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Members of the Board Chris Ackerman Jessica Borzilleri Richard Bounce Frances Chevalier Arsalee Morales Roland Pilapil Sabrina Schneider Keith Shannon Mike Thrapp Valene Vetack Source Magazine Managing Editor Janice Moore

Design and Layout Chris Ackerman - Signify Designs Printed at Mojave Printing Solutions The AV Business Source Magazine is published bi-monthly by The Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92307 Tel. 760.242.2753 Fax. 760.242.0303 Email. info@avchamber.org Web. www.AVChamber.org

October 2019 October 4th Government Relations Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley Noon – 1:00 pm October 9th Executive Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Chairman: Carol Thomas Keefer, Liberty Utilities Apple Valley October 11th Ambassador Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Chairman: Wendy Ramey, Agio Real Estate October 15th Board of Directors Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Chairman: Carol Thomas Keefer, Liberty Utilities Apple Valley October 15th Board Training Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

October 16th General Membership Luncheon Apple Valley Golf Course Check-in begins at 11:15 a.m. Luncheon begins at 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 5200 Rancherias Rd., Apple Valley, CA 92307

November 2019 November 1st Government Relations Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley Noon – 1:00 pm November 13th Executive Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Chairman: Bob Tinsley, BR Tinsley RE & Const. November 19th Board of Directors Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Chairman: Bob Tinsley, BR Tinsley RE & Const. November 20th General Membership Luncheon Apple Valley Golf Course Check-in begins at 11:15 a.m. Luncheon begins at 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. 5200 Rancherias Rd., Apple Valley, CA 92307

NEW MEMBERS Pizza Factory

Happy Trails Automotive, LLC

First Team Real Estate (High Desert) The Rehabilitation Institute at Palmdale

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General Membership Luncheon October 16, 2019

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AVCO Disposal Burrtec Waste

40 Years

Rotary Club of Apple Valley

33 years

Victor Valley Community College

27 years

Assistance League of Victor Valley

24 years

Alpha Connection Youth & Family Services

22 years

Law Offices of Caldwell, Kennedy & Porter

20 years

Apple Valley Communications, Inc.

17 years

Victorville Motors, Inc.

17 years

ICR Staffing Services, Inc.

17 years

Agio Real Estate

16 years

Mojave Water Agency

15 years

Drawing Ambassadors

C-Me Promotions & Embroidery

14 Years

Wendy Ramey, Agio Real Estate, Inc.

Desert Valley Hospital

14 years


Le Chateau De Soul

14 years

Linda Martin, Linda’s Tailor Shop

Lewis Operating Corp.

13 years

Glee Heikes

11 years

TABLE SPONSOR: APPLE VALLEY COMMUNICATIONS Apple Valley Golf Course 15200 Rancherias Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92307 Check-in begins at 11:15 a.m. Lunch is served at 11:30 a.m.

Tiffani Calvert, Oggi’s Pizza & Brewery Anita Holmes, Victor Valley Threshold Singers Alba M. Murcia, Bounce Realty

Hi Desert Alarm

9 years

Richard Bounce, Bounce Realty

Merrell Johnson Companies

8 years

Jackie Bounce, Bounce Realty

Cisneros Brothers Plumbing Inc

8 years

Sonic Systems, Inc.

8 years

Wordsmith Productions

3 years

HollyAnn Tabor, Victor Valley Women’s Club

Automobile Club of Southern California

3 years

Joan Phelps, Hi-Desert Center for Spiritual Living

American- Pacific Borate & Lithium

2 years

Randi Hunt, Inland Empire United Way Irene Gaulke, Daily Press/High Desert Media Group Libby Tabor, Victor Valley Women’s Club

Barbar Smith, Mohahve Historical Society Mike Robles, Option One Corporation

RSVP Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce (760) 242-2753 or info@avchamber.org

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How Conflicting Work Personalities Drive Team Success A successful team requires diverse personalities. 190,000 Deloitte employees were surveyed on their workplaces. The study, published by Harvard Business Review, determined four main personality types found in the workplace. Conflicting personalities can cause tension that even the most accommodating manager can’t deal with, and it isn’t always easy to create a cohesive work environment with a variety of characters. It is possible though, and understanding these personality types and how to deal with them will help to keep your team intact as you start up your business.

The Four Types


The Driver – Like their names, the drivers push, push, push. These people are resultsoriented, and thrive on meeting and exceeding goals. They are often competitive, overwhelming softer personality types. The Guardian – The guardians lay the foundations for success. They’re all about data and analysis, organization and order. They steer clear of risks, and look at past successes to determine the best way forward. Their analytical skills and ability to sort data make them a strong asset to the driver. The Integrator – The integrator can be considered the most relaxed in the office. Not too concerned with data, results or deadlines, this person prefers building relationships with others. They value emotional connection and intelligence. They’re likable people, but their preference for bonds confuses the goal-oriented driver.

