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Guide to taking on an Apprentice A Nottingham Jobs service funded by Nottingham City Council In partnership with The Creative Quarter

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WHAT IS AN APPRENTICESHIP? An Apprenticeship is a way for young people and adult learners to earn a wage while they train in a real job, gaining a real qualification and laying the foundations for a successful future. Essentially, it is work-based learning where a young person learns “on the job� in the workplace complemented by additional relevant training. Young people get real experience of working in a business environment and a foot in the door of an industry they may be interested in.

Apprenticeships are paid jobs providing on-the-job experience and the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications.

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All Apprenticeships have set content. However, you can add extra content that meets the specific needs of your business. Most Apprenticeships are delivered in partnership with a training organisation (usually a college or training provider). This organisation provides training for the apprentice so they come out of the employment with a qualification and a set of defined skills. There is more information on the role of the training organisation in the Employers’ Guide to Apprenticeship Training Organisations.

An Apprentice must receive the appropriate minimum wage. For details on the national minimum wage, see here.

An Apprenticeship is made up of a number of separate qualifications. The individual qualifications are combined to create an Apprenticeship Framework. For more information and guidance on how different employers choose the right Apprenticeship framework for them, see here.

WHAT IS AN APPRENTICESHIP FRAMEWORK? An Apprenticeship framework is a definition of requirements for an Apprenticeship programme. It is used by training providers, colleges and employers to ensure that all apprenticeship programmes are delivered consistently and to agreed standards. Each framework includes details of the qualifications needed to be completed, the key skills targets, and any other requirements of the Apprenticeship. Each Apprentice will have their own framework which will be agreed with the training provider.

APPRENTICESHIP QUALIFICATIONS Apprenticeships are available at intermediate, advanced and higher (degree) level, covering more than 170 industries and 1500 roles from advertising to nuclear decommissioning. More information on the types of Apprenticeship available here.


WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO EMPLOY AN APPRENTICE? Having an Apprentice can be really good for your business. Apprenticeships deliver for businesses and help them grow by:

Reducing training and recruitment costs Increasing productivity and your bottom line Developing a skilled, motivated and qualified workforce Improving customer service results Providing financial return on investment More than 100,000 employers, in over 160,000 workplaces, currently use Apprenticeships to attract new talent, re-skill existing staff and tackle skill shortages. Apprenticeships are available to businesses of all sizes and from all sectors in England and Wales. Employment is a fundamental part of an Apprenticeship. An Apprentice must be employed in a job role with a productive purpose.

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IMPROVE YOUR BOTTOM LINE Apprenticeships deliver real returns to your bottom line, helping to improve productivity and competitiveness. Training Apprentices can also be more cost effective than hiring skilled staff, leading to lower overall training and recruitment costs.

FILL YOUR SKILLS GAPS Apprenticeships deliver skills designed around your business needs providing the skilled workers you need for the future. They also help you develop the specialist skills you need to keep pace with the latest technology and working practices in your sector.

MOTIVATE YOUR WORKFORCE Apprentices tend to be eager, motivated, flexible and loyal to the company that invested in them. Remember, an Apprentice is with you because they want to be – they have made an active choice to learn on the job and a commitment to a specific career.


HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? The cost of taking on an Apprentice depends on the wage you pay them (minimum wage or above) and how long they are employed for. You can find more information on National Minimum Wage rates here.


For more information on the different incentive schemes available, please contact The Apprenticeship Hub.

In Nottingham, there are a range of incentive schemes you can tap into to help your business cover the costs of recruiting an Apprentice. Each has its own set of conditions or criteria that you or the Apprentice need to meet. Here is some information about current incentive schemes running in Nottingham.

NJF (NOTTINGHAM JOBS FUND) The Nottingham Jobs Fund (NJF) is designed to encourage employers to create new jobs or Apprenticeships for unemployed people by offering a financial incentive of £3,900 or £4,900 to employers to take on new employees depending on the age of our Apprentices.


Employee Eligibility The individual needs to be a Nottingham City resident, aged between 18–24 and unemployed signing on to a work related benefit. Employer Eligibility Any organisation based in Nottingham City Council’s boundary or within reasonable travel time or distance of the city is eligible. Who pays the grant? Nottingham City Council.

AGE (Apprenticeship Grant for Employers) The Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE) supports businesses, that would not otherwise be in a position to do so, to recruit individuals aged 16-24 into employment through the Apprenticeship programme. You can receive up to 5 grants in total; each worth ÂŁ1,500.

Employee Eligibility The individual needs to be aged 16-24. Employer Eligibility To be eligible, the employer must have less than 50 employees in the UK. Who pays the grant? This grant is paid to the employer by the Training Provider.

