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September 2017

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Glenda Bayless


Chairman's MESSAGE By Bob Tinsley Staff

Janice Moore President/CEO Nyesha Loyd Executive Assistant


Ambassadors • Executive Government Relations

Executive Committee Chairman Bob Tinsley

First Vice Chairman Chris Ackerman Treasurer Victoria Martin Secretary Janice Moore Past-Chairman of the Board Colleen Hunt

Members of the Board Kevin Mahany Elizabeth Stepanian Krystal Beck Kari Leon Raghada Khoury Jeanie Miller Nick DiCosola Virginia Watterson Richard Richter Carol Thomas- Keefer Richard Bounce Tessa Schutz Miriam Munoz Tom Hoegerman Arlene Pence Bruinsma Terry Saenz

Source Magazine

Editor & Designer Chris Ackerman - Signify Designs Printed at Mojave Copy & Printing The AV Business Source Magazine is published monthly by The Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92307 Tel. 760.242.2753 Fax. 760.242.0303 Email. info@avchamber.org Web. www.AVChamber.org

As I said a few months ago, “New and Exciting things are coming soon to our Town and Valley.” Along with The 1.3 Million Square Foot “Big Lots” distribution center and The Walmart Super Center moving forward again. The Apple Valley, Adelanto and Hesperia Chambers of Commerce have announced the formation of “The High Desert Regional Chambers Coalition” The objective is to work together for the greater good of ALL our Members and Communities on issues affecting us all, giving us a more powerful regional presence and giving us a stronger voice overall. This came from The Joint Chambers Visioning Task Force, comprised of many leaders of the High Desert and The Chambers of Commerce. Personally, I’m very excited about this and believe its a huge step in the right direction for ALL The Chambers of Commerce, businesses and the economic success of The High Desert. There are still more fun and exciting things to come. Meanwhile, I wish to Thank you All for helping to make this a Very Good Year. YOUR Chamber of Commerce is financially “ in the black” and the membership is growing. The committees have done a Super job this year and we’ve all had a lot of fun.

Calendar September 2017 September 6th Executive Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Chairman: Bob Tinsley, Spirit River Center September 19th Board of Directors Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley 7:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Chairman: Bob Tinsley, Spirit River Center September 20th General Membership Luncheon Apple Valley Golf Course 15200 Rancherias Rd., Apple Valley, CA 92307 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

September 22nd Ambassador Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Chairman: Richard Bounce, Bounce Realty

October 2017 October 6th Government Relations Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley Noon – 1:00 pm Chairman: Pat Orr, Little Caesars

Many thanks and congrats to Janice Moore, Nyesha Loyd, “The Super Staff” for playing a major part and being Great Leaders, they have a firm grip on Leading us into the future. I will be moving to Immediate Past Chairman and look forward staying on the Board of Directors for another term. I want to officially welcome the new board members, wish and thank them and your new Chair Person, Victoria Martin a very happy and successful year. Be sure to come to the September 20 luncheon for her Induction at the Apple Valley Golf Course. I’ll see ya around....Happy Trails

Member Stats

Bob Tinsley

Renewing Members

General Membership Luncheon September 20, 2017 Apple Valley Golf Course 15200 Rancherias Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92307 Check-in begins at 11:15 a.m. Lunch is served at 11:30 a.m.

Program Chamber Board Installation

Victor Valley Personnel Services Inc/ Level Up Staffing

43 Years

Apple Valley Transfer & Storage, Inc.

37 Years

Captain Frank Bell Apple Valley Police Department and Cameras

Martinez + Okamoto Architects, Inc.

23 Years

Table Sponsor

Assistance League of Victor Valley

22 Years

Bounce Realty

Costco Wholesale #1010

22 Years


Walmart Store #2333

21 Years

Terry Saenz, VVAPL Humane Society

FHA Services, Inc.

17 Years

Ticket Sales

Alaska Federal Credit Union

17 Years

Apple Valley Communications, Inc.

