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Residential Learning Communities


Name of Community

Partnering Departments

Linked Course


Active Living

Wellness Center, University Recreation, Communications



Art Haus

Art, Technology, Dance, Theatre, Music



Black & Gold

First Year Seminar, Athletics



Brain Matters




Business Exploration

Walker College of Business



Future Educators

Reich College of Education, Academic Advising, Admissions



Heltzer Honors

Heltzer Honors College



Language & Culture

Foreign Languages & Literatures


Living Learning Center

Living Free




Living Green

ASU Recycles, Physical Plant, Office of Sustainability, Design & Construction




Health Leisure & Exercise Science, Outdoor Programs



Pedal Power

ASU Cycling Team, Health Promotions, Health Leisure & Exercise Science, Mathematics, Technology, Advising & Orientation



Service & Leadership

Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (CSIL), Appalachian and the Community Together (ACT)



Sisterhood Experience




Sophomore Year Experience

Career Development Center, Peer Career



Teaching Fellows

Reich College of Education


Living Learning Center

The Ultimate Man




Transfer Teacher Educators

Academic Advising, Admissions, Career Development Center



Watauga Global

University College


Living Learning Center

For questions concerning Residential Learning Communities, please contact the University Housing office at 828-262-2160 or go to and click on �Residential Learning Communities.�

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) at Appalachian State University provide students with an innovative housing opportunity. Ranked as a 2010 Best College for Learning Communities according to U.S. News & World Report, Appalachian offers great experiences for all students who choose to be a member of a specific community. Appalachian offers 19 options for students to choose from, including those focused on particular majors and others with a focus on a particular student interest. The top 5 reasons to live in an RLC: 1) build friendships easier 2) connect more quickly to the university 3) earn higher grades 4) stay in college beyond your first year and graduate on time 5) be more satisfied with college Residential Learning Communities afford students an academic learning experience outside of the classroom in a fun and educational setting. Students who participate in an RLC at Appalachian live together on the same floor(s) of a residence hall and often are required to enroll in one or more linked courses which emphasize the theme of each specific community. In addition, research shows that students who participate in an RLC have a higher GPA and enjoy a better college experience. One of the best ways to develop strong friendships and succeed in college is to join an RLC. For more information on residential learning communities and to learn how to apply, go to and click on “Residential Learning Communities.�



A cti ve L i vi ng Do you enjoy being active? Are you committed to living a healthy lifestyle? The Active Living RLC fosters an environment that encourages a well-rounded balance of mind, body and spirit in order to achieve personal and academic success. Residents in the Active Living community share common interests in fitness, endurance sport, strength enhancement, outdoor adventure, hiking, camping, nutrition, flexibility training, relaxation, and rest. The Active Living RLC engages in programs that explore, build, and heighten an ongoing interest in an engaged, active lifestyle.

A rt Haus Do you enjoy art? Boone, North Carolina, has a wonderful art community that is ideal for any art student. The Art Haus RLC is designed to be a living-learning environment for students who are passionate about visual and/or performing arts and interested in collaborating with other student artists. Students have the opportunity to live among other artists who may have a different concentration, take trips to museums to further learn about art, and participate in programming that encourages their own artistic exploration. This provides students with a creative environment conducive to learning and building a community of artists. Whether you are majoring in some type of art or just like art as a hobby, this is a great place for you. Art will quickly become a part of your everyday life in the Art Haus community.


“We all were new to campus, we all shared the same fears and interests, but together we had an amazing first year at Appalachian State University and I gained friendships that will last a lifetime.� 6 (Sarah Adams, Transfer Teacher Education RLC)

Bla ck and G o l d Are you excited to be a Mountaineer? Do you consider yourself a super fan? This community is for students with school spirit and Appalachian pride! Students in this community can expect to be provided opportunities to attend Appalachian sporting events, participate in Homecoming activities, get involved with other campus organizations, learn about Appalachian history and local culture, and organize trips to support Appalachian events.

Brai n M at t er s Do you wonder why people do the things they do? Have you ever thought about how your brain works? Brain Matters was created for students who want to know more about why people act, think, and feel the way they do. Specifically, the Brain Matters learning community explores the science of psychology and learn about human and animal development, behavior, cognition, and emotions. Students will have a chance to interact with psychology professors, graduate students, and peers both in and out of the classroom.

