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June 2017

Three Words You Never Want Your Customers to Say

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Glenda Bayless


Chairman's MESSAGE By Bob Tinsley Staff

Janice Moore President/CEO Nyesha Loyd Executive Assistant


Ambassadors • Executive Government Relations

Executive Committee Chairman Bob Tinsley

First Vice Chairman Chris Ackerman Treasurer Victoria Martin Secretary Janice Moore Past-Chairman of the Board Colleen Hunt

Members of the Board Kevin Mahany Elizabeth Stepanian Krystal Beck Kari Leon Raghada Khoury Jeanie Miller Nick DiCosola Virginia Watterson Richard Richter Carol Thomas- Keefer Richard Bounce Tessa Schutz Miriam Munoz Tom Hoegerman Arlene Pence Bruinsma Terry Saenz

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..And what a fantastic day it was! On Saturday, June 10 The Chamber along with Off the Grid Brewery held its First ever “Brewfest” More than 500 folks enjoyed tasting Craft Brews, nice wines, good food and listening to really good live bands at Beautiful Lions Park. I had the honor and privilege of being part of a fantastic, well oiled machine (team) who organized and produced it all. For the past several months this elite group of individuals have been working hard on this event and Saturday, it all came together. If you missed it, we’ll be doing it again for sure. Everyone I saw was having a Great Day Many Thanks to all of you who came, to All The Breweries, Vendors and to my Super Team. Meanwhile, mark your calendars. At the July 19 Luncheon we will be introducing to you Apple Valleys newest Firemen and bidding Farewell and Happy Retirement to Chief Hultquist. And while you’re adding to your calendar don’t for the State of the Town event at the August Luncheon! Sponsorships available now! “Your table is waiting!” for $500 and seating for eight! Includes a “shout out” from stage and Your Name on the banner! Can’t beat it! It is another great event brought to you by your Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce! I hope to see you all there!

Bob Tinsley Fantastic Advertising Opportunities with azine! g a The New Apple Valley Ch amber M

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Calendar June 2017 June 14th Executive Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Chairman: Bob Tinsley, Spirit River Center June 20th Board of Directors Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Chairman: Bob Tinsley, Spirit River Center June 21st General Membership Luncheon Apple Valley Golf Course 15200 Rancherias Road, Apple Valley 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

June 23rd Ambassador Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Chairman: Richard Bounce, Bounce Realty

General Membership Luncheon June 21, 2017 Apple Valley Golf Course 15200 Rancherias Rd. Apple Valley, CA 92307 Check-in begins at 11:15 a.m. Lunch is served at 11:30 a.m.

July 2017 July 7th Government Relations Committee Meeting Chamber Conference Room, Spirit River Center 16010 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley Noon – 1:00 pm Chairman: Pat Orr, Little Caesars


Law Offices of Debra S. Popineau- Baker

Table Sponsor Thompson Family Plumbing

Member Stats New Member

Drawing Terry Saenz, VVAPL Humane Society

House of Paws Grooming & Daycare

15940 Quantico Rd., Ste #120 Apple Valley, CA 92307

Ticket Sales Armida Murphy

Ambassador Chair

Richard Bounce, Bounce Realty

Ambassadors Jackie, Bounce Realty

Renewing Members Southern California Edison Mitsubishi Cement Corporation Robert R. Yeghoian Co, Inc. Citizen Business Bank High Desert Association of Realtors Dan Smith Insurance Services Apple Valley Citizen’s Club Wal-Mart DC #7033 Max Shette Neighbors United San Joaquin Valley College Coldwell Banker Commercial Marie Chase Petry Essential Oil Advocate Holiday Inn Victorville Victor Valley Arts and Education Center Bear Valley Party Rentals

Joan Phelps, Hi-Desert Center for Spiritual Living

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We appreciate the overwhelming response in attendance at the General Membership Luncheon and wish to accommodate all members in attendance. In our efforts to fulfill the reservations at the Apple Valley Golf Course for the monthly luncheon we ask that members R.S.V.P. no later than the Thursday before the luncheon. Should a member reserve and not attend, the lunch fee of $25.00 will be billed to the member. Notice of cancellation of reservations for the luncheon must be made 24 hours in advance in order to avoid the lunch fee. Reasonable accommodations will be made for individuals with disabilities upon request.

