attacks will be more effective on a Fire Type Pokémon, in Attack meter is charged, you can as your safety is long-press your Pokémon to comparison to its effects on a Grass in your hands. perform a special attack. Type Pokémon. Plus, each Pokémon

August 2016 19


Quick Look at

SPEED 8 Launched in India, July 2016 150g, 9.8mm thickness 5.5" Full HD IPS Symmetrical Display, 1920x1080 pixels

` 29,999/-

Android v6.0 Marshmallow 32 GB Internal Storage 21MP coupled with Sony IMX230 camera sensor and dual-LED Flash

Fingerprint Scanner Gorilla Glass

8MP with single-LED Front Flash

Dual Nano SIM

4GB RAM Deca-Core CPU, 2.0 Ghz MediaTek’s Helio X20 64-Bit Processor

Supports 3G, 4G

3600mAh Li-Po Battery, Fast Charging

microSD Card Slot

LOOK AND FEEL Zopo, a fairly new and not so popular Chinese smartphone maker, is still struggling to make its presence in the smartphone market. And this time, they have a Speed 8 smartphone powered by MediaTek's Helio X20 64-bit Deca-core CPU and a 21.0 megapixel primary camera that might help Zopo to gear up their presence.

20 August 2016

Zopo Speed 8 sports an all plastic body that is slightly rounded around the edges and supported by a silver frame. The plastic back panel has a faux brushed metal finish, but it feels a bit glossy. The top edge has 3.5mm headphone jack, whereas the bottom has USB Type-C charging port and microphone. While power and volume buttons are placed on the right, a tray to insert the SIM cards is on the left. The back panel houses a 21MP primary camera module along a fingerprint sensor and dual-LED flash right below it. The earpiece and the speakers are embedded in very slim slits covered with grills on top and bottom of the front.

CAMERA: A MIXED BAG ZOPO Speed 8 features 21MP primary camera coupled with Sony's IMX230 camera sensor, PDAF technology and dual-LED flash. The images captured by it offer great details, with no noise in good light conditions. However, shots taken in low light look not so good, but dualLED flash somehow tries to

FM Radio

compensate and lets you take better pictures in low light. Furthermore, built-in Sony's PDAF technology enables this phone to take pictures with a super-fast focus that triggers itself in just 0.2 seconds. The 8MP secondary camera with single-LED front flash lets you take some decent selfies in good light, but we found front flash feature not too useful as selfies taken in the dark didn't come out too well.

PERFORMANCE: HANDLES MULTIPLE TASKS EASILY The highlight of the Zopo Speed 8 is the hardware as it runs on a MediaTek's Helio X20 64-Bit (tri-cluster architecture) Deca-Core CPU coupled with ARM Mali T-880 MP4 GPU and 4GB RAM. In our test, this powerful phone worked smoothly and easily handled games like Mortal Kombat X, Real cricket and FIFA 16, but heat up a bit under an extreme load. We haven't experienced stuttering frames while multitasking on this phone. To power Zopo Speed 8, it has a non-removable 3600mAh battery along quick charge technology. In regular usages like surfing, social networking and a few calls, the battery lasted nearly one and a half days on a single charge. In our video loop test, it stands for 5 hours 10 minutes. So, if you are a power user, the battery would not last more than a day.

BOTTOM LINE Despite being the company's flagship smartphone, the Zopo Speed 8 doesn't really feel like a flagship one. Although the specifications look good on paper, but the performance was not up to par when tested. Apart from the Deca-core CPU and 21 MP camera, Zopo Speed 8 doesn't really seem to offer much. For the Rs. 29,999/- asking price, the OnePlus 3 still looks like a phone which offers a better value proposition.


Quick Look at

K5 NOTE Launched in India, August 2016 165g, 8.5mm thickness



5.5" Full HD IPS 178˚ wide-view Display, 1920x1080 pixels



Android v6.0 Marshmallow Fingerprint Sensor

32 GB Internal Storage, expandable up to 128GB

Dual Nano SIM

13MP with PDAF and dual-LED Flash

Supports 3G, 4G

8MP with 1.4um pixels

FM Radio

3GB RAM / 4GB RAM 64-Bit, Octa-Core, 1.8 Ghz MediaTek Helio P10 (MT6755M) Processor

Corning Gorilla Glass

3500mAh Li-ion Polymer Battery, non-removable


The Lenovo Vibe K5 Note is a successor of the Vibe K4 Note, but with lots of improvements such as metal body and appealing design. The smartphone comes in two variants – one is with 3 GB RAM at Rs. 11,999/and other is 4GB RAM at 13,499/-. Also, it supports Lenovo's TheaterMax 2.0 technology when used with the ANT VR headset.