For all the latest information relating to grants and financial incentives please contact the Apprenticeship Hub.



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Contact The Nottingham Apprenticeship Hub The Hub will help you:

Identify the right Framework and appropriate training level to ensure the Apprentice develops the skills your business needs.

Identify an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) if you feel your business is too small to employ an apprentice directly. The ATA will employ the Apprentice on your behalf.

Do you need Financial Help? The Hub will help you:

Identify and apply for any financial support which you may be eligible for. Calculate the salary that you will need to pay your Apprentice.

Identify a Training Provider

The Hub will refer the employer to the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS).

NAS will provide a matching service for the employer, ensuring that a suitable Training Provider is allocated. NAS will help the employer identify the best provider to deliver the training element of the Apprenticeship.


Do you Need Help with Recruitment?

The Training Provider will advertise the vacancy nationally on and manage the application process. The Hub can provide support during the interview stage by organising selection days and being part of interview panels.

The Hub will promote your vacancy locally.


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What happens when you find someone you want to employ?

At this stage the Employer should email The Hub with applicant details including: Name, Address, Date of Birth. The Hub and incentives.









Payment dates for financial incentives will be confirmed with employer at this stage.

The Training provider will agree with you:

A training timetable - dates for the Apprentice to undertake their training outside of the workplace.

Assessment dates – when they will come into the workplace to observe the young person at work. Key milestones that need to be reached during the Apprenticeship. An end date for the Apprenticeship.

Starting the Apprenticeship

Ongoing Support

The Training Provider will support the Employer to embed the Apprentice in their workforce.

The Employer will receive ongoing pastoral support from the Training Provider and The Hub.

Employer ensures Apprentice is registered on to payroll and has a contract of employment. Apprentice must have a designated line manager, and undertake a full induction.


CASE STUDIES LeftLion Jared Wilson - Editor-in-Chief In 2013 we took on four Apprentices at LeftLion. Two in editorial roles and two in sales and marketing roles. We initially only meant to take on one in each role, but after we advertised the roles we had over 100 applications and had a good crop to choose from. I think part of the reason we got so many applications is that we run a magazine aimed at a young audience and we advertised the jobs in there. All four of our Apprentices have proven to be a joy to work with and have helped to expand our business. Our turnover has doubled over the last year and the Apprentices have helped play a big part in that, not least by taking over tasks, freeing the rest of the team up to concentrate on building the business. Our Apprentices have line managers who they can turn to for support. Our Editor manages the Editorial Apprentices and our Sales and Marketing Manager manages the Sales Apprentices. Our Sales Apprentices have built their confidence enough to approach major clients; securing regular advertising deals. Our Editorial Apprentices have contributed regularly to the magazine and have interviewed internationally-known musicians and actors. In the last year all four of them have gained great experience and some of them will stay on with us after their Apprenticeships end. We have watched our Apprentices grow as good young people. I’m not too old to remember being their age; young and full of ambition. My top tip would be to try and keep them engaged. If the work you need them to do is boring then explain why it is you need it done.


Bridie Squires - Editorial Apprentice Before I joined LeftLion I jumped between roles as a cleaner, to student, to barmaid, to croupier, to telesales agent and more. Although I’ve grown with each job, I found night shifts and management tedious and unforgiving. My Apprenticeship at LeftLion has been a breath of fresh air. I love the creativity that bounces from person to person and the laughter that ensues because of it. I feel like I learn more and more each day, professionally and creatively through some really meaningful conversations. Over the last year I’ve written a piece on the successfully protested eviction of a creative collective on Canning Circus, interviewed world-famous DJ Gilles Peterson, and reviewed countless gigs. My self-confidence has emerged from the fog, my writing voice is shaping up, I’m more organised, and I’m forever learning new skills as a subeditor, proof reader, journalist, reviewer, interviewer and as a human being. I’d recommend an Apprenticeship like this to anyone. It provides you with a confidence boost because you are using your skills to achieve practical and valuable outcomes as opposed to writing coursework or doing exams. That’s not to say that those things aren’t useful, but they can sometimes feel redundant when you’re unsure about the direction of your life. It’s easy to lose sight of your dreams and get stuck in a rut of making money for money’s sake, but it’s not impossible to turn it around and do what you really love in life. Find what it is that makes you tick and just keep doing it. I hope that more and more people get to experience the same uplift that I have.