Miriam Munoz, Valley Hi Honda Linda Martin, Linda’s Tailor Shop Anita Holmes, California Writers Club Lindsey Kerry, Thompson Family Plumbing Tessa Schutz, Kranbox Barbara Smith – Mohahve Historical Society Armida Murphy Eva D’Antonio, CBS Radio Ramey Curry, Agio Real Estate Curry Ramey, Agio Real Estate Isaac Cisneros, Cisneros Brothers Plumbing Tori Millian, Agio Real Estate, Inc. Tammy O’Neal, Agio Real Estate, Inc.

RSVP Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce (760) 242-2753 or nyesha@avchamber.org

Cost $20.00 per person with reservation $25.00 per person at the door without reservation


Three Words You Never Want Your Customers to Say (or Think) and How to Avoid Them

You probably can put together a lot of threeword phrases you would rather not hear from your customers, like, “Lower your prices,” or “I want a refund” (I fudged a little on that one). But those aren’t the three words that concern me because they can be easily dealt with. I’m concerned about three words that you not only don’t want to hear, they should never even cross your customers minds if you are properly interacting with them. The three words are, “That’s not fair!” It’s Part of Our Culture This concept of being fair is part of our culture and has been drilled into us since we were kids. We’ve been taught to form lines and take turns and “everyone gets a chance” and one-person-one-vote and to flip a coin when there is a dispute because “that’s only fair.” Because it is so deeply ingrained, we get really angry when someone does something to us we consider unfair. (Think about the last time someone cut in front of you in line.) Fairness is always in the back of your customers’ minds, and they use it to evaluate your business. For example, they evaluate whether your prices are “fair” given what others are charging and the quality of your goods and service. And your customer service is being judged as customers evaluate whether they are being treated fairly in their interactions with your business. Is the time they are waiting for service fair given the number of other customers and employees present? (i.e., “Why aren’t more checkout lines open given all the employees I see?”) Is the employee’s behavior fair in terms of time spent in the interaction and comments made? (i.e., “Why don’t they seem interested in me as a customer given all I’m spending?”) Are they being treated fairly when they have a question or a complaint? And what about the solution offered?

Member F.D.I.C.

(i.e., “You ask if I found everything at checkout but don’t help me when my answer is ‘no’.”) You don’t want your customers to be thinking, “That’s not fair!” This strong negative emotion can lead to loss of customers. Strong negative emotion can produce strong negative promotion as customers tells others about their “unfair treatment.” Equal and Fair Aren’t the Same You might think that fair treatment means equal treatment. And that would be incorrect. Why? Because your customers are not just comparing their treatment to that of your other customers. They are comparing how they are treated by your business to their treatment by other similar businesses. They are also comparing your treatment of them to the inner concept of fairness they have developed over time. For example, I used to go to a doctor who routinely had me waiting 45 minutes past my appointment time. Friends who went to the same doctor told me they had the same experience. So we were all being treated equally. But was this treatment fair? Not as far as I was concerned. So I found a different doctor who cut my wait time to ten minutes. How to Increase Your Fairness Quotient Sometimes due to circumstances, we can’t give our customers the amount of attention they want, serve them as quickly as we should or solve their problems or handle their complaints the way that they would prefer. While customers may not be totally happy about this, they are more likely to be accepting if they at least feel they were treated fairly. Here’s how to accomplish this: First, reevaluate your behavior, policies and operation. Is what you are doing really fair to your customers, or does it just reflect inflexibility, bad policy or poor business operation? If you believe what you are doing is fair or can’t be avoided given the situation, apply one or more of the following:

* Explain why - Tell customers why you were delayed, why you can’t do what they want, etc. The explanation needs to be more than, “That’s the way it is,” or “That’s our policy.” A proper explanation increases understanding and perception of fairness. But make sure it is does not sound like you are giving a lecture in the process. • Let the customer explain - If the customer has a complaint or concern, give the customer a fair hearing. Not doing so or cutting the customer off will make the entire process appear unfair. • Express empathy - The perception of fairness will be greater if customers believe you understand how they feel. • Apologize - When customers are inconvenienced or otherwise made upset with your actions, an apology is only fair. • Emphasize the positive - Emphasizing what you can do rather than what you can’t do will increase customer perception of fairness. • Invoke fairness as your goal - Explain how what you are doing is the fairest action for everyone given the circumstances. • Make an exception - if the situation involves a simple misunderstanding or confusion, or the cause of the issue is unclear, an exception may be appropriate to maintain good relations and perception of fairness. • Thank them for understanding - This acknowledges their help and increases their perception that you value them. It’s Only Fair Mistakes are made, interactions are not always as good as we would like and customer complaints will happen. In these make-orbreak situations, customers may not always be completely happy with the way we respond. But as long as they walk away believing, “At least they were fair,” they are likely to give your business another chance. By: Dennis Rosen

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Apple Bites

Terry Saenz, Gwen Bedics, Louisa Miller, Cari Thomas present the new High Desert Opportunity showcase.

