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I’ll see everything through something that cannot be seen JEAN NOUVEL

Assirelli Baldini, Bologna 2010

Presentation // Apparati Effimeri is a Visual Design Studio which carries out 3D visual projects, aimed at creating spectacular effects through creative contents. The visual communication of Apparati Effimeri is boundless and creates unique sensory experiences. Reality is re-examined, enlarged, imagined, narrated.

The visual language of Apparati Effimeri is captivating and makes the message immediate and comprehensible and therefore suited for every kind of requirements, either business or culture. The highly specialised staff of Apparati Effimeri make use of artistic and technical-scientific professional advice in order to carry out their projects.

PRODUCTS // The use of new technologies together with a peculiar artistic research make the products of Apparati Effimeri suitable both for big public events and for advertising or visual merchandising.

B0tanique Festival, Bologna 2011

Dunhill, Hong Kong 2010

Marca Corona 1741, Sassuolo 2010

Architectural Mapping // This is a digital technique of 3D projections applied to architectures. A synchronized sound can be added, to make the environment hyper-real and enveloping. Through the mapping, it is possible to realize scenic effects of great impact. The content of the projections is the result of a deep analysis and the visual narration is unique and unrepeatable because it is in any case linked to the architectures it rises from.

The architectural mapping is particularly suited either for big events like Festivals and Trade Fairs or advertising like stores or clubs openings and launching of new products. It is mainly directed towards Public Institutions like municipalities, districts, museums, local authorities but also towards private customers.

Lavazza, Milano 2011

Experiments 2011

Interior Projection //

This is a high resolution projection technique able to reconsider and plan interiors, creating amazing and surprising virtual spaces. The interior projection is mostly recommended for Visual Merchandising (launching new products and stores) and for big promotional campaigns. It is also used for mounting of exhibitions or any indoor events.

Sperimentazioni 2011

Theater la Monnaie, Bruxelles 2011

Garden Projection // This is a projection planned to enliven gardens and parks, creating a dream-like atmosphere, magic and fanciful. The Garden Projection recreates the shapes and the perpectives of plants, flowers, lawns or flowerbeds. It will seem to the audience to live a dream; the outer space will be filled up with new colours and shapes.

Ferrari, Maranello 2010

Vape, Firenze 2012

Advanced Presentation //

It is a valid alternative to slide show presentation and it makes communication easier and more effective, for public, scientific, popular purpose. The presentation will prove to be more captivating and effective. The advanced presentation makes any message easier to acknowledge: even the most difficult contents will be easily understood.

7.2, Sottomarina 2011

Dancity Festival 2009

Live Media // Live Media is a visual live performance where sound and light design are synchronized to merge and create evocative and highly technological settings. Apparati Effimeri has been working for over ten years in the field of Live Media, co-operating with important clubs and electronic music festivals.

TECHNOLOGY // Apparati Effimeri is always testing new solutions and is in the forefront of technological research, being able to achieve a great visual impact. Apparati Effimeri avails itself of commercial partnerships highly specialized as: Christie, Coolux, Touchwindow, lways testing new solutions and is in the forefront of technological research, being able to achieve a great visual impact. Last Apparati Effimeri’s researches focus on Stereoscophy, Interactivity and Multi-projection, solutions that it is possible to apply to all products.

Vape, Firenze 2012

Stereoscopic Projection // Apparati Effimeri proposes stereoscopy as a new way to conceive scenography, combining real objects to virtual images and thereby building up a performance of great visual impact. All these elements of the performance event are suitable for every requirements, either for exhibitions and staging or for marketing and retailing. Stereoscopy is an event itself. Firstly, audience engagement is even greater when the viewer receives specific eyeglasses to experience the projection. Besides, it is a sensory as well as an emotional experience, when view-

ers find themselves immersed in a dimension where every single object is within everybody’s reach. Emotion leads to curiosity and attention, hence the message becomes effective and permanent. Apparati Effimeri proposes to develop and implement even more stereoscopy-based services. This is a new way to conceive the world of production: to be at the forefront in technology means to have new and better solutions for marketing.

B0tanique Festival, Bologna 2011

Interactive Device Interface, 2011

Interactivity //

Thanks to interaction design Apparati Effimeri wants to communicate openly with the audience. Using interfaces and interactive devices, viewers are protagonists, producing and modifying the visual contents with their bodies. This highly technological solution makes every performance event unique and unforgettable.

Multi-Projection Setup, Bologna 2011

Assirelli Baldini, Bologna 2010

Multi-Projection // Apparati Effimeri has strengthened a particular experience in the field of multi-projection technique, thanks to the support of highly specialized companies. The customers of Apparati Effimeri can apply their ideas and schemes, architecture and scenery of any shape and dimension.

Lavazza,Render Milano 2011 2011

Who we are // Apparati Effimeri is a company which operates in the field of Visual Design. It was founded in 2010 in Bologna, by Federico Bigi and Marco Grassivaro. Our highly specialised team first met sharing video consoles during music or digital art festivals. Our creative research immediately addressed towards 3D mapping, that is a three-dimensional processing applied to architecture. In 2011 the experimentation of new digital languages went further through interaction design, object projection and stereoscopy. Our challenge is to find out increasingly new creative solutions, strongly persuasive and of great emotional impact, suited for a non-conventional communication.

Apparati Effimeri meets an increased need for creativity put forward by the market, satisfying customers’ requirements of visibility and promotion through artistic experimentation and technological innovation. There is a creative spirit rooted to the research of Apparati Effimeri. They are inspired by the tradition: the term “apparato� means device, that is any sort of equipment or decoration used over the centuries for public feasts or festivals. In particular during the Baroque, public and private spaces became a starting point for extraordinary artists. Following this tradition, Apparati Effimeri wants to go on promoting an activity which uses new technologies and art for communication.

Bacardi, Torino 2011

Clients // Bacardi BMW Comune di Bologna Comune di Cesena Cosmopolitan Hotel Cristais de Gramado Dunhill Exprimo Comunicazione Ferrari Glow Festival Hibo comunicazione Itinerario Festival Lavazza Lega Coop Marca Corona 1741 Martini Mcc Nokia Orient Event Sismer Studio Novembre Theatre la Monnaie Teatro Puccini Vape

APPARATIEFFIMERI s.r.l. // Via del Borgo di San Pietro 52, 40126 Bologna IT PI 030344012002 tel. 0039 051 0567636

Apparati Effimeri  

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