Bus i nes s Exp l o r a t i o n Do you plan to major in business? Are you interested in exploring accounting, marketing, international business, computer information systems, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, or management? Business Exploration is a community that was created to provide a living-learning experience for students majoring in or interested in any area of business. The community offers a unique opportunity for students to explore different areas of business to aid in the process of selecting a major as well as understanding how all areas of business work together.



Future Educa t o r s Do you hope to be a teacher someday? This learning community is for students who are preparing for a career in education and wish to live in a community with other future educators. Students also participate in a variety of activities that will improve their readiness for work in their chosen field. Students participating in the Teaching Fellows program will not be admitted to the Future Educators community.

Honor s This community is coordinated by Appalachian’s Honors College and has a separate application process; therefore, it is important that students interested in learning more visit

La nguage & C u lt u re Are you interested in learning or perfecting a foreign language? Does learning cultural customs interest you? The Language & Culture community is for students who want to practice and expand their knowledge of the global community. xperience partnering departments. Special features of this community include peer study groups, the opportunity to live with international students, and discussion groups speaking a foreign language.

Livin g Free The Living Free community is designed for students who choose to live substance free and who have made a commitment to themselves and their neighbors to abstain from the use of alcohol or other drugs. Students living in the community voluntarily agree not to have or use alcohol, tobacco, and/or other controlled substances. The residents of this community work to improve their personal wellness by participating in a variety of programs provided by other students, faculty, and staff.


Livin g G reen Trying to live green? This learning community is for students who have an interest in environmental protection and sustainability and wish to support that cause by living in an environmentally responsible community. This community is housed in Frank residence hall, which is Gold速 certified by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Students in this community initiate and participate in activities that promote green living on campus and in the surrounding community.

Ou tdo o r Do you enjoy outdoor adventures such as hiking, rafting, rock-climbing, camping, and canoeing? The Outdoor community is designed for students who are interested in developing and refining their outdoor leadership skills, exploring career opportunities in outdoor recreation, and want to be part of an interactive, funfilled community. Students in this community take two classes together, spend four days in the woods together, and live on the same floor. This combination allows students the opportunity to create lifelong friendships and plug in to the Appalachian family. No previous experience is required; only a desire to participate, learn, and grow! Be prepared to have fun, make friends and explore one of the best parts of Appalachian State University, the Blue Ridge Mountains. *Members of the Outdoor community must pay ($240) for and attend the First Accent trip, which will be held during the three days before students move into the residence halls.



Pe dal P o wer Are you interested in riding a bicycle in either a recreational or competitive setting? Pedal Power encourages a diverse group of cyclists, whether you race, mountain bike, commute, or just like to putter around. This community welcomes all kinds of cyclists who ride all kinds of bicycles, for all kinds of reasons. Students in the community can expect to enjoy the camaraderie of other women and men who enjoy cycling. The community offers activities related to cycling advocacy, bike safety, bike maintenance, health benefits of cycling, and many opportunities to be introduced to the local cycling community. Students in Pedal Power are expected to serve as advocates for bike safety and cycling in general to the rest of campus.

Servi ce & L e a d e r s h ip Do you want to develop your leadership skills and a personal philosophy of leadership? Do you have a heart for serving the community? The Service & Leadership community is for students who want to fully explore what it takes to leave a legacy at Appalachian State University and then work towards leaving a legacy of their own. Students who are looking to learn more about themselves and the world to which they belong are encouraged to join this unique living and learning experience.


Sister ho o d E x p e r i e n c e Are you a female student interested in living among and building close relationships with other college women? The Sisterhood Experience is a community of women living together in one building to provide the opportunity to focus on self-awareness and current issues facing women in today’s society. Special support will be provided by various on-campus departments through a variety of activities and discussions that serve as an active learning tool for residents. Women living in this community will experience a welcoming environment where ideas and thoughts can be shared and experienced. Students will focus on life-long habits of time management, financial management, and community involvement.

Sophom ore Ye a r E x p e r ie n c e The Sophomore Year Experience is offered to second-year students only. The community is equipped for students who are still examining various academic major and career-related options. Both staff and students of this community understand the anticipation and challenge of choosing a career path. SYE is a place where students will feel supported in their pursuits.

