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Health Care Reform

‘Pay or Play’ Employer Mandate Modeling Application

PPACA legislation requires that large employers offer each eligible full time employee qualified coverage that meets the ACA affordability and sufficiency requirements or incur a

“Play penalty”, or alternatively, not offer ACA qualified coverage and incur a

“Pay penalty”; also referred to as the “Pay

or Play Employer Mandate”

Should I Play… I sponsor health coverage, how will Health Care Reform affect my company? There are taxes and penalties if your coverage does not meet ACA requirements. Your employees, plan benefits, and contributions need to be continuously evaluated to assure they meet ACA standards now and in the future. Health Care Reform will not be fully implemented until 2018, so you’ll need a tool that can project costs well into the future.

…or Should I Pay? What would be the financial impact of not offering coverage? This may be an option that you need to consider under ACA. Aside from employee perception and competitiveness in the labor market, not offering health benefits carries its own costs under ACA. You’ll need a tool that can project and compare the cost of not offering benefits versus offering benefits to help determine the best course of action.

What will I learn from


PoP will analyze your employee information…

PoP evaluates the key employee measures of ACA

PoP will forecast which employees will seek coverage under ACA PoP projects which employees are “At Risk” of triggering a Play Penalty

What will I learn from


View financial analysis for 2014 through 2018… Estimated baseline cost without applying ACA regulations

Use PoP to model changes to benefits and contribution

PoP will forecast premium using an actuarial model Government Penalties are trended into the future. Forecast impacts to Corporate Taxes The “Cadillac” Excise Tax starts in 2018. Compare total Employer cost.

Projected cost under ACA for your sponsored plan; “Play”

Estimated financial impact of eliminating your plan; “Pay”.

What will I learn from


Compare multiple scenarios side-by-side… Review your current situation, projected to ACA

Create a scenario that would eliminate penalties

Create another scenario that would eliminate penalties and help control costs

Model scenarios like…      

Changes in staffing levels Changes in wages Modified working hours Changes in contribution Benefit plan changes And more…

What else do I get from


PoP contains a wealth of information about ACA legislation and how to get the most out of the tool… Online informational and instructional videos…

… and quick-reference ‘PoP’ ups

Legislative and business information with diagrams help guide your decisions on key concepts

Just look for the askPoP™ logo and click for help…

What else do I get from


Health Care Reform regulations will continue to be issued… …and PoP will be constantly updated to meet the challenge

Return to PoP at any time and simply click ‘Analyze’ on any of your prior scenarios to view Click ‘Analyze’ and View your results in PoP’s Create and Copy and modify scenarios updated results… instantly update results easy to use library save your to quickly model alternate scenarios


Getting started with PoP is four steps away…

#1 Gather Employee Information #2 Gather Health Plan Information #3 Gather Company Information For more details, review our Pre-Analysis Preparation Checklist, available free on our website…

#4 Purchase a subscription to


PoP is available on a subscription basis renewing monthly or annually.  Customers with an annual subscription receive our PoP Newsletter, containing updates regarding legislative and regulatory changes that impact your company.

Pay for each company you wish to analyze. Discounts are available for customers that need to process multiple companies.

 You may create up to six scenarios for each company.  There are no limits on the number of analysis performed.  There are no limits on the number of reports and extracts created.

Contact us for subscription pricing…

Visit us at for more details and to create an account!

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