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June 2018

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Chairman's MESSAGE By Victoria Martin

Happy June!


If your business is like ours, things have a tendency to slow down over the summer. There’s just something about sunshine and beaches that makes people not want to think about their Last Will and Testament. Go figure.

Janice Moore President/CEO Nyesha Loyd Burnatte Executive Assistant Joy Adkins Membership Services Representative


Ambassadors • Executive Government Relations

Executive Committee Chairman Victoria Martin

First Vice Chairman Chris Ackerman Treasurer Virginia Watterson Secretary Janice Moore Past-Chairman of the Board Bob Tinsley

Members of the Board Richard Bounce Arlene Pence Bruinsma Isaac Cisneros Thomas Hallin Dana Hernandez Tom Hoegerman Carol Thomas- Keefer Kari Leon Kevin Mahany Richard Richter Terry Saenz Sabrina Schneider Tessa Schutz Mike Thrapp

Source Magazine

Editor & Designer Chris Ackerman - Signify Designs Staff Writer: T. Faye Griffin Printed at Mojave Printing Solutions The AV Business Source Magazine is published monthly by The Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92307 Tel. 760.242.2753 Fax. 760.242.0303 Email. info@avchamber.org Web. www.AVChamber.org

There are some valuable things that you can do to make it through the ebbs and flows and utilize the slower season to make your business stronger. 1) Buffer Your Business. One can’t over emphasize the importance of a financial buffer both in our business and personal budgets. It’s ideal to keep a six month (or longer) reserve to keep cash flow steady during difficult or slow seasons. A monthly automatic savings program is a great way to build up your reserve. Many times, if funds are out of our control before we see them, we never miss them. 2) Build Existing Relationships. Slower seasons are a great time to build relationships with existing clients. Send out thank-you notes to your top 10 clients. Create a free survey on surveymonkey.com or jotform.com asking clients about their experience and how you can better serve them. Create a business Facebook page and ask your customers to “Like” you. Facebook advertising is an inexpensive and effective way to create brand recognition and keep your business top of mind. It’s also a great time to build networking relationships by attending Chamber of Commerce networking events and luncheons.

Calendar June 2018 May 13th Executive Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Chairman: Victoria Martin, ArchAngel Estate Planning June 15th Ambassador Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Chairman: Dana Hernandez, Simply Rockin it Events June 19th Board of Directors Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Chairman: Victoria Martin, ArchAngel Estate Planning

June 20th Chamber Membership Luncheon Apple Valley Golf Course, 15200 Rancherias Road, Apple Valley 11:15 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

July 2018 July 6th Government Relations Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley Noon – 1:00 pm Chairman: Pat Orr, Little Caesars

General Membership Luncheon

3) Enjoy the Slowdown. Studies have shown that work-related stress is as damaging to our health as secondhand smoke. In contrast with the US, European countries mandate four weeks of paid vacation for their citizens. A slow season may be the time to take a few vacation days, enjoy family and friends, and get more rest. Studies show that a lack of sleep increases stroke risk and sabotages our immune systems. Stress increases our risk of cancer and heart disease and hurts our bodies’ ability to regulate inflammation. So let’s chill, people.

Apple Valley Golf Course

Thank you, as always, for being a member of the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce!

15200 Rancherias Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92307 Check-in begins at 11:15 a.m. Lunch is served at 11:30 a.m.

Victoria Martin

Member Stats

June 20, 2018

Program T. Faye Griffin WORDS by T. Faye “What’s in Your Mouth?”

Table Sponsor

New Members

Rockn’ Our Disabilities Foundation Victorville, CA 92394 (714) 331-7068

Desert View School/McKinley Children’s Center 762 West Cypress Street San Dimas, CA 91773 909-599-1227

Don Ferrarese Charitable Foundation

Drawing Dana Hernandez, Simply Rockn’ it Events

Ticket Sales Armida Murphy

Ambassador Chair Dana Hernandez, Simply Rockn’ it Events

Renewing Members


Citizens Business Bank

29 Years

Richard Bounce, Bounce Realty

Cooley Construction, Inc

28 Years

Joan Phelps, Hi Desert Center for Spiritual Living

ISU-ARMAC Insurance Agency, Inc

24 Years

Anita Holmes, California Writers Club

Miers & Miers CPA

18 Years

Family Assistance Program

10 years

Jackie Bounce, Bounce Realty Linda Martin, Linda’s Tailor Shop

San Joaquin Valley College

9 Years

Groovelabs, LLC

7 Years

All In One Logistics Care, LLC

3 Years

Barbara Smith, Mohahve Historical Society Armida Murphy Dana Hernandez, Simply Rockn’ it Events Eva D’Antonio, Entercom Radio Wendy Ramey, Agio Real Estate Tiffani Calvert, Oggi’s Pizza & Brewery Jacqueline Eldredge, Massey Insurance Services Brittany Depezynski, High Desert Shuttle John Wales, John-Wales Farmer Insurance Brandin Wilson Dillon, Shear Realty


Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce (760) 242-2753 or nyesha@avchamber.org We appreciate the overwhelming response in attendance at the General Membership Luncheon and wish to accommodate all members in attendance. In our efforts to fulfill the reservations at the Apple Valley Golf Course for the monthly luncheon we ask that members R.S.V.P. no later than the Thursday before the luncheon. Should a member reserve and not attend, the lunch fee of $25.00 will be billed to the member. Notice of cancellation of reservations for the luncheon must be made 24 hours in advance in order to avoid the lunch fee. Reasonable accommodations will be made for individuals with disabilities upon request.


$21.00 per person with reservation $26.00 per person at the door without reservation $31.00 for non-members


Anatomy of a Maximized Membership

Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce! You’ve filled out the application, paid the dues, attended your first general membership luncheon, received a nifty plaque bearing your company name; perhaps you’ve been featured in the monthly newsletter or attended the odd networking event. So why aren’t customers beating down your doors?

Words by T. Faye Griffin • Photos by Arlene Bruinsma

It’s not uncommon for some business owners to have unrealistic expectations when joining a Chamber. Often membership is viewed as a magic

Ask yourself: Have I maximized my membership? The 2018 Summer Hops BrewFest, held on June 5th at Lions Park in Apple Valley, is a perfect case study of how a business, namely Off The Grid Brewery,

maximized their membership. By partnering with the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce, the threeyear old pub was able to create a successful event that was mutually beneficial for their business, the Chamber, and the community. Co-sponsoring special events can put your business right where the action is— face-to-face with potential customers. Whether it’s a fundraiser for a local charity or a ribbon cutting, working with the Chamber helps to build a bridge between your business and the public. In the case of the BrewFest, networking over a cold brew far outweighed making cold calls.

Member F.D.I.C.

bullet that will automatically produce increased sales. Key word: “automatically.” The fact is the Chamber operates on the universal law of reciprocity. A business will only get out of its membership what it puts into it. Many businesses forgo joining a Chamber because of out-of-pocket costs. This is particularly true with start-ups. Memberships vary from chamber to chamber and can range from the low hundreds to more than $1,000. But a fully maximized membership is more likely to recoup that investment in the longterm. Partnering with the Chamber also creates valuable networking opportunities, placing you in direct contact with other professionals. New working relationships are forged. In the case of the BrewFest, fellow Chamber members maximized their

memberships by lending support in everything from sound and staging, printing services, transportation, entertainment, and more. The result? A platform to further promote their goods and services. The idea of working alongside competitors may keep some businesses from becoming deeply involved in Chamber activities. But if the success of the BrewFest is any indication, those fears are unfounded. Collaborative efforts by competing businesses can foster goodwill. Now in its second year, the joint venture between Off The Grid Brewery and the Chamber featured 12 participating breweries. It was win-win for all. Understandably, co-sponsoring a large-scale event may be out of reach for some businesses. But other Chamber opportunities are plentiful. Maybe the monthly Quick Connect networking gathering or the Home-Based Business group is a better fit. Give the office a call to learn more about how you can maximize your member by getting involved in these areas. The Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping your business grow and prosper. The opportunity to expand the visibility and impact the bottom line of your company is limited only by your imagination.

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Business Moment The marketing and ad aspects of Facebook and all social media are changing dramatically. If you use or have never used social media for your marketing, you must constantly be aware of changes. So much emphasis from entrepreneurs seems at times to be focused on just advertising and marketing, but the real key to successful usage of social media needs more attention paid to your fans and followers and less on actual ads and direct marketing.

The Low-Down Facebook’s Latest Changes and How They Affect Your Business No doubt Facebook has dramatically changed how businesses are marketed online. With over 2 billion users Facebook offers exposure to a powerhouse of potential customers. That’s why when Mark Zuckerberg announced some big changes in January, it drew many concerns with business owners on how their posts will have a reduced visibility in their follower’s newsfeed. Here’s what you need to know and do about these changes: The focus of the new changes is actually very holistic. Facebook is all about creating community. These changes are an attempt to help users find relevant content and to have more meaningful social interactions. In a nutshell that means people want to see information from their family and friends. They don’t want to be bothered with irrelevant posts from businesses, brands and media. So how do you deal with Facebook’s algorithm changes as a business?

