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Creator of Luxurious Life “It’s all about details”

Parviz Pargari

Table of Contents Biography Acknowledgements

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Biography I

nternationally-acclaimed and award-winning Interior Designer Parviz Pargari was born in Kermanshah, Iran. He moved to Los Angeles in 1989, where he studied at California State University, Northridge. Pargari obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design there, followed by a Master’s degree in Wood and Furniture Design. He started his career as a designer for an international company in 1998, designing furniture that was subsequently sold by major retailers. In 2000, Pargari worked for a renowned interior design firm in Beverly Hills before deciding to start his own company. In 2002, he became the founder and president of Pargari Design International and later launched his own line of custom-designed furniture. Since then, he has been designing European (French country style and Italian villa style), Spanish and traditional California style as well as classic modern style homes in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Marina del Rey and Los Angeles. His mastery of imagination, color and comfort add to the uniqueness that translates into every workshop and design he creates – in Los Angeles and beyond. Pargari’s designs resonate a predilection for bold choices in color and a keen sense for the proper way to use them. For him, color is a reflection of individuality and taste, and he strives to awaken that passion in every client. As a result, his work has been published time and again in several interior design publications. The idea of design is to create a unique and comfortable environment, while never compromising the elegance and vivaciousness of the home. Interior design is not just about furniture; it is about color, texture, fabric, woodwork, lighting, accessories, space and landscape – all coming together in the most cohesive way possible. In 2014, Pargari was awarded The Gusi Peace Prize, honoring his professional work and peaceful solutions through Interior Architectural and Furniture Design. According to California Homes Magazine, “Pargari’s accomplishments and achievements have made him a living paradigm emulated by many, not only in United State of America, but in his birth country Iran, throughout Asia and the International community” (California Homes 2014, page 57). To better understand the concept of Interior and Furniture design, and to contribute to the development of the new generation of designers, Pargari has also been teaching at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles.

Parviz Pargari

“Creator of Luxurious Life”


Acknowledgements S

ometimes artists never realize the impact their work has on others until someone says so. For me, my brother Aliashraf was the catalyst behind this book, encouraging me to take my interior design creations and share them with the world through pictures. In this book, I take you on a journey of my professional life, but not without thanking and honoring the following people: I dedicate this book to my beloved parents and my sister Nahid, who was the driving force behind my move to the United States and the decision to study Interior Design. Her support and spirit continues to carry on always in my life and are reflected in every detail of my work. I also owe my motivation to my sisters Sorayya, Farideh and Parvin. Upon starting my career, Zina and Philip Asherian trusted me with my first professional interior design project, which later landed on the front cover of California Homes Magazine. To this day, our business and friendship have been unbreakable. I would also like to thank Fariba and Michael Rad for allowing me to design every detail of their home multiple times – always with an open mind and heart. A warm thanks also goes out to Mary E. Nichols for the wonderful photographs without which I could not have created this book. I would also like to thank my talented assistants Jonathan Ahmadi, Behnam Memar and Kyle Wolf for their unwavering support – with kindest regards to Jeff Deny, Fila and Octavio Godoy, Oliver Caballero, Mario Grimaldi, Ruban Garcia and Elizabeth Ortiz. And my greatest appreciation goes to my dear friend and supporter, Shohreh Solati, who has accompanied my artistic journey and valued my work as if it was her own. Finally, I present this book to every person (reading it and) who appreciates the art of interior design.

Parviz Pargari

Special attention to detail(s) is a quality that shows up in the final product. “Elegant, yet comfortable”


Fresh flowers or plants are a great way to make it look inviting and add life to the foyer. In creating a foyer that will flows with the house, the use of minimal colors is essential. Pargari calls this space “The neutral zone.” Oftentimes, the foyer is a grand and magnificent room, and thus the use of fabric, lighting and woodwork will create the elegance that is also important for the home. It is a rule of thumb to avoid masking open space with rugs and other types of flooring. One way around that is to use mosaic instead of rugs in the foyer, which is an excellent way to create elegance. Seating areas in grand foyers are of utmost importance.

There’s only one chance at a first impression!

Foyers and entryways should never be mismatched from the rest of the home; instead, they should set the overall mood as soon as you step inside.

Entryway & Foyer

The foyer is the most important part of a home. From meeting (your guests) to greeting your guests, the foyer sets the tone for the rest of your house.


Below: In grand foyers, the use of fabric, textures and custom furniture will assist in achieving the comfort and warmth that every home should have. Often, the foyer is not considered as a formal room, but rather a room of passing. However, that is far from the truth.

Opposite: CAPTION - Draperies around the door – The use of fabric creates warmth, while the draperies on the large window create a softer, more comfortable feel in this large space. Curved draperies were specifically used in order to retain the style and design of the window.


Opposite: Mirrors in entryways are an important and functional practicable way to add beauty. A mirror constitutes a functional and useful / integral part of this space, while also adding depth and sophistication. CAPTION - This custom Pargari designed console was made to fit the space, adding warmth and elegance. More importantly, it provides space for elegant and soft lighting.



Detail and woodworking. All panels are handmade and designed by Pargari. In order to achieve a grand and elegant look, Pargari implemented a handcrafted custom woodwork. As you can see, a unique finish was used to give this modern space a vintage feel. Many times, the use of standard framing around doorways is used. However, in order to accentuate the featured doorways, Pargari created a custom door molding that offers the most grand and elegant features. Tables in entryways are functional and provide a useful addition to the foyer.


Custom-designed console and mirror. Pargari designed this detailed mirror to fit the scale of the wall. It reflects the beauty of the drapery on the opposite side, while the console will always add to the grand aspect of the foyer. The use of consoles act as a display for what you want to show.


A bust stand is placed well alongside an antique. Victorian plate and two handed-carved wooden candelabras from D & L. They add charm and create a warmer welcome not only to the piano, but to the overall area as well.


Detail and woodworking. This seven-foot hand-crafted palace chandelier is made of iron with lead crystal beading, as well as rock and clear crystal. Its scale is perfect for high ceilings and grand entryways such as this one. Custom-designed console with antique mirror that fits perfectly in the middle of the entryways



Use of fabric on the wall to creates warmth and minimizes echoing noise in large spaces. Notice the welldesigned matching rope that creates balance with the overall staircase. Pargari also designed this French-inspired settee to showcase the handcrafted wooden base with the combination of a 24K antiqued gold and paint finish to add uniqueness and flair. Everything was created using earth tones, and although the settee is red, nothing took away from its beauty.


Spanish style with warmth. The wood flooring and Spanish-style tiling on the stairs complement the Spanish design. Lanterns create beautiful shadows with dramatic aspects, dark woods and warm faux finishing. When the entry is smaller, only use one table and a mirror. The wood flooring is placed in the direction that creates an elongated feel and appearance.


This handcrafted mirror and console are works of art. They were updated to add creativity and a classic modern touch to the home. Additionally, accessories were added to create a harmony between the classic and the modern.


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