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November 2012

A Message from our Pastor “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. --John F. Kennedy

Apostle Presbyterian Church

Dear Church:

I have just finished reading KILLING LINCOLN and KILLING KENNEDY, both by Bill O’Reilly. I have always been fascinated by politics as well as these two presidents. Whatever you want to say about Lincoln and Kennedy, I learned that both were very thankful men and showed gratitude easily. In 1863 during the dark days of the civil war, Inside this issue: among his many other proclamations, Abraham Lincoln responded to the exhortations Pastor’s Message 1-2 of a women's magazine editor, Sarah Joseph Hale, and announced that there would be a national Day of Thanks on the last Thursday of November. The quote above by JFK is one of many attributed to him about gratitude. Spaghetti Dinner


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After reading these two books and considering these two men, I began to think more about being thankful. Am I as thankful as I should be?? Are you?? Am I thankful even in bad circumstances? And if not, how can I cultivate more thankfulness in life? I am a firm believer that we can quite literally bring more joy into our lives if only we would be mindful and very intentional in being thankful.

We will be celebrating All Saints Day during worship November 4 at Apostle, spending some time being thankful for the saints who have gone before us during this last year. Hoekstra’s coming 4 On Wednesday November 21 at 7 PM we will hold a Thanksgiving Eve service. Spending time being INTENTIONAL about our many blessings is a good start to living Prayer & Praise 14 in gratitude. However, as JFK stated, we need to LIVE by the words of gratitude as well. Pause to be thankful for the people in your lives and tell them why you value them. Special points of inter- Look for the simple things in life that while simple, bring you a huge amount of joy. I keep a “gratitude journal” noting things that I am thankful for daily. Sometimes I have est: to find a way to be grateful or hunt for the silver lining in a day that was filled with disap This newsletter is pubpointment. That practice does not come easy for me but it is good mental health to look lished monthly by for that silver lining rather than dwell on the disappointment. Gratitude should not be Apostle Presbyterian just a reaction to getting what you want, but an all-the-time gratitude, the kind where Church . you notice the little things and where you constantly look for the good even in unplea Newsletter deadline is sant situations. Today start bringing gratitude to your life, instead of waiting for a posithe 3rd Monday of the tive experience in order to feel grateful; in this way, you’ll be on your way toward month.  Notify the church if you

being a master or gratitude.

Know that I am grateful for each of you!!

move, change your phone number or email See you in church!!! address



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A Message From Our Pastor—Continued

Leading worship at LANDMARK SENIOR LIVING I began leading worship at the LANDMARK SENIOR LIVING facility on 70th/Greenfield on the first Wednesday of each month. I will be there on Wednesday November 7 at 2 PM. I would love to have some folks go along!!! If you are available and would like to help, let me know. I usually leave Apostle at about 1:30 and spend some time after worship chatting with the folks. I promise we will be back at Apostle by 4 PM. You won’t be sorry you helped with this amazing ministry!!! Cathy

I want to deeply thank the kids of Apostle as well as Sandy Shotton for the LOVELY candy card!! I need to thank Carl Hoon and Bonnie Rosen for quickly switching a hymn around so I could gather myself after such a wonderful surprise. While I was able to do a children’s sermon, there was no way I could talk any further because I was so deeply touched by the kids expressions of thanks and love. This is a wonderful and wonder-filled moment I will treasure FOREVER. Thank you Cathy


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SENIOR MOMENTS Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 11:45 a.m. Apostle Fellowship Hall You'll all remember when Jessica Michna (First Impressions) brought us Eleanor Roosevelt, Granny Sari Semple, and Mary Todd Lincoln. Now she will be back with us as Abigail Adams. You'll want to be present for this outstanding presentation. There will be a nominal charge to cover the cost of the program and the provided luncheon. One of the following will be happy to take your reservation by November 11th: Vera Bernhardt...............................414-543-0835 Jean Maercklein.............................414-257-1162 Jane Pagel.....................................414-541-1375 Bonnie Rosen................................414-543-9585

EVERYONE INVITED Save the date and plan to be with us!!!!

Apostle PW Covenant Circle Come dine with us or take carryout, after church on Sunday, November 11th Adults $8.00 Children 10-3 years $4.00 Children 3 years and under - Free Tickets can be purchased after church each Sunday or by calling Adelle Sanford at 1-414-421-1705 or Gail Rogers at 1-414-327-6855. Our fundraiser's support our mission projects The Hoekstra's will be here after the dinner to talk about their "Talking Bibles" in the mission fields. More coming from the Mission Committee.


