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ou probably do a lot to keep yourself physically fit, but what are you doing to exercise your brain? Consider how much your brain does for you: it's constantly processing information, generating new ideas, forming memories and learning every day.

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But, it's no secret that our memories degrade over time. Everyone knows that as you get older, it becomes harder to remember where you put your car keys or recall the name of the person you met just a few minutes back. So, training our brain is just as important as keeping physically fit. That's where brain-training apps come into the picture. Apps like Lumosity, Memorado, Peak, Elevate, and NeuroNation to name a few let you exercise your brain daily with scientifically designed brain games. You just need to spend 10 to 15 minutes a day. To know what is on offer and how exactly these apps work, check out our Cover Story from Page 4. Next on our list is 5 must-have keyboard apps. Third-party keyboards may not be the most exciting apps at first glance, but when you pause for a moment and think about how much time you spend tapping away at your smartphone – their significance becomes pretty clear. Third-party keyboards are now smart enough to learn from your typing style so that you have to type less. Not just that, they even let you type in two languages simultaneously, and customize your keyboard's appearance the way you want to. So, don't forget to visit our Utility section to find out more about these keyboard apps and how they work. And yes! With this issue of Apps Unveiled, we are also introducing a new section called Smartphone Café. Here, you can read about recently launched smartphones that are creating a buzz in the market. Hope you enjoy reading this issue of Apps Unveiled Be APPintelligent!

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t's no secret that as we get older, our brains get older too. Age makes us wiser for sure, but it also makes it harder to recall words and process information. That's one part of the story. Another part is day-to-day stress. Whether at work or at school, people these days are under tremendous pressure to perform, and always perform! And, this calls for exercising our mental faculties, improving cognitive abilities. Cognitive abilities are brain-based skills we need to carry out any task from the simplest to the most complex. They have more to do with the mechanisms of how we learn, remember, react, perceive, problem-solve, and pay attention, rather than with any actual knowledge. Cashing in on this opportunity, brain-training has become a multimillion pound business with companies employing neuroscientists to create puzzles and games that challenge the mind. From games that train your memory and information

processing skills, to others that challenge your language and communication abilities, and even visual-spatial skills that stimulate creativity and problem-solving, you wouldn't only feel mentally stimulated, but also feel entertained after every brain training session. Most of the apps follow the same format: collections of mini-games that promise to test various mental skills; pretty graphs to show how you're improving over time; and optional subscriptions for extra games and features. So, if you often forget where you left your phone, or why you walked into the room, or forget the name of the person you just met, all you need to do is challenge your brain every day. Many brain-training apps claim that just one brain workout session every day (that lasts for 10 to 15 minutes) can help you process information better, handle multiple tasks with ease, and improve memory and focus over time. With that in mind, we have reviewed 11 brain-training apps that you must check out.

*Subscription Prices mentioned in the app reviews are subject to change depending upon your region, operating software and offers.


When you search for the brain training apps, the first name that will show up is Lumosity. Designed by neuroscientists, the app provides you with a daily brain workout session comprises five minigames that will help you exercise five core cognitive abilities – speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving in a row. Working on your core cognitive abilities help you in real life, with tasks such as paying attention to details, remembering names with ease or making quick decisions.

Challenge your brain with scientifically designed training Memory Speed Attention Flexibility

Problem Solving

By Lumos Labs, Inc.

HOW IT WORKS: As soon as you install the app and create your user account, it asks you to take the Fit Test where you're supposed to play three mind games in a row so that it can get your baseline scores, and accordingly, determine the difficulty level of your daily training session. After taking the test, you get to choose between premium training and limited training.

Premium training, on the other hand, consists of 5 games instead of just 3 as a part of your daily training session and gives you unlimited access to all 30+ Lumosity games just for $11.95 per month (if you opt to pay every month). Or else, 1-year subscription will average out to $5 a month and a 2-year subscription will cost you $3.75 a month).

Limited training is what you get with the free version of the app. You’ll get to play 3 recommended games as a part of your daily brain training session. The games are played against the clock and rotate daily so you never get bored of your daily training. After completing your daily training, you can practice the games that were the part of your training for the day as many times as you want to and that's all. You have to wait for the next day training session for a new set of game.

The app gives you a score after each game, and aggregates each game's score into the Lumosity Performance Index (LPI). Your LPI grades your overall performance in the program, as well as in individual cognitive skills, such as memory, speed or problem-solving. And, if you wish to compare your performance with other Lumosity users in your age group, it requires you to upgrade the app to the premium version.

ABOUT THE LUMOSITY GAMES: The app lists 30+ games tagged on the basis of five core cognitive abilities – speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving. However, Lumosity website gives you access to 50+ games. There are games like Train of Thought, Memory Matrix, Speed Match, Chalkboard Challenge, and Lost in Migration to name a few. In the game Train of Thought, you are supposed to direct oncoming colored trains to their matching stations by flipping switches to keep changing train tracks. This tests your divided attention, the ability to simultaneously respond to multiple tasks at a time. Another game Speed Match challenges your

6 July 2016

information processing skills, whereas Chalkboard Challenge tests your problem solving skills. Best part? Everything is scored so you can see your improvement from week to week, and tests automatically adjust in difficulty to keep you on your toes. Long story short, if you want a way to engage your mind with quick yet challenging puzzles, Lumosity is the pick for you. Available on: Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Think of Peak as a gym for your brain. The app combines brain science and gamification to give you a comprehensive brain workout, helping you improve your focus, memory, mental agility, problem-solving, and language skills with over 30 mind games that have been developed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience, cognitive science, and education. The games adapt to your skill level as you play, ensuring that you're always getting a challenging brain workout.

HOW IT WORKS: The app starts with a brief introduction to Peak and a few simple Yes/No questions to set training goals before creating a user account. Once the account is created, the app presents you with your first workout. It will analyze your current skill level in different areas (such as focus, problemsolving, memory, language, etc.) once you're finished with your first workout and display your overall performance (also called Peak Score) on a brain map. You can also compare your overall performance with other Peak users in your age group or profession to know your strong and weak areas. Oh yes! You can also add your Facebook Friends to compete and compare your performance with them. The app not only gives you a score and Peak Points after each game, but it also ranks you on the basis of your performance. There are 6 ranks in Peak: Beginner, Novice, Graduate, Expert, Master, and Grand Master; the higher the rank, the more challenging the game. Add to that, there is a daily Peak Points target that you must achieve to complete your training for the day.

