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1) Which facial description best describes you? a. Chissled features with the jaw and chin dominating the face. b. Delicate features, eyes tend to dominate the face. c. My mouth and lips predominate my face. d. The nose predominates the face. e. Deep set eyes with a darkish hue underneath and the ears tend to dominate the face. 2) My body type is ? a. Muscular athletic build with well proportioned hands, arms, legs and head b. Graceful, willowy physique c. I have a rounded physique with broad hips and shoulders d. Symetrical pysique with long arms and legs and narrow shoulders e. Lean physique with narow shoulders and wider hips 3) My skin type is? a. Thick, somewhat course skin, that is oily especially around the face and nose. b. a reddish complexion and often am blotchy . Soft warm skin c. I have soft smooth skin with short and stubby hands and feet. d. Dry skin (may have premature wrinkles and scaly pimples 4) the following description best describes me a. I enjoy competition and have been described as competitive b. I tend to be animated, enthusiastic and excited about life c. I thrive on peacful settings, tranquil surrounding and natural beauty d. I like to be in control, sponteity scares me e. I value my solitude and need alone time 5) my dealings with others looks most like this a. I am typically straight forward in my dealings with others b. I am easily effected by others opinions of me c. I tend to be nurturing and enjoy taking care of others. I like to be the mediator and peace keeper during conflict. d. I am content with a few close friends and get bored with superficiality e. I tend to be introverted and keep my thoughts to myself 6) I have problems with a. Tendancy to develop joint or tendon injuries b. I have or am treated for acid reflux or heart burn. c. I gain weight easily and find it difficult to loose d. Asthma and other chronic respiratory problems e. Aching in low back and/ or knees. Swelling and bloating

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7) My first response to things is a. My first response to difficult situations is anger and at times I have trouble controlling my anger b. I dread rejection and need a lot of support and praise so I tend to appease people c. I tend to put the needs of others before my own and I easily get involved in others problems d. I like to be in control, sponteity scares me e. I am known for my ability to be objective and impartial 8) My favorite season is a. Spring season b. The season of summer c. Late summer (indian summer d. The season of Autumn e. Winter season 9) Your favorite color is a. Green b. Red c. Yellow d. White e. Blue or black 10) Favorite food flavors are a. Sour b. Hot c. Sweet d. Pungent and spicy e. Salty

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