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The Real Taste of Issan


- European and Issan Thai Food -

A wide selection of popular European & Thai dishes Our Bar is well selected with many local and foreign beers and wines. You will find us on Soi 112 close to the Floating Market Hua Hin. There is plenty of parking space. Bring your children – We have a Kid´s Menu and a well equipped playground.

Recommended by : TripAdvisor & The international Traveller

Address : Soi 112, Hua Hin For more information on our exact location and menu, call : 089 490 0092





here must be a magazine nest somewhere in our area as all sorts of magazines are hatched these days. Some are pretty good, others just pretty.There is a lot of info going around so patrons don´t get bored. HH is really growing fast except for the unguarded railway crossings which I don’t understand. Accidents happen very frequently now. At least with the high speed track, you won´t even see them coming. The major of Hua Hin expressed his regret at a dinner meeting, pointing out that the railway system and it´s integration with traffic is the responsibility of the railway authority but now the Ha Hin municipality is stepping up to take over that responsibility in our area. 24/7 guards have been put on unguarded crossings to warn traffic of oncoming trains. Did someone say we lived in paradise? Traffic, also getting bad. Road solutions put on hold. Not a very healthy place to walk around on weekends with traffic cueing on Petschkasem road. In addition, outward cars behave bad in traffic disrespecting rules etc. no enforcement. Wild Wild West ! Euro not on the winning track these days. Expats upset but some local fortunate families happy because the Baht enables them to buy cheap abroad.Too bad… Retirees struggling because they have to show 65.000 THB/month of income. How to do? Embassies help? They don´t know how to spell that word. A German family “escaped” to the US and filed for asylum because they were not allowed home schooling in Germany. Read further inside. Obama a bit quit these days, decisions isn’t easy now that chemical weapons are used by the rebels to remove the criminal government in Syria. What a mass confusion. Israel, going friendly with Arabs? Not before they recognize the country Ben says. No matter what, fellow sufferers, no place like home and home is where your heart is and mine is in Thailand. Look at it this way, sure, it is not the German, Dutch , French or other way but it is a great way, as here we are free, no one spies on you , no envy. Do what you like. Friendly people as long as you are as well. Predictable weather. What else do you want? Did you think politics in the west are more predictable than here? Just because they wear ties, are driven to conferences all over Europe in either a Rolls or MB. Smile on TV? Kidding me? They messed up the Euro, pursue an impossible Eurozone, don´t give a damn about expats suffering because of the mismanagement of national households. Can you really bring all those “western” cultures together at one table and agree? Italians, French, Greeks, Spanish will always remain themselves and that is what different cultures make life attractive and interesting. Imagine a French treasurer deciding on British household budgets or an Italian telling a German government how to manage agriculture…a Brit telling French how to run their educational system. No way. Why don’t we just go back to united Europe days with import tariff equal-ness and their own monetary system? Hey, merely a suggestion

Yours truly , GMoss

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is the newest italian restaurant in hua hin and brings the real taste of Italy to Thailand You will taste the influence of Carlo’s Sicilian heritage with every beautiful dish and perfect wine selection. That Carlo is an outstanding host by nature, and a great entertainer aswell which is not a secret in Hua Hin. If you catch the right evening, Carlo will surprise you with his opera songs and bring you the real feel of Italy. Carlo’s Ristorante Italiono is the perfect place for fine Italian dining and to drink the best Italian wines. Carlo will warmly welcome you, Buon appetito e salute ! Address: 174/1 Soi. Naresdamri, Hua-Hin, Prachuabkirikhun 77110 Thailand Phone: +66 (0)32 511 348 Mobile: +66 (0)81 197 4360 Email: Website:


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Han Hakvoort and Arthur van Vliet

Approach Karaoke Festival On the 4th of May, Approach Magazine organized the first Annual Karaoke

Alex Binnekamp and Desiree Moerkops

Festival in Hua Hin. About 14 contestants displayed their karaoke skills at Moonlight Bar, but only three went home with the wonderfull prices. The first price, two nights at Intercontinental Deluxe room, went to Golle from Sweden with her interpretation of Maria Carry’s “Against all Odds”. Second price, a night at the Hilton for two, went to Suree Tackray, who dazzled us with her amazing voice. In conclusion, the evening was a lot of fun and we hope to see you all again next year!

Duangta Saenkor Aon and Alexander Ruijs

Rene Marugg, Arnold Ruijs, Suree Tackray (Second Price), Jerry Mosselman and Lizzy

Karaoke First Price Winner: Golle

Johnny Walker, Anongnat Kamlarp and Simon Pinnock

Coronation Party at the Dutch Embassy On 30th of April 2013, the Kingdom of the Netherlands welcomed a new Dutch King Willem Alexander. The inaugeration ceremony took place in the nieuwe kerk in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Throughout the world the Dutch celebrated this special day and Approach had the honour to watch the inaugeration ceremony live on the grounds of the Netherlands Embassy in Bangkok and celebrated this special occasion together with Dutch nationals and other invited guest. The embassy catered the party very elaborate and served Dutch delicatesses like Bitterballen and Gouda cheese. King Willem Alexander is the youngest European Monarch and is the first king of the Netherlands in 120 years.

Suwana and close friend King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima

Dutch Ambassador Joan Boer






he Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin held their 4th Annual Club Officer Installation Dinner in the Grand Ballroom of Hyatt Regency Hua Hin. In attendance were members from 12 Rotary Clubs including the Rotaract Club of Webster University Thailand and many friends, bringing the total to 105 guests at the event. A band of twelve students from the Blind School of Lop Buri entertained the audience playing both Thai and western songs. Raffle prizes and individual donations generated proceeds to THB 104,000 which were donated to the school for development projects. The Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin is the only English-speaking in District 3330. Please visit www.rotaryroyalhuahin for more details.

New Rotary president, Paul Grab (L)and former president, Brian Anderson (R)

All memebers of the Rotary Committee

Hilton GM, Michael Smitt

Lord Mayor Vudikhul Nopporn

Skal Dinner at Anantara Resort & Spa Hua Hin

Skal president Michael Schmitt, GM of the Hilton Resort & Spa used the following words in his welcome speech: “SKAL’s goal is to have a strong voice in the tourism industry and work hand-in-hand with the local government and TAT to drive tourism into Hua Hin and Cha Am. We want to see tourism grow, which will benefit everybody here.” The guest of honour, Hua Hin Mayor Noporn Vittikul was offered a speech before the dinner started in which he drew our attention to a critical theme: Railroad crossings in Hua Hin and recent accidents related to these unguarded crossings. Especially, among others; at Soi 94 and 110, with a question and answer session afterwards.



n Thursday May 18th, the Skal Hoteliers Club Cha Am & Hua Hin held their monthly dinner event with a charity note and a VIP invite at the Anantara Resort & Spa. SKAL members meet on a monthly basis with specially-invited and widely-recognized guest speakers, who share their expertise and knowledge with the members.

The dinner consisted of several courses with antipasti and assortments of bakery and dips accompanied by red and white wines as starters. The entree salad was served in a ring around a crouton topped with a prawn resting on a tall container which contained the salad sauce. An interesting pumpkin curry soup served in a coffee cup separated us from the main course which was Poitrine de Poulet ( Chicken Breast) garnished with mash and a delicious sauce. All this time guests enjoyed a free but limited flow of red & white wine offered by Siam Winery - Hua Hin Hills.

It is Skal´s purpose to not only promote Hua Hin as a top tourist destination but also contribute to the less fortunate, mainly with medical care and educational material. Skal will patronize several charity organisations, especially those on Thai borders taking care of children and their parents. Skal will also focus on other community and tourism activities such as charity events hosted by Skal members, golf & other sports events and tournaments, visits to lower and higher educational institutes. A lucky draw ticket sales at THB 100 a ticket and dinner contributions towards the Skal Charity Programme, generated THB 13,300 that evening. 100% of these and other funds and contributions go to charities. Furthertmore the prices were donated by G-House Resort, Chiva Som, Bangkok Hospital, Mondo Vino, the Amari, Hilton & Hyatt Resorts and Bourbon Street Restaurant. APPROACH MAGAZINE JUNE 2013

A great Skal evening and a reminder for those who are more fortunate than others. Contribute to the needy. It is a very honourable cause. For additional information about SKAL – contact: Membership: Events: Media:




Multi Cultural Society

NBS – keine Angst, es bedeutet nur Nul Bock Syndrom. Ist wohl das Wetter. Affenheiß und dan der Regen.Wenn April tut was er will, ist Mai auch dabei. Karaoke- wettbewerb war nicht was ich mir davon gewünscht hätte aber jeder Anfang ist schwer. Sollten keine Anderen singen ausser die Wettbewerber. Danach kann man trallern soviel Mann wünscht. Nur meine Meinung (und der von Andern). Aufruf für B Negative Blut hatte viel Erfolg und das Mädchen wurde gerettet: DANKE AN ALLEN DIE MITGEFIEBERT HABEN, MEIN AUFRUF WEITERGELEITET HABEN ODER SOFORT REAGIERT HABEN WIE Z.B. DEN LIEBENSWERTEN TONI IN CHIANG MAI. TONI LAS MEIN AUFRUF, RIEF „DIE MUTTER“ AN, SPRANG INS AUTO UND FUHR SOFORT NACH CHIANG MAI INS HOSPITAL. DA ANGEKOMMEN, ERFUHR ER, DASS SIE BEREITS DAS BLUT HÄTTEN. SEIN BLUT WÜRDE SOWIESO NICHT ANGENOMMEN, WEIL ER SCHON 61 IST, TEILTE MIR TONI MIT. HÄTTE MAN KEINE SPENDER GEHABT, WIRD MIT SICHERHEIT AUCH TONI’S BLUT AKZEPTIERT. DIE „MUTTER“ WAR EINE PERSON VON EINER KINDERHILFSORGANISATION, SAGTE TONI MIR. TROTZDEM VIELEN VIELEN DANK LIEBER TONI ! VIELE HUA HINER DIE DICH KENNEN, SIND STOLZ AUF DICH. JA, COLIN SAGTE MIR, DASS EIN SCHWEIZER IM KRANKENHAUS WAR. MEIN DANK GEHT NATÜRLICH AUCH AN MEINEM HOLLÄNDISCHEN FREUND MARINUS, DER MIR DIESEN HILFERUF WEITERGELEITET HAT. Vergiss bitte nicht unsere Multi Culti Abend am 28. Juni under der monatlichen Stammtisch in Hilton. Fotos von diesen Abenden könnt Ihr selbstverständlich von mir kriegen : geklärt von Gogs, Mia Nois, und sonnstige Freundinnen selbsvertständlich. Schreib mir en Mail und schon springt die Lizzy. Habt Ihr schon den Vortschritt am Venetia Projekt gecheckt? Affengeil das Ganze. Wird sicherlich gut für Hua Hin. Zum Schluss noch eine Bemerkung an alle die Zweifel an meine Umgänglichkeit haben : Ich bin nicht Kompliziert, sondern eine Herausforderung.

Euer Lizzy - Editor´s Note: If you are French , Dutch , Swedish, Danish , Norwegian , Italian , Russian, Mongolian, Tibetan and you would like to place a notice to your co-patriots in APPROACH, send it in your language to We will publish it on this page.


New Sim Card If you lost your mobile phone or your Sim card, you can get a new Sim card at the AIS office or Telewiz at Market Village on the third floor. Tell them you lost your Sim and they will check the authentic Sim number on their computer and cancel your lost Sim card. They will give you a new one (for a fee) with the same number. The same works with True & Dtac. You do not need to change your number!





Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Billed as “the world’s most compact Super 16 digital film camera,” the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera features a magnesium alloy chassis, Super 16 sensor size, 13 stops of wide dynamic range, full HD video recording (lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW and Apple ProRes), and built-in stero mic. It also has an integrated 3.5-inch LCD (800 x 480 resolution) for accessing menus and playing back video. Invested in a bunch of third-party stuff? Not a problem. It comes with interchangeable optics (Micro Four Thirds lens mount) and is designed for compatibility with many existing accessories in the market.

Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono The Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono is a superbly finished and designed watch. Everything part has been designed with attention for details and the whole watch looks attractive, sporty and robust. Exactly what you would want from a dive watch with chronograph. The domed sapphire crystal is anti-reflective coated on both sides and even the case-back is made of a sapphire crystal so the magnificent in-house caliber 9300 is visible.

Frozzypack Lunchbox

Soundhound App Soundhound’s basic function is simple: when there’s music playing, whip out your phone, start Soundhound and it will tell you the name of the song, along with the artist, lyrics and just about any other information related to it! So you don’t have to try for hours to remember what that song is called you like, just let the app find it.

The Frozzypack has a trick up its sleeve: it can keep your food chilled and fresh for up to seven hours all on its own. The Frozzypack Lunchbox doesn’t come with its own refrigeration unit, of course. Instead, it uses a lid made with a cooling gel (non-toxic, since it’s coming into contact with food), similar to the ones they use in that Chill-Puck canned beverage cooler.

Airocide Air Purifier Xbox One Microsoft has finally unveiled the device’s next-gen successor. Called the Xbox One, the new home console goes beyond gaming, positioning itself as the quintessential sidekick for the large-screen HDTV in your living room. According to Microsoft reps, the Xbox One will be available “later this year”, so the console should come right in time for the holidays.


Unlike other air purifiers, these ones are based off technology that NASA used to slow down the process of fruits and vegetables ripening too quickly during space journeys by scrubbing the air of ethylene. That tech has finally been tweaked for consumer use in the form of this rectangular device that looks more like an audio speaker than a utilitarian air-cleaning contraption. It measures 6.9 x 18.7 x 6 inches (w x l x d) and weighs 9 pounds. APPROACH MAGAZINE JUNE 2013

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W i re l e s s Wa i te r B u t to n s Place this sticky button on every table in your restaurant or bar, and give your customers the attention they deserve. Each button is wireless and connected to a remote LCD display, which will let your waiters know which table needs service. The waiter button has 3 functions; Service, Bill and Cancel – and that’s how easy it is. You are losing sales every day (even more than you think), as staff are either busy trying to figure out who needs service, playing with their telephones or just don’t pay attention to customer needs. The waiter wai button makes the difference between a sale and a lost customer, and shows your guests that you take them seriously. The modern design will fit in anywhere and the button can even be placed in a special display stand, in combination with your in-house promotions. Make your investment in the future today, - and reward yourself with more sales, and happy customers.

Promotion package All packages include 1 LCD display

10 buttons

thb 17,750,-

20 buttons

thb 31,299,-

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Touch Thailand

Touch Hospitality Services Co., Ltd.

C U LT U R E &


Classical Evening

At The Hyatt Regency Hua Hin



Left Stefanie Waegner Right Christina Harnisch

regular monthly classical music evening at the Hyatt with a great wine and dine buffet. This time again the Mahidol university through Khun Mongkol provided the guest stars

of classical music. Christina Harnisch and Stefanie Waegner performed pieces for Piano and Cello. Stefanie Waegner, master of cello, born in Nürnberg, Germany studied cello with Emma Ferrand at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, UK, and at the Music University in Graz, Austria where she obtained a double Masters´degree in solo performance and chamber music in 2007.