Read Bridie’s work at

Netherfield Forum Tina Simpson - General Manager Using The Nottingham Apprenticeship Hub is a quick and easy way to find the right Apprentice to fit your business needs. The Nottingham Apprenticeship Hub assigns to you an experienced Apprenticeship Development Officer who explores your needs, requirements and wish list for an Apprentice. The Hub helped us to find a suitable Apprentice and offered their support all the way through the process. We cannot express how much we have benefited from The Hub in such a short period of time. Our Apprentice fits in with our staff and customers really well. Her assessor is pleased with the quality of work produced and we know our Apprentice is on target to complete her Level 3 Apprenticeship in Customer Service. As a charity we are now looking for another Apprentice and we will be using The Nottingham Apprenticeship Hub once again.

Natalie McCullum – Customer Service Apprenticeship Level 2 I chose to do a Customer Service Apprenticeship because it is a good way to learn and get a qualification within an industry I like. I was interested in working at The Netherfield Forum as the organisation appealed to me. I thought it looked like a good place to learn a variety of different skills in an interesting area of work. When I visited the Centre I got a good feel for the community spirit and the staff and customers were extremely welcoming.  My role has a dual function. When working in the Cafe; I serve customers, help with food preparation, cook and serve food, bake cakes, cash the till up and help keep the kitchen and seating area clean and tidy. I also maintain the outdoor areas and I am learning about the herbs and vegetables we grow. In the reception, some of the things I do include; greeting customers, helping with customer enquiries, answering calls, working on the social media pages, dealing with suppliers, using all office equipment and making leaflets and posters for the Centre. A recent challenge I have faced is having to take on more responsibility when the centre is busy. I have embraced this challenge and coped extremely well which surprised me. I have enjoyed the additional responsibility. The benefits of doing an Apprenticeship at the Netherfield Forum is that I am learning lots of new skills, knowledge and gaining great customer and working relationships.


GIANLUCA SERGI DIRECTOR OF ISIR The decision to recruit Apprentices emerged as a result of a project initiated by the ISIR based at the University of Nottingham. The project focuses on developing stronger relations between academic research and industry in the global screen industries sector (film, television, gaming). Since the project involves partners in the UK, US and China it was essential to secure support for those involved in running the project. The two Apprentices we employ hold different, though related, roles. Sam works closely with the Director of ISIR to support his activities, including organising and running meetings, organising travel, liaising between departments and partners. Dan is placed within the Asia Business Centre at the University of Nottingham. The Asia Business Centre is one of ISIR’s most important sources of business support in China, and one of the most important areas of engagement for the project. The main challenge we face as an employer is the same as the challenges our two Apprentices face - needing to get up to speed with the complexities and special nature of both the particular sector in which the Apprentices are employed in and the specificities of their respective departments. The Hub was instrumental in our decision to employ Apprentices, both in terms of providing financial support for their employment and in terms of ensuring we understood exactly what was expected of us as employers and of our Apprentices. We are very grateful for their unfailing support. It would be difficult to underestimate how beneficial having Dan and Sam has been for ISIR. The key benefit was that of gaining two energetic and enthusiastic workers who could not only support the project but who could also offer insight and helpful suggestions on tackling a number of issues concerning all aspects of the project.


Nottingham University (Institute for Screen Industries Research) Dan Taylor Apprenticeship Case Study I chose to pursue an Apprenticeship as a change from the traditional education route – I had just come out of Sixth Form and wanted to do something different, however going straight to University didn’t appeal to me. For me, an Apprenticeship was the logical progression as it not only gives me valuable experience in the workplace, something highly soughtafter today, but also a wage with which to support myself and my ongoing education. I chose the ISIR to take on my Apprenticeship with because of the reputation and prestige of the institution (The University Of Nottingham) and I knew many more fantastic opportunities would present themselves as a result of this. In my everyday role, I support the team to ensure business runs smoothly and efficiently. Gathering information, processing invoices and procurement are among my most common tasks, along with organising meeting venues, taking minutes, and disseminating them to the attendees. My challenges come in the form of liaising with clients and less well-known colleagues, however through time and experience this has become less of an issue. First and foremost, this Apprenticeship gives me exactly the type of experience that will be crucial in putting me that ‘extra bit ahead’ for jobs I am applying for, as well as the chance to meet invaluable contacts which may help me progress my career further. Furthermore, this apprenticeship allows to me to see, in a professional environment, where I’m both strongest and weakest, and allows me to practice the tasks or areas that I’m not so confident in. I am in a very good position financiallyspeaking and am able to give something back to my parents for taking up space!


WORTH A CLOSER LOOK! If you’d like to inject some fresh thinking into your business, taking on an Apprentice can be a great way to get the talent you need. And it’s easier and more cost-effective than you might think, with funding and free recruitment support available from the Nottingham Apprenticeship Hub. 13

CHALLENGES Taking on an Apprentice is no different from taking on any other employee. Inevitably as a business there are some challenges you will face on the journey to taking on an apprentice.



