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Come to Appalachia to

raise roofs. Fix floors. And build a

whole new you.

Volunteer with Appalachia Service Project

and the first life to change will be your own. Appalachia’s poorest families urgently need your help to make their homes warmer, safer and drier. But they can help change your life, too. Through their eyes, you’ll see yourself as the person you’ve always wanted to be. Compassionate. Committed. With the power to make a difference. Through their gratitude, you’ll be inspired to serve others in every area of your life. And through their down-to-earth faith, your own faith will grow stronger. And your relationship with God will grow deeper every day. So come on and join us. Sign up your

ASP helps participants to see themselves in a new light... to see others in a new light and a new way... to gain a fresh, new perspective on the future, and of course, their faith. I think of a quote I heard from a first-time participant: “ASP is not just about us working on homes. It’s about God working on us.”

— ASP volunteer

group to volunteer for Appalachia Service Project. Sure, you’ll install insulation. Repair porches. Reinforce foundations. But even more importantly, you’ll build a whole new you.

Adult volunteers:

Repairing homes, restoring hearts. Whether you’re in college, mid-career or retired,

Appalachia Service Project will help you create

bond with your group and get to know the

an experience that’s just right for you.

family you are serving. You will be completely

immersed in Appalachian culture. And the

Your group can opt to volunteer for a week

Best of all, you’ll have plenty of time to

or a weekend. Either way, you’ll stay in a

connections you make here will enrich both

climate-controlled ASP center with bunk beds

you and your Appalachian family for the rest

and hearty meals. And have a chance to enjoy

of your lives.

the cooler temperatures and stunning scenery

that come in fall, winter and spring (summers

will grow a little tougher, your arms a little

are reserved for youth programs).

stronger, and your relationship with God a

whole lot deeper. And you’ll return home to

But this is no trip to the spa. You’ll roll

After a few days of hard work, your hands

up your sleeves and lay shingles, replace

your community with a passion for service,

linoleum, build handicapped ramps. If you have

a renewed compassion for other people, and

construction experience, you’ll be matched with

a fresh appreciation for your place and purpose

jobs that suit your skills.

in this world.

And even if you have no building experience

Because when you put your faith in

at all, our staff will show you the ropes—help-

action, God acts in your heart. When you

ing you develop skills you didn’t even know

change the lives of others, they have a way

you had.

of changing you.

I was the only one in our group who knew exactly how When we got there,

to frame the roof that needed to be repaired. It was like the Lord knew what Jim and his family needed, and He sent me.

— ASP adult volunteer

Poverty, potential and a preacher named Tex In 1969, Rev. Glenn “Tex” Evans—a United Methodist minister—became one of the first people to connect the energy of youth with the deep needs of the poor. As part of his already thriving outreach to the people of Appalachia, he recruited 50 teens and adult volunteers to repair homes. They worked on-site during the day and worshipped in the evenings. By summer’s end, four families had safe, warm homes for the winter, fifty young lives had been changed forever—and a forty-year-long legacy was born. But Tex was more than a leader; he was a born motivator. A true student of Appalachian culture and a legendary storyteller, he set the tone for what ASP is today: an extended family where laughter is king. Where relationships matter. And where changing the lives of families and volunteers alike is the highest priority of all.

Youth volunteers:

Good times and timeless rewards.

Where we serve Volunteer Centers and Year-Round Centers in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and West




h h

Areas where ASP currently serves


Areas of future expansion


opportunities for worship, reflection and

school teens converge on the Appalachian

spiritual growth.

Mountains, bringing boundless energy.

And spreading tons of hope.

afternoon, put in five days of home repair, and

leave on Saturday morning. But be prepared

That’s because ASP provides one of the

Your group will show up on a Sunday

most rewarding structured, short-term service

to leave a good piece of your heart behind.

opportunities for church youth in the nation—

in a program that is completely turn-key,

program— forging friendships is as important

from meals to lodging to tools and materials

as swinging hammers. In fact, we like to call

to evening gatherings. Leave the logistics to

it a relational ministry with construction on

us—and we’ll leave you free to minister to

the side.

your young people.

the highlight of their year. From fundraising to

First, your group will be well prepared

Because ASP is far more than a building

For many church youth programs, ASP is

for its week of service with study materials

roof-raising, it’s a unifying activity that rallies

on everything from Appalachian culture to

the whole church to support its young people.

basic construction skills.

And inspires the kids to get more involved in

their church.

