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Living Free


Art Haus


Hand ’n’ Hand


Familiar Circle


Lovill Men




Big Sweep


Lovill Men






Appalachian State University is committed to providing equal opportunity in education and employment to all applicants, students, and employees. The university does not discriminate in access to its educational programs and activities, or with respect to hiring or the terms and conditions of employment, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, sex, gender identity and expression, political affiliation, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. The university actively promotes diversity among students and employees.

‘12 Appalachian State University is

Applications are available on the

pleased to announce its second

University Housing website

recruiting class of Student-Initiated

( and will

Residential Learning Communities.

be due October 17th by 5:oopm.

This program was created to allow

Any student who has an idea for a

upperclassman students the unique

learning community theme and is

opportunity to begin and/or con-

interested in serving as the Student

tinue their involvement in residential Coordinator of a community is learning communities by designing

encouraged to apply. This program

and leading their own community of

provides the opportunity for

interest on campus.

like-minded current students to take

Upperclassmen have the ability to

an active and engaged role in their

play an active role in their own

education while developing great

education by becoming Student

leadership and programming skills.

Coordinators of their own uniquely

Any questions can be directed to

designed Residential Learning

Heather Kloeker, Graduate Assistant


of Academic Initiatives.

: Aching for Adequacy

Creative Writing

Animation Pop-Culture

Hand 'n' Hand

Appalachian Adventure

Pre-Health Professions


W In th

we are ded

and alcoho

our commu

friendly, op are always

to our f loo

ing to insti


What’s it like to Live Free ? Brian Kelly e L iving Free RLC,

munity in the o ther f loors.

ball g ames, divers ity meetings,

dicated to being dr ug

Our students are spend a lot of For mal Dinner at Broyhill Inn,

ol free. T he feel of

time in the f loorâ€&#x;s lobby; which and starg azing at the Blue

unity is close -knit,

has really helped ever yone g o

pen and inviting. We beyond f loor mates to friends. invitin g people up

Ridg e Parkway. We are ver y excited about the future of our

Some activities we have already community and the friendships

or and are always tr y- done are tie -dying t-shir ts, tail- we have for med.

ill a sen se of com-

g ating and g oing to the foot-


Here in Art Haus, the world is our canvas. We don‟t cloister ourselves in caves made of paper. We don‟t place limits on where we

a guitar, a poker set, a spare piece of corkboard – for A became new outlets for creative expression. For


those without such objects, sheetrock was sup-


make our mark. No, when we have something to plied as a way to make a fresh start. say, we say it wherever we like. And sometimes

Chalkboard Everything serves to demon- repre

that involves striking out in an unexpected direc- strate that art isn‟t always mystical. It‟s often



spontaneous and is pieced together from the


mundane, rather than transmitted through some


little magic with some brushes, primer, and

divine force. It is a human experience, one that


chalkboard paint as part of a program called

we can all relate to and share with one another.


Recently, the Art Haus students made a

Chalkboard Everything. Here everyday objects – #|


Speaking of sharing, we‟ve got big plans

Art Haus. Coming up during homecoming

k is our first art show, which will be quite

mprehensive: traditional art, music, sculpture,

tography, and writing are all expected to be

esented. Itâ€&#x;s going to be advertised as a

ding-wide event for Eggers, and some stu-

ts have expressed interest in auctioning their

k for charity. The pieces are still coming to-

er, but weâ€&#x;re sure the final product will be

ething special. |7

Hand ‘n’ Hand On September 16th, the Hand „n‟ Hand SI-RLC members joined forces with ASU‟s Upward Bound to host a retreat for high school students in the program. The SI-RLC members assisted with behind-the-scenes operations and served as leaders and mentors to the high school students throughout the retreat. Hand ‟n‟ Hand is a service based community themed around Watauga youth. For more information on the Upward Bound Program, visit


“The retreat was a lot of fun. I loved interacting with the high school students. They were great and seemed to be really excited about the program.” - Hand ‘n’ Hand Member -


Into a Secure and F amiliar Circle Black & Gold RLC


Camille Craddock


ircles are geometric

and I, ventured to Valle Crucis

tasks became somewhat harder to

plane figures, bounded

where we partook in an Outdoor

do, but nonetheless, they were

by a single curve line

Programs Group Interaction


called its circumference, every part

Course at Camp Broadstone. When

of which is equally distant from a

we arrived we were all apprehen-

balance. Looking with a single eye

point within it, called the center.

sive. I was convinced we were

toward glory, our group persevered.

Math has never been my best sub-

going to go for an ultra-run as

“Endure to the end!” seemed to be

Next on the agenda was

ject, especially calculus, which deals mentioned in our summer reading with a LOT of circles. I learned to hate pi my senior year in pre-calculus, which I guess explains why I love chocolate cake so much more now! I also learned in math that circles are equal all the way

our unanimous motto.

“Stepping outside of a familiar box can lead to the discovery of a new, yet secure circle, and learning to belong, not in the center, but along the circumference, where everyone is equal.”

the diameter is drawn. However,

book, Born to Run. Instead, we

one property of circles that fails to

talked about CIRCLES! Our first

be included in the curriculum for

activity involved each member

pre-calculus is that they are held to- grabbing a portion of a thick rope gether by unity and trust. Luckily

and standing in a circle. All seven of

for me, there are still field trips in

us were instructed to lean back and

college, and I

apply tension to the rope, but not to

property for myself. On September 9, 2011,

spectrum of character building activities, our little group of seven students transformed from an awkward polygon of sorts into a secure and familiar

around, no matter where

finally learned this

Covering a broad

fall down. A miracle happened, I didn‟t fall down and neither did

twenty students from the Black and anyone else! As we continued to Gold Residential Living Community follow the directions given, the

circle. We discovered each other‟s strengths as well as our weaknesses. We

harnessed the

talents that we collectively possessed and manufactured them into our ultimate success as a team. Stepping outside of a familiar box can lead to the discovery of a new, yet secure circle, and learning to belong, not in the center, but along the circumference, where everyone is equal. |11











