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Apple a Day Wedding Photography

All About the Big Day!

All About You! (Bride AND Groom)

This is where you tell me all about your details. Colors, Traditional/Non Traditional, etc

I strive to make each shoot to be personalized to my clients. Let’s learn about what makes you YOU.





What’s Next? Now that you’ve filled these all out, read what I do next! Page


Welcome! I am so glad you chose me to be your wedding photographer. One of my favorite things about weddings is getting to know and love my clients. In order to ensure that you will get the photos you want/deserve, I am going to have you fill out this questionnaire

Fa cts About Your Photographer Bethany • I love Star Wars • Chai Tea is my choice of beverage • Daisies are my favorite flowers

My Approach on Wedding Photography is very Journalistic mixed with artsy photos. I love to give my clients a recap of their day after, so they will always have something to cherish 2

The Big Day! You’ve probably dreamt about this day since you were a little girl. Now it’s finally in sightCONGRATS!! Let’s talk about your day, and what kind of things you are doing to celebrate.

What are your wedding colors?* ___________ Location of Ceremony/Reception?

Will you see the groom before the wedding? __________ Planning on group & family pictures before or after ceremony? _________

Family Pictures!

Write a list of all the family combinations of photos you want. (grandparents, parents, all family, siblings, etc) and give me the list by the rehearsal at the latest.

Pin wedding photos that you like to our Pinterest board so I can see your style

-------------------------------*Pin things to our Pinterest Board 3

The Bride What is one thing you love about the Groom? Favorite Band? Movie? TV Show?*

The Groom

The Couple How did you guy

If you could only have 1 meal the rest of your life, what would it be?

What is one thing you love about the Bride?

Favorite Band? Movie? TV Show?* Dream Super Power?



How did you guys meet? Any Special Landmarks You Share? What is one word you would use to describe your relationship?


Who are the Bride & Groom? In order for these photos to truly express your personalities, I need to know you on a closer level. What are your interests? We’re about to find out. Pin your answers to our wedding board! D

E 4


If you could give me a brief outline for what your wedding day will look like before our meeting that would be terrific! Be sure to include time frames, and when I specifically need to show up, and what you think good times for pictures are. (Do you want pictures off site?)

Now that I know a bit more about you and your wedding, we will go into more details when we have our meeting! I am SO excited for your Wedding Day!!

What’s Next?


Bethany Applegarth, Wedding Photographer


info@appleadayphotography. com


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