ABOUT THE PEAK GAMES There are 32+ fun yet challenging mind games in Peak, including 8 pro-only games. The best part about the games in Peak is that they are quite unique in comparison to the ones offered by many other brain-training apps. For example: there is a game called Perilous Path in which you're shown some danger tiles on a square matrix, and you're then asked to memorize their position and avoid them when connecting two dots from Point A to Point B. It stimulates your ability to think ahead and organize information. In another memory game called Baggage Claim, you'll be first asked to memorize the names of the cities shown, and then to perform a random task. As soon as you complete the random task, it asks you to select the cities that were shown initially from the given options. This game challenges your multi-tasking and task switching abilities, and also analyses that how good you are at temporarily holding information in memory.

FREE VS PRO ACCOUNT Your daily workout consists of 6 games, but you get to play only 4 in the free version, with the option to come back to them throughout the day. To get unlimited access to all 32+ games and in-depth insights on your performance, you just need to do one thing. Yup! Upgrade the app to Pro!! The cost of monthly subscription is INR 80, whereas yearly subscription is for INR 550. You can also pay INR 1000 as one-time fee for lifetime access. Best of all, you can invite your friend to try out the Peak app and both of you will get a week of Peak Pro for free.

Available on: Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

July 2016 7


Challenge your Brain Daily with Scientific Workout Brain-training app Memorado, developed in Berlin, offers a set of mind games promising to improve your memory and “cognitive controls”. Combined that with personalized daily workouts that adapt to your performance level and easy-to-understand progress tracking features, Memorado app is no less than other popular apps such as Lumosity and Peak.

Improve your Memory, Speed, Reaction and Logic with Games based on Neuroscience Latin Square

HOW IT WORKS: No sooner than you launch the app, it asks you a few questions to know your brain training goals, such as remember names with ease, avoid distractions easily, or stick to my to-do lists, etc. You are supposed to rate these questions on three parameters: less important, important, or very important. After this initial evaluation, the app will create a personalized scientific brain training program for you that'll measure your performance in five areas: speed, memory, reaction, logic and concentration. Your daily training session consists of 5 short games, but you’ll get to play only 3 in the app's free version. Remaining 2 games can be unlocked via in-app purchases. Best of all, the app rewards you with the Brain Points for successfully completing your daily training session and these Brain Points can be used to unlock brain tests at various intervals. These tests are full of surprises. At times, it may surprise you by unlocking full-fledged brain training session where you get to play 5 games in a row instead of just 3 games, making the most of the Memorado app. Or, it may surprise you by unlocking Brain Duel, which gives you a chance to compete with your Facebook friends or random opponents from around the world. The app also aggregates your scores in the different tasks to calculate your Memorado Brain Quotient (BQ). The BQ is a scientific measure of your cognitive ability over time. Available on:

8 July 2016

ABOUT THE MEMORADO GAMES While reviewing the app, I noticed, the Android version of this app features 14+ level-based brain games, out of which 3 are accessible for free, whereas iOS app lists 24+ games, out of which 5 are free. Rest can be unlocked via in-app purchases. The cost of one year subscription varies from INR 1050 to 1600 depending upon your device's operating software (i.e. iOS/Android) and discounts offered. This is the only brain training app where each game offers 30+ levels; needless to say, difficulty increases with every level. The games are themselves fun, but offers a challenging brain workout. For example: there is a time-based Sudoku-style game called Latin Square in which you have to insert the symbols into a square matrix in such a way so that each symbol appears once and only once in each row, column and segment. This game stimulates your logical reasoning skills. Overall, the way the app has been designed combined with insightful statistics and built-in calendar to track your daily check-in and progress, Memorado actually encourages people to keep challenging their brain. Worth trying!

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Track and Compare your Performance over time

Compete with your Friends in the Brain Duel

Do you wish you could process the information that you read and hear quicker? Or, would you like to improve your problemsolving abilities or articulate your thoughts more clearly? Well, you could download braintraining app called Elevate from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It aims to help you retain more of what you read and hear, improve your focus while reading and listening, mental vocabulary, and more through simple-butmentally stimulating games.

ELEVATE Available on: Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

HOW IT WORKS: The Elevate process starts with you choosing what aspects of your mind you'd like to improve, for example: process written information faster, improve your writing abilities, calculate more quickly and precisely, etc. After choosing the training goals, it requests you to take a short test so that it can determine your current skill level in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and calculation. You'll be given Elevate Proficiency Quotient (EPQ) ranging from 0-5000, which represents your proficiency in each skill. Based on your EPQ, the app will create a personalized brain training program for you. You'll get to play 3 games, each based on a different skill as a part of your daily training session. The games rotate daily, making sure you keep coming back for your daily session even if you choose not to upgrade to Pro version. After every session, you are rewarded for your speed and accuracy, and thus new EPQ and statistics. The app is keen to get you logging in regularly, tracking your “streaks� on its calendar, and tweaking the difficulty levels as you become more adept.

Precision Speaking

Measuring Math

Processing Reading

Memory Speaking

Brevity Writing

Agility Reading

ABOUT THE ELEVATE GAMES The games in the Elevate app are categorised on the basis of listening, writing, speaking, reading and math skills, instead of memory, speed and attention you'll find in other braintraining apps. For example, in the game Brevity, you'll be asked to identify the unnecessary word in each sentence to make it more concise, whereas in the game called Memory, you'll be asked to read the definition and use the given letters to recall the correct word. Then, the games like Discounting, Proportion, Conversion, Estimation, etc. are there to help you improve your math skills. Elevate's games are definitely fun, and it's engaging to open the app each day to find three new games to play. Unfortunately, for anyone who doesn't feel confident in their grasp of the English language, or just struggles with spelling and grammar, Elevate app is not the right choice.

FREE VS PRO ACCOUNT The app features 40+ games out of which 17 games can be accessed only by the Pro users. Plus, Pro users can train as much as they want with unlimited access to all 40 games, rather than waiting for their daily training session. Add to that, they also get access to Pro study materials and detailed training report. You can unlock Pro version for INR 750 a month (or INR 2800 a year).

July 2016 9


NeuroNation is another science-based brain-training app that takes the gamified approach to exercising and improving your brain's faculties. The moment you open the app, it quickly asks you why you are interested in brain training so that it can develop your brain training program accordingly.