From a design perspective, Lenovo Vibe K5 Note looks sturdy due to all-metal body that is easy enough to hold and use. But at the same time, all-metal body makes it slightly heavier and as a result it weighs in at 165g. The back panel looks very neat and clean that houses rear camera, dual-tone LED flash, and fingerprint scanner all placed in one line along the “Vibe” brand and Lenovo logo. The speaker vent is also located on the back, lower end. The power and volume buttons are placed on the right, while a dual SIM hybrid card slot is on the left. Talking about the front, Lenovo has gone for backlit capacitive buttons instead of onscreen ones for the Android home, recent apps, and back navigation controls.

CAMERA: AVERAGE PERFORMER The smartphone sports 13MP primary camera with PDAF technology. Results in bright lit, indoor conditions are decent. However, pictures taken in low light contain a little bit noise. Nevertheless, there are customization options available along with some filters to help you get the picture right. 8MP front camera is good enough to meet your selfie needs.

microSD Card (expandable up to 128GB)

SOFTWARE AND PERFORMANCE It runs on Android 6.0 with slight tweaks from Lenovo, such as custom notification panel, improved SMS management and Secure Zone that allows users to simultaneously run two instances of the same app like WhatsApp and Facebook without missing notifications from both zones. This means one can have two separate virtual phones within one device. In spite of certain tweaks from Lenovo, the phone offers near-stock Android experience. The main USP of the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note however – just like the K4 Note before it – is TheaterMax technology i.e. compatible with any ANT VR headset. The ANT VR headset boosts the phone's onscreen content, such as videos and games, so you see everything bigger, and more immersive. That is why you don't need VR-specific apps to make use of TheaterMax. It works with all videos and gaming apps. In fact, Lenovo has tied-up with Amkette to bring the Evo Pad 2 as a precision controller for TheaterMax gaming. TheaterMax accessories can be purchased separately while buying the phone. Coming to the performance, it is powered by 64-Bit, Octa-core MediaTek Helio P10 (MT6755M) processor clocked at 1.8GHz, coupled with Mali-T860 GPU and comes in 3GB and 4GB RAM options. The phone is very responsive and quick enough for multitasking operations. About the battery, the phone has a 3500mAh non-removable battery, which can easily stand for a day on normal usage and for 4 to 5 hours in an extreme condition such as continuous video watching with full volume.

BOTTOM LINE At Rs.13,499/- (for the 4GB RAM variant), Lenovo Vibe K5 Note is competing with some of the popular smartphones such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Moto G4 Plus, and LeEco Le 2. Vibe K5 Note scores high in terms of design and lag free performance, and offering the support for VR technology.

August 2016 21


Available on: Price: Free

Bollywood now has its own official app titled Flickbay. The app provides you with latest B-town news, trailers, songs, music videos, movie reviews, ratings, box office collections, and information about movies playing in theatres and on TV. In fact, Kala Chashma, the first track of Excel Entertainment and Dharma Production's forthcoming film Baar Baar Dekho, was exclusively unveiled on Flickbay, prior to its release on any other platform. Flickbay is the result of collaboration between the most experienced and respected figures in the Indian film industry. Trishant Sidhwani and Vishal Ramchandani co-founded Flickbay while working at Excel Entertainment, whereas their idea is backed by the Excel Entertainment co-founders, Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar, and the co-founder of Sony India and managing partner at Jungle Ventures, Jayesh Parekh. Speaking about the Flickbay, Farhan Akhtar said, “The digital world has revolutionised the grammar of experiencing content. Also, it serves as a great platform for us to promote our films, and

Are you ready to rule Gotham City? The newest Batman mobile title: Batman: Arkham Underworld puts players in control of Batman's greatest enemies in intense PVP action as they work their way up the criminal underbelly of Gotham City to build a powerful army of thugs and vie for control of the city.

22 August 2016

what better way to reach out to our audiences, via an app which serves the purpose just right! Hence the decision to launch Kala Chashma on Flickbay exclusively. Flickbay is the one stop shop for Bollywood and a delight for all those bitten by the Bollywood bug.” Apart from letting the users access everything about Bollywood under one roof, the app will also reward its users for consuming and sharing the content. Points can be redeemed for movie tickets, autographed merchandise and memorabilia from films (for example: Hrithik's dive suit from the movie – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara).