A main focus lies on the works of women composers, Cécile Chaminade, Clara Schumann, Fanny Mendelssohn, Grazyna Bacewicz u.a. In 2006 she made a big tour through China with concerts in the Forbidden City, Concert hall in Beijing , the Hangzhou Grand Theater. She performed as a soloist at festivals like “Klavierfestival Freiburg/ Br, Heraklion a.o and in Duo with Romano Pucci for the “Festival internazionale Ruggero Leoncavallo “ in Brissago , the festival Chamberseries in the Oriental Art center in Shanghai and the “Festival Spiezerschlosskonzerte “Festival della lingua Italiana” in Bankok a.o. She performs for students at the Mahidol university as a guest docent. Christina has many Radio-, CD- and TV recordings The musical programme consisted, among others of pieces by

She has performed extensively as principal cellist and soloist with numerous chamber orchestras, such as Ensemble Klanglust, the Bamberg University Chamber Orchestra, the Graz Baroque Orchestra and the Salonorchestra Graz. For many years she was promoted by the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation “Live Music Now” and the “Vita Activa Foundation”, performing regularly in their musical outreach programmes. From October 2011 she is part of the faculty of the Chamber Music Academy (CMA) at Mahidol University in Bangkok where she teaches students the art of cello. It was not her first time in Hua Hin as she was evacuated in 2011 when Bangkok waters reached threatening heights. Her lovely personality is expressed in her music and we so much enjoyed not only her solos but also her duos with Christina Harnisch. Christina Harnisch, Swiss pianist, made her concert diploma with Franz Joseph Hirt at the Berne Conservatory and University. She obtained the “Prix de Virtuositè “ with Eduardo Vercelli in Neuchâtel. She won several prices and study awards and subsequently embarked on further pianistic studies with Yvonne Lefébure in Paris, Louis Kentner in London, Vitalij Margulis in Freiburg/Br und Bruno Mezzena in Italy. Furthermore Harnisch has continually appeared on concert stage in Switzerland and all over our globe as a soloist in piano recitals.


Stefanie Waegner with Quartet

- Frederic Chopin:Nocturne B-moll op.9 Nr. 1 (1810-1849) - Maria Szymanowska: Etiuda C-Dur (1831) - Felix and Fanny Mendelsohn – Cecile Chaminade, Pecheur de Nuit– Edward Elgar Salut d ´Amour and Harry Squire – Tarantella. The Piano and Cello Duo include among others, music composed by Charlie Chaplin – Gabriel Marie – Camille Saint, Frank Bridge and the popular Antonin Dvorak´s Humoresque. An evening filled with classical music and memories with an international buffet and precious wines. Check the Hyatt website for the next classical event in June. www. APPROACH MAGAZINE JUNE 2013


The Sound of College




n 1987, former president of Mahidol University, Prof. Dr. Nat Pamornprawat, established a project called the Music Education Development Project and appointed Dr. Sugree Charoensook to lead it. The program was initially offered at the Institute of Languages and Cultures for Rural Development as an elective course for undergraduate students. In 1989, the Institute of Languages and Cultures for Rural Development launched the first music master degree in Thailand, titled the Master of Arts in Music and Culture, with an emphasis in Music Education. On September 21, 1994, the “College of Music Project” was accepted and acknowledged by Mahidol University.This date is known today as the founding date of the College of Music. The Master of Arts degree program was first introduced in 1995.The Bachelor degree program was first offered in 1998. Furthermore the high school preparatory Young Artists Music Program was created in 2002. In 2005, the college introduced the first Ph.D. music program in Thailand. In 2013, the college will introduce Master of Music and Doctor of Music degrees. This degree will be the first such program in Southeast Asia.

The progress of the College of Music is the proof of the development in quality of all involved parties. The future of the College of Music is therefore not about the future of a music college, but about the future of a musical utopia in a borderless world. At the undergraduate level, the college offers courses in seven fields of study: Music Performance, Thai Music and Oriental Music, Jazz, Music Technology, Music Industry, Pop Music, and Music Composition. In every field, students are required to enroll in fundamental subjects; music theory, music history and music technology. With over 1000 students College enables students to join and form many different types of musical bands and gain experiences from many kinds of activities or internships. At the master’s degree level, the college offers three fields of study: Musicology, Music Education, and Music Performance. In the future, College is expanding its Master’s degree curriculum by adding another six fields of studies: Music Pedagogy, Music Conducting, Music Composition, Jazz, Music Industry, Music for Health and Therapy. Students at the master’s degree level are given opportunity to study with experts of each field and with honourable guest lecturers. Many opportunities exist to participate in music activities and academic affairs both at the national and international levels. At the doctoral degree level, the college is the first educational institution in Thailand and Southeast Asia to offer curriculum on music. The fields of studies offered are: Musicology and Music Education. Experts and Music Academicians are among the students of the college.The PhD curriculum for music studies places emphasis on Thai and Oriental heritage, aims at establishing excellence in knowledge and in academicians and music professionals.

Students practicing in the hallway

The College of Music was established with an aim to produce music students of high quality, with good taste and with a social conscience. Such aims are reflected in all components that make up the college; the curriculum, buildings, and activities organised by the college etc. From its establishment in 1995 to the present, the college has expanded, developed and progressed in all aspects, from teaching quality, number of students, buildings, social and international missions. The college retains huge potentials for future expansion. Realising that the grandeur of material constructions does not necessarily reflect their true merits, the college thus values the intellectual and emotional nourishment of its students and personnel towards their goals and enables them to become a pillar of the music society and the country.


The distinctive point of the college’s curriculum is the fact that it is student-centred. A number of exchange programs with universities abroad exits for further advancement. Moreover the College of Music offers music courses to the public, to those who wish to learn music in a systematic way at the Music Courses for the General Public at the Seri Center shopping complex and Siam Paragon shopping mall. The Hyatt Regency Resort has brought numerous classical music performers from the Mahidol College to perform classical concerts at the Hyatt in Hua Hin and will continue on a monthly basis from June this year. Among others , Thailand´s highly talented master of Piano , Khun Aree has performed several times at the Hyatt in Hua Hin with master violinist Mathias Bogner from Switzerland, lector and teacher at the college. In addition the college is not restricted to classical music, Jazz events and conferences are organized regularly, sponsored by a large group of Thai industrials and companies.


C U LT U R E &










akhon puppets, like the ones used in the Joe Louis Puppet Theater, are handcrafted. Puppetry in Thailand began in 1901, developed by the Khon dancer and puppeteer Krae Saptawanit. Sakorn’s parents were members of Krae’s puppetry troupe.

A signature movement of classical Thai dance and drama is the gesture of bending the fingers back towards the wrist. This graceful gesture’s flexibility requires years of practice and training. Furthermore puppeteers control the Thai puppets using levers for the joints and sticks connected to the hands. The faces are painted on, and a lot of the clothing and the faces of the puppets have precious gold leaf intricately woven or mixed in with the paint. Gold thread is used for the costume. Moreover many of the performances with traditional Thai puppets center around the epic Ramayana, or Ramakien in Thai. As a young man, Joe Louis would craft puppets under his mosquito net, often late into the night. The Joe Louis Theater reenacts some of Sakhon’s life in its shows. The original puppet show in Thailand was similar to other countries, in that puppeteers had assigned characters and the performance took place in a booth with a curtain. Joe Louis formed his first puppet troupe in 1985, but it wasn’t until 1999 that he and his kids were able to raise enough money to open a small theater in Nonthaburi. The puppets used in the Joe Louis show are based on the Chinese cylindrical puppet, which is made of bamboo. The parts are movable, so three puppeteers controlling a single puppet can change the puppet’s expression and movement, for example making the puppet wai in the traditional Thai greeting, nod its head or clap. All in all, provides the Joe Louis Puppet Theater a highly entertaining spectacle for the whole family. The Joe Louis Puppet Theater Address: 2194 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai District, Bangkor Laem, Bangkok. Tel: +66 (0)81 701 3651.








hrough the years, these remarkable sculptures are still charming, unique, and sacred. Chinese guardian lions, also called Fu (Foo) Lions, lions of Buddha, or sometimes stone lions in Chinese art, are a common representation of the lion in pre-modern China. These lions are believed to have powerful mythic protective powers and have traditionally stood in front of Chinese Imperial palaces, temples, emperors’ tombs, government offices, and the homes of the wealthy and government officials from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), until the end of the empire in 1911. Pairs of Chinese guardian lions, or Chinese stone lions are still common decorative and symbolic elements at the entrances to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other structures, with one sitting on each side of the entrance. These lions are visible in China and in other places around the world where the Chinese people have immigrated and settled, especially in local Chinatowns. The lions are traditionally carved from decorative stones like marble and granite, or cast using bronze or iron. The labour and materials to produce the lions are very expensive, so the private use of Imperial guardian lions was tradition- ally reserved for wealthy or elite families.

Indeed, a traditional symbol of a family’s wealth or social status was the placement of Imperial guardian lions in front of the family home. However, in modern times less expensive lions, mass produced in concrete and resin, have become available and their use is no longer restricted to the elite. The lions are always presented in pairs, with the female on the left and the male on the right. The male lion has his right paw on a ball, which represents the flower of life. The female is essentially identical, but has a single cub under her left paw, representing the cycle of life. Symbolically, the female fu lion protects those dwelling inside, while the male guards the structure. Sometimes the female has her mouth closed, and the male open. However, Japanese interpretations state that the male is inhaling, which represents life, while the female is exhaling, which represents death. Other styles have both lions with a single large pearl in each of their partially opened mouths.The pearl is carved so that it can roll about in the lion’s mouth but sized just large enough so that it can never be removed.




Symbolically, the female fu lion protects those dwelling inside, while the male guards the structure of the house.

Feng Shui According to Feng Shui, when facing the entrance the male lion with the globe should be placed on the right with the female on the left. Interestingly, the lion is not an indigenous animal to China, but Asiatic lions were quite common in neighboring India at the time. The Asiatic lions found in nearby India are the ones depicted in the Chinese culture. Buddhism was spread in China by traveling Buddhist priests and monks from India, and they brought sto- ries to China about stone Asiatic/Indian lions guarding the entry to Indian Buddhist temples, monasteries and the palaces of Indian Kings. Chinese sculptors modeled lion statues after native dogs ( the Chow Chow, Pekingese, Shi Tzu, Shar-Pei, and Pug, etc. - closely related dog breeds originating in ancient China called Foo Dogs) for use outside their temples and palaces, because nobody in ancient China had ever seen a real lion before. The mythic version of the animal was known as the Lion of Fu, the word Fu being Chinese for Bud- dha. The Chinese word for lion is “Shi”, which was adopted from their Sanskrit name “Sinh” in the neighboring India. The Buddhist version of the Lion was originally introduced to Han Dynasty China as the protector of dharma and these lions have been found in religious art as early as 208 BC. Gradually they were in- corporated as guardians of the Chinese Im- perial dharma. Lions seemed appropriate regal beasts to guard the emperor’s gates and have been used as such since. There are various styles of imperial guardian lions reflecting influences from different time periods, imperial dynasties, and regions of China. These styles vary in their artistic detail and adornment, and in the depiction of the lions from fierce to serene.






of the





Dancing Divas - Two Dancingn Divas: Twofemale femalecharacyers characters fight fight aa mock mock battle battle in in aa typically typically action-packed action-packed opera opera performance. peformance


he performers wear colorful masks, costumes and elaborate make-up. Each color has a different meaning like white means sinister and evil and red symbolizes brave and loyal.The opera is based on ancient legendary tales of heroes and the supernatural and some stories are interpretations of actual historical events. Traditional musical instruments are used and they present unique melodies with a high-pitched voice and the dialogues are considered to be of high literary value. Furthermore the traditional opera has been a part of Thai culture for centuries. This particular form of art was once very popular in Thailand and was usually performed in the Teochew language. Millions of Chinese emigrated to Thailand (then Siam) in the 18th and 19th centuries and brought their cultural practices with them.There are as many 30 Chinese opera troupes left in Bangkok. They travel from Chinese temple to Chinese temple performing on stages they put up in streets near the temple, sometimes sleeping on hammocks they sling under their stage. Moreover, usually with Chinese festivals, like the new year, local temples raise the money to pay them $700 to $1,000 a night for up to nine nights. The Chinese Opera in Thailand is considered to have passed its heyday because of the very characteristics which do not suit the taste of a mass audience and because fewer young people take up the profession. Many fear that the art form is in danger of being wiped out altogether. However on a few places like the Talat Noi neighborhood of Bangkok’s Chinatown, the centuries old art form can still be seen. It is also possible to book the Soong Aee Lai Heng Travelling Performing Troupe.

Above Soong Aee Lai Heng Travelling Performing Troupe




My Way or the Segway The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is the first of its kind, a two- wheeled, self-balancing electric personal transportation device. It’s very easy to use and operate, the transportation automatically responds to rider’s body movements, “sensing” when it should speed up and slow down. To move forward or backward on the Segway PT, the rider just leans slightly forward or backward. To turn left or right, the rider simply moves the LeanSteer frame left or right. Although they’re ideal for short journey, Segway PT can travel as fast as 20 km/ hour and as far as 24 miles/38 km on a single battery charge, depending on terrain, payload, and riding style. Therefore, the Segway PT is perfect way of bringing together the marvelous culture of Thailand with the fascinating experience of travelling using one of the most impressive developments in transportation technology. With the Segway PT you can see twice as much in half the time. Now, you can choose to ride a Segway PT as you enjoy the history, culture and people of Bangkok and beyond without breaking a sweat and fighting with traffic. There is a local Segway Tour Thailand Shop; located at the 1st Floor of Maharaj Pier Building, Bangkok; provided the Segway tours with 4 magnificent routes so far including Rattanakosin Island, Ayutthaya Historical Park, Bangkrachao Community, and Ancient City in Samutprakarn province; which Tour duration and package’s price; are varied depending on the route. depending on the route. Give them a buzz at 08 5476 7917 for more info, it is fun! The skillful guide will assist you in experiencing what you have never gotten from any traditional guided tours, or allday walking tour, from those rich cultures and wondrous city scenes to culinary delights and diverse photo opportunities.










*Realistic Atmosphere From Our Showroom

ORIENTAL LIVING HUA-­HIN 38/4 (Opposite, Soi 9) Petkasem Rd., Hua-­hin Prachuapkhirikhan 77110 Tel :  032  547513-­4 w w w . o r i e n t a l l i v i n g h u a h i n . c o m


Cooling Off on Koh Samed Story by Jenisa Quigley



t lies in the gulf of Thailand which is about 380 kilometers north of Samui Island, the most famous island in the south. Samed Island is about 6.5 Kilometers from the mainland. The approximate length of Samed Island from north to south is 6.5 Km. and the width is roughly 2.5 Km. The island itself is a big hit with tourists as an interesting destination and the exciting activities provided on the Island. Most of the beaches are on the east side opposite from Ao Prao which is located on the west. In 1981 the Royal forest department designated the entire territory of Samed Island, A cape of Khao Leam Ya, and 11 km. of Mae Rampeung beach a


national park. The national park consists of several islands, Koh Kudi, Koh Kruai, Koh Ma Kham, and Koh Thalu. Samed Island contains 18 hidden bays, which offer crystal clear water year-round. There are five piers which provide transportation to Samed Island. There are many boats departures every hour from 8 am to 6 pm to Na Daan pier. The duration of these trips are about 30 to 35 minutes. There are taxis available which are called Song Thew. They usually have specific routes running to every part of the island. This small paradise may possibly fulfill your needs, either on your short business trip, or just a short stop.