QUALITY First of all, you need to focus on quality versus quantity of content. Relevance takes on a whole new meaning now. Take time to create really juicy posts your audience can’t resist. Focus on what your ideal target market wants to receive from you. Will they be entertained? Educated?

2018 Facebook Changes Put Community First By Susan Friesen

Inspired? Leave everything else out and only focus on those three things.

ENGAGEMENT Engagement is everything. With every post your goal is to stir up a conversation. Ask for opinions. Get them to share their advice and stories. Now more than ever you need to develop a tribe of people who love to be connected and can’t wait to engage with you. Take advantage of Facebook Live being the hottest trend right now that typically generates a lot of engagement.

AUTHENTICITY Don’t try tricky posts that get people to comment and share on a post. Using tactics like clickbait and sensationalized fake news or other means to try and trick the algorithms are one of the reasons why these changes occurred. Moreover, engagement bait tactics can get you in trouble. The Facebook algorithm can detect such tactics that try to coerce people to engage. Instead, have the intention of sharing good content from your heart. Be authentic. Make your posts so amazing that people will naturally want to share them.

MUSIC Facebook and Universal Music Group signed a deal to allow users to upload songs in videos. This means users can now share videos containing music from UMG’s artists without having the videos removed due to copyright violations as they have been in the past. So now you can we open up creativity, connection and innovation through music as you build your social media community. In other words, rock out with your peeps! Now you can without copyright infringement by choosing songs by Universal Music Group artists. In the end, the people who help, entertain, and serve their communities will win. So stop worrying about marketing and focus on serving your fans and followers.

Business Spotlight Inadequate sound is a bane to business meetings. There is nothing more frustrating than straining to hear, or to be heard. Groovelabs, LLC, a comprehensive, full-service audio-visual, stage and lighting solutions provider is expert at removing the risk of poor sound quality. As leaders in the presentation market, they are able to elevate the atmosphere of any symposium, conference, meeting, or marketing campaign with their state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and staging equipment. Serving the High Desert and beyond, the Apple Valley-based small business has an imprint on countless event concerts, tours, expos, and galas throughout California. With a well stocked, 5,000 sq./ft. warehouse, dedicated crew, and access to over 100 vendor resources, Groovelabs offers “one-stop production solutions with that “Hollywood” impact for discerning clients.” Their impressive client roster includes schools, large-scale corporations, non-profit organizations, local government, and, of course, the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce. Groovelabs has successfully set themselves apart from their competitors by ensuring meticulous inspection and maintenance of their equipment prior to set-up. A team of qualified technicians works diligently to exceed event expectations. They assist with technical planning of stages, backdrops, lighting, and electrical, while offering continual support from beginning to end. According to their website, “We don’t leave you guessing with standard drop off rentals or cookie cutter services.” Their pricing philosophy is perhaps the most telling of their commitment to providing the highest quality service. While their rates are based on local markets, they are quick to note that Groovelabs’ service is not for everyone. By taking great measures to identify the customer’s expectation and service level required, they are able to focus on providing top quality equipment and personnel to clients who understand the benefit of having a discerning partner working to make their event a success. As the demand for broadcast feeds grows, Groovelabs meets it readily with their Video screen FX. Their patented live feed service includes cameras and everything necessary to conduct and record focus groups and closed circuit feeds, and is just one more way they give their customers the advantage. Creating an overall look and feel for an event is an art. By customizing services Groovelabs will help elevate your event for maximum impact, turning it into something that not only looks and sounds good, but feels good.

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Apple Bites

Wendy Ramey opens the meeting with a power packed prayer!

Alex Diaz of the Hesperia Chamber of Commerce drops info on the Hesperia 35th Golf Classic.

Guest speaker Co-Founder of Innovation Academy Steve Kurti.

Co-Chairs Sabrina Schneider and Chris Ackerman hype the crowd up for the 2nd Annual Summer Hops Brewfest.

Photos By Chris Ackerman

Victoria Martin gracefully welcomes new member Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy of Boisset Collection.

Chris Lamoreaux and her Coldwell Banker Home Source team promotes Home Makeover contest.

Carol Thomas-Keefer of Liberty Utilities and the Extreme Water Makeover winners John and Christy Vaughn of Apple Valley.

Mayor minute with Mayor Art Bishop.

Mark Creffield of Victor Valley Chamber of Commerce joins Janice Moore to invite everyone to Discover & Explore Scotland!

Jason Montana proudly accepts plaque for Midway Home Solutions.

Apple Valley Police Captain Manny Mendoza gives update on what’s happening.

Ryan Orr accepts new member plaque on behave of Mojave Desert AQMD.

Glenda Bayless


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