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Hackathon GMIC2012 Let the developers shine!

Hackathon competition: 
 代码比赛 参加者介绍 理则 评论界少

个人移动开发者 Employee of big firm, students, entrepreneurs… 需要开发者社区的:AppStore, 平台,OS, API


HP, Tencent, Sina, Douban, Papaya Mobile, RIM, Nokia, NAVTEQ…



困难 Difficulties

Opportunity 赞助者 理则


建立健康的移动开发式区是在这种公司的战略非常重要,能化很多钱。还没有人 能帮助它们呢reach2/3cities的开发者。 需要开发者社区的:AppStore, 平台,OS, API HP, Tencent, Sina, Douban, Papaya Mobile, RIM, Nokia, NAVTEQ…

Hackathon and GMIC
 Specificities   Winning Team will get GMIC ticket for all members (max. 10 members/team)

  Developers coming from Wuhan, Chengdu and Xi’an and invited by sponsors will be host in Beijing during the all GMIC to attend appSpace.

  Set up meeting between these developers and Sponsors BD/ Dev. Relation teams.

  Mentors will be available all along the Hackathon to coach team that need them.

Tentative Schedule: 
 日程 Date: Tue. Wed. 8-9 May 2012 Time: 13:00 – next day 15:00 Place: CNCC Expected participants: 200+

Tue. 13:00 Opening talk and explanation of process 13:30 Start Hacking 14:00 API presentation workshop 18:00 Quick dinner Over night coding 10:00 Mentors visit 12:30 Showcasing intruction and rehearsal 13:00 End of competition, showcasing 14:30 Award Ceremony

Hackathon Partnership Program
 Your Benefits

  Identification as strategic

partners on all Hackathon marketing documents and website.

  Can recommend mentors / judges.

  Limited number of ticket to distribute in their network.

Our Expectations:

  Help promote the Hackathon in your network (website, newsletter and/or Weibo).

  Select qualified candidates.

Hackathon Sponsorship Program
 API Sponsors 70,000 RMB

Your benefits:

  Present you technology with 30 min of API workshop

  Small Booth in the Hackathon area to interact with developers for 24h

  Product placement to reward teams using your API.

  Can send a mentor on-site. Our expectations:

  Open platform for developers with revenue sharing model.

  API sponsorship application deadline: 24 Feb. 2012

Hackathon Sponsorship Program
 Platinium Sponsors 150,000 RMB
 (450K for Category exclusivity)

Your benefits:


Judge invitation.


Determine the requirement of the product in this category.


Remit the Award of the chosen category on stage [limited to 1 sponsor per category].


Your logo on all Hackathon marketing materials.

Our expectations:


Company values should involve social impact.


API sponsorship application deadline: 6 Apr. 2012