Our trip started from getting off the limousine at the pier where we decided to find out ourselves the best way to spend time on the island, being of an adventurous nature. It can be fun to manage your own trip, bargaining with different businesses for transportation, accommodations, or where the best spot to dine on the beach side restaurant. Negotiation is key in all instances. A Speed boat is the best transportation on this island. It’s much faster, and no other mode of transportation can compare to its convenience unless you can bring a private yacht with you! The day began with simple meal on the beach to energize us for the first item on the agenda, a fishing trip. After getting ready, preparing the necessary equipment, rods, bait, and the obligatory beer and a bottle of wine, we left the island to the endless horizon of the ocean. We combined two trips into one as we tended to stay floating in the ocean nearly half a day.

Feeding giant Green Sea Turtles and baby Whale Sharks is a special experience.

We made it a sight seeing trip around the island as well. Samed Island has a unique shape although it is unlike some others with more bizarre shape or consist many smaller islands surrounding them. The speed boat driver and the escort took us to a few snorkeling spots, which include similar fish you can see in other waters around Thailand but it’s always a thrill. We stopped by a floating fish farm where the locals raise many species of fish including turtles for learning. You can feed them as well but you’ll need courage because some are large enough to remove limbs, or at least a finger or two. However, feeding giant Green Sea Turtle and baby Whale Sharks is a special experience. They are so majestic. After sight seeing for awhile we arrived at the fishing point.The boat driver said that spot should have plenty of fish feeding due to the tide. We casted the anchor and started fishing till sunset, the time we witnessed how creative the nature is. Red color cut with blue and purple over the horizon before night time creeps in and us floating alone in the ocean, it is just simply a fantastically romantic atmosphere. But eventually it was time to leave the darkness of the ocean. We headed back to the shore for the finest seafood the locals could serve to us. A Fire show at the beachside restaurant completed our dinner perfectly. The next day we rented an ATV rode across hills to see other beaches. The route was tough and there was nothing much to see, but that’s called an adventure. As time passed and turned in to an evening, we had an appointment with the same speed boat and the same driver to go fishing for squid. Koh Samed is a place that offers a true Island experience just a short trip from Bangkok. The array of facilities and activities offered are exhaustive. It’s the perfect getaway for the city dweller or the traveling tourist.






A P P R O A C H M A G A Z I N E M AY 2 0 1 3



here are we? Where are we going? How can we protect our nature in Thailand? The economy is booming. People are spending money, jobs are being created,

and the country is producing more food than ever. But some of this economic growth has come at the expense of the environment. This balance is one of Thailand’s greatest challenges. Environmental challenges fueled largely by rapid industrial development and deforestation sharpen inequalities within many countries and across Asia and the Pacific, according to a report of the United Nations Development Program. Thailand is party to key international treaties, has enacted important national environmental laws, and has integrated environmental concerns into national policies and programmes. Although there have been encouraging signs that the rate of forest degradation, water contamination, air pollution and other instances of environmental damage have slowed, this improvement is still inadequate to offset the accelerating rate of growth and resource depletion. Water shortages put farmers on the brink of economic disaster. One sixth of Thailand’s agricultural land is vulnerable to drought, with as many as 8 million people are affected every season. Climate change is more important than ever, and there is a growing sense of urgency on the part of the Government that Thailand needs to be ready and well-equipped to manage the challenges that come with it. Over 600 square kilometers of coastline experience severe erosion. Damage along Thailand’s many shorelines has severe economic ramifications. More than 13 million people rely on marine resources for their livelihoods. Local communities need to build resilience to climate change impacts, while policies and actions on the ground make the transition to a “low-carbon” society. Thailand moved one step close to having a comprehensive policy to address climate change financing. Thailand can no longer afford to grow first and clean up later, UNDP report says. We have only one planet to share , one country to live in and we must protect our nature so that our children can have a life in a protected natural environment where nature´s resources are respected cherished and used witgh care and grace. Editor : Lets start today to conserve our precious natural resources




Are We

Running out of





ost members of the public still don’t understand energy very well, and they generally have no idea whether alternative energy sources like solar, wind or CSP (see below) can replace oil. Many people are concerned about a potential collapse of modern society due to the end of cheap oil.

Will oil really run out in the near future?

Of course it will. Even the recent conclusions reached by an Exxon Mobil about the future of global oil supplies are wildly optimistic and based on numbers that industry experts speaking off the record say are significant exaggerations of supply made for political reasons. Demand for oil will soon significantly outstrip supply. The growth of China’s consumption, combined with America’s unprecedented thirst for energy means that from here forward, it’s a bidding war over increasingly scarce supplies.




If you’re genuinely interested in surviving the post-oil era with anything resembling quality of life, it requires modifying your lifestyle....

Can alternative forms of energy replace oil? Yes and no. “Yes” because there’s plenty of energy all around us that can replace oil. All alternative energies in the world, such as solar and wind are useless if you can’t harness it. Without wind turbines, the wind is useless to us. Without solar panels, deserts are likewise useless to us as an energy source. Actually harnessing these alternative, renewable energy sources would require many billions of Dollars and Euros in infrastructure spending, and right now, nobody in the governments seems to have the foresight to plan for a world without oil. There is currently very little investment in developing renewable energy sources.

Can’t we be saved by growing ethanol as a replacement for oil? Put bluntly, the idea of growing ethanol to replace oil is one of the most short-sighted, politically-motivated and outright stupid ideas that has ever been proposed. The more corn you grow for fuel, the less corn you have for food, which means that growing enough corn to replace the oil we presently import would result in mass starvation. It takes almost as much oil energy to grow corn than you get from the resulting ethanol.

What’s the most promising alternative energy technology? Few people know about this one: Based on research, concentrated Solar Power, which requires no solar panels at all, works by concentrating sunlight onto a small pipe using cheap parabolic reflectors. The pipe contains a liquid that’s heated to very high temperatures by the sun and drives a steam boiler that rotates a turbine to generate electricity. (much like nuclear power plants, but without the nuclear waste). It’s cheap, low-tech, and far more affordable than solar power. Plus, it can be built in practically any desert, so it doesn’t take up valuable land. As another bonus, when CSP operations are built near the ocean, they can desalinate ocean water as a side effect, providing fresh water for irrigation to grow food.This is the only renewable energy technology we know of that can produce cheap energy, fresh water and crop irrigation all at the same time. Plus, it has no emissions, no toxic chemicals, no nuclear waste and very little environmental impact.

What can we do to prepare for the post-oil era? The most popular course of consensus action is to simply do nothing and wait to see what happens.This is what 99% of World Troubadours will choose to do. They will continue to buy their gas-guzzling vehicles, live energy-hungry lifestyles and pretend that there will be enough oil supplies in the future. If you’re genuinely interested in surviving the post-oil era with anything resembling quality of life, it requires modifying your lifestyle so that you do not depend on long, highly-complex supply lines for your food, water, energy and basic needs. That means moving out of extreme climates (where you have to heat your house all winter, for example), pursuing your own home garden food production (meaning you’ll need good soil and water sources), and learning to live in a more self-reliant manner (or being part of a small community that can operate in a self-sustaining way).

Why aren’t our national leaders doing anything about this? Because they are ignorant to this problem. The utter lack of vision and leadership found in the White House and other government capitols Congress is quite appalling. As far as current president, premiers and other state heads go, they seems more interested in contributing to destroy other nations and allow the growth of drugs in countries like Afghanistan or the killing of kids and innocent women than saving the world.


There are no magic bullet replacements for oil. If we want to have an energy source in the post-oil era, we’re going to have to build the infrastructure starting right now.



Germany in Stagnation THE MOST POPULAR COUNTRY IN THE WORLD: REVEALED. Europe’s largest economy, Germany, which has been criticized for not doing enough to help struggling euro zone countries, has topped a poll as the world’s most popular country. The survey, carried out for the BBC, polled 26,000 people in 25 countries and asked them to rate 16 countries and the European Union as a whole on whether their influence on the world was mainly positive or negative. Germany came out on top, with 59 percent of survey participants giving it a positive rating. The country moved up three percentage points from its 2012 position. It displaced Japan, which saw its positive rating fall from 58 percent last year to 51 percent, going from first to fourth place. The most negatively perceived country was Iran, with only 15 percent of respondents giving it a positive rating. Pakistan and North Korea also received low ratings.

Germany’s increased popularity was helped by positive reviews from people in Spain, France, Ghana and Australia. But in debt-laden Greece a majority of people polled gave Germany negative ratings. The German government’s policy of tackling over indebtedness through harsh austerity measures has proven unpopular in peripheral euro zone economies. Furthermore Alastair Newton, political analyst at Japanese investment bank Nomura, said Germany’s popularity in the survey is not surprising given the alternative choices.

German Chancellor Andrea Merkel

“There are lots of reasons why Germany is admired,” Newton said. “It is a large and important world economy, a world-class manufacturer and has a chancellor who demonstrates genuine leadership. The question also is, where else would it be? It is hardly likely to be the U.S., given their attitude to the Middle East, or China given Western and Japanese concerns on the country,” he added. But Jennifer McKeown, European economist at research house Capital Economics, said the results of this survey would probably be different if it were euro zone-focused rather than global. “The big difference here is that this is a worldwide survey,” she said. “I’m not sure how relevant this is as it is the perception of Germany within the euro zone that is more important.” “Negative sentiment towards Germany in the peripheral economies is a worry, as in countries like Italy we are seeing people swaying towards parties with less focus on fiscal tightening and more on growth orientated policies,” McKeown said. “This is damaging for Germany’s proposed vision of the euro zone, where it gets more of a say in how things are run,” she added. Other countries that saw a boost ratings included the U.K., which climbed to No. 3 in the table following its hosting of the 2012 Olympics. China and India proved less popular, however. After improving for a number of years, their ratings fell sharply this year. China sank to the ninth position, with 42 percent of the respondents giving it a positive rating. India was ranked No. 12, with 35 percent of those polled saying their perception of the country was negative, while 34 percent viewed it positively.

China’s Economy Worsining




The unexpected contraction in China’s factory activity in May has heightened the risk of a further slowdown in the second quarter, after the world’s second largest economy grew at its slowest pace in three years over January to March, economists said.





“If the management of the euro zone and the European sovereign debt crisis is marked between one and ten – no more than three in my eyes,” Schulz said. Last week, the EU’s statistics office reported that the euro zone economy contracted for the sixth consecutive quarter in the first three months of 2013, putting further pressure on EU officials to try and solve the on-going crisis. In his interview with CNBC, Schulz also criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s view that harsh austerity, rather than growthorientated policies, is the answer to the euro zone’s woes. “Angela Merkel and her government have a certain political message, which in Europe is called austerity. I call it unilateral cuts in public budgets without taking into account growth,” he said.

Views on the European Union’s influence on the rest of the world improved slightly in 2013, after it dropped to its lowest level last year. In 2013, the EU’s rating rose one percentage point to 49 percent. However, the perception of the EU did deteriorate markedly in certain countries, including Germany itself, Canada and the U.S. In the U.K. for the first time this year, more Britons rated the EU negatively (47 percent) than positively (42 percent).

“The precondition for economic re-launch, and also for the management of sovereign debt, is you need growth, and via growth you need more revenues for the public budget. The trouble is people are always speaking about the spending, and never about the revenues. This is in my eyes a mistake.” Schulz added that Merkel’s emphasis on austerity would not change before Germany’s upcoming federal election on September 22, 2013.

EU Officials Get 3 out of 10 for Handling Crisis

Who Is Martin Schulz? Martin Schulz (born 20 December 1955) is a German politician and Member of the European Parliament for the Social Democratic Party of Germany. He has been the leader of the Socialists in the European Parliament since 2004 (formerly called the Party of European Socialists and since 2009 called the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats). He is the current President of the European Parliament.

The survey was conducted for the BBC by international opinion research consultancy Globe Scan and Washington-based Program on International Policy Attitudes, through face-to-face and telephone interviews with randomly selected people. The survey has been carried out since 2005, and the most recent one was conducted from January to March 2013. European parliament president Martin Schulz gave European Union (EU) officials a measly three out of ten for their handling of the euro zone crisis, in an exclusive interview with CNBC on Wednesday. Speaking to CNBC in Brussels, Schulz gave the European Commission a scathing review in terms of their progress so far.


“Angela Merkel will not change the message, which has been a successful one until today in Germany, before the election,” he said. But Schulz warned that if the euro zone crisis were to worsen, Germany would not be able to escape its impact. “If the EU goes more-and-more in the direction of a deeper crisis, sooner or later the crisis will arrive in Germany,” he said. Germany’s economy has held up relatively well amid the euro zone crisis, but weaker growth in the past few quarters has raised concerns about its resilience. German gross domestic product rose by only 0.1 % in the first quarter of this year, having contracted by 0.7 % in the final quarter of 2012.



The Luxury Cars


his time we would like to compare Luxur y car s. Three luxur y car s assembled in Thailand and three impor ted


comparable European car s.

- Elegant Classy design. The Camry is available as a Hybrid or

In the USA these would be middle class car s according to size but for Thailand they are the third categor y. They are ver y silent and carr y up to 4 per sons comfor table on long distance trips. We took the most popular ver sions of these series. Unfor tunately and for some odd reason , diesel ver sions of all these car s except the impor ts are not available in Thailand unless impor ted at a high impor t tax rate which varies from 187.5% for a motor vehicle engine not exceeding 2000 cc., to 328% for a vehicle with an engine exceeding 3000 cc or 220 hp.

to impor t the vehicle that was registered to them abroad. Find some impor t criteria – r ules and tips in our Thai Legal section on

- The Hybrid version uses less petrol/gasoline and can drive on E20 but purchase cost is considerably higher. - The car is very silent and a dream to cruise along with.

Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission HP / RPM Economy Price THB

= = = = =

Toyota Camr y 6 Cylinders 2,494 cc. Basic Engine Automatic and Sequential 160 hp./ 5,700 rpm - Hybrid 181 hp./ 6,000 rpm - Conventional drive = Hybrid 17 – 20 km/ltr Conventional 12 -14 km/ltr = Min. THB 1,299,000 Conventional Max. THB 1,879,000 Hybrid


Residents of Thailand who move back from abroad are allowed

conventional drive.

NOTE C y l = Cylinder s M T = Manual Transmission RPM = Revolutions Per Minute

-The Hybrid is a heavy car and despite the hybrid drive which saves fuel, the cost of the car is considerable more than a conventional version. However , the environment will thank you for your contribution. Recharging is done by the

Fuel Economy (18 – 24 km/l.): Reasonable = *** Good = **** Ver y Good = *****

conventional fuel engine.

page 34 Advantages Distinctive, luxurious, and elegant design. Spacy and comfortable. Velocity



gear changes) CVT.

Disadvantages No Hybrid Drive available.


Manufacturer = Nissan Model = Teana Engine = Basic 2,000 cc. 4 Cylinders & V 6 Cylinder – 2,500 cc. Transmission = Xtronic CVT – Constant Velocity Transmission = 136 hp./ 5,500 rpm HP / RPM 182 hp./ 6,000 rpm = 4 Cylinder 12 -15 km/ltr Economy 6 Cylinder 10 – 13 km/ ltr. = THB 1,246,000 star ting price Price THB THB 1,533,00

Advantages Reputable alternative. The Accord is prestigious although it is a bit smaller and no 6 cylinder engine. High re-sale value. High quality finish.

Disadvantages No 6 cylinder and/ or no Hybrid available.

