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App Description This is another crucial part of your app. It’s not like a sales letter; rather it has its own taste. Also you don’t need to hire a professional copywriter; you can do it by yourself. Just follow the pointers below, you can write a great description for your app: What’s it all about Is it a game, drawing app, utility app or something else? You must describe it within first two lines before they see “More” link. If you can’t describe your app within first two lines, you are lost. Social proof Try to include a social proof. Tell how many people are using your app. If you don’t have sufficient number, don’t include it. Whenever you’ve got a good amount, insert that number in your description. Write the benefits Write the benefits of your app. Why people will install this app? Will they get entertainment? Will it help children to learn letters, numbers, colors etc? You can attract thousands & millions potential buyers if you include all features & benefits of your app. What does it do Explain your apps functionality, what does it do. Keyword Insert your keywords in the description. So this app will appear in search. Updates If you make an update of your app, just don’t write “minor bug fixed”. Rather tell how this update will enhance user experience.

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how to write iphone or android app description  

how to write iphone app or android app description in app store.

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