I Am Sleepless I need answers. Why can ’ t I shut off my mind? Just to find some peace, Where the constant buzzing won ’ t play all the time. Why is it that when I lay me down to sleep, I am always haunted By images and sounds And still searching through thoughts I ’ ve previously hunted? And even as I follow these thoughts to their end, All I will find Are more thoughts that only assault my mind Until the gears in my head are out of teeth to grind. And after I am out of thoughts, Of useless junk and strange schemes, I have only one more image, But it ’ s better than I make it seem. The only thought That is left in my head Is an image of you, That always flashes in my eyes before my brain goes dead. So in the end I welcome sleeplessness And insomnia for only one reason: Because thoughts of you are the best. So I only have one thing to ask, Before I drift off into remiss, Keep the thoughts of you in my head. Help me to remain sleepless.


THE BIG SWEEP On September 10, 2011 the Living Green, Business Exploration, and Service & Leadership RLCs all participated in the Big Sweep, a river clean-up along the Watauga River all throughout the county. There were 114 volunteers that participated from Foscoe to the NC/TN state line, collecting...

3,740 lbs. of trash! "It was a really great experience. It gave us an opportunity to get to know and bond with the people in our class as well as give back to the community. It didn't take very long; we covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. I enjoyed it because it introduced me to some fishing holes that I didn't know about. Now, I can go and know they are clean."

Terra Davis, Busines Exploration RLC To read the entire article visit: #|


es taken from the Watauga County Center’s website.


Lovill Men, A

s we begin our journey

bodied through our hall pro-

academic success, community

through the 2011-2012

grams, involvement with cam-

service, or anything that dis-

academic year, we welcome you pus, and the interaction with

plays the 12 values of the Lovill

to Lovill Hall. The staff antici- the Boone community. These

Man. We will also be providing

pates this brotherhood of men values will be embraced

other outlets of competition

will be one of Appalachian

and inclusion such as video

through our hall competition,

Stateâ€&#x;s greatest campus

games, corn-hole, and

communities. Our

whatever you, as our

goal, for which we

residents, want to see

need your help, is to

in the hall. It is now

create real positive

up to you to help

change in the college

make Lovill Hall a

experience of the

prominent community

Appalachian man. We

at Appalachian State

will do this through

University. We hope

portraying the 12 fol-

that this experience

lowing values of Lovill

will be remembered

Hall: Brotherhood, Wisdom,

the Ultimate Man. The compe- for its impact on you, the

Respect, Courtesy, Integrity, In- tition will serve as a catalyst to

Appalachian community, and

tellect, Service, Confidence, Ini- encourage all of you to become Boone itself. tiative, Creativity, Involvement, a greater member of the com-

Forever your brother,

and Self-Discipline.

VontĂŠ Mckenith

munity. The Ultimate Man will

These values will be em- encompass intramural sports,


Senior Resident Assistant

"Embrace the night, turn out your light"

Blackout Camp-Out Sustainability, full circle.

The Living Green RLC

been watching TV, they would

dents raised $75.75 for this meal,

partnered with Frank Hall for a

have used 1,695 watts together!

furthering sustainability in eco-

Blackout Camp-out program

Instead, they enjoyed a community nomic sense. Dr. Jana Carp spoke

on September 29. Residents

at the event about the often ne-

unplugged all power sources in

glected part of sustainability - hav-

their room for the night and

ing community and how it related

joined the community for a lo-

to the "Slow Food" concept we

cal meal,live entertainment ,

promoted: buying fresh food di-

and camp-out at Duck Pond

rectly from a farmer, preparing it

Field. The goal was to show

slowly, and then enjoying it with a

much power can be saved by

community, to recognize what we

simply unplugging for a night.

often miss in faster paced life-

42 participants turned off every-

meal, which was made from all lo- styles. And then everyone settled

thing in their rooms and camped

cally produced ingredients from

down to enjoy frisbee, live blue-

out. If 5 of those residents had

Springhouse Farm. Frank resi-

grass music, and a bonfire.

42 people 330 watts/person in a room 13,680 watts saved


Service and Leadership Ryan Scott Over the years, the term

It‟s been about a month

short of great. I‟m meeting

“community service” has been since I moved and already, my

good people, making loads of

given a negative stigma by our

feelings have changed. After

new friends, and learning so

society. It‟s been relegated to

talking about what we would be much more than I would have

celebrities who party too hard,

doing with the people involved otherwise. However, these

and deemed as an annoying

with the RLC and my fellow

things don‟t come close to the

punishment handed out by au- RLC students my feelings have greatest benefit of all, making a thorities. I‟ll admit, I thought

changed. I began to see my

difference in my community.

of the required community ser- service work as an opportunity Helping those around me is not vice by my Service and Leader- to help others, not as a means

an annoyance, it‟s a gift. I may

ship RLC simply as a debt I

not make a difference in the

owed for the nice residence hall.

to an end. In short, my experience

world, but I know I can make a

with my RLC had been nothing difference in a world.

Want a new Residential Learning Community? A.) for upperclassmen students B.) with a theme of your choosing C.) does the things you like to do D.) provides leadership opportunities E.) all of the above

Create Your Own! Lead your own upperclassmen Student–Initiated Residential Learning Community. Apply at Applications are due: October 17, 2011


RLC Magazine - October 2011  
RLC Magazine - October 2011  

October 2011 RLC Magazine