Available on: Price: Free (offers in-app purchases) According to the press release, “In Batman: Arkham Underworld, fans get their chance to rule Gotham City by becoming the city's next criminal mastermind. Players can take command of iconic Super-Villains such as The Riddler, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc as they fight their way to the top by building their ultimate hideout, recruiting and training an army of henchmen, and battling through intense story-missions within Gotham City's neighborhoods. As if the stakes weren't already high enough, if one's empire becomes too big, they might even have to defend their turf by facing off against Batman himself to secure their status as a ruthless crime lord.” The free-to-play Batman: Arkham Underworld game requires iOS 8.0 or above, and it is compatible with Apple Watch.


Price: Free

The Google Creative Lab team has launched yet another app: this time, it's a cartoon yeti named Verne that gives you a virtual tour of the Himalayas. Very few get the privilege to explore the Himalayas, but with this app, Google has succeeded in bringing that exploration experience to the smartphone in an interactive manner. Though the app is designed especially for kids to take them on an educational tour to the tallest mountain range in the world, but adults can enjoy it too. In its blog post introducing the game, the Google Maps team said, “For years, Google Maps has been adding 3D imagery from all over the world – New York City, the Grand Canyon, Mont Blanc, and more. A few of us started wondering if this 3D imagery could make learning about the world a bit more fun for kids. We started playing with quick prototypes, and even brainstormed with our own kids to get inspired by their sense of curiosity. Our idea became a new, experimental app called Verne: The Himalayas. It invites you to explore the Himalayas as a 500 foot Yeti named Verne. You can run up Mt. Everest, chase yaks, discover bits of information, ride a jetpack, play Himalayan instruments, and more.” The app puts you in full control of Verne: once you enter the mountain range, you are given a map, and

Find that emoji fast no more endless scrolling!

you are guided throughout your expedition with detailed instructions and information on famous points, landmarks and regions. The fun part is you don't just hike up various trails. You skate across icy lakes, slide down steep hills, chase an argali goat, and hang-glide from one peak to another. Verne can also play traditional Himalayan instruments and make friends with yaks. As one can expect from Google, everything is well executed: wonderful graphics, realistic sounds, and highly interactive experience. Just wait till the sun goes down, and there is a whole new world to be explored. For now, the app is 213MB in size and works only on smartphones running on Android 4.4 KitKat and above. There is no word on availability for iOS devices.

Swiftmoji Available on: Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Never hunt for emoji again: Swiftmoji keyboard is here to offer you perfect emoji predictions based on what you've just typed.

With more than 1800 emoji to choose from and more added regularly, finding a perfect emoji to spice up our IM conversations is a difficult job. That's where Swiftmoji, a new app from the Microsoft-owned SwiftKey comes into the role. The app simplifies the painstaking process of finding the perfect emoji for every message. It works by using the context of what you're typing coupled with worldwide emoji trends to give you the best and most topical emoji predictions.

August 2016 23


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Duolingo is probably the most popular mobile education app, but until now, the company's focus has been solely on language learning. But, the company has recently launched Tinycards, which happens to be its first foray outside of languages. The app can be used to learn anything that involves memorization: vocabulary in different languages, country capitals, history facts, geography, outer space and more. Overall, there are thousands of topics to choose from, with the option to create your own decks and share them with friends. At its core, Tinycards app uses spaced repetition and other smart learning techniques to help you master new material efficiently, but in the backend, it also uses the same algorithms as the Duolingo app to adapt to every learner's individual progress. Thus, Tinycards app is a modern version of flashcards that takes a gamified approach to help

you learn and memorize new things on the move. “Duolingo redefined the way millions of people learn languages by making it fun, effective and free,” said Duolingo Co-founder and CEO Luis von Ahn in a press statement. “We're excited to bring that experience to flashcards in order to help school kids suffering through memorization for tests. We also hope this will motivate adults to learn new topics to enhance their lives.” For now, the app is available only on iOS (requires iOS 8.2 or above), but the company mentioned on its Twitter handle that it will be available soon on other platforms.


Available on:

Price: Free

Make changes on the go with real-time editing

It's been almost a year since Dropbox formally introduced Paper, an online tool to collaboratively create and edit documents. It's been in closed beta since then, and there were not many updates on the progress. Nevertheless, Dropbox Paper is now available for everyone, alongside iOS and Android apps for better productivity on the go. The company mentioned in its blog post that Dropbox Paper is a tool that was built to help fast-moving teams create collaborative docs and share important information on the go. There are many reasons to use the Dropbox Paper service, such as: •

Brainstorming ideas: Dropbox Paper lets colleagues work on the same document together at the same time and one can also add images and videos to the document.

