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Use Android Phone and Experience Android Applications Applications, we all have heard about the applications and all have used it and we know how much applications have made our life simple and fun as well. Applications are so many that you just cannot be without it and you just cannot get over it. Applications have made things so much better and now because of the applications and the large applications market people are now moving towards the world of smart phone so that they can enjoy the applications. Smart phones have made our life smarter and applications are supported by the smart phones so that the smart phone experience becomes better than ever. The recent research says that the there are over 60 percent of people who are using smart phones and more and more are moving towards the smart phones and the rates of the smart phones are also going down as there are new inventions of the smart phones as well so that more and more people can avail the applications and they can use it and enjoy it. There are so many android based phones available these days that. You get a huge range of phone in which you will find android and people they love android phones for one and the major reason that is due to the huge range of applications which are available for the android phones. Applications are a bliss and these applications are the best available in the android phones there are many paid as well as free applications available for android. There is a huge range of applications available and there is so much you can do and enjoy your phone with the help of these applications. People just love their phones basically because of the applications available. So if you also looking for some good applications then android is what you are looking for. For more info visit

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