Manufacturer = Honda Model = Accord Engine = 4 Cylinder 2,000 cc. ( SOHC) single cam 4 Cylinder 2,400 cc. (DOHC) double cam Transmission = 5 gear automatic transmission = 155 hp./ 6,500 rpm HP / RPM 174 hp./ 6,200 rpm = 11 – 15 km/ltr. Economy = THB 1,299,000 - 2.0 EL Price THB THB 1,799,000 - 2.4 TECH




The Imports

Manufacturer = Mercedes Benz Model = C200 & C220 CDI Engine = 4 Cylinder 1,796 cc. Petrol /Gasoline 4 Cylinder 2,143 cc. Diesel Transmission = 7 speed automatic transmission = C200 - 184 hp. / 5250 rpm HP / RPM C250 - 204 hp. / 4200 rpm - Diesel = 12 -15 km/ltr. Petrol/Gasoline Economy 15 – 17 km/ltr. Diesel = C200 Petrol THB 2,250,000 Price THB C220 CDI Diesel THB 2,590,000



Mercedeses are top of the line comfort luxury limousines with the star symbol on the hood. Through car history they are the leaders of solid engineering, quality, comfort and retain a high resale value.

Manufacturer = Lexus / Toyota Model = Lexus 250 IS Engine = V6 Cylinder 2,499 cc. Automatic transmission with paddle control Transmission = 212 / 6,400 rpm HP / RPM = 10 – 14 km/ltr. Economy = THB 3,920,000 Price THB

High Prices.

Advantages The top of the line from Japan. By all means measurable with a Merc – Audi or BMW with regard to comfort, quality, speed and prestige. Disadvantages No disadvantages as this is a high quality highly reliable highway vehicle.

Advantages BMW vehicles are technical marvels. BMW engines are precious pieces of engineering. Known as the sporty alternative to a Merc or Audi they are comfortable luxury sedan with a sports car character . Also available as Hybrids in the 5 series. Disadvantages High price.

Manufacturer = BMW = 318i Model 320d SE Engine = 4 Cylinder 1,995 cc. Transmission = 8 speed automatic transmission = 143 hp / 6,000 rpm Petrol / Gasoline Engine HP / RPM = 184 hp / 4000 rpm Diesel engine Economy = 9 – 12 km/ltr. Price THB = 318i THB 2,299,000 = 320d SE THB 2,899,000

A P P R O A C H M A G A Z I N E J U NE 2 0 1 3




Car Import to






A Word of Caution For the import of used/secondhand vehicles, the person wanting to import a vehicle / importer needs to obtain an import permit from the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce before the arrival of the vehicles; otherwise he/she shall be liable to a fine equal to 10 percent of the price of vehicle but not less than 1,000 Thai Baht, not more than 20,000 Thai Baht.



ew vehicles of all types not yet registered abroad are allowed to be imported without applying for an import permit from the Ministry of Commerce. However, for the vehicles with the weight less than 3500 Kgs., an importer needs to obtain an import permit from the Industrial Standard Institute. Used/secondhand vehicles need to obtain an import permit from the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce. Vehicles less than 3500 Kgs., an importer needs to obtain an import permit from the Industrial Standard Institute as well.

Criteria [1]

The “importer� is eligible to import only ONE used/ secondhand vehicle for personal use.

[2] In case where the importer is a non-resident, he/she is required to stay in Thailand for at least ONE year and present a non-immigrant visa issued by the Immigration Bureau and the National Police Office together with a work permit issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare at the time of importation. [3] In the event that the importer is a Thai resident married to a foreigner, he/she is required to present documentary evidence of marriage and proof of changing residence to Thailand. Also the importer has to own and possess the imported vehicle for at least one and a half year while staying abroad, from the date of transferring the ownership to the date of arrival into Thailand. [4] In case where an importer is a Thai resident, he/she is allowed to import a vehicle only when such vehicle is accompanied the owner on the change of residence and he/she has owned and possessed the imported vehicle together with the valid driving license for at least one and a half year while staying abroad.

Tax and Duty Assessment The Customs value of the imported vehicles is determined on the basis of the CIF value (Cost & Insurance & Freight). In case of not spending at least 12 months in a foreign country and not owning the motor vehicle for at least 12 months abroad, the following tax rates apply:

Cylinder Capacity

Duty (%)

Total (%)

Personal Vehicle including passenger - Not exceeding 2000 cc.



vehicle with not more than 10 seats - 2001 cc. but not exceeding 2500 cc.



- 2501 cc. or but not exceeding 3000 cc.



- More than 3001 cc.



Motorcycles(Tariff Heading 87.11)



Electric Motorcycle



Electric Bicycle



Type of Vehicles

and not more than 220 hp.



Important Notice from Editor This information is not a legal document. It is a guide to current policy only. No decisions on payment of Customs duties and taxes can be made on the vehicle until the vehicle arrives at the port of clearance and all relevant information is given to the Thai Customs Department. APPROACH magazine waives any responsibility to the accuracy of the above information which was retracted by courtesy of the customs department.


Outdoor Opulence Few parts of Asia offer more outdoor splendour than Thailand’s northern city of Chiang Mai. Here, lush greenery, gushing streams, and frolicking wildlife combine with the tradition of luxury lingering from the ancient Lanna Kingdom that once thrived in the area. It’s the ideal setting to kick up your heels and enjoy the great outdoors with a touch of high style.

Chiang Mai is famous for its elephant sanctuaries, and the Maesa Elephant Camp is one of its best. The camp provides the elephants with a natural and healthy living environment, while it works to conserve and breed them. Jen: Dress by Troy Brennan, shoes by Jimmy Choo, necklace worn as headpiece by Uma Jewelry Dan: Shirt by Kenzo, trousers by Troy Brennan



Photography: Vatcharin Tavornwong Shoot Direction & Styling: Troy Brennan Models: Jennifer Lo and Daniel Hardy




Modelled after the ancient Lanna Kingdom, it’s easy to feel like royalty when staying at the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi. Spread over 60 acres of natural landscape, the entire resort took five years to build, with not a single detail being overlooked.

Jen: Dress by Troy Brennan, shoes by Jimmy Choo Dan: Suit by Kenzo




The eight-tiered Maesa Waterfall is a favourite among Chiang Mai locals and visitors alike. Offering a slightly cooler atmosphere, the area is ideal for a lunchtime picnic.

Jen: Skirt and top by Kenzo Dan: Shirt by Kenzo, trousers and belt by Loudmouth Blue cushions from Mandarin Oriental Hotel Dhara Dhevi, brown cushions by Doi Tung, hand-made rugs by Doi Tung




When staying at the Oriental, a stroll on the “palace” grounds is a must. Relax with your sweetheart in one of the many comfortable rest spots and enjoy the indulgent surroundings.

Jen: Top and jeans by Kenzo, jeans by Kenzo, shoes by Jimmy Choo Dan: Shirt and cargo pants by Kenzo, shoes by Feiyue (available at Pronto stores) Overnight bags by Mandarina Duck, MO magazine by Mandarin Oriental






Where to Go and What to See NORTH, SOUT H & W E S T O F H UA H I N From Prachuab Khirikhan, the capital of our province with the same name, about 85 km South of Hua Hin, to Petchaburi, 100 km North of Hua Hin, there are to Petchaburi,n there are some worthwhile tours you can make.

Coming from the North Petchaburi Has nice beaches and mangrove regions. The water is not as clear as in Hua Hin or even Prachuab Khirikhan, but there is a coastal road which goes almost all the way to Bangkok.

Maruekhathaiyawan Palace This beachside wooden palace was formerly used as a royal summer residence by King Rama VI during the 1920s. Facing the open sea, the palace is referred to as the palace of love and hope”,

Kaeng Krachan Dam and Park It is 760 metres long and 58 metres high, overlooking beautiful scenery of the reservoir and its islands and Kaeng Krachan National Park This is the most extensive national park of Thailand and still largely unexplored. It was declared a national park on June 12, 1981, with clearly defined areas for a reservoir and year round green jungle in the Tanaosri Ranges, which are the origins of many rivers.

Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park


This covers a hilly area with an old palace and historical temples in the vicinity of the town. It consists of royal halls, temples and groups of buildings, constructed mostly in harmonious Thai, Western neoclassic and Chinese architectural styles.

Phra Ram Ratchaniwet

Hat Chao Samran and Hat Puek Tian

This palace of European architectural style is originally called “Wang Ban Puen”. King Rama V commanded it built as a rainy season palace in 1916. It was used to welcome and accommodate state visitors during the reign of King Rama VI.

The Legend says that King Naresuan the Great and King Eka Thotsarot made several royal visits here and highly appreciated its beauty. The villagers thus rendered it a name “Hat Chao Samran”, which means “Beach of Royal Leisure”. Hat Puek Tian This wide and long beach is popular among Thai tourists. The most prominent landmark is a huge statue of a female giant standing in the sea.



HUA HIN Rafting along the Phetchaburi River This is an exciting adventure through the Kaeng Krachan National Park. The trip from Phetchaburi to the starting point takes 3 hours by 4-wheel drive truck and the raft trip takes some 5 hours passing a verdant forest and a Karen hill tribe village.

Going South Dolphin Bay Dolphin Bay is about 30 minutes South of Hua Hin through Pranburi. There are several Resorts such as Terra Selisa and Dolphin Bay Resort. Sea going Canoes are rented out by Terra Selisa resort. Furthermore bicycle and Electro Bike tours as described in earlier publications can be taken along Dolphin Bay to Sam Roi Yot nature park.

Khao Sam Roi Yot Khao Sam Roi Yot is a marine national park in Sam Roi Yot district, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand. It covers 98.08 km², of which 20.88 km² are marine areas. The park was established in 1966, and was the first coastal national park of Thailand. Two white sand beaches are located within the park namely Hat Laem Sala and Hat Sam Phraya. Hat Laem Sala is 17 km away from the park’s headquarters and can be reached from the village Ban Pu either by boat or by climbing up and down over a hill for nearly 30 minutes.

Prachuab Khirikhan Waghor Aquarium

Kui Buri National Park with Wild Elephants At the Kui Buri Reserve, you will be given the unique opportunity to monitor wild elephants in the forest of which there are only a few hundred left in Thailand . Specialized park rangers will tell you many things about the area’s ecosystem, and especially about the elephant. With a little bit of luck, you will also get to see some other wild animals. During the walks and from the monitoring area, you can enjoy absolutely beautiful views and sceneries and see the Elephants as they live in wildlife.

The Aquarium features a beautiful and impressive glass tunnel walk through the displayed rich underwater world. Its general layout is neatly designed to enhance explaining the differences in the types of aquatic life on display. Written explanations are mainly in Thai language, though.


Ao Manau The beaches at Ao Manau are clean and well-kept by the army. The water is much clearer than further up North. Food and lodging prices far below Hua Hin and Cha Am levels.

King Mongkut Memorial Park of Science and Technology The nearby King Mongkut Memorial Park of Science and Technology commemorates the 2 years advance forecast of a total solar eclipse which was subsequently witnessed by King Rama IV at Waghor in 1868. The park features several Thai language sections for the science education of children and young people, dealing mainly with astronomical topics. There is also a nice ancient steam locomotive exhibit and a butterfly garden. The park is far less well maintained than the Aquarium.

Rent a Car or a guided tour and see more than just your hotel room and resort swimming pool.

A P P R O A C H M A G A Z I N E J U NE 2 0 1 3



& E D U C AT I O N

APPROACH IS PROUD TO INTRODUCE: Author: Zara A. Zara, 16, is the new contributing author to this section. She loves writing and is delighted to be able to share her passion with the readers of Approach. Each month we will feature the next segment of The Sword of Stars for readers of all ages to enjoy as well as puzzles, recipes and more.

In This Section: The Youth is

The Sword of Stars



turning to Twitter

Day 2

with Zara


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The Youth is Turning to



een use of Twitter has grown significantly, a new report into social media networks shows, while Facebook is losing market share to its quickmessaging rival. Research from the think tank Pew Research Center revealed that 24 percent of online teens use Twitter now, up from 16 percent in 2011. Of the 802 teens aged 12-17 that were surveyed by Pew, 80 percent said that they used social networking sites and one in four online teens are using Twitter, a social network previously perceived as dominated by adults. Conversely, the study by the non-partisan research group reported that teens have become fed up with Facebook, with focus group discussions showing teens’ waning enthusiasm for Facebook. “Teens are now migrating to Twitter in growing numbers, often as a supplement to their Facebook use,” Pew reported. “Twitter draws a far smaller crowd than Facebook for teens, but its use is rising. One in four online teens uses Twitter in some way. While overall use of social networking sites among teens has hovered around 80 %, Twitter grew in popularity,” the Pew report said. When teens were first asked about their Twitter use in 2009 only 9 % used it, showing the draw Twitter has achieved as its older rival Facebook starts to “annoy” its young adherents.

Citing the “drama,” stress of managing their online reputation on the network and annoyance when their Facebook friends “share inane details” about their everyday lives, though many are reluctant to leave the network, the study found. “While Facebook is still deeply integrated in teens’ everyday lives, it is sometimes seen as a utility and an obligation rather than an exciting new platform that teens can claim as their own,” the report added. “Nevertheless, the site is still where a large amount of socializing takes place, and teens feel they need to stay on Facebook in order to not miss out.” Concerns over social media’s access and use of private data by businesses and advertisers grew among the parents’ surveyed, with 81 percent of parents being “very” or “somewhat” concerned, and 46 percent reporting they are “very concerned,” about how much advertisers could learn about their child’s online activities. Out of the teens, only 9 percent said they are “very” concerned about third party access to their data. Courtesy of : CNBC’s Holly Ellyatt. Follow her on Twitter @HollyEllyatt.

Tel/Fax: 032-511-815 Mobile: 089-944-7164 Hin Lek  Fai

Email: Web:

Insect screen Khlong  Chonlaprathan   Intersection

Baan Poemsuk (Room  for  rent)

Chon Pra  Than  27


Chon Pra  Than  29



repair  shop.

Umbrella Curtains

Address: 5/217 MooBan Khoa-Noi,

Hua Hin  56

Skylight Hua Hin    58


repair shop

Liap Khlong  Chonlaprathan  Road

Aw n i n g s

Liap Khlong Chonlaprathan Rd, Hua Hin Petchakasem Road




The Sword of Star s Day 1 Continued Captain Blake The Story So Far…Simon

was kidnapped by a bunch of men in

ridiculous costumes and transported through a puddle - of all things…


You are much…taller…than I expected,” “I’m twelve years old Captain,” said Simon. “Indeed. So, Simon, do you fancy joining my crew?” The question was unexpected and fleetingly, Simon almost said yes, but then he remembered his mother and the way they had kidnapped him. “No thank you,” said Simon. The Captain’s eyebrows creased. “No? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you do realize that don’t you? You do know what that means? Simon?” “Yes Captain, but your men kidnapped me,” Simon protested. “Kidnapped? We do not kidnap! We’re pirates not bandits,” “What about my mother?” “Violet is on her way, any second now, she’ll be here,” “How do you know our names?” Simon demanded. “Are you always so questioning? Pirates have ways of knowing things. Now will you join my crew?” There were so many pirates there already, why did the Captain want Simon? “Why do you want me?” Simon asked. “Because I am on a quest and I cannot think of anyone better to have by my side than you and Sir Blithe, my first mate,” “What kind of quest?” Simon asked. “I am looking for something I have lost and I think that you are looking for an adventure,”

imon blinked and found himself face to face with deep brown eyes and bushy eyebrows. The man straightened up and Simon looked

off beyond the timber floors. He walked closer to the end of the deck and stared. “The ocean.” he whispered. Simon breathed in salt air for the first time and laughed. For miles and miles around, the ocean was spread under the clear blue skies and sunshine. For a moment, Simon forgot all else and leaned over the railing. The water rippled calmly and Simon wondered what treasures it held below. That’s why the ground is rocking, he thought. He turned and took in the ship. Well-kept timber made up a series of decks with masts that stood tall and held white sails. On the tips of the masts were round balls of gold. Men were everywhere working and rowing. Simon saw Chuff helping lift a large canon and Sir Blithe looked like he was giving more orders. Simon turned back to the eyes that greeted him and spotted the hilt of a sword, a feather in a hat, the grandeur of the royal blue coat. The man had hair that had been tangled by the windy salt air and his eyes had purpose. “You’re a pirate, you are all pirates!” Simon blurted. The man laughed and scratched the stubble on his chin. “Yes I am. In fact, I am the Captain. Captain Blake of the Ship of Stars, the finest ship on the sea today,” Simon could certainly agree with that. “I have been waiting for you for a long time Simon.




