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• Familiarize yourself with the brochure. Where are the special offers? If there are free products you have to order the free item. It will not come automatically and it is one per customer. For instance there may be an offer “spend £15 get a handbag free.” If a customer spends £30 she can only get one free handbag. • Fill in the customer order form with your details at the bottom. There is also a space for you to fill in when you are collecting the books again, 2-3 days is best. Also fill in when you will be delivering the products. Put the date 1 or 2 days later than when you will be getting the delivery so you have time to sort the orders out. Put 2 order forms into each book, one for a friend. • Give a book to each contact on your list. If you have territory allocated to you start putting brochures through each door. You do not have to ask if they want a book. Do not stray into roads that have not been allocated to you unless you ask me or the area manager first! • Collect the brochures on the day indicated on the order form. If they have not left the brochure on the door step and are not at home, go back once more in 1 or 2 days. You will always loose a few books in the beginning. • Keep orders safe. Put new order forms into the brochures and continue to use them. • Fill in your calling book as a record of where you have posted the books and what happened. There is space for family and friends at the back. • Look through your orders and make sure your customer has ordered all the free products she/he is entitled to. • You can also order from the previous brochure. Make sure you know which book the orders come from as there are different prices in different books. Tip: compare the prices in the two valid books and order from the cheaper book. Your customer will be very pleased and stay loyal to you if you give her the better deal. After a

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while you will know who buys from you. Use your new books for existing customers and use the old ones to canvass for new customers.

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Selling Avon  

Short guide to selling Avon