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The Road to APL150 As you may have read in previous issues of Fine Print, we have been working on updating our long-range plan. The beginning phases of the plan actually started about 18 months ago with our Community Conversations initiative that we worked on in conjunction with the Friends of Appleton Public Library. From April 2012 to April 2013, we held 20 public meetings and focus groups in which nearly 150 community members participated. In those meetings we learned about the community’s priorities. You can read about the results of the initiative in the Spring 2013 issue of Fine Print - Since then, we have continued our work by hosting a Library Futures Series this past spring. The series featured internationallyrenown urban planner Tony Nelessen and futurist Garry Golden, who spoke about changes that are occurring in cities, society, technology and libraries, and what we should be taking into account when planning for the future services of APL. In May 2013, a group of about 20 people, including city and library staff, trustees, alderpersons, and community leaders paid a visit to two libraries in Illinois to see first-hand how they are providing 21st century library service to their communities. Continued on page 4

By: Tasha Saecker Assistant Director

Many of these independent films will never make it to DVD. Having this collection allows you access to films you would never get to watch on Netflix or Amazon.

Streaming movies have come to the library! Now you can access IndieFlix, a free service that provides movies online which you can watch on any Internet-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet using a web browser. IndieFlix specializes in small, independent films, with a selection of thousands from more than 50 countries. The selection includes films from major film festivals around the world.

In order to use IndieFlix, you will need a library card in good standing at APL. You will also need to register for the service by heading to either our website at or directly to the gateway to the service at: Time to pop some popcorn!

There are no limits to your use of IndieFlix, feel free to watch as many films as you like. You can quickly find movies to suit your personal tastes via sorting by language, genre or even film length. IndieFlix also offers channels that have specific genres, subjects or films from specific festivals.

APL Fine Print


Fall 2013

Appleton Ready to Read Read





By: Yee Vue Hmong Outreach Specialist Many Hmong parents, just like mine, value education, but because of language barriers they feel unable to directly support their child’s education. Growing up I was surrounded by love, but I did not have any children’s books. To my parents, the public library felt intimidating and foreign. Their mountainous homeland of Laos did not offer such a place, and the idea of going to a public building to borrow books and participate in storytime for children was not something they knew.

together and share a love for books in order to be ready for school, become life-long learners and achieve more in the future. This program was funded in part with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) which administers the Library and Technology Act (LSTA).

This is where APL’s early literacy initiative, Appleton Ready to Read, comes in. Parents, most of whom do not speak English, participate in the initiative to find the encouragement needed to directly support their child’s education, while learning about the benefits of the library. Families are provided with materials that promote home learning and, through stories, discussion and songs, are learning the importance of helping their children develop early literacy skills and how to be their child’s first teacher.

Fast Facts

ilies 2013, 32 fam ly Ju ril p A • From leton d in the App were involve ad initiative. Ready to Re s have 2 library card • A total of 1 ho to families w been issued rary. een to the lib b r e v e n e v ha and e at the Play • Attendanc m m ranges fro Learn progra . m ra g per pro 25-50 people

Play and Learn is a program that is part of Appleton Ready to Read. In this program adults and children hear stories, learn songs and movements, and begin to understand the power of play. This interactive 45 minute program gives parents an opportunity to practice their new skills as parent-teachers, and offers children an opportunity to experience group learning in preparation for their first school experiences.

ave been ur children h fo f o l ta to A • r-old ASD four-yea A to d e rr fe re ton rough Apple th n e rt a rg e kind ad. Ready to Re pleton on about Ap ti a rm fo in re For mo nd Learn ad or Play a Ready to Re y our site or stop b visit our web ent. ices Departm rv Se ’s n re ild Ch

As the Hmong Family Outreach Specialist, I provide an opportunity for parents, caregivers and children to enjoy reading APL Fine Print


Fall 2013

March - April 2013

April 2012 - April 2013 Continued from page 1 In May, we also asked you to give us your thoughts on our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through an online survey. We received valuable feedback from the community and the results will be published in the final plan. In June, staff experts from each section of the library prepared an amazing slideshow about what the future of their services will look like. The slideshow is still available for viewing on our long-range planning website - Finally, this summer we assembled the following Community Advisory Committee, who worked with us to develop the vision and strategies that will drive us to our 150th anniversary in 2047:

Carolyn Armstrong Harmony Café/Goodwill • Jennifer Edmondson Friends of APL Board • Tony Gonzalez United Way Fox Cities •

APL Fine Print

Melody Hanson APL Staff Representative • Joe Martin Alderperson: District 4 • Debbi Natali AASD/Einstein Middle School • Mark Priddis AT&T • MaryKate Schneider APL Teen Advisory Council and Teen Rep to APL Board of Trustees • Jennifer Stephany ADI, Inc. • Liz Witek APL Board of Trustees •

These dedicated volunteers have spent hours working on incorporating everything we have learned about our community’s priorities and the future of libraries into a new long-range plan for our services. The plan will come out this fall and I hope you will attend a presentation or read it online, because it truly represents what we have heard from the community about what they want from APL for decades to come. 4

Fall 2013

May 2013

May 2013

Thank you to the hundreds of you who have contributed to our long-range planning process by either participating in a focus group, completing our survey, attending our futures presentations, visiting 21st century libraries with us or viewing our staff experts presentations. I would also like to give a heart-felt thank you to the APL staff and the members of the Community Advisory Committee who have thrown their hearts and souls into this project.

June 2013

The one thing that has struck me the most throughout this process is the sense of ownership that the community has of APL. This is your library and you know it. The pride and dedication that the staff and community have toward this institution is overwhelming. In the coming months, we look forward to sharing a glimpse of the future you have helped designed.