“How would you know?” “Because you are…Simon Chester,” The Captain looked off to sea and sighed. Then he turned back to Simon. “You do not have to make a decision now… why don’t you let me show you around? Come along.” The Captain led Simon around the ship and named all the decks, chores and jobs. Every time someone looked up from their work the Captain would yell, “This is Simon Chester!” and then tell Simon the names of the pirates and something about them. It was a dreadful lot to remember. Finally the Captain led Simon to the helm. “This is Os. He has been with me for a very long time. He’s full of wisdom, Os is. If you have a problem, ask him,” said Captain Blake. “Now, I need to go check on me lads, but you can stay here with Os and enjoy the views alright?” The Captain was off before Simon could respond. Simon walked around the deck and noticed a telescope. He bent down and looked through the lens. “Those things have been broken for years.” Os said. Through the telescope Simon saw a dark, thunderous island. Simon looked up. It was still clear and blue ahead. No land was there. When Simon looked back in the telescope the island image was gone. He wondered if he may have imagined it. Simon spent the rest of the afternoon wondering around the ship and peering into the telescopes, but nothing strange occurred again. Later the pirates lowered the anchor and gathered around the main deck to eat dinner. It was cold fish soup, apparently a regular meal on the menu. Whilst they ate, the crew was eager to tell Simon their stories. “And then, Sir Blithe here,” said one pirate called Palin. “He step right on that exact plank and fall right through!” Everyone laughed except Sir Blithe whose cheeks flushed bright red. “Simon!” Someone called. Simon jumped up, dropping his bowl of soup which clattered on the ground. “Simon!” They called again. “Mum?” Simon mouthed. He turned and begun jogging to find her. Soon he was in his mother’s embrace. “You’re alright.” she said.

AP P R O A C H M A G A Z I N E J U N E 2 0 1 3

In an instant Captain Blake was there too. “Hello Violet, welcome aboard and may I just say - of course Simon is alright! What did you think I would do? Walk him off the plank?!” asked the Captain. “I have no idea what you would do which is why I was so worried! You pulled my house a part and kidnapped Simon and then me too! What is the matter with you?” Simon had never seen her get this mad before, even when he had accidentally flooded the bathroom and made their water bill sky rocket. “Kidnapped?” Captain Blake rubbed his stubble. “We really must clear up this kidnapping word. We do not kidnap, we’re pirates, not bandits,” Captain Blake explained yet again. “Kidnap, escort unwillingly, it’s the same thing! We will be going now,” Violet huffed. “Simon wants to be here, don’t you Simon?” said Captain Blake. Simon opened his mouth but no sound came out. The truth was, he did want to stay but he was sure his mother would never agree. “Parry,” Captain Blake called the pirate that had ‘escorted’ Violet. Parry rushed over. “Parry,” said the Captain. “Why did it take you so long to return?” “She wanted to pack some things, Captain,” Parry replied. Kip, another pirate who had stayed behind to wait for Violet, dragged a large suitcase forward. Captain Blake grinned. “Why did you pack if you didn’t want to be here?” he asked Violet. Violet was stunned. “A precaution,” she mumbled. “Just in case.” Captain Blake leaned towards Violet and Simon strained his ears to overhear the Captain whisper - “Did you pack your bandana?” Violet’s nostrils flared. “Cook?” said the Captain. “Take our honoured guests to their quarters,” Cook nodded. “I hope there is enough room for your luggage, Violet. Goodnight Simon and sweet dreams. I’ll see you both in the morning. We have an early start tomorrow.” The Captain began walking towards Sir Blithe. Everything that has happened is very peculiar, Simon thought to himself, and so was the Captain.

To Be Continued… By Zara A.






Pineapple Crumble

Challenge Rate: 2/5 Preparation time: 20 mins Cooking time: 30-35 mins Tips: Use organic ingredients where possible as it is tastier, better for our health and the earth. Each ingredient that I have labelled organic has previously been found in Hua Hin as organic. Serves 6-8

Ingredients: Butter to grease 1 small pineapple For topping: I 1/3 cup of organic rolled oats 2 tbsp. organic brown sugar (or syrup of your choice) ½ cup of organic plain flour 70g melted butter

Method: Preheat oven to 180 degrees C (356 degrees F). Grease a baking dish with butter. Cut up pineapple into small chunks and place into the dish evenly to cover the base. In a small bowl mix together oats, flour and sugar. Gradually pour melted butter in with the dry ingredients and combine. Cover pineapple with topping evenly. Bake in oven for 30-35 mins or until golden brown. Serve hot or cold with yoghurt, whipped cream, fresh fruit or Vanilla Custard.

Vanilla Custard

Challenge Rate: 4/5

Method: Pour the milk into a small pot and add vanilla extract. Heat the milk over a stove on medium heat without the lid on the pot until small bubbles began to appear, then move the saucepan from the heat and cover with lid. Set aside for 15 mins. Prepare a shallow saucepan of hot water and heat on the stove. Leave there to use shortly. In a small mixing bowl beat together the egg yolks and sugar until light and creamy. Remove lid from the pot containing the milk and gradually add it to the egg and sugar, stirring gently. Once all the milk has been combined, place the mixing bowl into the shallow saucepan of hot water and turn the stove to medium heat, ensuring the water does not boil. With a whisk, stir continuously only pausing for brief intervals until it reaches desired consistency. The custard should take about five minutes on the stove before it begins to thicken and will thicken further whilst it cools and/or when refrigerated. Serve hot or cold with fruit, crepes or Pineapple Crumble.


Preparation Time: 35 mins Cooking Time: 10-12 mins Serves 4 by itself or 8 as pouring custard

Ingredients: 420 ml organic milk 1 tsp. vanilla extract 4 organic egg yolks 2 tbsp. organic brown sugar (or syrup of your choice)


Word Search Challenge See how many fruit and vegetable names you can find?




Cats and Dogs Quiz

JOKES Which Olympic high-jumper can jump higher than the moon? All of them, the moon can’t jump. * “Sally, put gruesome in a sentence.” “I was short once and then I grew some.” * Why did the robber have a bath? So he could make a clean getaway. * “Jeff,” said the teacher. “If you had 2005 baht in one pocket and 110 baht in another, what would you have?” “Someone else’s pants.” * Which side of a chicken has the most feathers? The outside. Jokes courtesy of Ben Adcock. Puzzles by Zara A.


How many muscles do cats have per ear? a) 32 b) 49 c) 21


Is a domestic dog an omnivore, carnivore or herbivore?


True or False? Ancient Egyptians believed cats had magical powers.


True or False? A dog’s nose helps them heat their body.


What does a cat’s tongue feel like?


Who has better hearing, a human or a dog?


What is the largest type of ‘big cat’ in the world?


True or False? Dogs cannot see colour.


In Ancient Rome cats were a symbol of…? a) Victory b) Liberty c) Grief


Does a cat like their food warm, cold or room temperature?


Is the tallest dog in the world…? a) 150 cm tall b) 97.5 cm tall c) 106.7 cm tall


How many hours a day, do cats spend sleeping? For answers see page 76

Copyright © 2013 Zara Adcock APPROACH MAGAZINE JUNE 2013






t all started in Germany. Uwe and Hannelore Romeike were raising their five children in the German state of BadenWurttemberg, when they decided to remove their children

from the public education system. In 2006, the Romeike’s illegally withdrew their children from the German public schools system and began homeschooling. Believing that the public education system was undermining their Christian faith, the Romeike’s began breaking the law and teaching their kids at home. By exercising their natural rights, the Romeikes were fined over $10,000 by the German government and at one point their children were forcefully removed from their home. In 2010, after getting their children back, they chose to flee Germany and move to the United States. Upon arrival in the USA, the Romeikes were granted asylum. A federal judge rebuked the German policy and ruled that the Romeike’s had a reasonable fear of persecution for their personal beliefs if they returned to Germany. Nothing much was said about the issue until the Obama’s Administration’s Department of Justice got involved.


Attorney General, Eric Holder came out and opposed the federal court ruling, siding with the German government. He pleaded that the Romeike’s be denied their asylum. Holder believes that governments may legitimately use force and authority to make parents comply with government-sanctioned schools. With statements like these, the United States, once a beacon for liberty, was now endorsing force and mandates in regard to education. The right to homeschool and teach one’s own children is a fundamental human right is now at stake. It doesn’t matter what beliefs each family has. It’s liberty that matters. According to Holder, that liberty should be supervised by the federal government. The German policy that’s currently in place says that the upbringing of a child is a parent’s natural right but the government’s duty is to watch over them in the performance of this duty. The law also states that: “The entire school system shall be under the supervision of the state.”




For kids it is surely and socially a lot better to grow up with other kids.

“ The policy in the United States is currently one of freedom. The Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution secures homeschooling as a fundamental liberty. The Constitution enables each individual state to regulate homeschooling in its own way. Is this idea under attack? Very much so. The Attorney General currently seeks to deport the Romeike’s. Their right to home school their children their own way doesn’t matter to the Department of Justice. The government is more concerned with compliance: Everyone giving away their liberty and free will, and absorbing the education laid out by federal law. Homeschooling isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and there should be nothing criminal about it. It is a parent’s natural right to teach their children what they want as long as they are not harming another. A family that flees a county’s educational control to find liberty in the United States is a testimony of freedom and the Attorney General should be ashamed for wanting to strip the family of asylum and deport them back into the hands of the controlling German government.

Homeschooling isn’t anything to be ashamed of....

Updated news May 15, 2013 : Uwe and Hannelore Romeike face charges and $9,000 fine for taking kids out school as Obama officials prepare to send them back. Michael Farris, that organization’s founding chairman, told MailOnline in a telephone interview that the even if the federal government doesn’t believe home schooling is a human rights issue that qualifies for political asylum, it can still let the family remain in the US and home school their children. ‘The attorney general absolutely has the discretion to let these people stay,’ Farris said of the devoutly Christian family. ‘I really wonder what would’ve happened to the Pilgrims under this administration,’ Farris commented. Editor : We will keep you posted


In remote countries, there is no alternative to homeschooling. In our own Hua Hin there are many alternatives including international curriculums such as at BECC and other institutions. For kids it is surely, socially a lot better to grow up with other kids. Staying home alone is no alternative , large families sometimes cannot afford the high tuition fees wanted by international or bi-lingual schools.




I T ’S




n the recent years Japanese cuisine has become very popular. People from all the corners of the world have discovered the Japanese cuisine and this is increasing day-by-day. When most people hear the word “sushi”, they instantly think of raw fish. However, they’re mistaken. In truth, dishes made with raw fish are called “sashimi”. The main ingredient that defines sushi is vinegar rice, which may (or may not) contain raw fish. More often than not, sushi contains various types of shellfish such as lobster or crab. Some sushi rolls contain cooked fish wrapped tightly inside the vinegar rice. Sushi is commonly known to be a part of the Japanese kitchen, however the meal dates back to the 7th century China. The Chinese people started to make sushi trying to preserve fish but without modern day refrigerators. To complete the process of making sushi, they only needed salt and rice. As a result they had a delicious fish known as sushi in the present days. Spending your holidays or living here in this beautiful beach town, you are presented with all the cuisines of the world. Furthermore the number of people visiting Hua Hin is increasing everyday and so also the demand for sushi.That is why we from Approach Magazine present you the best places in Hua Hin for Sushi. Note that the word “best” is very subjective, so we picked three restaurants in three categories;

1) Tegorona kakaku no Dainingu (Affordable Dining) 2) Kingaku ni miau kachi Dainingu (Value-for-money Dining) 3) Puremiamu Dainingu (Premium Dining) Sakura’s Chefs

SAKURA The first restaurant on our list falls in the Tegorona kakaku no Dainingu (Bargain Dining) category is Sakura Sushi Restaurant located in Soi 94 and relatively the newest of the three Japanese restaurants.The chef of Sakura is born and bred in Thailand, but has worked for years in top restaurants in California to learn the tricks of the trade. Two years ago he used this extensive experience to set up his own restaurant and it has become a great success. As many people know, especially in Europe, is that sushi is always quite costly because of the fresh fish. And what also many people know is that you cannot catch tuna or salmon off the coast in Hua Hin; it has to be imported. Even though Sakura is able to keep its prices very affordable and the fish very fresh. At the restaurant you can sit inside with air-conditioning and outisde, which is especially nice in the winter months in Thailand. Moreover the set-up of the restaurant is very basic and there are hints of Japan here and there. The menu card at Sakura is pretty elaborate and offers more than only sushi. The grilled chicken Yakitori skewers and pan fried Gyoza are recommendations for non-sushi-lovers. But for the sushi-aficionados among us we highly recommend the Sumo Dragon; a long roll of sushi filled with tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, masako, cream cheese

Sakura Restaurant

and topped with crispy tempura crumbs, wasabi, mayonnaise and unagi sauce. This mythological creature looks and tastes like it just flew straight from Tokyo to our plate. Another favourite at Sakura is the Ahi Tuna Tartare; a salad with sliced raw tuna, avocado and red unions with soy-mirin vinaigrette. Delicious in it’s simplicity. However there is still room for improvement concerning the service at Sakura. As with more restaurants in this holiday destination, they waiters don’t speak so good English and more smiling wouldn’t hurt anyone. In conclusion, an evening dining at Sakura is good and fresh.You will leave the restaurant with your tummy full of delicious food for about 300 THB to 500 THB per person including drinks.

Sumo Dragon Sushi - Sakura -



HAGI Sushi and Sashimi Boat - Hagi -

FUJI The second category is Kingaku ni miau kachi Dainingu (Value-formoney Dining). The Fuji Restaurant at Market Village is part of a large restaurant chain from Japan. As with all large chains, scaleadvantages and high quality control are high in their priorities, which means that where ever in Thailand you eat at Fuji, you will always get the same guaranteed freshness and quality. In contrary to Sakura or Hagi - where a passionate chef is practising his craft – at Fuji there is a battery of chefs with each an own task. The Fuji Group probably copied this from the Toyota car factories because it is very efficient, but it lacks soul.

