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ri c h a rdb a rret t from ab i ga pple

from A Big Apple […] wait here and i’ll be back soon with the keys or if you leave now i’ll meet you by the bus-stop past reception with the flashing display there’s a strong smell of bleach wrinkling faces a pennant is blowing and it welcomes people to Manchester up the Piccadilly approach if i ever see this view again i’ll never see it quite how i do today with everyone’s warm smiles that’s right something has been lost but what exactly i don’t know […] there is silence until graffiti gets called a ‘bespoke feature’ shaking language i love you – will you marry me maybe live with me on this hill behind the town by loyalty cards and point schemes the shape taken by our leisure is determined we’re working towards something we decide having unintentionally sat down next to Bob the menu taken and another table chosen often i don’t want to talk and anyway i couldn’t with the wind rattling each letter box along the line saying apologies are owed because of them choosing to deny we thought it was a good idea to argue with the logic of the market […] as before a memento-mori unspooled tape keeping us bound in place to these burst chairs which spew and sweat today (is this what passes for advice?) cautionary thinking also about methods of domestic hygiene and what was implied by them re ‘the times’ we were living in as opposed to those times we now live in and i’m sorry that there is not much to see but a complete evisceration has taken place literal as well as in that other sense the courtyard piled with concrete and one great gust and everything will be down do you call yourself a young urban professional?


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