NEURONATION Available on: Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

HOW IT WORKS: The app doesn't limit the training to one session per day, you can train your brain as much as you want to and climb the ladder from level 0 to 1, level 1 to 2, level 2 to 3 and so on. You start with Novice rank at level 0 and get to unlock Amateur rank at level 5 and so on. After reaching every level, you also get activity points that unlock challenges on your way. The games are played against the clock and automatically adjust in difficulty to make sure that you're always challenged. Moreover, there is also an option to play and compete with Facebook friends. The app features 25+ brain

training exercises that have been specifically designed by neuroscientists in collaboration with many well-known research institutions such as Free University in Berlin to challenge your brain in four cognitive areas, namely numeracy, reasoning, memory and perception. However, the free version of the app lets you access only 6 exercises, which also means that you'll get to play only those 6 exercises every time you train your brain with NeuroNation. So, you need to upgrade the app to the Premium version to make the most of it and get unlimited access to all of its exercises.

Level up to become a NeuroNation Genius

10 July 2016

The app also offers personalized workout plans that group all of the NeuroNation's exercises on the basis of memory, intelligence, and focus. So, if you are particularly interested to improve your logical reasoning and problem-solving ability, you can buy only those workout plans that are featured under the intelligence tab rather than buying the whole set of exercises. What's more, the app has won numerous accolades, including being named one of Apple's “Best iPhone Apps of 2014” and one of Google's “Best Apps of 2015”. So, it is definitely worth checking out.

Brain Wars By Translimit Inc.

Available on: Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Challenge Your Friends to a Quick Battle of the Brains HOW IT WORKS: The game randomly matches players in three rounds of quick-fire mind puzzles (20 seconds per round) and the one that scores the maximum points wins the battle. As you battle, the game picks up on your strengths and weaknesses, and distributes the points on a brain map based on six attributes, including speed, memory, judgement, observation, accuracy and calculation. The game is fast-paced and each battle will take only a minute or two to complete. Unlike knowledge or language based games, Brain Wars features 30+ simple and straightforward brain teasers that mostly revolve around basic calculation, quick reflexes and memory, making it easy for anyone to pick up and play. You can also add your Facebook or Twitter account to invite your friends to compete with you. Being a new player, you start with Grade “Chicken” and a low rank. The more you play against people and win, both your Grade and rank will go up. The higher the Grade, the more challenging the battle.

Created by the Japanese developer, Translimit Inc., Brain Wars makes you think more seriously about brain training by pitting you up against other real people from around the world in a three-round brain teasing match.

ABOUT THE GAMES IN BRAIN WARS AND TRAINING The app features the “Training” section, where you can play and practice all the brain games that you encounter when battling real opponents. The key to victory is speed and adaptive thinking, and that comes with training. There are 28+ brain games designed to test your skills such as observation, focus, reaction, calculation, speed, etc. The games are pretty simple when you play them without any pressure, but there is a catch – Brain Wars puts you against the clock, even in the Training mode, so you constantly feel the pressure to solve the task at hand as quickly as possible and get a new high score every time.

ABOUT THE IN-APP PURCHASES You can make the most of Brain Wars even without any in-app purchase, but if you prefer ad-free interface, then you can choose ad-free option via in-app purchases. Also, you can use in-app purchases to buy gold coins that let you select a game of your choice from the three options presented before the beginning of every round in a battle. Overall, Brain Wars trains different areas of your brain in a fast, intuitive and challenging manner. Combined that with the smooth user interface, rewarding brain battles and a brain map that tracks your progress make it worth playing.

July 2016 11


Brain It On! features deceptively challenging physics-based puzzles that look simple to solve but aren't that easy. It really makes you think and come up with different ideas in order to solve the puzzles without using a hint.

By Orbital Nine Available on:

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

GAMEPLAY There are 200+ puzzles to solve, with each puzzle having a specific objective. For instance, lift the ball off the ground, flip the cup upside-down, or separate the two magnets. It's up to you to think of a way to achieve the said objectives by drawing shapes on the screen. Unlike other games of this genre which allow you to draw only one shape, Brain it on! allows you to draw as many shapes as you want provided they fit on the screen. This challenges you to think outside the box and construct shapes which work together to solve the puzzle. Best of all, there's no set solution to any puzzle; you just have to doodle, experiment, and dream up a unique answer to the task at hand. You can also ask for a hint if in case you can't think of a solution, but that requires you to watch a video advertisement every time. There is also an option to compete with friends and share the solution on social media. As you progress through the game, the puzzles will progressively get harder, helping you exercise your gray matter. The game is free to play, and levels can be unlocked through natural play. Still, you have an option to unlock advanced levels and block pop-up ads via in-app purchases. Overall, Brain It On! is a polished, unique physics-based puzzler that is definitely worth checking out. Since it's free to download, there is nothing to lose.

12 July 2016



Play 17+ fun and challenging games that have been created to test your cognitive skills across five areas: memory, language, reasoning, dexterity and attention. You can practice daily with personalized brain workouts that adapt to your performance.


EIDETIC By Steven Waterfall Brain training app –Eidetic uses a technique called spaced repetition to help you memorize anything from important phone numbers to interesting words or facts.

Available on: iOS, Android and Windows Phone Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

BRAIN DOTS By Translimit Inc. Think, Draw and Bump! Brain Dots is a “drawing brain-training” game in which you have to draw lines and shapes with your finger to move and roll both the balls, so that they bump together. The gameplay demands you to actually think out of the box in order to clear the stages that range from the obvious to the real tricky ones.

Developed by award-winning neuroscientist Dr. Paul Nussbaum, Fit Brains Trainer offers more than 25 brain games grouped into different workout sessions designed to sharpen memory, concentration and other mental faculties. A scoring system allows you to track your performance in each mental skill relative to other users of the same age or gender. The app uses your scores to dynamically assess and adjust the difficulty of its games relative to your progress.

Available on: iOS, Android

Available on: iOS, Android

Price: Free

Price: Free

(offers in-app purchases)

Available on: iOS Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

(offers in-app purchases)

July 2016 13




Industry's first hyper-contextual intent based mobile discovery platform powered by NLP, Machine Learning and AI Gone are the days when you'd have to download a host of apps to perform even mundane tasks such as finding a cab, a table at a restaurant and many more. Or, even worse, perform an Internet search to fish out what's the offer or deal out there. Life has become a lot easier with smart keyboards that are powered with predictive linguistics and Artificial Intelligence.

Xploree, a keyboard app powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, understands the users’ intent as they chat and connects them to relevant partner brands and content right there. It also supports in-app search powered by Yahoo. All you just need to do is enable Xploree as your default keyboard. Imagine that you are catching up with a close friend on WhatsApp and inviting him for a rendezvous. Even as you type, Xploree suggests restaurants en route to the rendezvous point and also the cab service to use. That is predictive analytics to the fore.