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Guess who’s coming to Apostle? THE HOEKSTRA’S! Mark and Sandy Hoekstra from Talking Bibles International will be with us November 10th and 11th! What an exciting weekend this will be! Apostle has supported these mission workers for a number of years. Mark serves as president of Talking Bibles International which provides the Bible (or portions thereof) on tape in native languages for areas of the world where no one can read. Remarkable things have occurred as a result of Mark and Sandy’s ministry. You are invited to attend events where you can hear about folks around the world who are coming to know Christ as a result of their work. You will also hear about the process that takes place to record the Bible in different languages. Join us for the following events where Mark & Sandy will have different presentations: Saturday, November 10th: 11 AM Brunch in Apostle’s Library (Make reservations with Marilyn Stone 262-763-0918 or Sunday, November 11th 9 AM Sunday School for children and youth 10 AM Worship 11 AM Spaghetti Dinner sponsored by Covenant Circle NOON (following spaghetti dinner) in Mary Paull Chapel Mark and Sandy were last here back in 1995 when their family was young. They now are “empty nesters” and grandparents. Just last year we prayed for Mark’s healing when he broke his heals while working in Ethiopia and shortly thereafter he experienced several very serious seizures. “Thinking of you” cards were signed during fellowship hour and sent to him earlier this year as encouragement in his long healing process. Mark your calendar! Plan to join us in learning more about Mark & Sandy’s ministry and to show support for their efforts on our behalf.


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Announcing an All Church Challenge The Christian Education Committee is issuing a challenge to all the members of Apostle (young, old and in between) starting January 1, 2013. We are challenging everyone to a one year commitment. We are challenging you to read the entire Bible in one year! We will be using “The Year of the Bible” by James Davison as our guide. Your participant guide will give you the daily readings. It will also have an “In the Spotlight” section each month highlighting customs and cultural practices in the Bible. You will not be reading the Bible straight through from the front cover to the back cover. Instead, you will be reading two chapters of the Old Testament each day and one chapter from the New Testament. Twice weekly, a selection from Psalms will replace the New Testament reading. It may sound like an imposing task to read the entire Bible in one year, but it can be done more easily than you think. It will take about twenty minutes a day depending on what version of the Bible you choose to read. The “New Revised Standard Version” is an example of a more literal translation of the Bible. “The Message” is a good example of a paraphrase version of the Bible. (A paraphrase Bible is written as a reading Bible rather than a study Bible.) The “Good News Bible” is written in everyday, natural English. Preschoolers can also participate, with their parents or older siblings reading, “The Children’s Bible in 365 stories”. We ask you to prayerfully consider joining the challenge and participating with other members in our congregation as we set out on this adventure together. Look for more information in the coming weeks.


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Please join us for worship on Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday November 21 at 7 PM. Cathy is looking for people interested in helping with this very important service. If that is YOU, please email her at or call 262-949-6750.

Hope Circle Update: In September and October, 128 cool ties and19 NFL team hats were sent to The Ships Project to be forwarded to military men and women. Thank you to all who made this possible! The following note was received recently: “CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY! Mail came in today for a change, and there were several boxes of the cool ties. . . enough for everyone on the ship. I don’t know how you people do it, but we thank the Lord every day that you do. We are off the coast of Africa, and it is. . . HOT. . . Thanks to everyone who participate to remind us we matter.” Hope Circle will next meet on Thursday, October 25th at 10 a.m. We continue to make cool ties throughout the winter months as they will be needed once again in March. Knitted hats and seaman’s scarves made from 100% black wool, in addition to knitted hats for the medic units in “NFL team” colors are currently needed. These are items that are not provided by the military although are essential for the ground troops and special forces in the mountains, as well as for wounded soldiers transported on planes without heat. Contact Shirley Anderson, 546-2476, or Marilyn Stone, 1-262-492-7921 for additional information.

Milwaukee Presbytery Meeting The next meeting of the Presbytery of Milwaukee will be Tuesday November 27 at First Presbyterian in Janesville. Dr. Jeffrey Bullock will be our guest. Dr Bullock is the President of University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and led the college thru a time of transition. He will do a teaching centered around change process as well as lead worship that evening. The Presbytery meeting is called for 4 PM. While we only have one person as a commissioner to Presbytery meetings, ALL Presbyterians are welcome and encouraged to attend any meeting of the Presbytery.