Now we have arrived at the last category; Puremiamu Dainingu (Premium Dining). The saying “It’s Lonely at the Top” really goes for Hagi Restaurant. Hagi is located in the centre of Hua Hin on Damrongrat Road and is part of Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin. This beautiful establishment is the former Hua Hin Railway Hotel, one of the classic hotels of the East. The Hua Hin Railway Hotel was constructed in 1923 and has fully retained its old-world charm. In 1985 Centara Hotels & Resorts acquired the property and renovated it beyond its colonial glory. This year the Centara became part of the renowned “Leading Hotels of the World” consortium, which is the Michelin Star equivalent for hotels. Hagi Restaurant recently upgraded and improved the venue, making it the most distinguished Japanese restaurants in Hua Hin. While being in the bustling city center of Hua Hin, once you step into Hagi you feel the serenity also felt in typical Japanese gardens. The restaurant exudes Asian high-class and looks contemporary chique. In addition, Japanese Chef Ozaki has over 20 years of experience in Japanese cuisine and he makes sure that the traditional Japanese flavours are respected. The first dish that was presented to us came on a small boat, which is traditional in Japanese culture. The ship contained different kinds of sashimi like Shake (salmon), Akami (blue-fin tuna), Suzuki (sea bass) and their counterparts in sushi. Hagi Restaurant Tori Nanban - Hagi -

But we come for the food and that is very good. Our first recommendation is the Salmon sashimi; sliced raw salmon with wasabi. With this dish there is no rice, seaweed or other ingredients to accompany the fish, so it all comes down to the quality and freshness of the salmon. In western culture salmon is almost never eaten raw. Usually salmon is either; smoked, grilled, cooked or streamed. Nevertheless the sashimi at Fuji has a very good texture and rich in fat, which gives it a good round taste. In addition is this dish also very healthy as it contains a lot of the Omega-3 amino acids, which help lower your cholesterol.

Salmon Sashimi

Alaska Salmon Rolls - Fuji -

For those of us favouring non-fish dishes, we highly suggest the Steak Lunch Set.This set comes with rice, miso soup, three different sauces and very tender Teriyaki beef. Also the Tonkatsu, which is in principle an ordinary Wiener Schnitzel, is also very good and is served with Japanese mustard. Another star on the menu of Fuji are the Alaska Salmon rolls filled with unagi, cucumber, crabstick, rice and topped with mayonnaise. Additionally the service and food presentation at Fuji restaurant is impeccable. The waitresses are nice and the food is served faster than you can say “Arigato”. The price ranges from 400 THB to 600 THB per person including drinks and they have bonus card saving programme, so you can save credits that give you a serious discount after a few visits.


Spicy Tuna Rolls - Hagi -

If we were still in the Edo period, then the Salmon sashimi from Fuji would be the “army general” and the Salmon sashimi from Hagi would be “High Royal Highness The Emperor of Japan”. Also the other sashimi had a good bite texture, which is very important with fresh fish. Mainly because the fish must have a firm structure and not be too soft. Another common problem with especially tuna is that it can have a blend taste and not so much flavor. However Hagi’s Akami tuna has the real tuna taste we are looking for and the meat-like texture from the best parts of the blue-fin tuna. Also in this restaurant the Japanese Dragon made an appearance, but this was an imperial dragon and tasted delicious. Next to the sushi we ordered the Tori Nanban.These are pan-fried pieces of chicken with tartar sauce and are also a specialty dish of Hagi. Another celebrity found in every Japanese restaurant is the California Roll. Again the presentation of this dish was of a high standard and for the taste it goes the same. Moreover, our courses were accompanied by a very smooth Californian Sauvignon Blanc, which was a beautiful match. All in all were we amazed by this dining experience at Hagi. The service was perfect and personal, exactly what you expect of a member of “Leading Hotels of the World”. Thus, if you want to treat yourself and your loved ones to real sushi and make it a special night, then you know there are a few good choices in town.



Hotel & Restaurant



Amari Mosaic – All day dining – International Breakfast – Thai Specialties – Kids Favourites Shoreline Beach Club – BBQ Beachside Lounge – Grill Favourites – Aqua – Pool Bar – Taste of Thailand – Thai Bites & Snacks – Noodle Soups – Fresh Fruit

Anantara Weekly Dining Recommendations : 18:30 – 22:30 Tuesday & Sunday - Rim Nam -– Curry Night – THB 799 Thursday - Beach Restaurant -– Thai Night Buffet – THB 899 Friday - Sai Thong -– Anantara Wine Dinner – THB 1,999 Saturday - Baan Thalia -– Beach BBQ Buffet – THB 1,050 Sunday – Beach & Pool Restaurant – Som Tam Tod – THB 320 Daily Resort Promotions : Ice Cool Beers by The Beach – 5 bottles for THB 599 Frozen Margaritas & Daiquiries – THB 250 per cocktal Lunchtime Specials – THB 350 / set – Pizza or Pasta – THB 349/set Thai Tapas – THB 249/set - Sala Siam – Check for specials : Thai Cooking Class etc.

Anantasila Thai Night – Fridays 18:30 – 21:30 Steak & Pasta Night – Saturdays 18:30 – 21:30 Sunday Salads – Salad and Antipasti Bar - 18:30 – 21:30 Children under the age of 12 pay half price.

Dusit Thani The Restaurant – International & Thai Cuisine – Daily San Marco – Mediterranean Favourites – All day Ban Benjaron – Royal Thai Cuisine – 18:00 – 22:00

Hilton THE MARKET - Signature dishes of the month - Thai fried rice & wok fried tiger prawns THB 480 nett. Salmon tartar with horseradish cream and herb crouton for THB 280 nett. Indian mutton Masala served with fragrant jasmine rice for THB 420 nett. Theme Dinners - Wednesday & Friday - All-you-can-eat pizza, pasta and salad buffet THB 650 Thursday - Taste of Siam Buffet THB 599. Saturday - International Barbeque buffet - THB 1,050 THE CELLAR - Open daily from 12.00 pm - 10.00 pm - Taste the best of both worlds through wine. WHITE LOTUS - All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum - Saturday, Sunday& public Holidays THB 499. Chinese buffet dinner every Sunday - A fusion of Chinese, Thai and Mediterranean specialities. THB 899 – Signature dish - Stir fried seafood with “Hong Kong sauce” in a taro basket for THB 440 nett.

Editor´s Note: The above prices are mainly net per person without VAT(7%) or Service Charge (10%). Children under the age of 6 years are usually free and youth from 6 – 12 pay half price. However check with each outlet as different Resorts may have different options.

SKY BAR Operating Hours 6.00 pm - 11.00 pm - Get the taste of Brazil - Caipirinhas, Caipifrutas CHAY HAD - Theme Dinners 7.00 pm - 10.00 pm - Monday – Indian & Thai curry night - THB 650 Wednesday - Wine Dinner - A 5-course set dinner with a glass of wine for THB 1,550 AQUA POOL BAR - Weekend Burger from 12.00 - 14.00 - flying burger, hot dog or a Satay - THB 360




MILESTONES - Enjoy our vibrant Filipino band playing from 8:30 pm until late daily except on Sunday. The ultimate nightcap kiss - Choose from the list food and drinks for THB 750 nett and get one glass of Sparkling for free. Happy Hour 6.00 pm -9.00 pm for special price THB 100 nett on local beer, cocktails, Gin, Rum and Vodka . Beer o’clock - Daily Happy Hour at Beer House from 9.00 pm - 23.00 SOS - TUG BOAT BAR - Enjoy acoustic live music daily from 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm (except on Sunday) Catch live sports on the massive outdoor screen - Football, Golf and more draught beer for THB 120 nett and Standard spirits cocktails for THB 110 nett. SOS Bruschetta with our special avocado and Salsa toppings 4 pcs. for THB 240 nett. BEER HOUSE PARTY CALENDAR - Every Wednesday - Lady Night - 50% discount/ beverage for ladies. Every Friday - Cowboy Night with sexy cowgirls - Every Sunday: DJ Battle by DJ Richard and the Gang .


Hilton (Continued)

Saturday night 29 June 2013: Rock ‘n Roll Party with SMF concert, special bartender and sexy coyote show. F1 Kick Off - 09 June 1.00 am GRAN PRIX CANADA - 30 June - 7.00 pm - BRITISH GRAND PRIX

Hyatt Regency


McFarland House - Afternoon Tea & Mango High Tea - Everyday from

Pirom Restaurant features authentic Thai cuisine made from locally-

2:00pm to 6:00 pm priced

sourced ingredients.

at Baht 300 / person & THB 500 / Couple.

Felicita - Trattoria-style dining and wood-fired pizzas.

Sunday Brunch is available every Sunday from 11.30 – 15.00 hrs.

Azure Beach Grill offers all-day dining and fantastic rooftop views.

The prices are Baht 1,500 net per person inclusive of a bottle of

The Lee La Bar serves up single malts, cigars and live jazz while the Pool

sparkling wine per two persons, home-made lemonade and iced tea,

Bar offers cocktails and light snacks poolside. Enjoy soulful saxophone

Baht 1,300 net per person inclusive of home-made lemonade and iced

sounds and signature cocktails overlooking Hua Hin Beach from The

tea and Baht 650 net for child 6 – 12 years old.

Fireside cocktail lounge

Figs Restaurant invites guests to experience authentic home-made pasta dishes and pizzas from our Baht 250 dinner menu available every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30pm to 10:30pm.

V-Villas Villazo Restaurant - 3-course Best Restaurant menu. THB 1,750 net per person for food only. Valid from now until 31 December 2013 THB 2,000 net per person for food and a glass of wine. Dine as a couple and receive a bottle of quality wine

Putharacsa Oceanside Beach Club – Unique Flavorful Mushrooms - As per McFarland House Sunday Brunch

Menue from THB 190 – 420 Oceanside Beach Club - Cocktail : Putahracsa Lychee Martini – THB 200 p. serving.



Mr. Mon - Thai and foreign dishes - Popular amongst foreigners and Thai alike

– Thai and foreign menus Coffee shop an meeting point for golfers. Located on the parallel road to Petchkasem rd. along the railroad track. APPROACH liked the Penang Curry, but also the Spaghetti Bolognese.

- Reasonable prices Tick Restaurant - Thai and foreign dishes - Cosy bar - Reasonable prices APPROACH MAGAZINE JUNE 2013





L Paul Bocuse Signature Dish:

unching at Paul Bocuse in Lyon - France is witnessing traditional French cuisine history at its best, it is 47 years of 3 Michelin stars. He is the gatekeeper of the tradition, he is the Legend. Paul Bocuse is one of the most famous chefs in the world, maybe the most famous chef of them all. Monsieur Paul has been almost everywhere, done everything, won every honour and accolade and runs a gastronomic empire. No other person has done more for the culinary heritage of France as Paul Bocuse.

Soupe aux Truffes

For mushroom and consommé: • • • •

2 pounds white mushrooms, finely chopped (preferably in a food processor) 2 medium onions, chopped 2 quarts cold water 2 tablespoons 1-inch pieces fresh chives

For morels: • • •

1 1/2 cups boiling water 3/4 ounce dried morels (about 3/4 cup) 3/4 cup Sercial Madeira

For pastry “hats”: • 1 pound frozen all-butter puff pastry, thawed • 1 whole large egg, lightly beaten • 1 large egg yolk Equipment: 6 deep (16-to 18-ounces) ovenproof bowls (4 to 4 1/2 inches across the top) such as “lion’s head” bowls; a round template 1 1/2 inches larger than diameter of tops of bowls.

Make: Mushroom Consommé

Simmer white mushrooms, onions, water, and 1 tsp salt in a 6-qt stockpot, uncovered, 1 1/2 hours. Strain mushroom mixture through a large sieve lined with a damp paper towel into a large saucepan, pressing gently on solids to extract as much liquid as possible. Mushroom mixture should yield about 4 cups consommé. (If less, add water; if too much, boil consommé until it is reduced to 4 cups.) Discard solids. Season consommé with salt and pepper.

Prepare: Morels while Consommé Simmers

Pour boiling water over morels in a small bowl and soak until morels are softened, about 20 minutes. Transfer morels with a slotted spoon to a medium-mesh sieve set over a bowl. Press on morels with back of spoon to remove liquid, then add liquid from morels to soaking liquid and reserve. Rinse morels to remove any grit, then transfer to a small saucepan and add Madeira. Simmer, covered, 5 minutes.

Finish: Consommé

Add morels and Madeira to consommé in saucepan. Let reserved soaking liquid settle, then slowly pour into consommé, being careful to leave last tablespoon (containing sediment) in bowl. Add chives to consommé and simmer, covered, 3 minutes, then chill, uncovered, until cold, about 1 hour.

Prepare: Pastry “Hats”

If pastry comes as 1 sheet, cut crosswise in half. Roll out each piece of pastry into a 13-inch square on a lightly floured surface with a lightly floured rolling pin. Chill on baking sheets until firm, about 1 hour. Cut out 3 rounds from each sheet of puff pastry using template. Brush any excess flour from both sides of pastry rounds. Brush tops with some of beaten egg. Chill pastry rounds on baking sheets until firm, about 1 hour. Preheat oven to 425°F with rack in middle. Divide cold soup among bowls. (Do not chill soup in bowls.) Lightly beat yolk, then brush around edge and down side of each bowl (a 1/2-inchwide strip). Working quickly, place each pastry round over a bowl and pull slightly so pastry is taut. Press edge down against side of bowl to seal tightly. When all bowls are covered with pastry, arrange in a large 4-sided sheet pan and bake until pastry is puffed and golden brown, 15 to 20 minutes. Serve immediately.

Bonne Apetite ! 56


GOLF Golf News Page 58

The Majestic Creek Golf Club Page 60

Where are all the Golf Courses? Page 62

A P P R O A C H M A G A Z I N E J U NE 2 0 1 3



GOLF Now no. 1, freshly in love, stabilty has returned to his life. Tiger contributed a great deal to the Golf spor t. Once in a while and now with Sergio Garcia, the kids have some bad mouthing but even Tiger does not take it that serious. Following the Q&A session with media members, though, Woods did expand somewhat on his thoughts regarding a relationship with the Spaniard that turned icy Tiger Woods

Tiger Isn’t Gone Yet!








commentator wrote that golf without Tiger Woods is hardly golf at all.

When we look around us, golf players in Hua Hin and other cities in Thailand and let´s take it, around the wor ld are having so much fun. tournament,









crowds. Watching

Golf on TV there is so much evidence of crowd attendance that Greggs´s comment is meaningless. Sorr y Gregg. Undoubtedly, Tiger is back and here to stay. Written off by many, he came back slowly but surely.

Ban on Anchored Stroke


fter an extensive and sometimes contentious comment period, the USGA and R&A formally announced a ban Tuesday on the anchored stroke.

Rule 14-1b will take effect on Jan. 1, 2016, when the next edition of the Rules of Golf is published. After the rule was initially proposed on Nov. 28, 2012, the governing bodies opened a 90-day comment window that allowed industr y leader s to address any lingering concerns.

it at your work, where you don’t get along with ever ybody,” Woods explained in an inter view with

Approach Golf does not agree with this comment.


at TPC Sawgrass.“Sometimes, I’m sure you have

Chick Hernandez from CSN Washington. “This is an example of that.” During a week that revolved as much around what was said off the course as how players performed on it, Woods won his second title at the Stadium Course by two shots after Garcia faltered across the final two holes. In looking back on his most recent star t, the 14-time major champion insisted that who he defeated didn’t make the win any sweeter. “It’s just a matter of winning. I was tied for the lead going into the final round, and it’s a big event,” he added. “Whether it was Sergio or somebody else ... I still had to execute.” Pro Golf is tough business.

What is an Anchored Stroke? The bud of your golf club putter is not allowed to touch any other part of your body ( stomach, stern, chin, beer belly etc.)

When fir st announcing the proposed r ule, the governing bodies cited a “tremendous spike in usage” and “growing advocacy” among pros and instr uctor s. Though long putters

sur veys now indicate that anchoring is used by only 2-4

have been around for decades, USGA executive director

percent of golfers in the U.S. and Europe.