14 July 2016

Xploree's forte in predictive dialectology and AI rich next-word prediction takes Xploree to a different league altogether. Xploree keyboard comes packed with various keyboard themes, 1200+ emoticons and a bouquet of major Indic languages keyboard. It allows you to switch the language with a single swipe on the space bar. Xploree is safe to use and secure with Trustee Certification. To sum up, Xploree is setting new benchmarks in consumer engagement and experience by offering a complete user initiated discovery experience. To shore up its offerings, Xploree has partnered with big names in

the industry verticals such as: Zomato, for restaurants; Ixigo, a travel aggregator for cab discovery; all the shopping sites— Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and others; a sports channel and a lot more. All of these play a seamless role in helping you make interesting discoveries in a non-intrusive manner and put them into good use.

Explore with



Available on: Price: Free

Our lives are so attuned to the notification pop-ups on our smartphones that it's hard to imagine pre-mobile era, bereft of all the current set of apps that life seems incomplete without. But at the same time, a large portion of non-English speaking audience is being left out of this tech adoption race as they are not comfortable in typing or understanding the default keyboard language i.e. English. However, many smartphones now come equipped with a keyboard that let users type in Hindi as well, and that's all. This again doesn't solve the problem as India is home to several hundred languages. Enter Swalekh! This is a multilingual, multi-mode keyboard that lets users express themselves in their own native language across all other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Supporting over 20+ Indian languages in addition to English, namely Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Odia, Bengali, Marathi, Nepali, Assamese, and Manipuri to name a few, Swalekh keyboard empowers local language users to have a delightful experience while communicating in their preferred language in a digital ecosystem which is dominated by English. So how does it work? The moment you open the app for the very first time, it asks you to select a native language of your choice and once the language is selected, just enable and select Swalekh as the default keyboard on your Android device. Don't worry! The app will guide you through the entire process that will take no longer than a minute. The keyboard layout is the same as the 4 row keypad we are all accustomed to which allows for intuitive typing. It's easy to discover keys, has intelligent conjunct features

Swalekh By Reverie Language Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Available on:

Price: Free

* Coming soon on

Download Now

Available in 21 languages

Next Word Processing (NWP) is intuitive on Swalekh

3 Modes of Typing in Swalekh

and has a system of single key paired letters that can be long pressed to invoke. The app can be used in three typing modes i.e. English, Native, and Phonetic, and it's easy to switch between them. In the native mode, users can type using the native language character keyboard, and it also has an illegal matra prevention feature for those who are shaky about their spellings! In the phonetic mode, users can type in English, letting the app converts the typed words into the local language of their choice automatically, with a high degree of accuracy. The users who write or type out the words of their local language in English will find Swalekh's phonetic mode very helpful. (For instance: Aap-> vki kya-> D;k kar-> dj rahe-> jgsे hain->gSa). What's more, the app has offline transliteration so you don't need your data connection to be on.

The app also has progressive prediction that suggests words both in English and native language as you type. Plus, you can long tap the ‘enter’ key to use emojis in your conversations. What's more, Swalekh has rule based algorithms designed to allow only the correct way of Indic typing. Overall, the app is not meant only for non-English users; in fact, English speaking users can also use the Swalekh keyboard to express their emotions and thoughts in their own native language. The way the Swalekh Keyboard is designed, it makes typing in our own native language a breeze and error-free. It is compatible with all Android-based devices. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and also let your friends know about it!

July 2016 15

UTILITY Would you like to have all of Google's amazing searching abilities right at your fingertips, every time you type? Meet Gboard, a brand new keyboard app from Google for your iPhone. It lets you use Google Search right from your keyboard, so you can seamlessly send a restaurant's address, your flight information, a YouTube video and more, all without ever leaving your messaging app. Anything you'd search on Google, you can search with Gboard – no matter what app you are in – messaging, email, WhatsApp or YouTube.

Google Search

Type faster with Glide Typing


Available on: Price: Free

WHY YOU SHOULD INSTALL GBOARD Say you're texting with a friend about tomorrow's lunch plans. He asks you for the address. Until now it's worked like this: You leave your texting app. Open Google Search. Find the restaurant. Copy the address. Switch back to your texts. Paste the address into a message. And finally, hit send.

you can send it to your friend and keep your conversation going. No more app switching!

With Gboard, you even don't need to browse through hundreds of emojis in order to find out the one you're looking for. Say you want to send a smiling emoji, just type smiling and get emojis Searching and sending stuff on your phone suggestions instantly. Or, even better, you can search for GIFs right away. shouldn't be that difficult. With Gboard enabled as your default keyboard, you can Furthermore, Gboard offers Glide Typing, which lets you type words by search for restaurant address right there sliding your finger from key to key without leaving the chat. Just tap the instead of tapping – so everything you do Google Search icon on your keyboard and type in the restaurant name. Results would is just a little bit faster. There are plans to bring this feature to Android and appear as cards with the key information multi-language support is on the way. front and center, such as the address, phone number and ratings. With one tap,

Personal predictions tailored to you

Available on: Price: Freemium

SwiftKey Keyboard has advanced text-predicting capabilities, which learn and adapt to the way you type. It learns from the way you type on your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, SMS or blog to improve its word predictions so you have to type less. It even suggests emojis based on what you've typed and your past typing habits.

16 July 2016

Search and Send GIFs and Emojis

SwiftKey Keyboard comes loaded with tons of features that make typing even easier, including multilingual typing, a number row, an option to resize the keyboard, support for over 800 emojis, and speedy swipe typing with SwiftKey Flow. That's not all! Other SwiftKey highlights include an option to automatically synced

data and preferences across devices, a wide variety of colorful themes to customize keypad and seamless support for autocorrect even as you move between multiple languages. What's more, it supports over 100 languages. The keyboard and all of its features are free, but there is an inapp store for themes and cosmetic customizations.

Flesky Looking for something a little different from the typical typing experience? Fleksy keyboard might be just the app you need to shake things up. Flesky's uniqueness lies in its customizable extensions that let you add a variety of interesting functions onto your keyboard's top row.

The Hot Keys extension, for instance, lets you add a row of keys for things you type often such as emojis, symbols or keywords. The Shortcuts extension, on the other hand, allows Flesky to automatically correct predefined slang terms (for ex: omw –> on my way). Then, there is the Launcher extension, which gives you the ability to place shortcuts to other favorite apps (such as WhatsApp, Twitter) right within the keyboard for easy access. Not just that, there are extensions to make keys pop up like a beating heart or fireworks when you type. Above all, if you use emojis or GIFs to express yourself more often than you type, Flesky keyboard will not let you down.

