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A new Commission for Appetite and Stoke South Carnival Committee 2014 A fantastic opportunity for an artist(s) to develop an arts project in Stoke-on-Trent inspired by a World War 1(WW1) theme. Appetite and Stoke South Carnival Committee are looking to work with an artist, group of artists or arts organisation “to capture the imagination” of local people for their annual Carnival on 9 August 2014. The partnership would like to work with an artist(s) to provide inspiration for the local community and bring an extraordinary idea into a reality for the second Stoke South Carnival. This is an exciting opportunity to work with Appetite and Stoke South Carnival Committee on their first artistic commission.

Background information on the partners This commission opportunity is a partnership between Appetite and the Stoke South Carnival Committee. Appetite Our mission is to get more people in Stoke-on-Trent to experience and be inspired by the arts. Appetite is a three year artistic programme that aims to get more people in Stoke-onTrent to experience and be inspired by the arts. Appetite is funded by Arts Council England as part of the Creative People and Places programme. Creative People and Places aims to increase the number of people experiencing the arts in areas where arts engagement is significantly below the national average in the country. The programme aims to build an appetite for the arts in the city by putting on quality, family-friendly events in public spaces and placing people at the heart of what we do so they can take part and shape arts activity in Stoke-on-Trent. Appetite will engage local residents so they can get involved and influence more art in more places across the city. Appetite’s focus is to better understand what the people of Stoke-on-Trent really want from the arts and how best to serve it to them. Appetite has several creative strands that will help develop skills and increase this hunger for the arts in the city. To find out more please visit Appetite is funded by Arts Council England, led by New Vic Theatre in partnership with B Arts, Brighter Futures, Partners in Creative Learning (PiCL) and Staffordshire University’s Creative Communities Unit.

Appetite’s core values are: •

Great art


For everyone



Value for money

South Stoke Carnival Committee Stoke South Carnival Committee was set up in March 2013 in the lead up to the first Carnival (August 2013). Its focus is to put on memorable, exciting and enjoyable events for the local community. The Committee works on all aspects of putting on their events including creating new partnerships, obtaining funding, production management and delivery of the event. Last year’s event included: • • • • •

A small car parade (for example, Kit from Knight Rider/ vintage buses) leading from the Gladstone Pottery Museum to Smithpool park (Fenton); A flyover by a spitfire, hurricane and helicopter; A dog show and an exotic animal display; A mini funfair and stalls; A number of initiatives to involve the local community such as a modern take on a ‘Carnival Queen’ and ‘Child hero’ where local schools nominated children for the role.

The first Stoke South Carnival in 2013 attracted 2,500 local residents. The Committee is looking to build upon this learning and success by working with Appetite and artists for the first time during 2014. This will enable them to develop new skills and approaches to the development of the Carnival and its content.

Commission Details The theme of the 2014 Carnival is WW1, to tie in with the centenary commemoration during 2014. Appetite and Stoke South Carnival Committee would like to create an exciting focal point for the carnival, which can be included in the vehicle parade and as a central part of the Carnival at its final destination, a local park. Stoke South Carnival Committee members have been inspired through their research by a tank called Old Bill. By working with Appetite, The Committee has decided that by working with an artist(s) they could bring this story to life for local residents in a way that they would be unable to do so otherwise. Old Bill was a tank that toured the country to raise morale towards the end of the WW1. Churchill very famously championed tanks, as a solution to end the deadlock. It arrived in Stoke-on-Trent railway station on 7th January 1918 at 11am, toured the area and sold war bonds to raise money for the war effort. It was named after a cartoon of the time about a Tommy named ‘Old Bill’ We would like to work with an artist to develop this idea, and create an artwork that is accessible to the local community and Carnival audience.

Stoke South Carnival Committee would like their commission to have a legacy and maintain a level of access to the artwork for the duration of the commemoration period. Appetite and Stoke South Carnival Committee will consider proposals that develop an artwork for 2014 and has the opportunity to develop it further for 2015.

Why and how we’d like to work with an artist(s) Stoke South Carnival Committee and Appetite would like to work with an artist(s) to: • • • • • • • • •

Make artistic connections to Old Bill and WW1 that will capture the imagination of the local community; Involve local people in a quality artistic process so they can inform the development of the final artwork; Provide inspiration, and share skills, knowledge and experience; Use their skills and expertise to plan and deliver the commission to the highest standard; Carry out the creative and artistic research, development and delivery; Work in partnership with Appetite, the Committee and other local organisations and groups; Create an artwork that reflects Appetite’s core values and is relevant to the local area and its residents; Ensure that the Committee and residents consider the arts to be an essential part of the Stoke South Carnival beyond 2014; Explore the use of recycled materials for the commission.

Skills and Experience We are looking for an artist(s) or arts organisation to successfully fulfil the criteria of the brief and to achieve the aims and values of the commissioning partners. In the application, the artist(s) or arts organisation must be able to clearly demonstrate their skills and experience in: • • • •

Delivering great art; Managing and delivering medium to large scale projects in public spaces with communities; Working with a wide range of stakeholders, including local people, to produce high quality art; Managing medium to large scale projects on time and within budget;

Please use the application process to provide details on your proposal idea and how you will make this project relevant to local people. You must be able to demonstrate your skills and experience in delivering similar scale commissions by providing relevant examples of your previous work with visual or audio references to support this. This could include photographs, videos, podcasts, testimonials, or web links to similar projects. NB: A partner organisation is submitting a Heritage Lottery Fund application for a heritage project that could provide additional resource to the research of the project.

Location: The delivery of the project will take place as part of the Stoke South Carnival in Stoke-onTrent. Parade Route: Gladstone Pottery Museum to Smithpool Park. Smithpool Park is venue for the carnival.

Selection All shortlisting and selection will be made by Appetite’s Quality Assurance Framework. Our application form reflects the information we consider as part of this framework.

Initial shortlisting by Appetite

Shortlisting with The Committee

Notify artists of outcomes

Interviews with shortlisted artists

Please note: if we do not receive any applications that fulfil our Quality Assurance Framework, we will withhold the award of the commission.

Outline Timetable January: Call for proposals. February: 24 February, 10am: proposal deadline and shortlisting. March: 1 March: interviews in Stoke-on-Trent. Contracting, inception meeting, revised proposals/timelines and research begins. April & May: development and delivery. June: 2 June: sharing of final plans. 14 June: Safety advisory groups, PR opportunities. July: 26 July: Dress rehearsal or final sharing for the stakeholders. Further press and promotional opportunities. August: 9 August, Carnival.

Budget ÂŁ25,500 (excl. VAT) This must include all artistic, research and development, project management, production costs and volunteer expenses. Appetite will be providing support to the project through its project team and assisting with marketing and PR.

How to Apply To submit an application for the commission please complete the following:

• •

The application form. The three page proposal that includes core team and initial vision or approach to the commission, a budget and an indicative project plan.

The application form is available to download here or upon request from Please submit your application to: with the Subject Line: SS Carnival Commission

Deadlines 24 February, 10am: Application and proposal deadline. 1 March: Interview date for shortlisted artist(s). If you are interested in visiting sites or to find out more general information please contact us.

Contact Gemma Thomas // Creative Producer, Appetite // T: 01782 381 373 // E:

Appetite Artist Brief with Stoke South Carnival  

Appetite and Stoke South Carnival Committee are looking to work with an artist, group of artists or arts organisation “to capture the imagin...

Appetite Artist Brief with Stoke South Carnival  

Appetite and Stoke South Carnival Committee are looking to work with an artist, group of artists or arts organisation “to capture the imagin...