15 Years

ICR Staffing Services

15 Years

Mojave Water Agency

13 Years

Jackie Bounce, Bounce Realty

Le Chateau De Soul

12 Years

Joan Phelps, Hi-Desert Center for Spiritual Living

CME Promotions & Embroidery

12 Years

Glee Heikes

11 Years

Watson Land Company

10 Years

Quail Valley Estates Inc.

10 Years

High Desert Party Rentals, LLC

10 Years

Sonic Systems, Inc.

6 Years


2 Years

Marie Chase Petry Essential Oil Advocate

2 Years


2 Years

Ashwood Golf Course

2 Years

Tonyan Coffee LLC

1 Year

World Financial Group

1 Year

We appreciate the overwhelming response in attendance at the General Membership Luncheon and wish to accommodate all members in attendance. In our efforts to fulfill the reservations at the Apple Valley Golf Course for the monthly luncheon we ask that members R.S.V.P. no later than the Thursday before the luncheon. Should a member reserve and not attend, the lunch fee of $25.00 will be billed to the member. Notice of cancellation of reservations for the luncheon must be made 24 hours in advance in order to avoid the lunch fee. Reasonable accommodations will be made for individuals with disabilities upon request.

Armida Murphy

Ambassador Chair

Richard Bounce, Bounce Realty

Ambassadors Miriam Munoz, Valley Hi Honda Linda Martin, Linda’s Tailor Shop Anita Holmes, California Writers Club Tessa Schutz, Kranbox Barbara Smith – Mohahve Historical Society Armida Murphy Eva D’Antonio, CBS Radio Wendy Ramey, Agio Real Estate Curry Ramey, Agio Real Estate Isaac Cisneros, Cisneros Brothers Plumbing Tori Millian, Agio Real Estate, Inc. Tammy O’Neal, Agio Real Estate, Inc.

RSVP Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce (760) 242-2753 or nyesha@avchamber.org

Cost $20.00 per person with reservation $25.00 per person at the door without reservation $30.00 for non-members


Janice Moore, Chamber CEO and Mark Austin, C-Me Promotions welcome members to the State of the Town.

Welcome Isabel Pocha with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the Mall of Victor Valley.

Apple Valley Fire Protection District presents the colors of our flag with Retired Fire Chief Sid Hultquist.

Joseph Schaffer, Branch Manager for Wells Fargo is welcomed as a new member!

Welcome to Precision Blueprints & Printing, Angela Sorrell in Hesperia.

Dr. Breada Leach, and staff member Nichole with ABC 123 Christian Academy in Apple Valley are new members.

John Wales Farmers Insurance presents as a new member.

Bev Lowery, Mojave Water Agency Director, wins the $100 in cash donated by Jackie Bounce of Bounce Realty!

Mayor Pro-Tem Art Bishop welcomes the audience to the State of the Town.

Luisa Sled with Affordable Cremations of the High Desert is introduced by Chairman Bob Tinsley.

Member F.D.I.C.

Town Mayor, Scott Nassif gives us his opening remarks on the Yucca Loma Bridge completion.

Photos courtesy of KRANBOX

Julie Tricinella-Tessier with Classic Wines of California is welcomed into the Chamber’s membership.

Irene Gaulke represents Premier Designs Independent Rep as Irene Jewelry Girl.

Town Council member Barb Stanton describes the newest bus route on Apple Valley Road to the Wal-Mart Distribution Center.

AAA Bookkeeping & Tax Service, Annie Marie Deveyra, IRS Enrolled Agent, is welcomed by Chairman Bob Tinsley.

Signify Designs, Chris Ackerman discusses details of the event with the Town’s Public Relations Specialist, Charlene Engeron.

Councilman Larry Cusack presents on the State of the Town.

Eva D’Antonio, CBS Radio, and Terry Saenz, Victor Valley Animal Protective League, draw the winning numbers for our Ambassador Raffle drawings.