Flesky not only offers 50+ keyboard customization themes, but it even comes with a custom theme creator that gives you full control over your keyboard's appearance. You can set your own photo as the keyboard's background if you're so inclined, or pick a context-sensitive theme that automatically changes to match the color scheme of whatever app you're using. The keyboard is designed specifically for manual tapping, without any dependence on swiping and with only basic as-you-type word predictions. However, it uses intuitive swipe gestures to make you type faster, such as swipe left anywhere on the keyboard to delete the entire

previous word, or swipe up to undo autocorrect. Flesky also claims to offer the most accurate smartphone typing experience in the world. The keyboard doesn't just look at the letters you press, it looks at the pattern you tap to understand what you meant to type. So, Fleksy Keyboard will know what word you meant to type even if you mistype every letter. All in all, it makes for a refreshing and power-packed new take on mobile text input. Plus, it supports 40+ languages. Available on: Price: Freemium

July 2016 17



ith over 350 million users across the globe, Opera Mini is not only the fastest browser, but it also lets users save on mobile data. Using its unique compression technology, Opera Mini shrinks webpages by up to 90% of their original size, which in turn results in mobile data savings. It claims to open webpages 72% faster than Google Chrome and 64% faster than UC Browser. With other features such as a built-in ad blocker and video boost technology, Opera Mini provides users a faster and seamless browsing experience using minimal data. In an email interview with Apps Unveiled team, Sunil Kamath, Vice President for South Asia and Southeast Asia at Opera Software shared a lot more about Opera Mini Browser and said, “We are more focused on meeting the needs of the mobile internet user and ensuring Opera Mini provides the most relevant internet experience in line with the changing behaviour of mobile internet users. We also have strategic tie-ups with device manufacturers to preload the Opera Mini Browser so that consumers can benefit from a superior and cost-effective mobile browser proposition.” Edited Excerpts: Q. Please tell us a bit about the Opera Mini Browser and its key features. Opera Mini is one of the most popular web browsers used by Indians to go online from their smartphones. Opera Mini shrinks webpages by as much as 90% of their original size, helping people browse more of the web within the same data plan. It also opens webpages faster, making Opera Mini a great companion while on the go, especially in places with poor network conditions. Opera Mini's compression technology and low RAM requirements make it an ideal choice for the majority of users in India. Opera Mini also supports 13 Indian languages, namely Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. Other features in Opera Mini include save pages for offline, a download manager, private browsing mode and ability to save favourite websites to Speed Dial. Q. What makes the Opera Mini browser unique in comparison to other web browsers? Why one should switch to Opera Mini? Give your top three reasons for that. 1.

The most unique feature of the Opera Mini browser is its compression technology, which shrinks the size of webpages by up to 90% and enables faster browsing, using minimal data. Users can see how much data

18 July 2016



they have saved in the data savings section in settings.

Opera Mini for Java phones is built on the Java ME platform.

Another feature unique to the Opera Mini browser is the builtin ad blocker. By removing unwanted online ads, the new version of Opera Mini loads webpages 40% faster than with the ad blocker disabled. For costconscious mobile users, removing online ads also means reducing data usage and therefore avoiding terrible shocks on the data bill.

Underneath Opera Mini's newest updates and the older versions floating out there, we use our unique compression technology that we call OBML to reduce the size of pages so that those who pre-pay for data or are cost-conscious can save up to 90% of their data plans.

Opera Mini is the first web browser that comes with video boost technology, which reduces the size of video data and gives relief from slow-loading videos/ buffering.

Another interesting feature in the Opera Mini is the ‛Add to home screen’ option, which can be accessed by selecting the '+' symbol on the combined search/address bar. This feature saves the selected webpage to the user's home screen. To sum up, I would say one should switch to Opera Mini to save precious mobile data and, in turn, keep data costs under control, while experiencing the fastest browsing experience. Q. What technology platform is the Opera Mini browser built on? Opera Mini for Android is built using Google's material design and Android's web view component, which allows rendering.

Q. How safe is the Opera Mini browser for banking and other monetary transactions? At Opera, we take our consumer's privacy very seriously. To improve services, Opera's servers log some information such as: user's IP-address, the user agent of the device they use, the web addresses of the pages they visit and timestamps. This information may stay on the server for up to six months. Opera safeguards users’ trust and one can read the Opera's privacy policy on our website. Q. How are you taking on competition from other web browsers such as UCWeb? What are your current marketing strategies to stay in the lead? We don't view competition against a specific browser provider in isolation, though we think competition encourages us to be more innovative. We are more focused on meeting the needs of the mobile internet user and ensuring Opera provides the most relevant experience in line with the changing behaviour of mobile internet users.

Opera has multiple products like Opera for computers, Opera Mini, Opera for Android, Opera Max, Opera Apps Clubs, and Opera VPN. And, we are looking at different marketing and acquisition strategies for each of these products. Opera has had the ‛first mover advantage’ since Opera Mini is a very mature mobile web browser with more than 10 years of engineering behind the product, which is our biggest advantage in this market. We continue to leverage our ‛first mover advantage’ as Indian consumers love the browsing speed and compression Opera Mini offers, and this ‛word of mouth’ is our biggest channel for growing our user base organically.


We also have strategic tie-ups with device manufacturers to preload the Opera Mini browser so that consumers can benefit from a superior and cost-effective mobile browser proposition. We have multiple consumer marketing initiatives targeting users in nonmetro cities with relevant content suiting the needs of the audience. Periodically, Opera invests in digital marketing to reach out to specific target audiences to download and experience Opera Mini. Q. What do you see as the Opera Mini browser's biggest challenge this financial year? Our biggest challenge is in ensuring our product is growing in relation to the changing needs of the Indian consumers, especially the first-time data users coming from semi-urban and rural areas. Add to that, educating consumers about the power of the internet, its benefits and the importance of being connected will be our focus area in the coming months. Q. What is your overall market share in India and globally? How many active users do you have? Opera's Android monthly browser users reached 144 million at the end of 4Q15, up 11% versus the end of 4Q14. The number of Opera mobile consumer browser users reached 281 million at the end of 4Q15, up 2% versus the end of 4Q14. The number of downloads generated via the Opera Mobile Store and Opera's other apps and games discovery properties was 510 million in 4Q15 compared to 153.8 million in 4Q14.

MEET Q. Where do you see Opera Mini three years down the line? Innovation is key for our growth and, in the last couple of years, we have built amazing experiences for Opera Mini users depending on the device and OS they choose for browsing the internet. We will continue to invest in innovating the product, and building an even better mobile web experience for consumers. Three years is a long time in the consumer technology space, and a lot will change within this time frame. Opera Mini will continue to be central to our growth strategy in emerging markets like India, and we will only get bigger and better in the years to come. Q. Lastly, what would be the one liner for Opera Mini? To enjoy faster browsing and save data costs for free, get going with Opera Mini and do more online.

