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Pretty In Pink Educating Daughters on Early Detection

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The Meaning of A Touchstone


Nurturing Positive Self-Image

Life Looks Pretty

A Ripple of Good Humor

Good From Here

By Mel Majoros Empowerment Radio

By Deanna Davis, PhD

What Do I Have to Become to Get What I Want?

The Law of Gratitude: Be Thankful, Positive Thoughts

By Todd Smith, Little Things Matter

Who’s the next Positive Ripple Renegade? Vitamin Angel’s Operation 20/20

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Touchstone Jewelry {44-45} A Year of Positive Action Activities {32-33} Get More Done {68-69} 3

On The Cover Pretty in Pink {28} Q&A with Mary Ann Wasil Nilan of the Get In Foundation

Life Looks Pretty Good From Here {34} Empowerment Radio’s Mel Majoros Cancer Warrior

Positive Thoughts on the Law of Gratitude {40} Be Thankful The Meaning of a Touchstone {42} Look, Touch, Remember Positive Puberty {48} Terry Simpson on Nurturing Positive Self-Image

What Do I Have to Become to Get What I Want {58} Todd Smith, Little Things Matter

A Ripple of Good Humor {10} Author Deanna Davis, PhD

Saving the World $10 at A Time {62} Vitamin Angel’ 4

Special Thanks Many contributors have made this inagural issue of A Positive Ripple Effect possible and we give them our since thanks. Their stories of inspiration have provided the meaningful content for our magazine. We would like to extend a special thanks to those partners in positivity who helped with the final touches and provided their great insight and encouragement. Our special thanks goes out to Sandra Boissier, Deanna Davis, and Cheryl Heflin for their expert input in reviewing and editing. This issue of A Positive Ripple Effect Magaine was edited

Contributors Sandra Boissier

Mary Ann Wasil Nilan

Deanna Davis

Tiffany Walke Peterson

Nancy Gallant

Lanette Pottle

Steve Gardner

Meaza Ridley

Irene Johnson

Terry Simpson

Karina Lourerio

Brenda Smith

Cheryl Maloney

Todd Smith


by Cheryl Heflin, The Editing Empress Visit her Facebook page at http://!/ EditingEmpress

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by Cheryl Nordyke, Co-Publisher, A Positive Ripple Effect




E f f e c t , In December of 2009 in a discussion with one of our mentors he suggested our jewelry website should offer something that would give visitors a reason to come back to our site often. After watching the movie Julie and Julia, Kim Wierman and I decided to commit to blog every


The Positive Ripple Effect

is that a minor event can have a long term and

has grown outside of our own company and


impact. It is a little harder to quantify. However, the Ripple Effect is summarized in



something dropped

apparent. Over time we have realized that this


in water that can be



incrementally, as seen in economics, sociology, and

day about gratitude. It

had a Ripple Effect.

was our belief that if we

Terms like the Butterfly

Ripple Effect shows that an

could be an example of



event can disseminate and

gratitude then we could

Effect have been around

be passed from community



charitable situations. The

show others

to community.

what they can




Over the


course of the

the community

last 9 months


the impact of


a small group

a geographical

of individuals


focused on


positive energy

b e c o m e s

has become



the of media,


longer to or it

Getting Social

Thank you for reading our publication.

In August of 2010, while posting and

From everyone that was a part of making

communicating on Facebook, I found

this possible, thank you. These are only

myself referring community members to

our thoughts, but what do we know. In

other communities that would provide

the end, it is up to you to decide.

them information, encouragement, and inspiration.


sharing this with Kim, an idea emerged to create a magazine that would allow various positive


to contribute material, information, resources

and in


common publication. We could offer this magazine online at no cost to the reader and, hopefully, over time, have a Positive Ripple



hope is that something within the pages of this magazine will inspire you to do something positive and you in turn can create your own ripple. Individuals will then be inspired by you and likewise create their own positive ripples. Over the course of a year, we are hoping to see the Positive Ripple Effect Magazine reach millions of individuals and inspire and encourage others to do the same.


But What Do We Know?

