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E L T S O P A F O ACTS June 2013

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A Message from our Pastor “If

we want hell, if we want heaven, they are ours. That's how love works. It can't be forced, manipulated, or coerced. It always leaves room for the other to decide. God says yes, we can have what we want, because love wins.” ― Rob Bell, Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived

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Friends: Welcome to this odd edition of our newsletter. THANKS BE TO GOD that Linda Hoon is back in the office!!! To say I missed her deeply would be the understatement of the year—the century even!!! Tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma---Tornadoes in Oklahoma City— The Mississippi River has flooded in various places—there are wild fires burning in all parts of our country but the one a few weeks ago in Northern Wisconsin captured my attention. Bombings in Boston. WOW there has been a lot of bad stuff happening in our world!!! Above I have given you a quote from a book by Rev. Rob Bell called LOVE WINS: A BOOK ABOUT HEAVEN, HELL AND THE FATE OF EVERY PERSON WHO EVER LIVED. It has become a very controversial book because Rev. Bell seems to be supporting a Universalist theme—one in which everyone goes to heaven—that God would never be a God to send anyone to hell . However, the law of Election is the act of God whereby in eternity past He chose those who will be saved. Rob’s book seems to say that isn’t so and it lit up quite a bit of conversation in the world—so much conversation AND controversy that Rob was forced to step down from his pastoral position at his church. Now how do world events and Rob Bell come together you may be asking? Well, they don’t. What does come together is LOVE WINS—and I didn’t want to steal that title without giving some


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A MESSAGE FROM OUR PASTOR CON’T: background as to how I came upon it. I have read the book LOVE WINS and would LOVE to have a discussion sometime about it. HOWEVER the point I want to make here is LOVE INDEED WINS---when all of these tragedies have befallen communities, it is the stories of pure love that shine thru---not the destruction and heartache and utter chaos!! What shines thru for me is the Boy Scout Troop who was delivering water to residents struck by the tornado in Moore, OK—the nurse who left her job in Wyoming, drove straight thru to give medical aid in Oklahoma City---the countless people who helped those injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. Long after these events, I hope we will remember LOVE WINS!! Things sometimes seem bleak in the world but REMEMBER we have read the end of the story and LOVE WINS. We serve a God who promises that love indeed wins and He never will go back on that promise. Keep Praying—see you in church!!! Cathy

Friends, On behalf of Mark and myself as well as my sister Karen, niece Jessica and great niece Katelyn, I want to thank you deeply for the prayers, cards, phone calls and prayers sent when my family was attacked. This has been an awful event to say the least. However, the comfort I saw in the eyes of my family when I would share your messages is something I will treasure forever. The only time Karen cried (so far!) during this entire mess was when she was reading messages sent to us from Apostle folks. She couldn’t believe you would all care so deeply. We even got a yummy rhubarb cake!!! Things are MUCH better than they were on April 26 to say the least. Things seem to be returning to how they had been. They have returned to their own home and seem to be doing okay with that emotionally, although Mark and I don’t stay too far away!! THANK YOU again!!! Your love and care certainly shined ! Cathy


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MUSIC NOTES JUNE 2013 The church year ended way too quickly and that left the choir room dark on Thursday nights and, alas, no New Beginning rehearsals to prepare for sing-outs. And, on top of that, not much time to thank everyone that participated in the music programs for the year. On our trip to Florida in May, one thing that I wanted to do was to see my old College in Lakeland. I had lots of good memories about that school. It was a beautiful campus on a lake; there were orange groves on the campus where we could pick a fresh orange or grapefruit on the way to class; my fraternity buddies and I enjoyed awesome days and nights; the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture was phenomenal and I did study (maybe not as hard as I could) and those years at FSC have given me lots of great memories. Linda and I drove around the campus very quickly and I could hardly recognize anything. Different buildings, and the ones that were beautiful when I attended were old and in disrepair. It was not the campus I remembered. I quickly realized that it was better to live with a memory thank to try to re-create the past. I am sure that many people have had this same experience, where they have cherished past experiences but when they re-visited the place that these experiences have taken place, they felt an emptiness because everything has changed so much. So it is with the musical years as they pass. Although each part of the musical year has had an impact on us these moments become a pre-curser for even better moments throughout the next musical year. I am so proud and grateful for those who have been involved in the music of Apostle and I am looking forward to the fall – by the way, the first choir rehearsal is on August 29 – when we will explore new ways of praising God and serving Christ with our musical offerings. My thanks go out especially to those who are sharing their musical talents this summer. Peace and joy be with all…. Carl