Sunil Kamath Currently I'm using iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge My Favourite App picks: Infinite Flight - Flight Simulator and Scrabble (apart from social media apps) I am a regular user of TOI, and Appy Geek mobile app (other than Opera Mini/Opera Max) My message for Apps Unveiled Readers: All of us are familiar with the sluggish network speeds, not just when we move from one part of the city to another, but also when we head out of the city. The compression technology in Opera Mini and Opera Max proves handy in such situations, reducing the data transferred. And, you can experience a faster internet experience.

July 2016 19


LeEco Le 2 QUICK LOOK Launched in India, June 2016 153g, 7.5mm thickness 5.5" Full HD Display, 1920x1080 pixels Android v6.0 Marshmallow 32 GB Internal Memory 16MP with PDAF

` 11,999/-

8MP with 1.4m large pixels

3 GB RAM Octa Core, 1.8 GHz Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 652 Processor 3000mAh Li-Ion Battery, non removable ü Dual Nano SIM ü Supports 3G, 4G ü Fingerprint Sensor û Corning Gorilla Glass û microSD Card Slot LeEco Le 2 has all-metal body design, the back is accomplished with a slightly bulging camera along the mirror-surfaced fingerprint sensor, LED flash and LeTV logo. The front face is sandwiched between two colored panels above and below the screen, whereas power and volume buttons are on the right side and a tray for two Nano-SIMS is on the left side. The bottom has one USB Type-C port that can be used for both charging and headphones. And, the speakers are placed on either side of the USB Type-C. One of the most interesting aspects of this phone is that it does not have a 3.5mm headset jack. Instead, LeEco assures that this phone is capable of providing even a better audio experience via the USB Type-C port.

DISPLAY: BIG AND BRIGHT LeEco ships this phone with a protective cover case which makes it much easier to grip and use. The standout feature of the phone is its crisp 5.5-inch display with 1920 x1080p resolution. It looks bright and colourful and handles most of the on-screen elements well. However, the display reflects a lot and is barely visible under bright light. LeEco has added a colour mode where you can switch between the warmer looking soft mode, or the high-colour, saturationbased vivid mode and the more whitish LeEco mode.

CAMERA: A MIXED BAG It has a 16MP rear camera with PDAF technology and 8MP for selfies. The images captured in the daylight are well bright and color reproduction is very good, but low light images contain a little bit noise. As far as that front camera is concerned, it's fine and can fulfill your daily selfie needs.

20 July 2016

AUDIO: DELIVERS POWERFUL LOSSLESS AUDIO The phone's key highlight is the audio quality that you get to experience with LeEco's proprietary Type-C CDLA Earphones. Equipped with CDLA technology (Continual Digital Lossless Audio), these earphones enables end-to-end lossless digital music transmission. As there is no 3.5 mm rounded socket to insert earphones, it uses the USB Type-C port to connect earphones, which we use for charging the device. You can get these headphones for Rs. 1,999/separately. However, when you unbox the Le 2 phone you'll find a small adapter that lets you connect other headphones you already have. This is useful if in case you are not interested in buying LeEco's Type-C CDLA headphones separately.

PERFORMANCE: HANDLES ALL TASKS WITH EASE Thanks to its 3GB RAM and Octacore 1.8 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor, apps loaded quickly and 3D games like Asphalt 8 runs without any lag and unreasonable heating. We find a little bit issue in its fingerprint reader, which often took two tries before it recognizes your finger. You can also use the fingerprint reader to trigger the camera shutter. The infrared sensor of the phone works perfectly with infrared compatible devices and can be used as Universal remote. Le 2 comes with the 3000mAh battery along Qualcomm quick charge technology that allows you to quickly charge your phone. In our video loop test, it stands for 7 hours and 45 minutes, which is really great. It can stand for the whole day easily on average usage.

Xiaomi Mi Max QUICK LOOK Tuesday, May 10

Launched in India, June 2016 203g, 7.5mm thickness 6.44" Full HD Display, 1920x1080 pixels Android v6.0 Marshmallow with MIUI 7 32 GB Internal Memory 16MP with PDAF

` 14,999/-

5MP with Beautify

3 GB RAM Hexa Core, 1.8 GHz Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 650 Processor 4850mAh Li-Ion Battery, Non removable ü Dual Nano SIM ü Supports 3G, 4G ü Fingerprint Sensor ü FM Radio ü Corning Gorilla Glass ü microSD Card (expandable up to 128GB) The phrase “Bada Hai To Behtar Hai” is absolutely fit with Xiaomi Mi Max. The 6.44 inch full HD display and the 4850mAh battery made it possible. Add to that, Xiaomi's proprietary Sunlight Display technology to boost screen clarity by adjusting pixel contrast and brightness gives it one more plus point.

LOOK AND FEEL The Xiaomi Mi Max has a metal body that is curved from both front and back with elegant double-chamfered edges throughout the phone. The front face is shielded by 2.5D glass made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Even with a much larger display and a gigantic battery, Mi Max is as thin as many 4.7-inch phones with a thickness of just 7.5mm and weighs only 203g. The power and volume buttons are placed on the right side and a hybrid SIM tray on the left. You can either have two SIM cards or one SIM and a microSD card (up to 128GB). The mono-speaker is placed at the bottom, along with the Micro-USB port, while the headphones socket and infrared emitter are on the top. The phone's back comprises a camera, dual-LED flash, and fingerprint sensor.

CAMERA: AVERAGE PERFORMER The phone features a 16megapixel rear camera with PDAF technology and numerous cool shooting modes such as manual, straighten or fish eye, which works well under most lighting conditions, but the picture quality is a bit of a let-down though. The shots captured in daylight exhibit good detail, but the app tends to over-sharpen objects in focus which causes slightly jagged edges. This is more noticeable when you crop or zoom in to a photo. Even in low light, the objects look colour accurate, but quite blurry. The 5MP front camera with Beautify feature lets you take some decent selfies provided the lighting is good.