We share our thoughts on situations. Ultimately we each must make our own choices

Cheryl Nordyke

I have spent my life trying to learn from every situation I find myself in. I have learned we can teach ourselves so much by just observing our own lives and what has worked and what hasn’t. I observed how I reacted and how that improved or changed the situation. My life hasn’t been that difficult, according to me. Then again I tend to see life through grateful eyes. That is the one lesson I cherish the most from my grandmother. There is so much we have in each day to be grateful for, if we start with gratitude anything is possible. So of course to me my life has been blessed. I have had some pretty unusually situations I faced before the age of 13. However, I had my grandmother as my inspiration. So I am an observer, and as one, I have a lot of thoughts to share. I realize I am no expert in other people’s lives so I have spent my life saying, “But what do I know?” and that has become my tag line. That is it the reason for this column. Both Kim, our co-publisher, and I have realized how much we have learned in our time on this big round ball we call Earth, so this column is where we will share our dose of optimism. In my entire life anytime my life has exceed mine or other’s expectations it has been in moments where my attitude was one of gratitude and hope. I was thankful for what I had, hopeful for what could be, and accountable to make my dreams happen. But, what do I know???

Kim Wierman Cheryl likes to ask people the question, “What would you do if you won the lottery?” If earning money and making a living were no longer a necessary part of my life, I would respond with, “Have a publishing company.” I like the idea of bringing to print or screen good messages and useful information. The first time I ever responded to that question was long before the time when the business of providing information online was


even something conceivable. My response 20 years ago was the same as it is today, only the opportunity is there to reach so many more people all at once. I think that what makes a good magazine – or website or book or any other written piece – is to provide content and messages make people think, feel or experience something new. Maybe it’s a different approach on familiar subject or an added piece of insight that helps the reader make even the slightest changes in their lives resulting in a positive ripple. We may never know the full reach of our magazine and our words, but one thing we do know is that each message from each of our contributors takes a positive approach to one of the many facets that make up a complete life. The positive is there ready to be discovered and acted upon. But what do I know? If you have a question you would like to submit and get the publisher’s view point on, please email us at

Ever ywhere, everyday there are people who with one small action create a huge ripple. Their ripples in turn create more ripples. In Creating Ripples, we will highlight some of the people who we know are making a difference. If you know someone who is making this kind of difference, send us an email at and we will highlight them in an upcoming issue.

Who do you think should be the next Positive Ripple Renegade? Qualifiers ☼☼ Person or organization who has started a positive ripple effect. ☼☼ Renegade has taken inspired action toward their cause.

☼☼ There needs to be at least 2,000 people in their community. Others with smaller communities can be submitted but to be feaured minimums must be met. 9

☼☼ Renegade must be willing to be interviewed for an upcoming issue. ☼☼ Contact the publishers at apre@

by Deanna Davis, PhD I look for humor in pretty much any situation, not just because it’s my job as an author or a speaker or an entertainer, but because admitted




A Ripple of Good Humor

challenges. Finally capable of getting out of bed long enough to





she re-injures her back



on a Little Golden Book buried under a massive pile of undone laundry on her bedroom floor.

aholic. It doesn’t

Grimaces lead to

matter if it’s a celebration or challenge,

giggles, which lead to guffaws. Check.

event or absurdity, I’m a firm believer that we can either laugh until we cry or





cry until we laugh; but, either way, we

visits grandmother after her ER visit

have a choice to experience both. For example:

Choosing Humor ●●

Police officer pulls over speeding

car driven by wildly overwhelmed, chronically



Woman weeps uncontrollably while Zen music blares from car radio during entire traffic stop. Hilarity visits woman’s home, yoga class, and evening report at police station. Check. ●●

Woman suffers significant back

for vertigo to ensure her safety. Said

injury that leads to long-term physical

individual convinces gram to rest for a

pain and both personal and professional

while and enjoys a brief catnap herself.





another and to what holds

said to yourself, ‘WOW!

her 88 year old vertigo-

meaning and purpose in

That’s the most sour, foul-



our lives. Good humor


perched atop a high ladder

has the power to distract

pie that’s ever graced my


and deflect, to help and to

taste buds!’” I snickered


as I pictured it, and the





cupboard for something completely unnecessary. After convincing her to descend the ladder, dutiful granddaughter


briefly to visit her own family. Upon her return, and on a cold, dark, evening, she inadvertently locks



out of her home, only to find her smiling through the back door window after searching the entire house for her in a panic. Family delegates other individuals to care for gram in the future. Laughter ensues.


ribbing follows. Check.