Te achi ng Fel l o w s This community is coordinated by Appalachian’s Teaching Fellows program and has a separate application process; therefore, it is important that students interested in learning more visit


Th e U l t i m at e M a n Are you a male student interested in living among and building close relationships with other college men? The Ultimate Man community is a group of men living together, in one building, to create a support system built on brotherhood. Through activities and events, students have the opportunity to analyze and understand what being a man encompasses in today’s society. Students are provided opportunities to begin raising awareness of men’s issues among others in both the campus and local community. Through programs provided and connections made with various resources and departments on campus, residents are given support in the areas of academics and social experience. Students also work with staff to look at male socialization and expectations, how they are impacted by these forces, and how they can better confront the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a college male in the 21st century.

Tra ns fer Teac h e r E d u c a t i o n Are you a transfer student preparing to be an educator? This learning community is designed to help teacher education transfer students integrate smoothly into the Appalachian community. Community members receive academic and community support services often underutilized by transfer students.

Watauga G l o b a l This community is coordinated by the Watauga Global Community (formerly Watauga College) and has a separate application process; therefore, it is important that students interested in learning more visit


H o w d o I j o i n an RLC ? First-year students may apply for any RLC at the same time they submit their online housing application. Students who indicate an interest in an RLC will be directed to the RLC application process once their housing application has been successfully submitted. Students applying to RLCs may choose and rank up to three community preferences. Every effort will be made to honor your first choice.

Whe n d o I need t o apply? Students are admitted to RLCs based upon both the quality of their application and the date of submission. Spaces are limited, so students are urged to complete their applications as soon as possible! Those students with an earlier application date will be given priority.

H o w d o I choose my roommat e? Students applying for RLCs who have a roommate preference need to make sure that their requested roommate has also applied to the same RLCs. In the event that a student has applied for an RLC and selected a roommate who hasn’t, the RLC application may not be considered.

H o w d o I edit my housing applicat ion? If you have completed your housing application and did not indicate an interest in an RLC but have decided to apply, then it’s not too late! You may edit your housing application until June 1 by logging into the Housing Management System (HMS) and indicating an interest in RLCs. You will then be prompted to fill out your RLC application.

Whe n will I know if I am accept ed? Review of applications will begin during the first week in April and continue through June or until all available spaces are filled. It is important that you check your Appalachian e-mail account regularly because you will be notified via e-mail as soon as you are accepted into a community.

Que s tions about RLC s? If you have questions concerning RLCs or the application process, please contact the Residence Life & Learning Communities Coordinator at 828-262-8656.


N e w R L C O p t i o ns f o r Up p erc l as s men RLCs aren’t for freshmen only. Appalachian State University has created the new Student-Initiated Residential Learning Communities Program, which allows upperclass students to begin and/or continue their involvement in residential learning communities by designing and leading their own community of interest on campus. Upperclassmen will have the ability to play an active role in their own education by becoming the Student Coordinators of their uniquely designed Residential Learning Community. Each October, applications will become available on the University Housing website for current Appalachian students to submit an idea for learning communities and to apply to serve as a Student Coordinator. This new program provides the opportunity for like-minded students to take an engaged role in their education while developing great leadership and programming skills.

Deadlines for Residential Lear ning Communities Begin researching RLC options and considering what best suits your interests. All students can apply for up to three RLCs.


The housing application becomes available. You can begin applying for RLCs when you are applying for housing. Many of our RLCs fill up very fast, so it is important that you complete your application early.


Notification of acceptance into RLCs will begin and continue through June 30. It is important that students check their Appalachian e-mail account in order to respond to the acceptance deadline in the notification e-mail.

March - June

Applications will continue to be available until June 15 or until the RLCs are filled, whichever comes first.

April - June

Final acceptance notifications are sent out.


Appalachian State University is committed to providing equal opportunity in education and employment to all applicants, students, and employees. The university does not discriminate in access to its educational programs and activities, or with respect to hiring or the terms and conditions of employment, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, sex, gender identity and expression, political affiliation, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. The university actively promotes diversity among students and employees. 3,500 copies of this public document were printed at a cost of $3062.06 or $0.87 per copy.


RLC Overview Booklet - 2011  

RLC Overview Booklet - 2011

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