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An inspiring charity adventure: Join Michael from Italy to India…

Michael Hobbs of Italian fractional development Appassionata is a busy man. His demanding schedule consists of the running and maintenance of his luxury and boutique company Appassionata in Le Marche, Italy, with the help of his wife, interior designer Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs as well as their daughter India and her fiancé Charlie. On top of this, Michael decided to take on a grueling, yet exceptional charity challenge, which saw him riding through some of the most intense and dramatic scenery in the world, the Enduro India Challenge 2011. Each year, the Enduro India Challenge witnesses around 800 adventurous individuals from all walks of life leaving their usual routine behind them to participate in an intrepid challenge, whilst raising money for inspirational charities. Their aim each year is to complete the number one motorbike tour across southern India whilst riding from dawn until dusk, over thirteen days, on classic Royal Enfield Bullet motorbikes. Michael, who is always partial to an incredible challenge, signed up almost immediately after hearing about the adventure. He spent the entire month of July brushing up on the skills involved in this challenge, which included revising for the theory test, taking 3 practical courses (all crammed into one week) and then three remaining tests, to finally ascertain the essential item for him to take part in the challenge, his motorcycle license! Then it was just a case of stocking up on the other

necessities for the trip in the last few weeks before departure; body armour, boots, helmets, eyewear, mosquito repellent and various medicines to keep Michael and the team he would be riding with protected. Sunday the 23rd January 2011 and Day 1 of the challenge came around very quickly for Michael. This day saw his arrival in Goa which was marked by the introduction to his team and those other brave adventurers taking part before meeting their rides for the trip. Michael was soon shown to “Miss Truly 2”, the 1950’s classic single cylinder 350cc Royal

Off roading took over the minds of the riders as they sped through the gorgeous humid countryside of India. Told to watch out for cobras as they approach the mountains, the teams were all slightly nervous, but chugging up mountainous roads and spotting waterfalls along the way meant that the prospect of snake sightings were pushed to the back of their thoughts. With the days becoming ever harder and as roads got steeper, the time spent riding became much more dangerous. Even Michael had a fall on the third day, but luckily escaped

Their aim each year is to complete the number one motorbike tour across southern India whilst riding from dawn until dusk, over thirteen days, on classic Royal Enfield Bullet motorbikes. Enfield Bullet motorbike which accompanied him on his intensive thirteen day trip across the 2000km of Southern India. “Miss Truly 2” stood out from the dusty landscape, her shiny red frame glistening in the sun. Once seeing their bikes, all those involved couldn’t wait to hit the open road, and as soon as the 25th January came around they got their wish. Waved off by young children travelling down the road on their way to school, a regular occurrence throughout the trip, the Enduro India 2011 challengers were on their way to Karwar, Karnataka, revving into the distance.

Perspective Magazine Europe & Middle East March/April 2011

unharmed, thanks to his body armour. There were more serious injuries on the trip however as this really was a test of concentration and skill combined with intense emotions travelling through gorgeous scenery. Just under halfway through the trip, on the way to Silent Valley, the teams faced an even bigger challenge: leopards and elephants roamed the grounds as teams camped out under the stars on the borders of Kudremukh National Park. With long distance driving becoming ever more a part of a normal day for the riders, they pushed forward, enjoying views of glistening waterfalls, traversing mountainous ranges,

travelling through vast forests, bright, busy lights of big cities and dusty red earth covering all of the riders’ clothes and equipment – they were on the home stretch to the incredible tea plantations of Munnar. Crossing into Munnar they travelled past immense plantations filling the eyes’ of the teams with rich greens, intense yellows and dark blues. All stemming from fields of produce stretching as far as the eye could see, with Anamudi Peak in the distance; it truly is a fantastic sight which has to be seen to believed. The last day of the rally loomed in front of riders who were eager to tackle the 240kms ahead of them, but wanted to ensure they didn’t lose focus on the dangerous roads. After a long ride from Munnar into Kumarakom, Kerala, 100’s of bikes were met with locals waving and cheering, horns blazing and emotions running high! Michael pulled in feeling ecstatic about the entire adventure and though, exhausted from the journey, really knew that it had been a challenge of a lifetime all for incredible causes. Michael says of the event: “I took part in this amazing adventure across India to really challenge myself and raise money for four wonderful charities (The Rainbow Trust, Save the Children, Adventure Ashram and Centre for Wildlife Studies) I paid for the trip myself and in the process donated £1,500 to the charities. Well done to all those involved, on what can truly be described as a challenging, emotional and incredibly rewarding adventure all for great causes! Please visit my fund-raising page and

donate at the Virgin Giving website: http:// fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage. action?userUrl=MichaelHobbs. Appassionata Ltd, run by Michael Hobbs and his family, is a UK based business specialising in the restoration and creation of unique fractional ownership properties in the region of Le Marche, Italy. The business is boutique in nature and style, family run and aimed at like

Talented interior designer Dawn Cavanagh Hobbs, who was in Italy at the time of Michael’s adventure, eagerly awaiting updates of his rally, has applied her flair for design and intricate detailing ensuring care, practicality and traditional Italian craftsmanship are applied to each and every room of Appassionata’s properties. The facilities, both inside and outside the property have been created for all seasons to truly reflect Italian living. The large swimming pool, all weather

“I took part in this amazing adventure across India to really challenge myself and raise money for four wonderful charities - The Rainbow Trust, Save the Children, Adventure Ashram and Centre for Wildlife Studies.” minded people who want to experience real Italy and a luxurious lifestyle. Appassionata gives owners the opportunity to acquire a gorgeous Italian property at the Estate Giacomo Leopardi, for a fraction of the price of outright ownership and without the stresses associated with looking after a holiday home. Estate Giacomo Leopardi consists of two beautiful properties in 5 acres of Italian countryside with stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and Sibillini mountains. The properties include the newly built, luxurious and traditionally appointed 4 bedroomed Casa Giacomo and Casa Leopardi, a spaciously converted 5 bedroom traditional farmhouse with gorgeous terraces and open living space.

tennis court, private terraces, landscaped gardens, cosy living areas, open fires, sky television and wireless internet, as well as the olive groves and newly planted vineyard offer something for everyone. The Hobbs family has created this wonderful boutique business to share their love of Italy. Appassionata’s Estate Giacomo Leopardi is waiting to astound you. Appassionata Ltd was Michael’s main sponsor on the trip and is incredibly happy to be associated with raising money for these wonderful charities. For more information on Appassionata please visit:

Perspective Magazine Europe & Middle East March/April 2011

Appassionata - Enduro India 2011 Charity Motorcycle Rally