SOFTWARE: ANDROID 6.0 MARSHMALLOW WITH MIUI 7 SKIN The Xiaomi Mi Max is powered by the Hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. The company also has plans to launch a higher-end variant soon for 19,999/-, which will have an Octa-core Snapdragon 652 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. In terms of software, the Mi Max runs on a customized version of Android Marshmallow called MIUI 7. The phone is scheduled to get the MIUI 8 soon, which packs in some really cool features, for example: one can have two WhatsApp/Facebook accounts on the same device. As of now, it allows users to apply new themes, segregate apps for children under a separate child mode, hide photos and documents in a hidden folder, and reduce the interface to a smaller screen for one-handed use. Interestingly, the recent Marshmallow feature called Now On Tap is not present in Mi Max. The optimized OS and hardware combination allow you to run all apps lag free. The massive 4850mAh battery stands out for 16h 26 min (working hours) in our battery benchmark test, which is quite impressive.

July 2016 21


Stream LIVE devotional content, listen to bhajans and access ondemand videos on Horoscope, Gyan Mantra and more.

iFaith Available on:

Even though a large number of people look for astrology-related, devotional & spiritual content every day, finding the most relevant and latest content is a difficult task with limited options if one does not count television. In order to provide a solution, NexGTv launched its exclusive devotional app, iFaith. Whether you prefer to watch devotional movies or listen to bhajans or just want to know your daily horoscope – iFaith got you covered. With live streaming facility and ondemand videos from popular devotional channels such as Darshan 24, Disha TV, Divya, Iswar TV, etc. available as a part of the catalogue, iFaith app users can enjoy the diverse selection on offer to meet their daily dose of devotional content.

Comedy One, launched by NexGTv in partnership with One Network Entertainment Pvt. Ltd (ONE) is all set to tickle your funny bone.

Available on:

Price: Freemium

Speaking about the launch, Abhesh Verma, COO, nexGTv, said, “Devotional content is currently the third most viewed genre on our platform, after news and comedy. Keeping the high demand for daily horoscope, devotional songs and discourse videos in mind, we have decided to launch an exclusive app to enable easy discovery of such content for our users. The offering on iFaith is in perfect synchrony with what our target users prefer. They will only have to download one specialised app to satisfy their devotional yearnings. We are confident that the diversity of the content available as well as the rich viewing experience on the iFaith app will make it a must-have for Indian viewers with a preference for the astrology, devotional and the spiritual.”

Price: Freemium

“With the first-of-its-kind comedy app having premium original comedy content ranging from standup, gags and spoofs to sketches and web-series, the development will definitely have its audience in splits!”, the company said in its press release. Spokesperson, nexGTv, said, “Comedy is a genre that has evolved expansively over the past couple of years with the entry of a lot of young, talented and enthusiastic creative individuals. The viewing preference of the audience, too, has evolved with this change. No more satisfied with run-of-the-mill jokes, slapstick routines and clichéd comic situations, Indian viewers now want hard-hitting and impactful content that makes them laugh and reflect at the same time. Our partnership with ONE, a leader in comedy content production, is meant to cater to this

segment of the audience by delivering the most relevant content at their fingertips. We are confident that the app will find great traction on the back of its differentiated content and will become the digital destination of choice for meeting their daily dose of humour.” Popular shows such as 'Kaun Banega Roadpati', 'Aadmi Heera Hai', 'Pakao Paparazzi', 'Waiter Waiter', 'Doctor Doctor' and 'Interview with a Villain' would be available as a part of its humour-based catalogue. Add to that, Comedy One app would also feature original comedy content of all-time favourite comic legend Charlie Chaplin in the form of videos and famous scenes from his popular movies. All the content would be available soon on the app.

In line with the company’s efforts to change its image of being a notorious piracy brand, BitTorrent has launched a legal music and video streaming app called BitTorrent Now. The app lets you experience music and videos from underground artists that you've probably never heard of.

BitTorrent Now Price: Free

Available on:

The app would source the content from the BitTorrent's existing platform – BitTorrent Bundles which has been running since 2013 utilizing BitTorrent's peer-to-peer technology to promote and provide independent musicians, filmmakers and other artists a channel to distribute their content. According to BitTorrent, the platform is being used by over 30,000 artists, including famous names such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Thom Yorke. Not just that. Over 200 million people have used the platform to download the content. As for BitTorrent Now, content can either be free, ad-supported, or paid up front. Since the content creators aren't mostly well-known, albeit with a few exceptions, the company ensures to curate the stuff and provides you with the best options in the app. You can even follow creators to get notifications when new stuff is released, then watch it on demand or download it for later viewing. There are other options too, such as one-touch access to trending music and videos, discover content by tag, genre and more.

vPledge Available on:

'You & me together can make this planet a beautiful one'. With a 'thought' so beautiful and heartfelt, vPledge app has been developed by Bengaluru-based teenagers to motivate people to come forward & contribute towards social causes.

Price: Free

Developed by teenage students, 12-year-old Prateek Mahesh and 13-year-old Priyal Jain, and launched by AcadGlid (technology education startup), vPledge stimulates the general public to pick up and fulfill social causes like plant 10 trees, donate food to 10 people, use public transport only and others. The app is linked to Facebook so that you can tell your friends about a noble cause you've chosen, motivating them to take a pledge as well. On successful completion of a pledge, vPledgers, as the app's users are called, are allowed to share the accomplishment on social media channels, tag and challenge friends to take a pledge for similar causes and also grab points that can be redeemed. Overall, it is a great app with small attainable goals towards achieving a bigger & significant mission. Furthermore, developers have plans to collaborate with NGOs in the near future to popularize the pledges. Their aim is to hit one million downloads in six months.

July 2016 23


‘GODLESS’ Android Malware Spreading Fast in India: Trend Micro A family of mobile malware called ‘Godless’ has affected over 850,000 Android devices worldwide with almost half of these devices in India alone, according to a report by Trend Micro. Based on the data collected from cyber security firm Trend Micro's “Mobile App Reputation Service”, malicious apps related to ‘Godless’ are found in prominent app stores, including Google Play. ‘Godless’ hides inside an app and exploits the root of the operating system (OS) on your phone. This creates admin access to a device, allowing unauthorized apps to be installed. “It contains various exploits to ensure it can root a device and it can even install spyware,” the report warned.

currently run on affected versions, the company claimed. Once the malware has finished its rooting, it can be tricky to uninstall.

By having multiple exploits to use, ‘Godless’ can target virtually any Android device running on Android 5.1 (Lollipop) or earlier. Almost 90 percent of Android devices globally

“When downloading apps, regardless if it's a utility tool or a popular game, users should always review the developer. Unknown developers with very little or no background

Global Distribution of Affected Devices

information may be the source of these malicious apps. And as a general rule, it is always best to download apps from trusted stores such as Google Play and Amazon. Users should also have secure mobile security that can mitigate mobile malware,” said Nilesh Jain, Country Manager, (India and SAARC), Trend Micro.

