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Docile on the flecks. In

for Matthew Drage c/o JOIE JOIE DÉLIRE

which effete practice good sedition good ergonomic man’s hot stripe of breath unbent around a central stem heat is the strapped lines of discreet dearth much bedevilled such words are these said wail on gizzards round a neck hubris contemplating love my anodyne sweet victor fresh one was t’come gymnasium dread gums plose much to lisp make me sterile with service It kills customary excreta: my milk, my absolute coil. Try educating numb tops with a flick in a month of these, the deaf. Brazed in a cremated one to catch the quick sentiments or pursue her on giddy streets, opening sudden points or fastening to be precise / I was actual, servile Man. These create a pose, or trembles over water’s year, heavy district by movement, asking for us, wasted July bombs, this song, diktat filing objects—heavy—into water.


II Loins pop long dips to mustard, mustard’s own data, my ever salted love, dead singt, ex, ex. Or the wisdom of plants, done worms to explode the singing urge tops fullflavour in cartons, munificent hops, country drum, wed brown is dying on. Edge dragged, no fervour, is it colours hewn demi-god semblance of freed clusters round my apple shell. Where and what yoked searches? Coal aplenty old frantic Depp, verily my housed yearling, gunned for year’s water. Got courtly wane by fruit & detached villa, locate stuck plants for fruit’s hatchtop. Back no London, is the high ground he asks vertically, fingers twice to you politely, but asking twice rushes dropsypulse for me, he twitched at most once. And you hatched Plan B, light aircraft which sediment reached capacity on Wednesday each September, that layer flip tirade, circle lines around a kernel in the cicada-month phenomenon / were’t broken ma’am in carpark, heavy thew stirrup published a new name.

And fragment settled the question: length. And wrong turns were stemmata: growth was fixed at thirty, mercantile years ago, the brain outpacing merry saints, sick on punishment by hereafter, burns typetype relations, berry striated, red degrees: Ye grime took tip, enclosed tongue’s lip, wax in a specimen, heat rotates, lick us for fragmentation inks documents in stuck heat. In degradation’s violet, to start on quotation’s route, to start escaping origins, locked in your bloom. Join, Locke slights our platter, head down trepidation. Hereafter, nine watched. Give impression: technique as deletion, spins round the spiral wheeze no try.

docile on the flecks  

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