Cloying? Huh? Recently, a book reviewer suggested



funny, my most recent book, Laugh, Cry, Eat Some Pie, “may be too cloying for some readers during these hard times.”

disappointment. I



But almost

immediately because the infusion of a moment of lightheartedness created a whole different way of viewing the situation.

But then I realized that


I had no idea what the

introducing more positivity

word “cloying” meant. So

and good humor into

I looked it up. And then I

“these tough times” than

shared the review with

continued on page 71

a fellow writer, who also had no idea what it meant

other) circumstances is

wondering, it means “too



connects us to both one

even in the midst of

of absurdity that I’d much

up. (In case you, too, are

body, and that laughter

into full-fledged laughter,

slighted or disappointed.

of these (and far too many

wounded ego to an injured


I realized in that moment

and also had to look it

soothes everything from a


I briefly considered feeing

What I’ve found through all



But then she said, “when’s the last time you ate a pie that you truly loved and





It’s life. Only funnier. Introducing Deanna Davis’s newest book

In this inspiring new guide, Davis blends all the best ingredients—wit, wisdom, insight, and inspiration— to serve up practical strategies for transforming your life. “Laugh, Cry, Eat Some Pie is a delightful book that delivers profound insights about life, laughter, and the pursuit of happiness... Treat yourself to a generous serving of this outstanding read today.”

Laugh with Deanna Online! Treat yourself to a great collection of free resources, including videos from Deanna’s one-woman comedy show based on Laugh, Cry, Eat Some Pie. Stop by for a laugh today at:

—Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Perigee Books A Member of Penguin Group (USA)

© Diane Maehl Photography

Laugh, Cry, Eat Some Pie is available through your local bookseller, all major online book retailers, and at

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher 12

Our Favorite 50 Top Inspirational Websites & Blogs Inspiration, information, encouragement and a place to connect with others sharing your goals and interests are found in throughout the blogosphere. We’ve selected 50 websites or blogs that do all of this and more. We sent out a call for people to let us know about their inspirational blog. Some we discovered through our own incredible connections. These wonderful websites educate, inspire, and help us grow.

My Inspiration Lounge

Daily Inspired Thoughts

Be inspired. Get informed. Embrace life.

365 days of uniterrupted blogging about gratitude

Positive Thoughts

Little Things Matter

Practice the power of positive thinking

Improving your life one thing at a time

Waves of Gratitude

Thoughts and ideas to create an attitude of gratitude

Hybrid Mom

Positively Present

Braveheart Women

Life works here

For women who choose to be inspired in action

Living Happily Ever After Now

1000 Awesome Things

Our Abundant Life

Daily blog of things that are awesome

Life is plentiful


Divine Caroline Life in your words

Diana’s Notebook Essayist Diana Raab’s observations and inspirations for writers

Simple Steps Real Change Achieving your dreams

Unlimited Inner Power Selfempowerment resources to help people live fulfilling lives

Time Well Spent Collaborative, inspired and sustainable change

The Queen of My Self Meaning, Moxie and Majesty for Midlife Women on Beliefnet

Life is A Fork in the Road Exploring the paths we choose

Positively Sunny A holistic approach to being positive, peaceful and productive

Thankfulfor Inspirational stories of gratitude

Healthy Joyful Living Reclaiming joy, creativity and family time

Welcome to a New World From a diagnosis of Polio Syndrome to the Boston Marathon

My Life on a Bike Shares her experiences as a cyclist

Laureen Hudson’s Excellent Adventure Sailing the world with her family

Kindness Girl Exploring random acts of kindness

Notes from an Unmarried Life Strategy, planning and humor on the single life

The Heart of Awakening Brining out the best of your heart and soul

The Beauty Bean Health, wellness and positive body image

Kindness Community Stories of kindness from around the world

Michele Howe’s Burdens Do A Body Good Meeting life’s challenges with strength and Soul

One Woman’s Eye Life and work after corporate America


Blueprint for a Neighborhood School The inspirational work of neighborhood revitalization

Happy Things Always a positive thought

That Inspires Me Embrace some inspiration and evoke a greater appreciation

If Women Ran the World Celebrating all the wonderful thing women do

Insight: Life in 360 Inspiring, changing and motivating the world

Diabetes Sisters Nurture your health. Nourish your spirit

My Happiness Project Use your smile to change the world

The Go To Mom A place for positive parenting

Quote Book A collection of pictures with words and quotes

A Sweet Life Searching for life’s beauty

It’s All About Women A place to revitalize your life

Breathe For Me Renewing life on a daily basis

The Nice Life Every decision you make changes the world

A Place to Love Dogs Who wouldn’t smile when they see a cute dog?