NASA Released Apple TV App to Bring Space Exploration to Big Screen The US space agency has released its popular NASA app for a new platform - the fourth-generation Apple TV - that will provide you access to NASA TV on your Apple TV in addition to on-demand NASA videos. The NASA app, available for free in the App Store on Apple TV, has been downloaded more than 17 million times across all platforms. “The NASA app has been a fantastic way for the public to experience the excitement of space exploration from their mobile devices,” said David Weaver, NASA associate administrator for Communications. “Now, users with the latest Apple TV app can explore and enjoy our remarkable images, videos, mission information, Nasa Television and more on the big screen with the whole family, ” he added in a statement.

24 July 2016

The NASA app for Apple TV offers several features such as: Watch live streaming NASA TV, and get a real-time view of the Earth from the International Space Station View more than 15,000 images individually or as a continuous slideshow Play on demand NASA videos Find the next opportunity to view the International Space Station and other NASA satellites pass overhead, based on your location. Display 2-D and 3-D satellite tracking maps Discover the latest NASA mission information Listen to Third Rock internet streaming radio View the Earth as Art image gallery and more


Memories, a whole new way to Save Snaps and Stories on Snapchat


Think of Memories as a social camera roll inside Snapchat that lives below the Camera screen. Just swipe up from the Camera to open Memories tab. Photos and videos in Memories can be organized, edited, and shared to your Story long after they are taken. Until now, photos and videos had to be immediately uploaded after being recorded. The introduction of Memories represents a significant shift for the famously ephemeral Snapchat – and reflects the app's growing status as the default camera for millions of users.


Contact No.: Email: Date: 6 months Print Subscription at ` 300/12 months Print Subscription at ` 600/Courier charges included (only for readers in India)

Mode of Payment:

Twitter now allow Cortana for iOS gets the Ability to users to Share Remember Things 140-Second Videos for You Twitter, known for its 140Microsoft has released a new version 1.9.0 of its voicecontrolled virtual assistant Cortana on iOS that allows the digital assistant to remember things for you. You can now ask Cortana to remember things like your meetings, or where you parked the car, and she'll save it for you in your reminders, according to the update on the App Store. The update also brings along improved feedback input experience.

character limit on tweets, is now allowing users to post longer videos - of up to 140 seconds. The new 140second limit also applies to Vine app, Twitter's video streaming service, which previously had a sixsecond limit. Twitter also launched “Twitter Engage”, a mobile app that allows users with a large number of followers to track their posts and see what their fans are tweeting about. Note: Twitter Engage is only available for iOS users in the United States, right now.



By Crossed Cheque No.

for Rs. (payable to AppCrazy Media Pvt. Ltd.) Please send your subscription form with your cheque enclosed to A-2/77, Guru Nanak Pura, Vikas Marg, Delhi-110092

For any Enquiry Call +91 9717097579 Email: Visit:

all-time FAVOURITE APPS Daily Curiosity This is a must-have app for ones who enjoy reading interesting factoids in their spare time. iPhone/iPad | iOS 8.0 | Free Android | 4.4 | Free

Daily Yoga

Smash Fu

The app features more than 50 yoga training sessions designed for all skill levels and 400+ yoga poses.

Developed by Bit Free Games, Smash Fu is a high-paced tiletapping game that requires quick reflexes and some practice. Fun to play!

iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.0 | Freemium Android | OS 3.0 | Freemium

IRCTC Connect Official app by IRCTC to book a railway ticket on the move. iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.0 | Free Android | OS 4.1 | Free

Windows Mobile | Freemium

CamScanner It is a must-have app to easily scan, store and share documents on the go! iPhone | iOS 7.0 | Freemium Android | Varies | Freemium

Photofy This app wraps up dozens of photo editing features and a theme-based typography gallery of over forty thousand graphics in a highly intuitive interface. iPhone/iPad | iOS 8.0 | Freemium Android | OS 4.2 | Freemium

ClearTax This 2G optimized app lets you e-File your income tax returns in minutes. You can also check your refund status, calculate taxes and generate rent receipts to claim HRA benefits. Android | OS 4.1| Free

Windows Phone 8 | Free

It is a real-time multiplayer, cardbased, head to head tower defense battle game set in the Clash Universe in which two players face off on a tower-laden battlefield with a custom deck of eight cards. Totally addictive!

SignEasy is the simplest and most convenient way to electronically sign documents from your phone and tablet. It even allows you to sign PDF documents.

iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.0 | Freemium

Cricbuzz Follow live cricket scores and everything else related to Cricket. iPhone/iPad |iOS 8.0 | Freemium Android | Varies | Freemium

This app summarizes day-to-day news from all over the world in just 60 words or less. It also supports Hindi language. iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.0 | Free Android | Varies | Free

nexGTv Kids The app offers infotainment content for kids by giving them access to Live kids TV channels, movies, nursery rhymes, poems, and educational videos. iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.0 | Freemium Android | OS 4.1| Freemium

SHAREit SHAREit app is cross-platform transfer tool that lets you share huge file between any iOS, Android and Windows PC/Phone devices in the room over Wi-Fi direct. iPhone/iPad | iOS. 7.0 | Free

TED Access riveting talks from some of the world’s most fascinating people – wherever you are. A wide collection of TED talks videos inspires you to do big in your life and achieve your goals.

iPhone | iOS 8.0 | Free

iPhone/iPad | iOS 9.0 | Free

Android | OS 4.0.3 | Free

Android | OS 4.1 | Free Windows Phone | Free

26 July 2016

iPhone/iPad | iOS 8.0 | Freemium Android | OS 4.0.3 | Freemium

Android | OS 4.0.3 | Freemium

The app lets you overlay playful, animated live filters over your face using your phone’s front camera. It’s kind of like Dubsmash but instead of adding audio, you’re animating your face.

Get this app and never miss out on anything going viral on the web, 24x7!

iPhone/iPad | iOS 8.0 | Paid Android | OS 4.1 | Paid




This app offers 65 ready-made yoga and meditation classes ranging from 10 to 60 minutes, sorted on the basis of level of intensity and focus.

Clash Royale


Android | OS 4.3 | Free

Yoga Studio

Windows | Paid

Windows Phone/PC| Free

iPhone/iPad | iOS 8.4 | Free

iPhone/iPad | iOS 7.1 | Freemium

Android | OS 2.2 | Free Windows PC/Phone | Free

DayCap The app lets you turn all your photos from the day into a looping GIF that is worth sharing with friends on Instagram, Facebook or elsewhere. iPhone | iOS 7.0 | Free

RNI No.: DELENG/2014/55665

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