Capturing meeting notes: Connect your Google Calendar, and Dropbox Paper will create a custom notes document for your next meeting and automatically share it with attendees.

Creating to-do's: It lets you create a checklist and assign tasks to other team members by simply adding “@” and a team member's name.

Overall, it is a great tool to collaborate with your team members and stay connected. There is also a feature to add, view and reply to comments so that team members can also have conversations on the move.

August 2016 25


Flashcards by Duolingo

all-time FAVOURITE APPS Hotstar Get this app if you want to enjoy LIVE streaming of Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Apart from that the app has a good collection of blockbuster movies and popular TV shows. iPhone/iPad | iOS 8.0 | Free

Daily Yoga

Alto's Adventure

The app features more than 50 yoga training sessions designed for all skill levels and 400+ yoga poses.

This is an endless runner snowboarding game set in beautiful pastoral landscapes wherein you play as Alto, a young shepherd boy trying to chase escaped llamas as you snowboard down the mountain. Along the way you’ll grind rooftops, leap over terrifying chasms and outwit the mountain elders – exciting, isn’t it?

iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.0 | Freemium Android | OS 3.0 | Freemium Windows Mobile | Freemium

Android | 4.0.3 | Free

Yoga Studio Daily Curiosity This is a must-have app for ones who enjoy reading interesting factoids in their spare time. iPhone/iPad | iOS 8.0 | Free Android | 4.4 | Free

SHAREit SHAREit app is cross-platform transfer tool that lets you share huge file between any iOS, Android and Windows PC/Phone devices in the room over Wi-Fi direct.

This app offers 65 ready-made yoga and meditation classes ranging from 10 to 60 minutes, sorted on the basis of level of intensity and focus. iPhone/iPad | iOS 8.0 | Paid Android | OS 4.1 | Paid Windows | Paid

Yousician A great app to learn and practice piano and guitar at your own pace. iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.1 | Freemium Android | OS 4.4 | Freemium

iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.0 | Free Android | OS 2.2 | Free Windows PC/Phone | Free

InShorts This app summarizes day-to-day news from all over the world in just 60 words or less. It also supports Hindi language. iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.0 | Free Android | OS Varies | Free

My Incredible Body Take a ride through the human body to experience how blood flows, what lungs look like when breathing, and how the body does its swallowing and digesting. Watch videos that show how your brain works, or zoom inside the organs to see how all the parts of body function. In short, it is a human body guide with 3D models that will be fun and learning for both parents and children. iPhone/iPad | iOS 6.0 | Paid

ViralShots Get this app and never miss out on anything going viral on the web, 24x7! iPhone | iOS 8.0 | Free Android | OS 4.0.3 | Free

CamScanner It is a must-have app to easily scan, store and share documents on the go! iPhone | iOS 8.0 | Freemium Android | OS Varies | Freemium Windows Phone 8 | Free

26 August 2016

Android | OS 2.3 | Paid Windows PC | Paid

Tata CLiQ Get PHYGITAL with Tata CLiQ – this new e-commerce app seamlessly combines the best of the PHYsical (in-store) and diGITAL shopping experience. Shop from a wide range of C.A.M.E.L.s (Certified Authentic Merchandise Everybody Loves) and get great deals across apparel, footwear, mobiles, tech gadgets and appliances.

iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.0 | Paid Android | OS 2.3 | Freemium

Roposo Roposo is a fashion social network and the ultimate destination for Indian women to socialize fashionably, discover trends, inspire and get inspired. iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.1 | Free Android | OS Varies | Free

Peak Think of Peak as a gym for your brain. It offers a daily braintraining session to exercise core cognitive abilities. iPhone/iPad | iOS 8.0 | Freemium Android | OS 4.0 | Freemium

Smash Fu Developed by Bit Free Games, Smash Fu is a high-paced tiletapping game that requires quick reflexes and some practice. Fun to play! iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.1 | Freemium

Talking Encyclopedia for Kids A great app for children to learn about different countries, animals, human body, musical instruments, monuments and a lot more in a safe and friendly audio-visual environment. Android | OS 4.0.3 | Free

Photofy This app wraps up dozens of photo editing features and a theme-based typography gallery of over forty thousand graphics in a highly intuitive interface.

iPhone | iOS 7.0 | Free

iPhone/iPad | iOS 8.0 | Freemium

Android | OS 4.1 | Free

Android | OS 4.2 | Freemium

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