Mike Davis said in November that the percentage of players

This ban will affect the estimated 18 percent of PGA Tour

who have used the putter s has increased from about 2-4

players who anchor their putters, including four of the

percent in the 1980s and ’90s to close to 20 percent.

last six major winners (Keegan Bradley, Webb Simpson,

However, according to USGA president Glen D. Nager, recent

Ernie Els and Adam Scott).





Oklahoma Tornado disaster


ith relatives who live in Moore, Okl., John Peter son was watching Monday’s tornado devastation with plenty of concern – and

vowed to help the cause afterward. Playing in his hometown Crowne Plaza Invitational this week, Peter son will donate $500 for each eagle he makes and $100 for each birdie toward the ongoing relief effor ts. It’s actually my cousin and her husband who live up there,” he said. “My uncle’s daughter lives up there. They were fine. She is recently married and they just moved up there six months ago. They are probably going to think about relocating soon. It was pretty sad.”

John Peterson

Peter Uihlein


he quote from the proud father was a version of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous words:‘’Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’’ The path of Peter Uihlein took him inside a cage below the surface of

the Indian Ocean, where a Great White Shark with jaws wide open approached while closing in on a tuna. The jagged, triangular teeth gnashed at the tuna’s head against the cage, and the former U.S. Amateur champion could see black eyes roll over to white. ‘’That was the coolest,’’ Uihlein said. ‘’When I knew I was going to South Africa, that’s the thing I’ve always wanted to do. We were in Mossel Bay. Peter Uihlein

I was told it was a good cage dive, so we did it. We were out there for five hours.

They chum up the water, and there were six or seven of them. It was incredible.’’ Uihlein spoke on his way from Gatwick to Wentwor th, a familiar path for the best on the European Tour. The 23-yearold out of Oklahoma State earned a spot in the BMW PGA Championship with his two-shot victor y Sunday in the Madeira Islands Open in Por tugal, his fir st win since he turned pro in December 2011 and set off on a course where few Americans venture.

PGA Tour Schedule in June Jun 13 - 16

Jun 20 - 23

U.S. Open

Jun 24 - 25

CVS Caremark Charity Classic

Merion GC, Ardmore, PA

Rhode Island CC, Barrington, RI

Purse: $8,000,000

Purse: $1,300,000

Travelers Championship

Jun 27 - 30

AT&T National

TPC River Highlands, Cromwell, CT

Congressional Countr y Club,

Purse: $6,100,000

Bethesda, MD Purse: $6,500,000





Majestic Creek Golf Club



The Majestic Creek Golf Club is a 27 hole gem, lying

Majestic’s new chef, Khun Ek, has put together a scintillating

in beautiful countr yside, just 25 minutes outside

new menu, featuring an exquisite mix of Thai and international

of the Royal town of Hua Hin. Recent renovations

dishes, which will tantalise your taste buds. The Chef has added

and re-laying of greens has transformed this sleeping giant

3 enticing signature dishes to make the menu complete.

into one of the best golfing experiences in this renowned

There is also about to be an exciting addition to the Majestic

golfing area. The up-coming stay-and-play deals and long-stay

Creek Golf Club & Resot’s facilities in the form of the Majestic

packages will be good value for money, so check them out to

Creek satellite clubhouse, “The City Club” in downtown Hua

plan your golfing break in a golfer’s paradise.

Hin. With some great French food on the menu, cold beer and free transpor t to and from the golf course. There is a real

The dining area in front of the renovated clubhouse, and the

sense of the management’s commitment to make something

new kitchen right beside, will be open plan following a recent

remarkable happen at Majestic Creek Countr y Club & Resor t

trend in design of modern eateries. The addition of a pastr y

and to change the way that people think about golf in Thailand.

chef to compliment the head chef is the icing on the cake,

Rooms and suites have undergone a major re-fit, with the

also preparing have-it-your-way, choose-your-own-filling style

gardens and pool area following suit. Backed up by all of the


coming clubhouse and resor t facilities, the Majestic Creek Resor t should be on your list of “must stay-&-play”” places in Hua Hin. The Kvik Golf Festival which took place from May 1st until May 31st offered an exceptionally low Green Fee , Golf Car t & Caddy for 1,500 THB. This offer will probably be repeated, so ask for more info at the club. Simply call +66(0) 32 619 169 for a tee booking. The Kvik Masters Tournament took place on May 2nd and 3rd. It was played as a 2 ball better ball teams, eclectic stableford off full handicap.The tournament itself was played over the two days but players usually came earlier and left later.



GOLF Paradise Conditions No rain and bright sunshine gave the tournament paradise golf conditions where player s either hid under their hats or made a r un for the golf car t after tee-ing off.., never theless waiting for that cold beer inbetween holes. As brunch was ser ved at 10:30, amateur Tiger s and Faldos gratefully indulged in the ser ved culinar y delicacies. Needless to mention the endless flow of great food continued at the evening BBQ buffet with life music and lucky draw on the second day after the tournament. John McKenzie and David Lewis the residential pros at Majestic managed the entire event smoothly. McKenzie, grew up on one of the oldest golf courses in the wor ld, Peterhead in Scotland. His experience includes working in Scotland, the USA and Germany and has now settled down with his family in Hua Hin. John speaks English and German and can help you improve all aspects of your game be it as a fir st time golfer or seasoned player looking to fine tune a specific area of your game.

Results of the Tournament: A team who are Majestic Creek members, Tomi Terkkonen and Karri Matti Mannika led on the first day with a great score of 46 points, and looked ver y hard to beat! The next day the team that came through as eventual winners had star ted the day with 39 points, so they had a lot to make up to catch the winners. But they produced some excellent golf, with many pars and a few birdies between them which resulted in an overall win with 52 points. They are local players from Springfield golf club called Russel Beard and Joel Feldman. The top ten finishers were as follows : -Russel Beard and Joel Feldman 52 points -Thomas Pagden and Rob Pruden 51 points -Tommy H Krogh and Kenneth Howmoller 50 points -Lars Hulqvist and Michael Van Doorneward 50 points The following were all on 49 points, the count-back system was used to place them: Han Haakvor t and Petra VanDer Kroon, Harr y Elingsen and Carl Edblom, Doug East and Jim Lynch, Mats Olgemar and

David Lewis is a qualified PGA professional with over 13 years

Tommy Andersson, Tomi Terkkonen and Karri Matti Mannika,

experience in the golf industr y. A native of Greystones, as a

and finally Simon Pearson and Danny Moore.

junior David was a member of the Leinster and Ireland under age panels and represented Ireland in the national schools

The tournament finished with a buffet dinner and prize giving,

final in Saint Andrews. While wor king as Head Assistant

with a host of additional sponsors prizes for nearest the pin

Professional at the exclusive ‘Kahkwa Club’, Erie, PA, USA,

and longest drives. It was a great success for Majestic Creek

David was Director of Junior Academy, increasing par ticipation

and was the first big two day tournament they have done and

by over 300%. David was also Merchandise Manager for a ver y

it went really well.

high profile retail shop. Approach is looking forward to the next tour !

AP P R O A C H M A G A Z I N E J U N E 2 0 1 3




Golf Courses

NORTH 1) Springfield Golf Club

4) Black Mountain Golf Club

208, Moo 2, Sampraya, Cha Am, Phetchburi 76120

565 Moo7, Nong Hieng Road, Hin Lek Fai Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110

2) The Imperial Lake View Resort & Golf Club 80 Moo 4, Hubkrapong-Pranburi Highway Cha Am, Phetchaburi 76120

3) Palm Hills Golf Club & Residence‎ 1444 Petchkasem Road Phetchburi 76120

CENTRE 5) Phae Mai Golf Driving Range 3/107 Canal Road Hua Hin Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110

6) Royal Hua Hin Golf Course‎ Soi 76 Hua Hin Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110

SOUTH 8) The Banyan Golf Club Hua Hin 68/34 Mooban Hua Na Tambol Nong Gae, Hua Hin, Prachuabkirikhan, 77110


9) Sea Pines Army Golf Course

7) The Majestic Creek Country Club

Suan Son Pradiphat Beach, Hua Hin Prachuap Khiri Khan 7711

Thap Tai, Hua Hin Prachuap Khiri Khan 7711

10) Milford Country Club 174 Moo 1, Petchakasem Road, Paknam Pran, Pran Buri, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77220





Hua Hin


1) Imperial Lake View Golf Club 2) Springfield Golf CLub

Novotel Sheraton Hotel

Golf Course


<-- Cha-Am / Bangkok

4) Black Mountain Palm Hills Golf Course

Dusit Thani Hua Hin Airport Anantara Coco 51

5)Phae Mai Golf Driving Range

Living Room

Mondo Vino

Fishing Pier

La Grappa


Hilton Hotel

Railway Station

Royal Hua Hin Golf Course

Centara Grand Hotel Da Carlo

Soa Paolo Hospital

La Paillote

Villa Market Supermarkt g Ban

Market Village Bangkok Hospital


Hyatt Regency


ss --


-- B

< kok

Hua Hin

Kiteboarding Asia




Amari Wora Bura



Soi 112 Kao Takiab

8) Banyan

Golf course

Zab Wer

9) Sea Pine Army

AP P R O A C H M A G A Z I N E J U N E 2 0 1 3



Banyan Resort


Majestic Creek Country Club

Floating Market

Golf Course




The Barai

Diet Cookie Jars Coconut Oil Page 65



The Myth of Multivitamin

o matter what you are trying to do temptation is always going to be there, leading you back to the dark side. If cookies are your weak point then an overly protective cookie jar is an ideal way to keep off the pounds.

These three guys don’t mess around when it comes to their prized possessions and won’t stand for any intruders. Fill them with your favourite biscuits and the tight seal will stop them from going soft and soggy. Every time you feel you can no longer resist temptation, prepare to feel the brute force of your cookie protectors. When you lift their heads to get a tasty snack they will shout at you to go away in their own special ways. The Chef will swing his rolling pin around and shout ‘Keep your hands away from my cookie jar’.The Cop who made a show stopping appearance on The Office will warn you to ‘STOP! Move away from the cookie jar’ and if you opt for the Pig you will get a simple yet effective ‘OINK OINK’!

Page 66

Review: The Anantara Spa Page 68

Lifting the heads also reveals a spacious jar with room for plenty of munch. Made from durable FDA approved ABS plastic, the Talking Cookie Jars are as entertaining as they are intimidating.






oconut Oil is the best oil on Earth! It is not only good internally but also externally. It is all healthy for your body from head to toe, inside and out either straight from the coconut or refined.

The human body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, which is a potent antimicrobial agent – very effective against microbes. In fact, monolaurin is currently being investigated as a HIV virus treatment against AIDS! Not preventive! It has been extensively used in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicinal system. Here is a list of some benefits of natural coconut oil :

Coconut Oil for General Health and Wellness

Health Benefits The health benefits of coconut oil are numerous and vast covering all the major systems of our body including cardiovascular, digestive, immune system etc. Read here about coconut & Alzheimer’s. Its major health benefits include hair care, skin care, stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and cancer, dental care, and bone strength. Coconut oil’s popularity is skyrocketing, and it’s easy to see why. There’s almost nothing this substance can’t do. Remember the Saturday Night Live commercial parody for a product that was both a floor wax and a dessert topping? Coconut oil pushes that far-fetched concept many steps further — seriously — with a laundry list of uses that seem too good to be true. While the world is only catching on to this now, the benefits of coconut oil are hardly a new phenomenon. It’s been extracted from the meat of coconuts for thousands of years, and actively used by people in tropical climates. But after mistakenly being demonized as an artery clogger in the 1960s, coconut oil stayed out of the mainstream consciousness until recently. But we’re better informed than we were back then, and now know that coconut oil is free of cholesterol and trans-fats. It also contains lauric acid, one of those “good fats” we’re always in search of. While many of the specific health claims associated with coconut oil haven’t been fully proven yet, there are enough tried-and-true solutions — for your body and otherwise — that you’ll proclaim it a miracle fix regardless. Benefits of coconut oil can be attributed to the presence of Medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) which include lauric acid (12-Carbon atoms), capric acid (10-Carbon atoms) and caprylic acid (8-Carbon atoms). These are potent antimicrobial agents, effective against fungi, viruses and many bacteria. They appear to work by causing microbial cell walls to disintegrate.

AP P R O A C H M A G A Z I N E J U N E 2 0 1 3

1) Appetite Suppressant of satisfaction after eating. 2) Breastfeeding –Increases the milk supply. 3) Bones and Teeth – coconut oil aids in the absorption of calcium and magnesium leading to better development of bones and teeth. 4) Digestion –. The fat in coconut oil also aids in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, making you healthier all around. 5) Energy Boost – coconut oil boosts energy 6) Fitness – coconut oil has been proven to stimulate your metabolism, improve thyroid function 7) Improves insulin secretion and utilization of blood glucose making it great for both diabetics and non-diabetics who want to get their blood sugar stabilized before addressing other health issues. 8) Lung Function – increases the fluidity of cell surfaces. 9) Prevents oxidation of fatty acids 10) Skin Tone – promotes firmer skin tone and less sagging. 11) Stress Relief – relieve mental fatigue by applying coconut oil to the head in a circular, massaging motion.. 12) Vitamin and nutrient absorption – specifically magnesium and calcium. 13) Weight loss – the saturated fats contribute to weight loss and also increases metabolic rate.

There are multiple other benefits, including fighting cancer, HIV and other more life threatening diseases. By Marp





onventional multivitamins sold at grocery stores, pharmacies and big-box stores are filled with synthetic chemicals that are fraudulently called “vitamins.” Ascorbic acid, pyridoxine (B6), niacin (B3), magnesium oxide and

dozens more... these are all synthetic, isolated or inorganic forms of vitamins and minerals that in some cases may actually cause more harm than good to your body. It’s the greatest con in food history... the selling of synthetic, isolated chemicals and ground-up rocks as “food.” When you take a typical multivitamin made with calcium carbonate, iron sulphate and magnesium oxide, you are eating rocks, not minerals. And when you take a multivitamin made with “standardized” isolated vitamins, you are eating chemicals, not real nutrition. (The same is true with “fortified” breakfast cereals and “vitamin” drinks, nearly all of which are fortified with iron shavings and cheap, synthetic vitamins.) There is a better way to get real nutrition from multivitamins. It’s called “food-based” nutrition, and it means that all the vitamins and minerals in the supplement come from genuine food-based sources.

Most ultivitamins are nothing but chemicals and rocks

This does not refer to USDA certified organic status; this refers to the molecular composition of the element in question. “Inorganic” metals such as iron, magnesium, aluminium, zinc and so on, come from rocks, not living things. “Organic” metals, on the other hand, are elements that exist in complex molecules that always contain Carbon atoms and often contain Hydrogen as well. These are “bioavailable” nutrients that have been converted by living things into usable nutrition that your body inherently recognizes. So remember this: Iron is not iron. What I mean is that some iron is added to supplements by grinding up iron mined right out of the ground. You don’t want to eat that. The usable, bioavailable iron is iron that has been converted by living things into “organic” iron (i.e. transformed by living things into complex molecules containing Carbon).

A complex hoax

In all this research, what I’ve found is that most vitamin pills are a complete hoax.They are filled with absolute junk chemicals and ground up rocks, all held together with questionable fillers, excipients and even chemical “glues” that prevent the tablets from physically falling apart. When an uninformed consumer goes out and buys a multivitamin, what they are really buying is chemicals and rocks.

Why food-based vitamins and minerals are so much better

For the past two years, I have extensively studied the biochemistry of nutritional supplements, including the so-called “speciation” of certain minerals and metals such as chromium, arsenic and mercury. I’ve also come to see as crucial the difference between inorganic vs. organic elements in vitamins.