Operation Nice Encouraging individuals to be proactively nice

In A Word Finding the inspiration in words

Opening the Gates of the Heart Inspiring people to open the gate to a new life

The Mom Renewal Project A mom community committed to helping moms recharge in body, mind and spirit

Heal Your Life Articles, blogs, and affirmations from favorite authors

The Power of Prayer Let’s make a difference together through prayer


Happiness Cheryl Maloney, Simple Steps‌ Real

It is true that bad things happen to good


people. It is, however, not the event but

Every moment we choose the life that we

how we deal with it that defines us. It’s

live. Each situation that we encounter,

a matter of perspective. When you look

we get to choose how we react. With

for the positive, the silver lining, in any

every thought, every word, and every

situation, you find it.

attitude, we make a conscious choice to

In recent years, my career of almost 25

be happy or not. How we live our lives is 100% within our control. When we choose happiness, we acknowledge responsibility for our lives. In misery, we choose to see ourselves as victims where someone else is in control. It took me many years to realize that I had a choice. What I came to understand is that,

Happiness is a matter of how you choose to see each situation.

in every situation that I encountered, there

years ended when my company was

was a lesson that I needed to learn. As

acquired. Being 52 years young and

long as we are learning, we are growing.

unemployed was not something that I

And in that education, we become the

ever anticipated. There was no golden

persons that we are destined to be.

parachute, and for every position for


is a Choice which I applied, there were dozens, if not hundreds, of other applicants. I went from the big job to no job. There are plenty of

In the blink of an eye, we can read a book wirelessly delivered to our Kindle or connect with friends with whom we

reasons to be unhappy and, for a while,

graduated from high school decades ago.

I obsessed about them. What I came to


realize, though, is that I had a choice. In

receive international attention because

the end, I chose to see this life change

tools exist that televise events in real

as my opportunity to do the things that

time. We can research a car before we

I enjoyed rather than work in a position

buy it, visit cities around the world from

where I wasn’t having fun. That doesn’t

the comfort of our own home, and conduct

mean that the transition was easy--far

banking on our IPhones.

from it. It was, however, a simple choice to focus on the positive.




All of these technological advances however have created a culture of

focus on the positive.


Positive Views

worse they believe that they are alone in

Each week we publish new Simple Steps and

People feel isolated and

Continued on page 20

inspirational video quotes on our website at:


com/ It doesn’t matter in what stage of life you are. Use this moment and choose to be happy. When you do, you will never want to go back to your old ways again. And that feels great! This golden age of technology has created access to nearly unlimited resources.


How do you choose to live your life? If you are ready to focus on the positive aspects of life then download a free copy of “Simple Steps… Real Change, the Book”

New England Walkers for Knockers by Brenda Smith NNew England Walkers for Knockers

their lives affected by breast cancer in

(NE-W4K) was created by team captain

one way or another. Our main goals

Brenda Smith. This NE-W4K Team started

continue to be: to raise money towards

as a group of individuals from the ages of

finding a cure for breast cancer, to

8 to 65, both female and male, who simply

raise awareness of the preventative

wanted to help someone they loved with

measures one can take to help detect

her passion. In the midst of it all, many

breast cancer, and to get more people

of those helpers have now become as

involved in thinking about and helping

passionate as Brenda has for the cause.

others in need.

