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Annual Report ( Learning ) Scholarships Awarded To Eight Student Employees

The success of the student employee scholarship program continues to grow as eight students were honored with scholarships for Fall 2012. Seven undergraduates and one graduate student were each awarded $600. Awards are typically $500; however, an anonymous donor made a gift of $800 so that each student would receive an extra $100. Students qualify for the awards through recommendations of their supervisors and completing an application, which includes a brief essay on the impact the library has had on their education. The scholarships were established in 2007 to support the education of student assistants who provide valuable work in the library. Two funds now support the program: a current scholarship fund and the Emma Moore Student Employee Scholarship Endowment. The Randy and Sara Charles Stevens Scholarship, which is renewable, was awarded for the second year to Celeste Caton, a senior education major from Boone. Following are the eight students who were awarded scholarships this year, along with comments from their applications.

Graduate Scholarship David A. Funderburk

From left to right: Mary Reichel, David Funderburk, Ashley Clark, Brittney Stone, Rose Buchanan, Calie Brummer, Kyle Johnson, Barbara Hobbs, and Ryan Draper

participate in preparing presentations of archival documents for various student and community groups as well.”

Scholarship Sponsor: Betsy Brown David is an Appalachian studies and sustainable development major. He works in the Appalachian Collection in the Dougherty Reading Room.

Ashley Clarke

“I have been excited to promote the use of the closed collections to my fellow students who may not be aware of the rich resources therein. It gives me joy to play a vital role in assisting them with their research projects, and that has made my own research all the more joyful.”

Undergraduate Scholarships Calie Brummer

Scholarship Sponsors: Charles and Elaine Graham Ashley is a senior, majoring in international and comparative politics. She is a student assistant in the Idea Factory. “This whole world would not have been truly opened up to me if I did not gain, through firsthand experience working at the library, an appreciation for knowledge. I am so excited to be a lifelong learner.”

Ryan Draper

Scholarship Sponsors: Greg and Laura Hamlyn Calie is a sophomore working in the Idea Factory. Her major is elementary education with a concentration in Spanish. “The customer service aspect of working in the library has truly been my favorite thing of all, and I have gotten so much joy from working closely with my fellow education majors. My job at the library has fully convinced me that a degree in education is exactly what I want to pursue.”

Rose Buchanan

Scholarship Sponsor: Candace Tippett Ryan works at the circulation desk and is a senior psychology major. “I had a very poor understanding of how to find research manuscripts through online journal databases or how to find a copy of a specific article. But after a few weeks of working at the circulation desk, staff training, and helping patrons find what they need, I have become much more adept at locating the resources I need to further my education.”

Barbara Hobbs

Scholarship Sponsors: Paul and Peggy Byrd A senior public history major, Rose works in Special Collections.

Scholarship Sponsor: Faye Chadwell Barbara works in the ABC/ILL lending office and is a senior majoring in environmental science.

“Apart from learning how to catalog and care for university records and rare books and manuscripts, I have been able to hone my research skills through independent projects and

“Last summer, when I began working here, I realized how little I had been educated about the locations of books, articles, 6

and other media within the library. As soon as I understood, I began gathering ideas for research. Now, I am over four months into the research, and whenever I run into a question, Belk Library is my first stop.”

Kyle Johnson

Scholarship Sponsors: Craig Popelars and Tanya King A senior majoring in computer information systems, Kyle works in the systems and technology department. “My job at the library has provided me with a lot of opportunities to learn, while providing great experiences in the technology realm. My tech support role has taught me skills that cannot be learned in a classroom, such as the importance of effective communication and mitigating unplanned problems to accomplish a goal.”

Brittney Stone

Scholarship Sponsors: Meliné and Berge Markarian Brittney works in the Instructional Materials Center and is a junior majoring in English and secondary education. “When I started work I was very nervous and hesitant to build relationships with the people around me, as I had been from the time I was young. Yet, the more I interacted with the people at the library, the more open I became and the easier it was for me to get involved in other campus activities. I began to see myself as a leader and that I needed to live by example every day.”

The Commons Fall 2012  

The Commons, University Libarary, Fall 2012

The Commons Fall 2012  

The Commons, University Libarary, Fall 2012