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Get attendees more involved than ever 




Download Appendee and use ‘demo’ as event code to view the demo app.

Well informed and better prepared than ever Attendees





selves best in order to get comfortable. Provide them with the most up to date information. Limit the chances of unpleasant surprises, searching through e-mails or carrying around booklets by offering them all relevant information on their most important device. And, in case of any last second changes, the easy to use content management system lets you update information in seconds.

All the information you need in one place  Registration details  About the conference  Accreditation  Award nominees  Route description

 Public transport  Hotels  Restauarants  Parking information  Useful contacts

 Dress codes  WiFi codes  Taxi services  Sightseeing  And many, many more!

What is going on where and at what time? Participants will no longer go astray since they have exact location details in the palm of their hand. Of both venue maps and/or Google maps. With the interactive maps and location overview people know where to go at all times.

Who else is attending the conference? Connect your registration system with Appendee to directly import your registered participants and create an interactive attendee list. You can even create a pre-built, personal schedule per attendee. What’s more personal than a tailored schedule? Send out invitations for the app to invite participants and create a seamless customer experience. Want to restrict access to the app? You can make the app only accessible for invitees.

Facilitate mutual contact between attendees People attend conferences to meet other people. Help them to find who else is joining the conference. Attendees can use in-app messaging to get in touch with other attendees. Now people do not need each others personal contact details in order to schedule an appointment or share ideas.

Share ideas or questions with fellow attendees Capture your attendees thoughts! People love to share their ideas and experiences. The closed community bulletin board lets attendees post, like and comment on questions, photos and stories. The excitement will start far before the conference and last longer than ever.

Get your audience more involved than ever People love to join polls and quizzes, especially when they do not have to stand up or raise their finger. The questions can be setup in advance, or even real-time during the presentation. The presenter can put up the live results on the big screen and download the results afterwards. Collecting data from your audience has never been easier.

Full control with the easy-to-use content editor Manually add all information via the easy content editor or save yourself some time by uploading program details, performers and attendees via either Excel or CSV file. Content will be editable at all times in order to make sure attendees always have the most up to date information on their device.

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Appendee conferences  

Get attendees more involved than ever.

Appendee conferences  

Get attendees more involved than ever.