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Like Rabbits

by H Godwin

I dear megan, learn to fucking spell I learnt to say “there’s 5 of us, where’s the disco? I thought it’s in the deleted scenes like the one they had tonight. we hear the tigers we hear them I mean we have heard it in Spanish & in blu-ray on Tuesday I made you the glittery fanbook. Dear Megan, Shut Up, I still don’t care I mean I love you I mean let’s fuck like rabbits on the tv or on the JumboTron or something. we could have sat around knitting little crowns for my cats & I’ll get more of my stuff out for you I mean, come on, a paddle, really? it doesn’t get any bigger than that

II I need my willy tomorrow it’s big & fully Air Conditioned & comes in crouching & chaffing the other rabbits as they peeped. have you seen it compared to the iphone? It’s much bigger than what we had before bigger than a big bamboo. bamboo, you say? ! Your sister… her… Lunge, you know? you know! You know how to save your dog’s life in an emergency Kenny where r u hanging after the show? hanging out a shingle as an expert in this field this field of wildflowers that is my mind

III Might get a rabbit & call it Svengali. I guess we will hop in the pool naked & stop abruptly at chest level dirty boy is gonna shower Hi Megan. How are your knees feeling? That was an innocent question That awkward moment. Have you seen Svengali yet? he is just look beautiful but scarry & his legs are shaved he had been engaged upon but as a proud progressive. These rabbits are still outside my window chilling & I was still like to her, Megan

IV I came on a rabbit sitting on a stump he sd he is bio-polar in real life when I don’t wanna talk about it I should have stayed home. just found out Jeff is married he could’ve caught genes… he could’ve had a super awkward conversation with a rabbit in the parking lot I ate like pig & watched & I watched a bumblebee make love to me.

V Do rabbits love cats? I have no idea I love cats but a lynx is cray cray like my parallel parking. romanus eunt domas with a salon girl & her dimple. Svengali has arrived & is awaiting his princess still dogging his reatreating nose Megan & I are watching the webcast UBER dirty like she’s crying now I’m sorry I thought I was following I just went & followed you.

VI I caught a toad, I named it Mr Toad. he sd you need to learn how to tackle like rabbits they can tackle anybody & u not an exception & u not it wut wut tmz poop.-gigglesMr Toad in a blonde wig. PHWOAR YES PLEASE but not nearly as HOT as you‌. and your friend Henry David Thoreau I love his axx like craziee Whoops I tweeter that with out with in-country scientists OMG! I have a wart hovering above my no-no square!

VII The piper has my baby dancing crazy!!! I wish my girlfriend did not introduce me to Kathy Acker She has me painting the whole door today. I am in dumb misery deepening as I slowly danced the other way. unicorns definitely stink‌ Like‌ Rabbits said Megan & I got rather excited for a moment. a moment is in the bus driving you I thought that was your mom driving he sounds like my mom! I love when Megan creeps on new reeds, old reeds, & sandpaper hey,

VIII a squished Toad is a SMUSHROOM. I make myself laugh when I’m being all concerned & junk dam can yall hop off her ass?! It’s so huge most of my friends hw visitd said its lyk a resort That’s no way to woo, man! Megan has had a lovely day at the tip she carried a tray, with a cup of fragrant tea (she liked that bit especially) when I put my foot up her asian ass. Oh no, I’m so sorry Megan I meant to put it in quotes “ho ho ho”

IX 1950 Dodge Wayfarer. Stay classy like “hey baby, wanna wrestle?” she took me to see a therapist who said I look like his aunt who said she was gonna follow me so I ran like it wasn’t raining. Thus laden like bin laden joint yo the dude sound like “pota” travelling the world shaving heads & such wayfaring with birds.

X talking of rabbits I saw a rabbit that looked like you it was beautiful like a cottage garden fete when it’s stuck in your head. “O I have girls… they want my bouquet. this toad in my window is doing wonders for my hangover doing a lot of stuff for the kids like feeding cookies to a flower he doesn’t know I’m writing about him though just like the rabbits AND MEGAN AND THATS PRETTY RARE

XI my daughter, she washes paper plates she washes them & irons them, then she cooks me bacon & egg. it tastes like eyebrows & onions with a passion a passion for fashion. I’m so glad I’ve got me washing in its turned into Marvins House I hope he likes his new hedgehog food It sounds like rabbit’s running he found himself loving the warm air On his knees wid duh snot nose !

XII I returned the old plates they had got rid of the old perverts on the tube but I had a dream & you were in it. like rabbits we would spend the day just looking at it. the affair took quite a long time. megan. i’m having issues with my hair color its green & it makes use move slow like you like some fruity drinks. they groped & shuffled along i feel like i’m being groped by a bunny “Megan, help me!!” in the background

like rabbits  

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