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The Senior Moments will be Tuesday, June 11 at 11:45 in Fellowship Hall--featured will be a picnic style lunch and a program presented by Dale Kuntz entitled "Remembering WWII: Songs and Movie Stars of the War Years." There will be a nominal fee to cover expenses. Reservations are due by today, June 9th Please call for your reservation: Vera Bernhardt Jane Pagel

414-543-0835 414-541-1375

Jean Maercklein 414-257-1162 Bonnie Rosen


Apostle Presbyterian Church is planning to take part in the JULY 2nd parade here in West Allis. Plans are being made now for kids to come decorate their bikes at church on June 30. There are RUMORS of a Mustang Convertible being in the parade with a CHANCE for some lucky members to be riding in the Mustang!!! Stay tuned for more updates!!! You won’t want to miss this I am sure!!


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ALL CHURCH PICNIC—JULY 20TH AN ALL CHURCH picnic is planned for Saturday July 20—noon to 6 PM-- at the home of Mark and Cathy Manthei, 7808 S. Rogers Road, Clinton WI. You can’t miss this!!! Bring a dish to pass—there will be BBQ and hot dogs. Earl will be back with us this year to do karaoke!! He wants to make certain our kids will be there to sing!! The pool is open and so is the hot tub. Come and join in the fun as a church as we say THANKS BE TO GOD it is summer!!! THANKS BE TO GOD we can be together!!! RSVP to Cathy by July 10. 262-949-6750 OR


JUNE 11TH - SENIOR MOMENTS JUNE 11TH - COVENANT CIRCLE JUNE 13TH - WARM CLUB JUNE 13TH, 14TH, 15TH - CATHY AT CRE CONFERENCE AT DUBUQUE Synod School, is an annual midsummer ministry of the Synod of Lakes and Prairies of the PresbyterianChurch (USA)


Synod School 2012

Join us for a week of: JUNE 18TH - MARY PAULL CIRCLE

July 22-27, 2012

Worship for all ages, with spirited music and singing:

Buena Vista University, Storm

JUNE 20TH - FAITH CIRCLE Lake, Iowa Daily convocation on the theme Classes for youth and adults of all ages’ JUNE 23RD - GIFTS school.html


Bookstore and global fair-trade gift

JUNE 24TH—28TH—CATHY AT WASHINGTON ISLAND FORUM BY REV. shop Sing-a-longs and nightly coffeeDR. BRIAN MCLAREN houses with live music


1-800-328-1880,ext 207


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Summer Camping Opportunities at Stronghold Camp and Retreat Center Stronghold is a year-around retreat and camping center operated by the Blackhawk Presbytery in Oregon IL. (about two hours from Milwaukee). Each summer they offer a variety of summer camps, including M.A.D. (music, art and drama), eco-explorers camp, adventure camp, night owl camp, climb high camp and several others. The camps are for kids who have completed grades 3 thru 12. To learn more about Stronghold Summer Camps or to get a brochure, see Hazel Johnson or Cathy Manthei.


the Bible in a Year”

Are you up to date with your daily reading or are you running a little behind? If your reading is on schedule you have already read about a fourth of the Bible. We had our first get together on Wednesday, May 29th at 7:00 p.m. in the church library. It was a great way to share and explore. Keep reading! There is a lot more to learn as we move ahead in this exciting journey………………….

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL is coming to Apostle Presbyterian Church. Save the week of August 12-16. We will meet from 9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. We need kids to come but also need VOLUNTEERS!!! If you can volunteer, please let Judy Puschnig know as she will be so excited to hear from you!!!


