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COMMUNITY | Johns Creek Herald | November 7, 2013 | 13

GET promises screams with thriller ‘Deathtrap’ Audiences should prepare for rollercoaster ride

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What: ‘Deathtrap’ by Georgia Ensemble Theatre When: Nov. 7 – 24

By HATCHER HURD ROSWELL, Ga. – Georgia Ensemble Theatre takes a stab at the thriller genre with the wickedly evil classic “Deathtrap” by Ira Levin. GET Artistic Director Robert Farley is following up the success of “Almost Heaven, John Denver’s America,” which garnered the highest attendance ever for a season-opening production, by going in a completely different direction with “Deathtrap.” This is not new material for Farley. In fact, he was only the second director to stage “Deathtrap” 35 years ago. He has had Levine’s suspense-laden nail-biter on GET’s radar screen for some time. “I wanted to make sure internally that we here at GET were ready to do it,” Farley said. “That’s because it is a very precise, difficult show to do technically. “‘Deathtrap,’ to me, is the best psychological thriller ever written. By that, I mean it’s not dependent on blood and gore. Instead the hair stands up on the back of your neck because of your perceptions of what is occurring or may occur in the play,” he said. It is Hitchcockian in the way it builds tension in the minds of the audience. And like Hitchcock, Levine knows just when to relieve the tension with a hearty laugh – or perhaps some nervous titter. “‘Deathtrap’ goes on like that for two hours-plus. I just love the show so much and I love Ira Levine’s writing,” Farley said. Levine was a brilliant author and playwright who could rarely be pegged into one genre or another. His first novel, “A Kiss before Dying” (and Edgar winner), told of a cold-blooded killer who murdered his heiress-lover and then wooed her sister. He also wrote the

Where: Roswell Cultural Arts Center, 950 Forrest St., Roswell Cost: $25 to $35 (senior/student discounts available) “Recession-Buster” perimeter tickets may also be purchased for $10 based on availability. More Info: 770-641-1260 Or log on at

horror classic “Rosemary’s Baby.” Yet he could also produce the roaring comedy “No Time for Sergeants,” the Broadway adaptation of the book. And while “Deathtrap” was also successfully adapted for the silver screen, Farley says it is still best seen on the stage. “I think the stakes change, though, when you’re in the theater and experience something live. They [the actors] are right there with you. And it’s three-dimensional,” he said. “It is vastly different from the John Denver show. It’s just a huge leap in storytelling.” It is a play about a playwright and the writing of a play. Sidney Bruhl is a successful author of thrillers but has reached a plateau of creativity. He is desperate for inspiration when it comes in the form of a script from a student who has written an absolutely brilliant first play. The student wants to meet Bruhl and get some constructive criticism and perhaps collaborate. Bruhl decides he may do more than collaborate. He just

One of GET’s favorite actors, James Donadio, stars in the new play “Deathtrap,” which runs Nov. 7 - 24. may have had his own problems solved once one small problem is eliminated. One of GET’s favorite actors, James Donadio (Henry in “Lion in Winter”), stars as Bruhl. He is joined by other familiar GET faces: Mary Linn Owen (in GET’s “The Last Night of Ballyhoo” and “The Living”); Shelly McCook (“The Man Who Came to Dinner” and “Tokens of Affection”); and James Baskin (“Our Town” and “Inherit the Wind”). They are joined by GET newcomer Brian Hatch (“The Little Foxes” with Florida Rep). Note: This play contains mature content and some colorful language.

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