The paperwork required to access the financial incentives can feel over complicated to some people. The Apprenticeship Hub and your Training Provider should help you with the required forms and paperwork. They are there to support and to answer your questions. Please contact them with any support needs or queries you have.

You may have some difficulties in understanding how the learning and assessment process works for your apprentice. Your Training Provider will offer support to help you understand the processes and will be able to answer any questions you have.

Managing Cashflow In the case of some incentive schemes, the first payment is not available until after week 13 of the apprenticeship. Be sure when to expect your first payment and manage your cashflow carefully.

WATCH: Apprentices share their views.


Working With Young People For some young people, this may be their first taste of a real working environment. They will need on the job training and support to function well and be fulfilled in their work. Be sure to schedule in regular meetings with the young person and the appointed line manager to help keep their work and learning on track.

REWARDS Testimonial: Jigsaw24 Jigsaw24 is a great supporter of the Apprenticeship Programme because, as a local business, we aspire to recruit and retain local ‘home grown’ talent. We have put together a detailed programme for both Business and IT Apprentices which will give them a full and rounded picture of the overall business - either from a commercial or Technical viewpoint. We feel that a ‘rotation’ every four months around our different departments gives the Apprentice a better understanding of where their strengths lie. For example, the Business Administration Apprentice will spend time in the Accounts, Purchasing, Sales and Product Management Departments. This ensures that each of our Apprentice gets to know many aspects of not just how our business runs, but an overall commercial feel for any business and what makes it a success. The IT Department Apprentice’s rotation concentrates on the Bench Engineers and physical repairs of our products, through to the Technical support we provide to our customers.

This gives a better perspective of customer service and the speed required when dealing with the many queries we receive on a daily basis. We fully understand that providing an apprenticeship programme could, at times be a difficult and challenging undertaking. We realise that the young people who join us may have no idea of working in the commercial world and that we should also provide them with mentoring around all aspects of working life – such as how to dress and conduct themselves with team members, customers, suppliers and other employees within the business. The Apprenticeship Hub has provided us with invaluable assistance. From being the ‘first port of call’ and introducing us to an appropriate Training Provider to sourcing the most suitable candidates for our organisation. We have been helped with tasks which would have proven unfeasible if not for the support of The Hub’s team members. Our long term aim is to provide local young people with longlasting career opportunities and to furnish them with the skills, qualities and confidence to pursue their dreams!


NOTTINGHAM JOBS PLEDGE The Nottingham Jobs Pledge with Working for Youth provides businesses with the chance to bring further growth to Nottingham and provide support, training and employment opportunities to the young people of the city. Employers can take part in the Nottingham Jobs Pledge by making one or more of the following Pledges: Work Experience Offer work experience placements to young people and adults.

Apprenticeships Develop Apprenticeships for 16-24 year old city residents.

Nottingham Jobs Fund Create new roles for unemployed city residents.

Nottingham Jobs Hub A free bespoke recruitment solution to meet employer’s recruitment needs.

Employability Support in schools Work with City schools to encourage employability activity for pupils.

Financial sponsorship Of Employment and Skills programmes.

In-kind sponsorship of pre-employment activity Such as use of facilities, staff volunteers for mock interviews and recruitment exercises.

Internships Offer extended paid work experience for undergraduates.

Procurement Create jobs for residents through local employment clauses in your procurement activities

Traineeships Offer work placement opportunities for Traineeship programmes for young people

The Apprenticeship Hub will explore the range of services on offer within the Nottingham Jobs Pledge and help the employer identify and make further Pledges. 16

CONTACT INFO GET IN TOUCH Contact us for more information regarding Apprenticeships and The Apprenticeship Hub. Apprenticeship Hub Nottingham City Council Floor 4 Loxley House Station Street Nottingham NG2 3NG

The Apprenticeship Hub The Creative Quarter

Iram Yaqub 0115 876 2824



Access up to £6,400 in funding towards the cost of your Apprentice. We can advertise your vacancy and help with the recruitment process. HOW CAN THE APPRENTICESHIP HUB HELP? We can help you to

• apply for up to £6,400 if you take on a Nottingham City resident as an Apprentice

• identify the Apprenticeship that would meet your business’ needs • identify the best Apprenticeship Provider to deliver the training

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NEXT? To find out more about employing a city resident as an Apprentice, please visit apprentice where you can complete a contact form. You can also call us on 0115 876 2824 to speak to our Apprenticeship Development Office or email apprenticeship.hub@ for more information.

/NottmApprentice @NottmApprentice Call 0115 876 2824


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