Everyone on the team has someone in


Since 2006, New England Walkers

for Knockers has worked together as a team to raise over $80,000.00 towards finding a cure for breast cancer. These donations come from our family and friends, community members, businesses, and many fundraising events we hold throughout the year. When organizing these events, we have also gotten many people involved, which has allowed them to experience what it feels like to help others in need. Our first fundraiser for 2010/2011-The First Annual Ride for the Cure and After Ride Bash was held on 10/9/10. This event was a motorcycle ride followed by a celebration party which included a DJ, 2 live bands, a fashion show, raffles, and much more. For more information on how to join NE-W4K or support them, please email Brenda Smith at bsmith_new4k@ or check out our website:


continued from page 17 their experiences. The time has come to bridge the gap that technology created. At Simple Steps‌Real Change, we’ve created a Facebook page that does just that. We exist to connect like-minded people together to share positivity, support, and love. We have created a safe harbor where we respect all beliefs. Through sharing, we realize that we are not alone in our experiences. We can inspire others having similar challenges as we did and be inspired by those who have been down a path before us. We do all of this in the comfort and safety of our own homes. New friendships are born & grow in our community. We share experiences, offer support, and exchange gratitude and cyber hugs. We feel the love. And at the end of the day, we bridged a gap that enables others to cross.


S OUL S PACE By Angel Energy, Sandra Boissier This is the story as told by the Angels about authenticity. Within each of us resides a pristine navigation system called the Emotional Golden Compass. It is a simple way of learning about what feels good and what does not. The goal is to flow towards what feels good but away from what does not. Within that wide range of emotions is a plethora of information with which to discern and make friends. This amazing navigation system connects to Higher Self. Higher Self connects to God or Source or LOVE. All divine inspiration and information flows in from God or Source to our Higher Self to our Emotional Golden Compass. Paying attention and acknowledging these emotions is the first step in connecting with Higher Self. Higher Self is the best possible human experience that exists within you. Thankfully, every emotion that exists has a name. Each one of those names is a deep learning experience for your soul. Within your soul lives a language so powerful that it has an energy. Deep within that language begins the concept of origination or authenticity. The language of your soul may be translated in various ways, such as telepathically, visually, and empathically, or it can even be auditory. Since we are all unique, it is important to learn which one works best. Making it fun and an exploration of the self is the intention that we want to culminate from the start. Listening to the language of your soul and paying attention to your emotional compass is a powerful practice. The two combined create a very solid impression of the authentic


expression that is YOU. That YOU is that feels different from your head, your ONLY you. There is no other YOU. YOU heart or your body. If you are not sure are all there is and YOU are unique unto what this means simply put your left hand yourself.

on the place above your heart, then lay

You came to this

your right hand over



it. Just breathe into



unique your self full


yourself. with






soul space and put all your attention on

The Power of Choice

it. Putting attention on anything makes

How you choose to

it expand. Putting

share that incredible

attention on your

beauty is entirely up

soul is glorious and

to you! The power

it tickles too.

of choice offers you

The pure essence

the opportunity to

of your soul space

share that authentic

will allow you to live

expression as an

a life of truth and


lawyer, poet, teacher, nurse, mother, athlete and reflect it into the world. Conversely, if you chose not share that authentic soul energy, again that is entirely up to you. All that matters is that you live out that unique expression, outlet, or channel while you walk the face of this fine Earth.


gaze into that deep





Close your eyes

authentic needed


fulfillment. Instead of walking around from your head-space or your heart-space, you are walking around from your soul–space, which is pure and unlimited. Your intentions and perspectives are very different from a soul-space reality. Your creations are original and authentic because you were able to translate a language meant only for you by you into something tangible.

The language of your soul is an energy This is how and why we have artists such


as Picasso, poets such as Rumi, musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, or writers such as Oscar Wilde. They




t rans lat ions n


outpoured t h e i r precious g i f t s onto


beautiful Earth. We





intention is so powerful that it resonates in heaven and beyond. They hear it loud and clear. Choose a life well


space for their a


is your intention. Your


lived from the The profound pure recesses of your soulessence of space. your soul space T o u c h will allow you into the power to live a life and grace of truth and of who you truly are. fulfillment. Maintain a daily focus on


getting to know

consciousness at this time. These very simple applications from the Angelic realm have been the oasis in the desert of ever-evolving change. Checking-in with your soul space daily takes a total of 5 seconds. You can do



Golden Compass. Know that the Angels support you and love you infinitely. Angel you

Energy that:


reminds Power

to Change Our Lives, Unfolds from Within.

