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Ashley Connor Professor Pearson Applied Journalism Production 19 January 2013 Freelance #1 The website that I pitched to was, and for this particular site I had to create an account before I pitched. This experience was very different for me. I am PR major so journalism is not something that I excel at, but freelance seems fun. I pitched my idea to the website. My impression of the freelance is that it is extremely hard to get work if you not a very skilled writer. Going through the checklists and applications I found it kind of intimidating and strange. People that make livings off freelance is impressive, and I give them two thumbs up. Although it is not something I could excel at. I learned that freelance is something that needs work and takes time to accomplish. Someone needs to be willing to put there selves out there, and work at it continuously. Going through the process of building an account I was very confused. They want to know employment history, and experience. I have only had one job in my life, and it was for five years. I felt that I lacked experience. Although, I am not sure what it exactly takes to be a freelance writer. In this process one other thing I learned is that I need more information on what it takes to freelance, and intrigue editors and readers.

My Pitch

“ Hello, Im a personal blogger who wants to write personal daily blogs for you! My blogs entail my interests in fashion, food, and everything fun. I have a witty unique spin for everything I write about. These stories and advice come straight from my personal journal to you. Thank you, Ashley Connor. “

Freelance Work  

Applied Journalism Production work throughout the semester

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