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Sunday School Mission Project Children’s Christmas Store at Christ Presbyterian Church Christ Presbyterian Church, located in the central city of Milwaukee, hosts a Children’s Christmas Store each year where parents of neighborhood children are able to select a gift for each of their children. For over 40 years, the lives of many children have been made a little brighter through your contributions to this “store”. We will be collecting the following items: hats school supplies mittens art supplies gloves coloring books scarves stuffed animals

games puzzles board games books

toys dolls balls cars

All items must be unwrapped and no items promoting violence are accepted. Place your items in the box at the back of the sanctuary or on the third floor of the CE building by December 9th. In previous years, several ladies in the congregation have knitted or crocheted hats and mittens. Those efforts and items have been very much appreciated also. Any questions can be directed to Marilyn Stone at 262-763-0918 or Thanks for your support in helping local children at Christmas!

“Sock it to Poverty” Sunday Update A total of 79 pair of children’s socks were donated to Hope House of Milwaukee. Thank you so much for your generosity. Remember, Hope House offers transitional housing and supportive services for homeless families in Milwaukee County. In November and December, we will be collecting men’s white tube socks to specifically use for the Guest House Christmas Sock Project. These white tube socks will be filled with a variety of items to create the only Christmas gift that all 90 men housed at the Guest House will receive for Christmas. The Mission Committee thanks you for donating socks on “Sock it to Poverty” Sundays. You have made a difference for many feet around the Milwaukee area!


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MUSIC NOTES “It was great to have the Apostle Band play on October 21st. The congregation lifted their voice in song and it was amazing. The offertory soloist, Don Blodgett not only is a fine trombonist, but hails from the state of Maine where he organizes and produces the “Down East Center Ring Circus Band.” When you talk to him, you might be able to detect the Maine accent! Pam Lidington is a second time trumpet player with our band and Lance Koehler, competent keyboardist, brass player and singer helped us with his vocal expertise. Tom Anderson, who has directed our choir in the past was the bassist. Bob Estlund, Terry Sweek, Walt Stover, Bill Pelrine, Kathy Estlund and Linda Hoon all added their talent to the morning. What a great experience it is to write and direct such a wonderful group of musicians. The music class has been interesting and we have met for eight weeks to discover many ways that a musical road map can be read. The basic areas of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, tone color, texture and form have all been addressed and from this class comes a hymn written especially for Apostle. The hymn is written in trochaic pentameter and will be sung by the congregation sometime soon. It is called “God Is Love” and lyrics for the hymn were written by class members Bonnie Rosen, Shirley Anderson and Linda Hoon. See previous page for hymn……... The choirs continue to prepare for the Holiday Season with the Chancel Choir learning several new Christmas anthems and the New Beginning preparing for their “Sing Outs” in December. There is always room for new singers in our Choir. Just come to a rehearsal on Thursday at 7:15. Blessings, Carl

“UPCOMING EVENTS“ November 4th Communion—Please remember to bring food for the food pantry. Synod School, is an annual midsum-

mer ministry of the Synod Lakes Youth Night - November 4th, an evening ofofFellowship and friends

Synod School 2012

and Prairies of the PresbyterianChurch (USA)

Join us for a week of: November 10th & 11th Mark and Sandy Hoekstra here. Nov 10th Noon July 22-27, 2012 Worship forand all ages, with spirited brunch welcome to the Hoekstra’s Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, IowaSpaghetti Dinner November 11th Circle Daily convocation on theCovenant theme music and singing:

and presenting a following dinner.

with Hoekstra’s joining us

Classes for youth and adults of all school.html ages’ November 18th Thanksgiving Dinner Bookstore and global fair-trade gift shop

November 21st Thanksgiving Eve Service 7:00 pm 1-800-328-1880,ext Sing-a-longs and nightly coffeehouses with live music

November 25th Decorate Sanctuary for Christmas



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COMMUNION We celebrate communion November 4 during our 10 AM worship. Please remember each Communion Sunday is also a day to bring non perishable goods to support our food pantry ministry!!!

TRIVIA/GAME NIGHT coming to Apostle November 14 YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN Cathy has issued the following trivia game. If YOU are the person who arrives at trivia night with all of the correct answers, YOU will be the winner of a great prize. You have a month to casually ask her questions that might help you win!!! 1. What is Cathy’s favorite Bible verse? 2. How many siblings does Cathy have? 3. If she could have dinner with anyone alive or dead who would that be and why? 4

Where did Cathy grow up?

5. Where is her favorite place to vacation? 6. What is Cathy’s part time job? 7. What was her career prior to arriving at Apostle? 8. If she could chose a different first name, what would it be? 9. What is Cathy’s favorite holiday? 10. What quality in people does Cathy value the most? Inside Story Headline

GOOD LUCK—bring your written answers to TRIVIA NIGHT to qualify—you MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!!!!