Chairman Bob Tinsley welcomes the membership to the May Luncheon!

Andie Anderson, SB County Fairgrounds invites our members to the fair as our Table Sponsor.

Desert Community Bank honors our Students of the Semester from our Apple Valley High Schools.

Ms. Donna Nash, Director of Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Services at St. Joseph Health St. Mary presents on the newest stroke prevention programs.

Mayor Scott Nassif announces the Ribbon Cutting for our new Yucca Loma Bridge.

Brad Letner, CEO of Hesperia Chamber of Commerce invite us to the June 23 Hesperia Chamber Golf Tournament.

Chairman Bob Tinsley is pleased to present Sherry Richendollar with Recovery Room located in the Spirit River Center.

Cindy Toms, Vice President of Desert Community Bank reads the bios of our awesome Students of the Semester.

Susan Haase Zirges announces a business change in her ten years of serving senior citizens! Welcome! Custom Caregivers of California to Apple Valley!

Welcome to Steven Nunez, House of Paws Grooming & Day Care, as he is welcomed by our Chairman Bob Tinsley.

Our membership luncheon is always a popular event at the Apple Valley Golf Course! Always the 3rd Wednesday each month.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 Apple Valley Town Hall Conference Center 14975 Dale Evans Parkway, Apple Valley

11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Register online: www.avchamber.org $25.00 per person (no prepaid lunch cards accepted) Payment in advance No payment at the door accepted Gallery seating available (without lunch): Free


Reserved Seating for 8 • Raffle Tickets • Company Logo on Event Banner

Call (760) 242-2753 or email Janice@avchamber.org

Shop Local. Source Local.

Apple Valley-based Tonyan Coffee Roasters and Off the Grid Brewing Company recently partnered to create El Dorado, a lager beer infused with freshly roasted coffee beans.

Is your business sourcing local? Share your story at shoplocal@applevalley.org for a chance to be featured in an upcoming Shop Local ad.


Business Spotlight The Village was the original heart of Apple Valley. Today, it is the perfect combination of old and new. It remains the nostalgic core of our community but is experiencing a rebirth in shopping and commerce. True to its roots, The Village is an experience “Where Neighborhood Business is Tradition.” The Apple Valley Village Business District offers an advantageous mix of commercial uses including retail stores, service-related businesses, warehousing and light industry. It runs along Highway 18, generally between Navajo Road on the west to Mesquite Road on the east, and from Ottawa Road on the south to as far north as Esaws Avenue. The Village PBID was established by property owners within the Apple Valley Village business area to provide and manage supplemental services and improvement for this important, historic business center of Town. The PBID is a unique benefit assessment district that enables district property owners, working together, to fund needed property related improvement programs to further enhance business activity and property values. PBID benefits include, but are not limited to, enhanced security, entryway signage, decorative street lighting, landscaping, enhanced sidewalks and crosswalks and creation of a destination atmosphere for shopping, eating and social gatherings. The PBID Board meets on a regular basis to coordinate programs and activities for the Village. The primary purpose of this corporation is to recognize and fulfill the unique and varied economic interests and needs of Apple Valley Village property owners to work in concert with the Town of Apple Valley, to provide management oversight, directives and the setting of priorities for supplemental services and improvements for Apple Valley Village, including a phased streetscape beautification project within the Apple Valley Village Property and Business Improvement District (“PBID”), areas of recognition such as entry treatments, seasonal banners and general enhancements and supplemental public safety services. Today, over 35,000 square feet of commercial service oriented facilities are under construction. The Town of Apple Valley is also constructing a 36,000 square foot Municipal Animal Shelter within the Village. A limited numbers of retail and light-industrial units and parcels are still available. For more information visit: www.avvillage.org. Text sourced from avvillage.org.

Business MOMENT

The Summer Hops BrewFest The Summer Hops Brewfest, a partnership between the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce and Apply Valley’s Off the Grid Brewery, was a huge success, when over 500 High Desert residents, business staff and owners, descended on Lion’s Park for an afternoon of music, food and craft beer tasting! The overall response was better than expected and if you missed it this year, we will be doing it again! But for now, here are just a few images of the day... Photos from Janice Moore and Beth Kimball


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