Your youth will be housed in one of

ASP’s several base camps—often a school

or community center rented for the summer

the most self-absorbed young people a heart

to put you closer to Appalachia’s remote

for service. And it lays the groundwork for a

communities. But wherever the location,

lifetime of service that will benefit the youth,

you’ll never be without strong leadership,

their church and their communities for the

three meals a day, and unparalleled

rest of their lives.

But far more importantly, ASP gives even

Every day at ASP you are challenged in unexpected ways. I remember several instances where I was unsure if I could accomplish some task, but what over-rode it every time was the presence and faith of the rest of my crew, the belief of the family we were working with


ASP runs both Summer

Every year, more than 13,000 high


Year Round Centers

I was permanently transformed by my volunteer experience. — ASP volunteer

and a knowledge that God was present with us all.

The height of beauty,

the depths of poverty. How can a region so rich in natural resources

a ray of hope. With help from volunteers like

be so poor?

you, we repair more homes than any agency

working in Appalachia.

You can’t build factories on mountainsides.

You can’t plant crops. And for more than a hun-

dred years, large corporations have extracted

homes “warmer, safer and drier.” And for

Appalachia’s natural resources while putting

more than 40 years, we’ve done exactly that

little back in the form of taxes or community

for 14,000 families.


one in ten families who apply to us for help.

The result is that jobs are few and far

We like to say that our goal is to make

Yet for all that, we are only able to serve

between. For many of these families, their

We need many, many more volunteers to make

modest houses—handed down from generation

a lasting dent in Appalachian poverty.

to generation—are the only real possession

In other words, we need you.

they have.

Your volunteer work will give a special

family some financial breathing room to

But houses need maintenance. And main-

tenance costs money. When you are having to

concentrate on more important things. Like

choose between between buying food or medi-

feeding their kids. Looking for work. And

cine for your family, fixing a hole in the roof

making plans for the future.

becomes a low priority.

lives and remind them that compassion knows

As a result, the homes are crumbling. Walls

Best of all, your presence will touch their

buckle. Roofs leak. And sagging floors pose

no boundaries. And that not even the highest

hazards to the elderly and the very young.

hills and deepest hollows can separate them

from God’s love.

Into this bleak environment, ASP shines

ASP transformed me from an inactive member of a church to a highly active and visible member of the church.

ASP has had a huge impact on the direction my life has taken since my first trip in 2004. — ASP adult volunteer

In the Central Appalachian region where we serve: • Poverty is more than double the national average • One in four lives below the poverty level—105,000 children, 195,000 adults, and 35,000 elderly • 62,500 homes are substandard • 19,000 homes lack adequate kitchens • 21,000 homes lack complete plumbing • Nearly half of the families have annual household incomes below $20,000

Sign up today.

Share God’s love tomorrow. Volunteer for Appalachia Service Project, and you’ll find fun. You’ll find inspiration. And ultimately, you’ll find yourself.

If you volunteer for the Adult Program, you’ll

come away with your faith on fire and a sense of accomplishment that can’t be matched by any nine to five job.

If you’re in high school, you’ll come home

feeling closer to your friends, more committed to your church, and more excited about your place and your potential in the body of Christ.

If you’re a youth leader, you’ll know the joy

of seeing your young people transform before your eyes. And you’ll rekindle your own passion to serve.

Appalachia Service Project takes adult volunteer

applications all year round. For the youth program, we begin taking applications in September for the following summer. And the earlier your group applies, the higher priority your registration will receive.

So log on to today. And

discover for yourself what 250,000 ASP volunteers already know:

The most important thing you’ll build in

Taking the next step Apply now at or email Adult volunteer applications are accepted year round. Youth groups may register beginning September 1 for the following year. Sign up now! How you can give more than your time. ASP’s work is funded only partially by volunteer fees—the rest must come from donations. Please give generously. To give a gift by check: Make check payable to Appalachia Service Project, Inc. and mail to: 4523 Bristol Highway Johnson City, TN 37601

Appalachia is you.

To donate by phone: (866) 998- 3907 To give online:

Appalachia Service Project (ASP) is a Christian ministry, open to all people. This means that no matter where you come from, no matter what organization, church or denomination you belong to, you will always find open arms at ASP. Whether you are a volunteer or one of the Appalachian families we serve, we accept you for who you are. We look forward to welcoming you into our family. Appalachia Service Project, Inc. 4523 Bristol Highway Johnson City, TN 37601 Phone (423) 854-8800

Appalachia Service Project  

Appalachia Service Project (ASP) provides one of the most rewarding structured service opportunities in the nation -- bringing thousands of...

Appalachia Service Project  

Appalachia Service Project (ASP) provides one of the most rewarding structured service opportunities in the nation -- bringing thousands of...