Mayor Scott Nassif receives recognition from Police Captain Frank Bell for his work with “WeTip”, an anonymous crime reporting resource for citizens. Fellow council members congratulate Mayor Nassif.

“A Job Well Done!” by Janice Moore, CEO/President of the Chamber, Mayor Scott Nassif, and Bob Tinsley, Chairman of the Board.


50 Years of Beck Oil, Inc.

Words and photos by Chris Ackerman, Signify Designs

For any company to come to their 50th Anniversary in today’s up and down business climate, says a lot, not only of the organization’s staying power, but speaks volumes on their business model, savvy and work ethic. Beck Oil is just such a company. Beck Oil did not choose the High Desert... it was chosen for them. Owner Glenn Beck started out as a steel engineer and when that industry died out, he got a job with Shell as a lubricants engineer in San Francisco. Meanwhile, one of Shells’s customers, Kaiser Steel needed help, so Shell sent Glenn down to Southern California to work with Kaiser and others.

One of

his duties was to check on a local Shell Lubricant distribution company and in 1967 Glenn and his wife Buzz bought that business and Beck Oil, Inc. was born. When they started the business they only had two drivers. In 1973 a new office and warehouse was built on Turner Road in Victorville and only Shell products were sold at that time. In 1974, Carson Oil in Inyokern was purchased, followed by Mitchell Oil in Trona, CA in the 1980’s. By 1983, Beck Oil, Inc owned and operated five service stations with convenient stores inside four of them. From there they purchased Victorville Oil, and most recently in January 2008, bought Lee Escher Oil Company in Coachella. At the present time, they have 65 employees and average 95 million in sales each year. There are three main components of what Beck oil does; supplier of gas stations, wholesale fuels and lubricants and Fleet Card fueling cards. One aspect of their business is branding.



wants to open a service station, Beck


will sign them to a 10 year contract and brand them as a Shell, Union 76, Sinclair or VP Station. Although they deliver gas to different competitors, the gas is close, but not the same. Each company adds in their own additives to make their gas unique.

The company’s success is attributed to their ability to diversify, with the owning and operating of service stations, delivering fuel and lubricants to other industries, and


Fleet Card fueling stations. Using


circular business model, when one aspect of the business would dip, the other two would keep the business running successfully. Another reason for their success is the low turnover Beck Oil also delivers lubricants and chemicals to a multitude of companies. Sadly, this is a dying business according to Glenn, as more synthetic oils are being used nowadays in this industry over classic crude. They also deliver fuel to







gallons to a full truck load. farms,

Places such as government,

mining, construction, the trucking industry and golf courses are just several of the industries that need this exact service. The third aspect to the company is their CardLock, and now, Fleet Card locations nationwide, which allows large fleet companies to have drivers using their cards, unlock pumps from unmanned stations, as well as traditional gas stations and truck stops,

in staff. Annie Duarte, who is in charge of Sales Support, shared that the staff love working there because they are treated fairly, the job is stable, and there is an air of positivity throughout the company. Personally, she loves the fact that there is never any downtime there, it is always busy. In February of this year, Beck Oil, Inc. opened a Fleet Card sales office in Apple Valley, and down the road, the company, still run by Glenn Beck and his son, Vice President Corey Beck, plan to re-model and build at their D Street location to bring more offices and staff into one convenient location. Before that is to happen, the company will be holding a large 50th Anniversary celebration at their on September 19th from 11am to 2pm.

and fuel up with the card recording the gallons used,

From 1967 - 2017 Beck Oil has grown into a

which is sent in a monthly bill to the company using

powerhouse here in the Victor Valley. On behalf

the service. This system is perfect for not only large

of the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce,

companies, but realtors, and salesmen who travel

congratulations to Glenn, Corey and everyone at

long distances and more.

Beck Oil for continued success!

Shop Local. Source Local.

Got Wood Carpentry sources the glass required for many of their large projects directly from their neighbors in The Village at Apple Valley Glass.