The Pioneer – Pioneers are the innovators. They’re abstract thinkers; risk-takers; entrepreneurs. Their imagination and intuition encourage them to move forward with ideas. They can cause great anxiety for the guardian. As a leader, it’s important to learn your own personality type, and then determine the different personalities of each of your employees to achieve success. Knowing that the guardian is easily overwhelmed by the pioneer can help you to understand the need for the integrator to be the voice of reason between the two to help mediate conflicting ideas. The driver and the guardian work extremely well together. While one draws up and analyzes reports, the other is busy implementing the pioneer’s forward-thinking initiatives.

Arranging The Office To Maximize Strengths “The strategy and design act as an enabler, but collaboration is also about people and their mentality,” says design expert Simon Pole of Unispace. Creating synergy in the office doesn’t only manifest mentally. A customized office space for every employee needs to be arranged so that every member can produce work at their highest potential; it needs to accommodate each personality type so they can excel.

Greg Smith’s cutting-edge keynotes, consulting, and training programs have helped businesses reduce turnover, increase sales, hire better people and deliver better customer service. As President of Chart Your Course International he has implemented professional development programs for hundreds of organizations globally. He has authored nine informative books including Fired Up! Leading Your Organizational to Achieve Exceptional Results. For more information, visit ChartCourse.com or call (770) 860-9464.



760.247.7474 13609 Hitt Road, Apple Valley, CA Serving the High Desert since 1964 Pole recommends an Activity Based Working (ABW) environment over an open plan workspace. This way, employees have access to various workspaces depending on the job that needs to be done. If the guardian is preparing a report, they can work in a quiet cubicle, while the pioneer and the integrator bounce ideas off one another in an open lounge. One of the biggest challenges for the manager of a start-up is having a team of talented individuals who can’t seem to work together. Knowing the kind of employees you have on your team and getting them properly situated in a balanced work environment can lessen that burden. When personalities are matched with the right job titles and learn to work with one another, the result is a successful team.

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Shop Local. Source Local.

Beck Oil provides fueling sites for Air Expressway Towing’s truck fleet as well as detailed fuel management reports to track their usage, mileage and quantities.

g a y To w in E x p re ss w a ll e y, C A ir A , x u V n y Le m ie , A p p le Le ft : J o n h n G le n n Ro a d il o O J k 6 CA Bec 1360 ig h to n, , A p p le Va ll e y, a n c e Le R ig h t: V h w a y 1 8 # 2 8 5 ig 18484 H

Is your business sourcing local? Share your story at shoplocal@applevalley.org for an opportunity to be featured in an upcoming Shop Local ad.


Top 5 Features of an Ideal Human Resource Management Software By Elise Lowry Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com A human resource development software is what organizations need today to increase efficiency and productivity of the HR department. This article looks into the top 5 features an organization should look for when choosing a HRMS software. Today, every business is responding to the need for digitization by investing in automation of its processes. For this, businesses are looking for automation solutions for every sphere of their business, and every department. The human resource department has also witnessed a sea change in their approach with the introduction of the new age Human Resource Management software (HRMS). Every functionality of the human resource department is taken care of by the HRMS, and this can offer multiple benefits to the HR personnel in the organization. Digital HRMS is one such software that allows organizations to pick and choose modules that cater to their requirements. This allows even small businesses and start-ups to invest in it. Zoho People is another popular HRMS that is designed to automate every process of the HR department, so HR can focus on making the people happy. There are several benefits that a human resource management software can bring to an organization and increased efficiency and productivity of the HR department are only the key benefits. However, when looking for a HRMS, it is essential to look for a basic set of key features that are essential. The top 5 essential features are as follows. 1] EASE OF ACCESSIBILITY One of the primary features of a human resource management software is the ease of accessibility. A HRMS that is accessible from the premises of the office, as well as from the employee’s own devices, is what serves the purpose best. Also, the software should be accessible from anywhere in the world. This makes it easy for employees to perform various important tasks on the go. 2] RELIABILITY Another important feature of a HRMS is reliability, which means there are minimal issues in the software. A software that crashes time and gain is of little use and only leads to wastage of time. The Ideal is a platform that is high quality and is free from bugs and breakdowns. 3] COST-EFFECTIVENESS One of the objectives of automation is reducing costs, so the human resource management software should be designed for cost optimization. Hence, the HRMS should be one that requires minimum investment but generates high ROI. 4] SCALABILITY & CUSTOMIZATION Every organization has different needs when it comes to the human resources management, and so what organizations need today is a software that can be customized to meet their specific requirements. Also, scalability is another factor that counts, as organizations need a software that can be scaled up to meet their growing needs. 5] DATA SECURITY Employee data security is another factor that is important when considering a HRMS. After all, employee data is sensitive information and a good HRMS should be designed to offer maximum data security. Role-based access for different roles and specified permissions are great ways to ensure data security. That was all about the key features of a human resource management software. If an organization can choose the right software, it becomes easier to enjoy the multiple benefits, like streamlined operations, cost reduction, employee engagement, and more. HenceFree Web Content, organizations should keep these features in mind when choosing a human resource management software.