Colleen Rortvedt Library Director APL Fine Print

May - August 2013 5

Fall 2013

I can make this...and so can you! By: Brian Kopetsky Community Partnerships Supervisor There is a growing culture of makers in our country who are not only expanding and honing their talents, but who also want to share their experience and knowledge with you. The result is multiple media streams that demystify projects making them doable for most of us. Maker projects cover almost any topic and vary greatly in their goals; some are artistic expression, others are about saving money and a large subset focus on being environmentally responsible. In the past decade or so we have seen the maker movement growing in this country, although I think of it as more of a doer movement because we aren’t always building from the ground up; sometimes we are simply fixing things or modifying them to fit our needs. The recession seems to have magnified this movement as fewer people can afford more consumerist routes to what they desire. Coupled with, and enhancing this movement, is the geometric growth of social media. Social media has created a culture where we share everything; sometimes this is bad, but sometimes it’s fantastic because out of this desire to share has come the sharing of knowledge and process.

dedicated sites, searches on YouTube can uncover thousands of how-to videos covering almost any subject. Right now my youngest child’s favorite is Nerdy Nummies, where the host does geek-themed baked goods. The point is that there is something out there for everyone. Of course if you aren’t a digital person, there is always your local library – I guarantee our catalog is filled with how-tos on nearly every subject under the sun.

What are your hobbies? Should we host more maker-type programs? Let us know!

Websites like and create virtual spaces where people can share their projects and ideas with others. In the case of Instructables, projects come with stepby-step instructions for you to replicate the work. If you knit or crochet there is, a community that shares patterns and instruction, helping to keep your motivation up through chat, project swaps and challenges. In addition to the APL Fine Print


Fall 2013




to do with your

library card








Visit us and sign up for your very own library card today! 1. Borrow movies, music and audio books for 16. Access Wi-Fi on your laptop or smartphone. your upcoming vacation. 17. Enjoy a concert. 2. Create a masterpiece in our new Digital 18. Help a great cause by volunteering. Creation Lab. 19. Reserve a meeting room for your non-profit 3. Meet a local author. group or organization. 4. Join a book discussion. 20. Play a board game or video game. 5. Watch a movie. 21. Study a new language. 6. Play and learn with your children at storytime. 22. Borrow the latest best-seller eBook. 7. Free access to over 50 public computers. 23. Connect with your community. 8. Trace your family tree through 24. Learn more about the history of Appleton. 9. Download your favorite magazine through 25. Attend a one-on-one computer or eBook Zinio - our free digital newsstand. learning session. 10. Listen to music from the CD collection. 26. Learn how to fix your car through ALLDATA. 11. Find the answers to your questions from our 27. Check out and return materials to 50+ libraries friendly and knowledgable staff. in the OWLSnet system. 12. Check out a DVD of a new release. 28. Easy access to all tax forms. 13. Relax in the quiet reading area. 29. Hold materials until you can pick them up. 14. Immerse yourself in another time and place 30. Check out a new graphic novel - our current with a great book. most requested is The Walking Dead. 15. Get help with tricky homework questions. *Not all of the above activities require a library card. APL Fine Print


Fall 2013

Results of the Snappleburg, Idaho Public Library User Survey While this is an official document, the questions, answers and city are completely fictionalized. Enjoy a few laughs!

Asked if they had a Snappleburg Public Library card: 12% said yes 9% said no 79% said I was sure I had it here somewhere, but it might be in another pair of pants Regarding use of other area libraries: 19% visited the Boise Public Library 10% visited the University of Idaho Library 71% visited Al’s Library of Documented UFO Landing Sites and Martian Wedding Chapel

t n

Asked their reasons for visiting other libraries:

16% said access to state documents 13% identified specific academic needs 71% referred to the wedding of Mary Lou Grubshank to “that tiny green fellow”

57% found what they were looking for 11% could not find what they wanted 32% wondered why they were wearing someone else’s pants

l ia

e m

u c

When visiting the Snappleburg Public Library:

o D

Asked to identify their activities in the library, choosing as many as applied: 76% check out books 32% use the Internet, e-mail, or word-processing 16% attend library programs 11% came to avoid hovering UFOs

c ffi

Asked about the library’s catalog, InfoStew:


81% thought it improved upon the old catalog 17% preferred the old catalog 2% thought it needs salt Asked about the performance of the children’s librarians: 35% thought they were terrific 33% thought they were excellent 32% didn’t think children should be librarians Asked their opinion of the library’s system of fines for overdue items: 42% find fines too high 23% find fines too low 31% find fines need refining 4% find fines fine APL Fine Print


Fall 2013




APL Fine Print


Fall 2013

What’s Appleton Watching? Movies/TV Shows



3 2

Identity Thief

4 Admission

42: The Jackie Robinson Story

True Blood: Season 5

The Place Beyond the Pines

Interested in one of these items? Call 832.6177 to place your hold today! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

October is Family History Month

Join us at the library for specials all month long. APL Fine Print


Fall 2013

What’s Appleton Reading?

Fall Edition


1 2 The Cuckoo’s Calling Robert Galbraith


3 4 Inferno Dan Brown The Husband’s Secret Laine Moriarty

And the Mountains Echoed Khaled Hosseini

Mistress James Patterson David Ellis




3 2

Zealot Reza Aslan Happy, Happy, Happy Phil Robertson

4 Killing Jesus Bill O’Reilly Martin Dugard

Dad is Fat Jim Gaffigan Orange is the New Black Piper Kerman

Interested in one of these items? Call 832.6177 to place your hold today! APL Fine Print


Fall 2013

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Appleton Public Library Fall 2013 Newsletter

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