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Nancy K. Anderson Born July 15, 1958 Joined the Church Triumphant April 25, 2013

Jean Wargolet Born September 19, 1931 Joined the Church Triumphant Synod School 2012

Join us for a week of: Worship for all ages, with spirited music and singing: Daily convocation on the theme Classes for youth and adults of all ages’ Bookstore and global fair-trade gift shop Sing-a-longs and nightly coffeehouses with live music

Synod School, is an annual midsummer ministry of the Synod of Lakes and Prairies of the PresbyterianChurch (USA)

June 3, 2013

July 22-27, 2012 Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, Iowa school.html

1-800-328-1880,ext 207


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  

Vera & Roy as they continue their healing A child at Children’s Hospital needing prayers Bonnie Casper, Bernhardts friend who is still not doing very well Tris and Karen, members of Ginny’s family who are ill Charmaine’s friend who’s has brain cancer Joyce LaConte’s friend who now has lung cancer. Mo Philip who is struggling with arthtitis


Ginger Reimer’s mother Laverne

Lois/ and Laverne Anderson

Rich & Marianne Carus

Bob & Dora Reimer

feeling better and getting help at home

Alice Solik

Audrey & Karen Schicantek

Betty & Jim Baumann

Betty Weger

 

Don Leaman in Colorado Jason Letizia, Kathy Estlund’s nephew

Karen & Dick Cushing as Karen still struggles with foot pain

Justin & Joan Van Able.

Linda Hoon as she searches for results

Mildred Anderson, Jeanne’s mother


Stacia Treece, Brenda Thom- Monica Rahn in the death of as’s mother who is now in a her friends son, Scott Grapatnursing home in 43 yrs old from cancer.  Paula, Charmaine’s friend 

Chris Kimpel, JoAnna’s son

Carol Westphal-Mike’s sister who has brain cancer

Makayla, friend of Gracie Yanny who is the hospital but is continuing to get better every day

Ginny Treviranus who is

Laverne & Lois Anderson in  Ben, JoAnna Kimpel’s neph- the death of their daughter ew Nancy Charmaine Wargolet and Linda Hoon in the death of Charmaine’s mother in law and Linda’s sister Jean Wargolet.

To My Apostle Family,


hank You seems so easy to say but the love and support that has been felt is indescribable. This has been a difficult time for me and for my family, but this is when the prayers, cards, calls, love and faith keep it all together. I don’t have answers yet but am working with the doctors to find the problem and solve it. You have no idea how the outpouring of love has helped to make this tolerable. Thank you for your prayers as you keep them coming. I also want to thank you for your love for my sister Jean. Her death was unexpected and that makes it harder to accept. She is with God and safe in his arms. I couldn’t ask for her to be in any better place. Please keep her children and grandchildren in your prayers as they feel the loss of this beautiful lady in their every day lives. Love, Linda


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June 23rd Gifts of Women Sunday Join us for this special service!

ostle www.ap s. westalli com


6-19 John Rogers

6-3 Carolyn Jagielski 6-3 Lexi Westphal

6-20 McKenna Beau- 7-14 Evan Beaulieu lieu 7-14 Kristin Provencher 6-23 Mary Collins 7-14 Ethan Vu

6-6 Ed Goggins

6-25 Lois Anderson

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6-25 June Schwartz

7-17 Mattie Brandos

6-7 Nancy Milbrath

6-28 Jane Ellingen

7-17 Molly Brandos

6-8 Bonita Rosen

6-28 Emma Kangas

7-18 Matthew Shotton

6-10 Millie Megonigle

6-28 Bill Warwick

7-22 Sandra Shotton

6-11 Sue Udhardt


7-23 Russell Provencher

6-12 Janice Brandos

7-1 Laura Vu

7-26 Melody Kempfer

6-12 Hilary SchwarzMueller

7-5 Robert Reimer

7-28 Charmaine Wargolet

6-13 Michael Lempke

7-9 Anastasia Lazarides

6-3 Jake Puschnig

6-16 Betty Baumann

7-8 Jane Pagel

7-11 Samantha Beaulieu

7-30 Robert Udhardt

June 2013 newsletter  

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