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To Bill Kromraj on his new job and his transportation (car) given to him by his uncle . Congratulations also to Tommy Decamara on his new job!

Thank you from June Schwartz to everyone on the prayer chain and so many others who send her cards and continue prayers as she recuperates while getting home rehabilitation. Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you to everyone from Brenda Thomas for the prayers, cards, phone calls and food that you have all so generously provided. Your kindness is appreciated more than you know.

Please keep and cards going out to our home bound members. Those cards keep them connected to their home church and mean so much to them. If you haven’t seen someone in a while, send them a card and let them know they are missed.




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Alice Solik has TEMPOARILLY moved to Menomonee Falls Linden Grove for REHAB

Linden Grove W180 N8071 Town Hall Rd Menomonee Falls, Wi 530351 (262)-253-2700

If you would like to visit, send a card or call her, the address and phone are listed above. ******************************************************************** The projects pictured on the previous page were completed by Mark and Brenda Thomas. Thank you does not seem like enough to say for the time, energy and gifts that they have given . Greg and Hazel Johnson helped the Thomas’s complete the larger restroom project. Thank You to the Johnson’s for their time and talents given. Apostle Church is lucky to have such gifts and talents among it’s parishioners. A special Thank You to Rich and Marianne Carus and Mike and LeJean Lempke who made very gracious donations to these projects..


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Brenda Thomas who had surgery on her ankle after  Phyllis Koch, who broke her a fall. arm, had surgery and now  Nancy Anderson who is in has an infection Froedtert with respiratory  Brenda Thomas’s mother problems. who is in hospital w/several  David Sumner, Bonnie new health concerns. Lang’s son who had two hip surgeries on the same  Rick Colter, Nancy Borkowicz’s brother who is on chemo hip. & radiation for a brain tu Alice Solik who is in rehab mor. at Linden Grove, Menom Greg and Nan Granrath afnee Falls. ter Greg’s surgery & who  Lynne, daughter of Millie now continues his chemo. Campbell’s friend who had surgery on her neck after a PLEASE CONTINUE PRAYERS FOR: fall. 

Mary Collins who has arthritis and other health concerns.

cancer and will have surgery.

gery on her shoulder and has pneumonia.

Mike Granrath, Greg’s brother who is also fighting cancer.

Audrey & Karen Schicantek

Alice Solik who is at Linden Grove, Men Falls, for rehab

Art Losey who continues to need strength.

Don Leaman in Colorado Betty Weger who is in poor health  Kevin, friend of the Decamaras who is improving.  Lois & Laverne Anderson  Jason Letizia, Kathy Estunds nephew who is improving after an infection following his liver transplant  

Karen Cushing as she continues to improve after extensive foot surgery.

Alex Lazerides who completed his treatments & is doing better.  June Schwartz who is improving with home rehab.  Suzanne Lewitzke, Tamara  Alice Schidecker, Mary Kaddatz’s mother who has Collins sister who had sur

Edith, Hazel Meh’s sister who has lupus and arthritis pain in her knees.

The Apostle Prayer Chain is responsible for ensuring that your prayer request is passed on and lifted up in prayer. If you have a prayer request, please contact Ginny Treviranus, at 414-543-2013 chairman of the Prayer Chain. She will be happy to add your prayer request to the prayer chain. Ginny requests the name and address of the person being added to the prayer chain so she can send a note from the Prayer Chain, informing them that they are being prayed for.

Happy Thanksgiving IN LOVING MEMORY OF Dorothy J Hauboldt Born November 3, 1927 Joined the church triumph ant October 25, 2012

ostle www.ap s. westalli com

God is our refuge and str ength, always ready to help in times of trouble. Psalm 46: 1


NOVEMBER: 11-2 Alexys Befus 11-3 Dorothy Hauboldt 11-8 Violet LaMott 11-15 Sharon Petrus 11-17 Terry Sweek 11-17 Mark Thomas 11-20 William Kromraj 11-22 Barbara King 11-29 Tamara Kaddatz DECEMBER: 12-5 Betty DeFrancisco 12-8 Nancy Baumann 12-9 Robert McGough

12-11 RJ Kangas 12-14 Matthew Baumann 12-15 Brian Beaulieu 12-20 April Sether 12-22 Gregory Alt 12-23 Art Losey 12-23 Jean Maercklein 12-29 Richard Carus 12-29 Sydney Shotton 12-30 Teresa Puschnig 12-31 Calvin Czerwinski

November 2012 Newsletter  

Apostle Presbyterian Newsletter November 2012