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Extract ‘untitled 08/11’

eyes down in order to hear

to be witnessed

call it fraughtdom oscillating on the backs of our surnames what we bring to the sand and drops, tote like all desperate to say a thing with paint from mornings of calm grain trawling to say the thing anyone says they can say in silencing our persons our dens our container caress and the dub at the steps and the buzz upon gums someone to love you like you hold in in

Our potentials

pricked and tasting from balloons we sent to sky beneath tranquiliser hoof shots taught us to run still life to get higher than

that habitable hole from form, theme and opportunity jobbing hourness only partially satiates this craving for a structure

feet open with these accordions and whinges to decorate on wings


trustless tongue fastened upon a belief in tapped keyboards out cases the limpness of hands and diy satisfaction forest your way through that stray clawed your back not me I am heart klepto and

mad for you washed and full of sprite when it was power of the chasing in beach caverns crass now to dict and hurl and magenta stand firm on earthy soil matt let gravity crush your toes or take you bait and you boat and sink for me because I asked you for living and it went to caramel


brighter sense is a secondary hope just as the sink sashays about with its fill and you foster the intent to sway by me in sic in obstruction or fleeing that the jacket of her

oyez at our opening stilt my own bathing rite how ceremonious you looked in that sideway sleep with the lock to hide your mouth from in overspill murmur

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