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My kids love animals and are especially fond of shows, movies and mobile games based around animals. I have been looking for years, for some appropriate mobile game that shows animals and educates children to look after them. I was delighted to find Animal Dungeon, a creation of Appimize Studio at the App Stores. This game is a paid application and donates 5 to 10 percent of the game’s sales to WWF’s work for wildlife protection. With interactive and animated jungle scenes, Animal Dungeon inspires people to step forward and work for wildlife protection. The game may seem like a typical endless runner game in the beginning, but as you play, you realize that you are running for a purpose. The goal here is to save all kinds of wildlife animals such as Lions, Elephants and Rhinoceros. The animals have been trapped by a cruel poacher who sells parts of these animals. You play the hero in this Adventure game, and try to battle with the poacher and his gang. You have to fire the poacher before he aims at you.

Zoopedia of Animal Dungeon •

This Zoo game also comes with Zoopedia for little kids, featuring a list of animals from A to Z. My kids have learnt all animal names, and love to ask each other; Name an animal that starts with J? Thanks to Animal Dungeon. Additionally, you will find some exciting and unique facts about animals. I was amazed how I came across facts that even I hadn’t heard of before. My little toddler was especially amused with yet another interesting feature of this game that lets you hear sounds of 36 different animals. For each animal, you have access to general information, such as, where they are found, how they look like, which animal species they belong to etc.

As the game proceeds, the player picks up star coins on the way to speed up his activities. The player has to cross one obstacle after another to rescue the engaged animals. Swiping upwards allows the player to jump up over obstacles such as a big manhole, rolling snow ball, or a forked glacier. Swiping downwards allows the player to skid to save it from endless hurdles that come on his way. My kids are engaged with Animal Dungeon for hours – I would definitely recommend this game to all mothers, who want to bring up their children into sensitive adults instead of extreme individuals as a result of hooking up with games that involve violence and unnecessary killing. Available on app stores: iTunes Android

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Compatible with iOS 6.1 and higher. Created in cooperation with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). 5 to 10 percent of game sales goes to support WWF’s work for wildlife protection. Incredibly fun and informative with dazzling stages keeping kids and adults engaged through a “just one more time” endless game play! Available in multiple language. Comes packed with Zoopedia with educational information about animals in different continents with animal sounds and images. Free Voucher coupons for USA players only, who become victorious in defeating the Evil Poacher as they conquer through various stages of the game.

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Animal dungeon exciting new game  

My kids love animals and are especially fond of shows, movies and mobile games based around animals. I have been looking for years, for some...

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