Is your business sourcing local? Share your story at shoplocal@applevalley.org for an opportunity to be featured in an upcoming Shop Local ad.


e y G la ss p le Va ll tr y rke tt, A p u B C a rp e n s o rl o t Wo o d Le ft : C a G , im h y a tt J o c R ig h t: W

Business Spotlight



WISPRENN provides small towns, rural areas, and growing communities with high-speed internet. Our service does not require a phone line nor does it use a satellite to function. By using the latest technology, we are able to exceed dial up and Satellite speeds and provide them at a

Let me help you save water and lower your water bill with our conservation programs.

low cost to you. • $60 a month with no annual contract required. • $4 discount per month with subscription. • Free radio receiver rental. • WISPRENN provides unlimited data usage.* • No phone line required. • 7 Day a week telephone support. • A one-time fee of $145 for basic installation.

Free High Efficiency Toilets

Free DIG Landscape Drip Watering Kit

$75 Rebate on Hot Water Recirculation Pump

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Check out the current coverage to see if you are in our service area. If you are interested in our service, call us at 760.269.4264 or email us at info@wisprenn.com. Wisprenn High Speed Wireless is a great solution or alternative to anyone in the Apple Valley – Lucerne areas that do not have High Speed access to the Internet. If you do not have cable or FIOS running to your house, Wisprenn is a choice for you!

Learn more at LibertyUtilities.com or call 760-247-6484

4 Strategies to Help Improve Employee Relations & Engagement

Business MOMENT If your organization should perform better, it is essential that you engage better with your employees. They should feel connected to the brand, feel motivated and responsible, and enjoy the work. You don’t want your employees to take their work as a burden. It can be detrimental to your company’s efficiency and productivity and long-term success. Here are 4 strategies to help you improve employee relations and engagement levels. 1. Maintain Transparency Do you know that there is a strong relation between employee happiness and management transparency? Surveys show that the correlation can be more than 90%. When you trust your employees with sensitive information, it helps them feel more important to the organization. It also helps build a more cooperative environment in the workplace. It helps build both employee relations and employeemanagement relationship. 2. Get Everyone Involved Make sure that all employees are made part of your strategy development process. Make them feel important to the organization, and not left out. It is recommended to assign responsibilities based on their skills, interests and role. It will be a better strategy to let your employees willingly take on challenges. This can also mean investing in employee skills development from time to time.

3. Provide the Required Tools & Resources Lack of proper tools and resources is one of the major contributing factors to shortfall in employee productivity and interest. In fact, this is considered as the top engagement-driving factor across organizations worldwide. When you fail to provide them the right tools and infrastructure, you are creating barriers that prevent your employees from getting things done. 4. Provide Timely Training If you want to create a culture of continuous development, you should focus on employee training and skills development. It will not only help develop your manpower skills, qualities and productivity, it will also tell them that you value them. When employees feel that you are investing in their future, it will further help improve engagement levels. When you train your employees, you are also providing Leadership training. Better trained and more knowledgeable workers are going to emerge as better performers and leaders. Thus, there will be lesser chances that you will have to recruit leaders from outside the organization. So if you want to improve employee relations and productivity, you will have to invest in your employees. The key is to not only equip them with the right tools and skills, but also to make them feel more valued.

Member Stats Sunset Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary 24000 Waalew Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92307

Irene Jewelry Girl- Premier Designs Independent Rep 21160 Neola Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92308

The Wine Seller

19341 Bear Valley Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92307

New Members Affordable Cremations of the High Desert 13558 Nomwaket Rd., Suite A Apple Valley, CA 92307

TEAM Referral Network 21160 Neola Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92308

Second Chance Credit/ Financial Educational Services 17250 Olive Street #1202 Hesperia, CA 92340

American Pacific- Borate & Lithium 16195 Siskiyou Rd., Suite 210 Apple Valley, CA 92307

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Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce 16010 Apple Valley Road Apple Valley, CA 92307



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