Apple Bites

Bob Tinsley presents ABC123 Charitable Foundation with new member plaque with Oscar Garcia, Elementum, Alex Diaz, ABC123 Charitable Foundation and Richard Bounce, Bounce Realty.

Marcy Taylor, Apple Valley Legacy Museum, Wendy Ramey, Agio Real Estate and Dr Eliz Dowdy, Eliz Elegant Apparel keep our Apple Valley History alive!

Carlie Stach, 19 years old, grabs our attention as co-owner of Happy Trails Automotive! Welcome to our Chamber, Carlie!

Paul Starks, Parade of Pianos introduces 8 year old Isaiah Cooper and his family as our State of the Town pianist.

Mike Nutter, Hub International Insurance Services is our Presenting Sponsor at our Apple Valley State of the Town.

San Bernardino County Detective instructs us on preventing ID theft when buying gasoline.

Sargent in Charge San Bernardino County Detective Bureau David Alexander presents on Money Laundering, How to Prevent It!

Bruce Kallen, First Team Real Estate High Desert introduces all the members of his Team as new Chamber members.

Isaiah Cooper plays to a sold out crown at the State of the Town celebration.

Apple Bites

Our favorite Victor Valley Chamber and Hesperia Chamber CEO, Mark Creffield, invites to purchase High Desert Opportunity Summit tickets and exhibitor booth Oct 24, 2019.

Congressman Paul Cook stops by to welcome us to the Apple Valley State of the Town.

Janice Moore, CEO Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce, encourages members to pick their month for a Quick Connect event.

C.J. Eversole, owner of the Pizza Factory, describes his No Bully Bench placed at schools throughout our region.

Keith Shannon, Environmentalist Specialist invites our members to take a tour of the Mitsubishi Cement plant for a “blast”!

Bob Tinsley, Past Chair of Apple Valley Chamber is the emcee for a sold out crowd at State of the Town

Chamber Ambassadors Barbara Smith, Mohave Historical Society, and Linda Martin, Linda’s Taylor Shop at Burlington can only line the walls to the sold out event. Members Peter Allan, John Doran, and Dr. Vicki Godden Allen are fortunate guests for lunch!

Member Spotlight Now in its 26th year, the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District has consistently strived to be a valuable resource to the community on air quality issues and management programs. Led by Executive Director and Air Pollution Control Officer Brad Poiriez, the District boasts 41 full time employees and encompasses more than 20,000 square miles. As the geographical second largest of the state’s 35 air districts, MDAQMD’s responsibilities include air monitoring, permitting, inspections and community outreach and education. Despite its large coverage area, MDAQMD is committed to providing a welcoming environment to stakeholders currently operating and residing in or looking to relocate into the vast jurisdiction while protecting public health through pollution prevention initiatives. Implementing air quality regulations in California has been long considered one of the most challenging environmental endeavors in the nation, but MDAQMD continues to foster an atmosphere of healthy air quality throughout the Mojave Desert through its ability to keep pace with an ever-evolving state framework. Every air district in California must show progress in reducing air pollution to meet state and federal air quality standards in order to preserve the environment and protect the health and safety of the general public. Today, MDAQMD holds more than 4,000 permits among nearly 1,300 facilities. We strive to relate to regulated businesses in an approachable manner while performing our mandated responsibilities. Our mission statement says it best: Mojave Desert AQMD is committed to attaining and maintaining healthful air quality while supporting strong and sustainable economic growth. For more information contact: Ryan Orr, rorr@mdaqmd.ca.gov, (760) 245-1661, 14306 Park Ave, Victorville, CA 92392 Welcome to a world that celebrates wine, style, and discovery. It is with great honor that I introduce you to a wine world re-imagined. Uniting centuries of the Boisset family’s Burgundian tradition with a passion for the graceful sophistication of California terriors, our collection of wineries reflects their Franco-American heritage, bringing together the best of the old world and new world into one world of wine. At Boisset, we embrace the Art of Life. Celebrating passion, artistry, craftsmanship, style and community, we believe the world of wine is something to be shared by all. Let us bring the best from our tasting rooms into your living room, creating the ultimate social wine experience. Now you and your friends can enjoy a personalized wine tasting in the comfort of your own home. Your Boisset Ambassador will introduce you to one of the most exciting wine communities in the world – The Boisset Wine Society. For more information contact: Wine Ambassador Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy, krashkip@msn.com, (760) 954-5334

Glenda Bayless


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