CACTUS. Advertising and wayfinding in one multimedia kiosk

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CACT U S Advertising and wayfinding in one multimedia kiosk

Who we are? We deliver Digital Signage solutions based on proprietary hardware and software systems. We develop both outdoor and indoor products such as large-format LED screens, LCD walls, wayfinding and advertising multimedia kiosks and all other formats of digital solutions that support retail. All products are designed from the scratch and based on the proven software and hardware solutions optimized to the client’s needs. Unique design, high-quality materials, reliable hardware and smooth performance are the hallmarks of our products.

What is the scale? 10 years

3000 LCD screens

of business activity

managed remotely

200 multimedia kiosks

4000 SIM cards

produced and installed

in operation

Who trusted us?


Advertising and wayfinding joined in one multimedia kiosk Cactus was designed with all the respect for the specifics of nowadays shopping malls. As retail space must generate revenue, landlords not often have enough space and budget to install separate Digital Signage solutions for advertising and wayfinding. Every multimedia kiosk occupies certain space, limits the view in shopping passage and obstructs tenants’ window displays. That’s why Cactus joins these two crucial functions in one multimedia kiosk. Cactus automatically adapts to your customer’s needs. Once you see the kiosk from the distance, it broadcasts advertisements, that bring profit for shopping mall and its tenants. Once you however come closer, it changes its function and turns into wayfinding kiosk, that indicates the way to the selected store. Cactus makes the most out of the space it occupies. Implementing just one digital device in the shopping mall, you run advertisements and support customers with wayfinding solution. Apart from that Cactus brings you many other advantages!

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advertising and wayfinding one digital signage kiosk little space occupied cactus shape


Double sided kiosk every content visible from the both sides

Advertising screen 65’’ it broadcasts advertisements while seen from the distance

Touch screen 22’’ it turns into wayfinding panel if only touched by finger

Clear infographics look for the shop you want and get very clear navigation

Disabled people lower panel makes it useful for disabled people

Unique design perfect proportions, rounded shapes and ultimate user experience

Acrylic body antibacterial, hard-wearing, highly resistant and easy to repair

Proven hardware proprietary hardware with telemetrics devices

Reliable software activity and content remotely supervised 24/7

CACT U S Advertising and wayfinding in one multimedia kiosk