Clearly, human beings were designed to eat foods, not rocks. Nutrients are supposed to come from living things, not dead, inanimate objects. This should be common sense, but the entire conventional vitamin industry -- which is largely owned by Big Pharma, by the way -- has convinced people they should be eating chemicals and rocks.




There is a better solution to all this: Certified organic tablets It’s crucial to understand the difference between organic tablets and traditional multivitamins. Organic nutrients are full-spectrum nutrients.Vitamin C, for example, is actually much more than the isolated chemical known as ascorbic acid. In nature, vitamin C exists as a full symphony of related compounds. This is what the body needs for nutrition. While a lot of people have problems with traditional vitamin pills and multivitamin tablets, organic nutrients are easy to digest and easy to assimilate because, again, it’s real food not “chemicals and rocks.”

No vitamin, no matter how amazing, can replace real and fresh foods.

Why the FDA and Big Pharma don’t want you to know any of this? According to the FDA, calcium is calcium is calcium. In their minds, there’s no difference between calcium from rocks and calcium from broccoli. But chemically, in terms of real molecular biology, there is a HUGE difference. Your body wants nutrition from food, not from rocks. How do you know this is true? Because even starving people don’t eat rocks. People will die from starvation before they try to eat rocks. That’s because rocks are not food. This point should be obvious to anyone. So why do vitamins companies put ground-up rocks in their formulas?

Big Pharma, of course, doesn’t want you to know anything about real nutrition. They want you to keep taking their fake, synthetic chemical vitamins so that you get even sicker and require their high-priced prescription drugs to “manage” your disease symptoms. What better way to keep you sick than take over the vitamin industry (which they have largely done) and sell peoples a bunch of chemicals and rocks that keep everybody sick and malnourished? Pure (evil) genius. Truth be told, there are all sorts of vested interests in the industry who don’t want you to have access to real food-based nutrition. Medical insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and even the entire cancer industry all want to make sure as many people as possible stay sick. They’re all future customers, after all, and if the people discover they can prevent disease through intelligent nutrition, the “sick care” industry will lose out on billions of dollars in revenues. (Your health is their loss, in other words.) If you are currently taking multivitamins that are not from real foodbased sources, you need to switch to food-based nutrients immediately. For the record, your No. 1 best source of nutrition is live, fresh foods and super foods. No vitamin, no matter how amazing, can replace real, fresh foods and super foods you grown in your own garden or aquaponic system.

Check with your Hua Hin Pharmacies or health shops if they supply Organic Nutrients !




nterContinental Hua Hin Resort management invites guests to indulge in an immersive relaxation experience at the five star resort’s renowned spa facilities with the all new ‘Summer Serenity and Royal Relaxation’ health and wellbeing package.

The prestigious Thai royal heritage of the resort’s location and design is reflected in the distinguished new spa treatments on offer with guests being presented a choice of two 60 minute therapy treatments and an opulent spa gift set including moisturising body lotions and exfoliating body scrubs which harness the natural therapeutic powers of jasmine rice and green tea. InterContinental’s refined relaxation treatments adhere to authentic Thai traditions offering guests pure tranquillity with a choice of an energy rebalancing massage, a royal Thai massage, an Indian head massage, a Thai herbal body brightening scrub and a blossoming botanical facial treatment. There are programmes for men and women with, herbal and invigorating oils. A definite treatment of relaxation in a relaxed haven of tranquillity. Perfectly complimenting the spa therapies of the ‘Summer Serenity and Royal Relaxation’ package are the serene seafront dining environments offered by the resort’s much-loved restaurants Felicita and Pirom, both of which will be serving up fresh seafood dishes in accordance with the season throughout the month of May. The relaxation and peacefulness doesn’t end at the spa, as guests can lounge in secluded privacy on the resort’s vibrant beachfront taking in the uninterrupted sea views from Hua Hin beach and escaping in the soft sound of waves. A warm recommendation of APPROACH Magazine. AP P R O A C H M A G A Z I N E J U N E 2 0 1 3






he Anantara Hua Hin Resort & Spa has refurbished and renamed it´s Spa. The main purpose of Anantara Spa is to relax mind, body and soul. Thai herbal massages, steam baths, facials, body butter therapy and more await you amid the lagoon pools and bounteous foliage of our soothing Hua Hin spa resort. Each of the spa’s seven suites is set in its own individual garden courtyard created by award-winning landscape architect Bill Bensley, with dual al fresco rain showers suspended in bronze cages modelled on traditional Thai artefacts. Whether you are after Ayurvedic massage therapy or ancient Thai remedies, you’ll find the perfect rejuvenation ritual at Anantara’s Hua Hin spa resort. Upon entering this Oasis of tranquillity the lagoon and its surroundings instantly make you realize that what they are writing is not just advertising. The reality is even more surprising. A beautiful lagoon with treatment rooms and an area to relax and de-stress. Apart from multiple programmes starting at simple Thai massages, herbal, oil and other ayurveda treatments are offered. Males are not left out of special programmes. After having a closer look at me, the Spa manager suggested a body rub with sea salt and an oil deep skin massage where the elbow is used to smoothen out the muscular tissue. The sea salt cleanses the pores whilst opening them for the next treatment. I must have fallen asleep as I was woken up by gentle taps on my big toe. The signature treatment lasted a little bit over 2 hours. I felt fresh and born again. A herbal tea send me on my way out. However if I would have wanted to stay longer, an easy chair alongside the Anantara Lagoon would have been waiting. As each treatment is individually programmed, prices are put together out of different therapies. The Anantara Spa is a must in everyone´s Hua Hin programme. Care is taken that your health is their mayor concern and not only not only remains untouched but is definitely improved by the use of only natural & herbal products. The opening hours are from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm Bookings: +66 32 520 250 or email



PUREFITNESS Regular exercise plays an important role in your health, looking and feeling Regular exercise plays great an important role energised so workout in style Pure in your health, looking great andatfeeling Fitness by so Baan Ing Phu. energised workout in style at Pure

Fitness by Baan Ing Phu. Our new training centre features a wide range of top of the centre line training equipment Our new training features a wide and we have professional trainers on range of top of the line training equipment hand to offer assistance and advice. and we have professional trainers on

a personalised programme to help you achieve the results you are looking a personalised programme to help for. you achieve the results you are looking for. Our specialised training sessions include: -Our Personal Training specialised training sessions include: -- Thai boxing (Muay Thai) Personal Training -- Yoga Thai boxing (Muay Thai) -- Tennis Yoga

hand to offer assistance and advice. Personal Training sessions are available for both Training indoor sessions and outdoor sports Personal are available and we will work with you to develop for both indoor and outdoor sports

- Tennis Open daily from 8 am - 7 pm, Pure Fitness is freedaily of from charge Baan Ing Phu Open 8 amfor - 7 pm, Pure Fitness residents and we offer competitive is free of charge for Baan Ing Phu membership rates non residents. residents and weforoffer competitive

and we will work with you to develop

membership rates for non residents.


n ai nt ou lubin M k f C ta ac Goloun b l B M lu k fC ac Gol l B

By To pas By s pa ss

Smart House Taipan


Smart House Taipan


n Hi a u H in To a H u H To

Please contact Marlie, our fitness manager, for more information. Phone: 080 431 Marlie, 9383 orour email: Please contact fitness manager, for more information. Phone: 080 431 9383 or email: Baan Ing Phu, 207 Moo 7 Nong Hieng, Hin Lek Fai, Hua Hin, Prachuabkhirikhan 77110, Thailand W Baan Ing Phu, 207 Moo 7 Nong Hieng, Hin Lek Fai, Hua Hin, Prachuabkhirikhan 77110, Thailand W Baan Ing Phu Flyer AW revised.indd 1

18/03/2013 10:58:49

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1) Property Ownership:

6) Renting out your property:

You can buy and own a house or apartment in Hua Hin.

There are several companies of good reputation in Hua Hin that will rent your property off in your absence for a small fee. They will look after your property, maintaining your garden, pay your bills report to you.

2) Property & Land titles: You cannot own land as a foreigner, anywhere in Thailand. You can lease legal land for a 30 year period. Make sure the land is legal and that you are allowed to build on the land or purchase the house that you are offered on that land.

3) Building Quality: Warranties on construction are limited. Carefully study the contract offered to you if you are building a new house. Re-sales (used houses) are usually not covered under any warranty scheme, may it be private or legal. Construction qualities vary tremendously. From very good to bad quality.

4) Where to Live: Inspect the location carefully. Check seasonal weather changes, wind changes, near to a farm or garbage belt. Close to a night club or bar with loud music. Railroad tracks…..

5) Maintenance & Service: Most materials are made for the tropics but you will need to service your property more frequent than in Europe due to the intensity of the sun energy, salty humid winds and frequent rain.


7) Banks: To open a bank account on a Thai bank you will need to proof of residency by producing the so called “Blue Book”, which states that you live in the house you purchased.

8) Visas: If you come to Thailand as a tourist, you are issued a tourist visa upon arrival which enables you to stay up to 30 days. If you would like to stay longer, you should apply for a 90 days visa at the Thai embassy in your country of origin. If you want to stay longer than 90 days and you are a retired person, you can apply for a retirement visa whilst you are in Thailand with proof of monthly income of at least THB 65.000 or deposit THB 800.000 on a Thai bank account which you can use but must refill after 12 months. APPROACH will gladly help newcomers to Hua Hin, guide you through home purchases and recommend real estate & legal services as a neutral instance. Contact: for more information.



Statistical Roundup of Thai Real Estate K

night Frank Thailand has revealed its Bangkok condominium overview for the first quarter of the year. The real estate services firm found that

the accumulated supply of Bangkok condominiums as of Q1 2013 was 254,638 units, increasing by 7.5 percent from the end of 2012. Furthermore17,869 units were added to the market during the first quarter, the company found, of which 13,131 condominium units, or around 73 percent were located in the peripheral area of Bangkok, followed by the city area and the city fringe area, with about 14 percent and 13 percent of the total supply, respectively. Moreover 9,902 units were sold during the first quarter, representing a take-up rate of around 55.4 percent, it said. The average selling price of condominiums in the city area of Bangkok as of Q1 2013 was around THB161,314 (US$5,386) per sqm, increasing by 7.1 percent from the end of 2012. The selling price of the peripheral area increased by 11.8 percent, whilst in the city fringe area, the price increased by 1.3 percent. Going forward, the company expects demand for condominiums in the city area to remain high, whilst the supply will slow down. Thus, the selling price of city condominiums is expected to increase sharply. The focus of many developers continues to be on locations in peripheral area where construction has begun on the new mass-transit routes, such as the Purple Line from Bang Sue to Bang Yai. In the latter, the company has recorded strong demand for land, with market prices rising by more than 50 percent. Courtesy of Knight Frank Thailand



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he Thai baht is at its strongest rate since the Asian financial crisis struck in 1997. It has strengthened so considerably in recent weeks that it is now at its strongest since the currency was floated in 1997 when the Asian financial crisis struck. The stronger baht has caused a rise in property prices in terms of US dollars, according to property consultancy firm Jones Lang LaSalle. However, there has been no indication that this has had a major impact on any real estate transactions to-date. “As the baht currency is strengthening, a concern over the possible impact on real estate is growing, particularly in sectors that rely on demand from foreign buyers such as Bangkok high-end condominiums and resort properties in key holiday destinations,” said Suphin Mechuchep, managing director of Jones Lang LaSalle. “However, we have not seen any effect from the strong baht on Thai real estate so far. In fact, we do not expect the present baht strength to have any significant impact on most property sectors across the country, unless the Thai currency strengthens at a much faster pace, which is unlikely to be the case according to economists,” Suphin added.


According to Jones Lang LaSalle, the growing strength of the Thai baht will have no impact on Thai and Asian property investors. “Most of the property sectors in Thailand rely mainly on domestic demand at present. In addition, while demand of buyers from Americas and the Eurozone has subsided significantly due to financial turbulences in the two regions, the majority of foreign demand for Thai real estate over the past recent years has been from Asian countries,” said Suphin. Interest in Thai properties from overseas investors has remained stable based on year-to-date enquiries received by Jones Lang LaSalle. Overseas companies seeking manufacturing and logistics facilities in Thailand have also continued to make enquiries. “Despite the stronger currency, Thailand remains one of the cheapest real estate markets in Asia Pacific. This is one of the key factors that has kept the country’s real estate markets competitive,” said Suphin. Many Thai individuals and corporations are being encouraged to take advantage of the growing strength of the baht by investing in properties abroad. “There are a number of investment opportunities available in the world’s well established real estate markets such as gateway cities in the US and London… With the baht strengthening and capital values of real estate assets in these markets remaining attractive, it may be a good time for ultra-high net worth Thai individuals and corporates to consider these investment opportunities,” concluded Suphin.



Esplanade Condo Located on the beach and walking distance from Bangkok Hospital.

2 Bed, 2 Bath

Price: 23,500,000 THB

House with Company For Sale Two Bed, Two Bath home with beautiful gardens off Soi 112 Baan Dusita( Four lane feeder to the By-Pass). Built on two plots with room for extension, a well maintained home that is ready to move into, just bring your suitcase. Community settings with 24 hour security and excellent neighbours. Extras include indoor and outdoor storage rooms, A/C and ceiling fans, fully furnished. For more information/pictures email: pilrc@yahoo. com (UK) or

Price: 3,700,000 THB


Unique large 240 sqm Condo for sale.

House for Sale 4 bedrooms, 3 En-Suite bathrooms. Large high ceilings in the big living areas and master bedroom. Very big living and dining area with separate entertainment room/office. Air-con in all rooms. Fully fitted European kitchen plus separate outside kitchen area. Nice size garden with 8x4 private pool and Jacuzzi. Large terrace and Double car-port. Corner plot on 24 hour security resort with amenities. Wireless connection and European satellite TV. 8 minute drive from town and beach on Soi 112 ( Four lane feeder to the By-Pass).

7.9 million baht.

Superb Pool Villa A perfect family home with a living area of 305 sqm and a land area of 680 sqm.

4 Bed, 4 Bath

Price: 8,600,000 THB

For more information contact APPROACH Magazine: Or call: 085-214-2274 (Ralph), 089-009-8560 (Jerry) APPROACH MAGAZINE JUNE 2013




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Cats and Dogs Quiz Answers

Puzzles Answers

1. A) Cats have 32 muscles per ear. 2. A domestic dog is an omnivore. Dogs can eat a range of foods including grains and vegetables as part of their daily nutritional requirements without the need to solely rely on meat. 3. True. Cats were much more than pets to Ancient Egyptians. They were honoured and respected creatures and it was believed that cats could protect their homes and children. 4. False. A dog’s nose helps dogs cool their body. 5. A cat’s tongue feels like sandpaper as they use their tongues to groom themselves. 6. A dog has better hearing. They are able to hear above and below humans on the frequency spectrum. Dogs can locate the direction of sound faster than humans and can hear sounds that are four times as far away as what humans can hear. 7. The tiger is the largest type of ‘big cat’ weighing 300 kilograms. 8. False. Like most mammals, dogs have colour vision which is similar to red-green colour blindness in humans. 9. (B) Liberty. Like the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Romans believed cats were divine creatures. 10. Room temperature. 11. (C)The tallest dog in the world is a Great Dane that stands at 106.7cm at the top of the shoulder. 12. Cats sleep between 13-18 hours each day depending on their age and are more active at night.

Word Search Challenge See how many fruit and vegetable names you can find?

Puzzles by Zara A. Copyright © 2013 Zara Adcock



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