it at a traffic light or as a daily morning ritual. It’s all up to you. The only thing

that matters to the angels


Tu r n i n g Fi n an ci al Cr is i s into Confidence By Steve Gardner When it comes to money, the past three years have been incredibly difficult for many people. Interest rates began to rise, housing prices began to fall and the stock market hit its all time

built up to a violent storm that climaxed as a near collapse of the financial system in the fall of 2008. The Great Recession has earned its name because it is the worst economic downturn and worst financial system crisis since the Great Depression.

high during 2007. It started out as a

For some it has been an entire decade of

drizzle, grew into a steady rain and

the investment blues. It began on the heals of




initiated the

dot. by








computer with a high speed i n t e r n e t connection, and


beginning of a new century in




2000 (known back then as Y2K). The

where we begin to build confidence.

century began with a bust of the dot.

The very first thing you can control is

com bubble and the descent of the

how you think.

stock market. It has been 10 years and

have those things and people in your

the stock market (as measured by the

life that are important to you and provide

Standard and Poor’s 500)

satisfaction. Things and people that give

has, by and large, ended the



I sure hope that you

you pause to give thanks. They make


you feel grateful that they are part of


your life. It may be your contributions to

So, where are you?

your profession, volunteer organization,


friends or family.



depends on your own

What is it that keeps you going?

personal circumstances, what

down with a pen and paper. Write down

you learned about money growing up

the things that make you frown and the

and your age. You may be one of the

things that make you smile.

10% without a job or the additional 6%

Next to

those things that make you frown, write

that are under-employed. Others are

down what is missing, that is, what you

still working but may be concerned

wanted to happen.

about keeping their job. Or, you may

you to those things

be self employed and after many years


of your investments not growing as



(i.e. having money to

anticipated, you may be wondering if

enjoy spending time

your will ever be able to retire. These circumstances can lead to fear, anxiety and a sense of being out of control. This is a normal response to the stress created.


Overcoming fear and

anxiety and gaining a sense of control begins from within. While we often focus on what we can’t do or can not control, the key is to begin recognizing what we can do and what we can control. This is


It will often lead

with the grandchildren). Once you know

the way they spend and save their money

what is important to you it is time to begin

to be in better alignment with those things

focusing on how to improve your financial

that are most precious to them.


In working with my clients, I have found

The process is the same. It starts with

that it sometimes takes a crisis to help

writing down where you spend your

people refocus on what is important. They


Get as specific as possible

learn that suffering can be the pathway

including that morning latte you buy at the

to inner peace. You see, in order to dig

local coffee shop. Many of the people I

themselves out of suffering they must

work with get more from this exercise than

begin moving forward. They accomplish

they expected. It helps them take stock

this by becoming grateful for those things

of where they spend money. It is also a

and those people that make their lives

tool. They can match up what is important

meaningful. As we begin to take this to

to them with how they are spending their

heart our confidence grows not only in

money. They can then make changes to

ourselves but also in the world around us.

Gifts We Love to Get & Give Aspire by Kevin Hall From the Foreword by Stephen R. Covey This masterfully written book will help you understand that words contain an inherent power, a force capable of lighting one’s paths and hoped-for horizons. Used correctly, words are the first building blocks for success and inner peace. Used incorrectly, they are capable of undermining even the best of intentions. Aspire will help you understand what words mean in their purest sense and unlock their importance as you develop a new leadership vocabulary.


Tees for Change The organic sustainable tees from Tees for Change are some of the softest

Positive Presents

bamboo fabric we’ve seen. The graphics are not your typical words on cloth and the quality and fit is like that found in a high-end boutique. The artwork looks as

On Gratitude

good as new after several washings and the fit stays true to size.

Seeing what there is to be grateful for is sometimes easier through the eyes of someone else.


Do you have a product you love and would like us to review? Send your request to We will give reviews on positive products with priority given to those items that are part of a positive ripple effect.

reading the answers to the question by Todd Aaron Jensen, “What are you most grateful for?” each celebrity reminded me of what I also felt about gratitude for where I am and what I am doing. More than 40 celebrities share their take on gratitude in this compilation of moving and


stories. ~KW

Personally endorsed by the publishers of A Positive Ripple Effect



o look at Mary Ann Wasil Nilan you would only see a beautiful, strong woman driven by a passion to educate girls around the world on how to begin a life-long habit of breast self-exam, the practice that saved her own life. She would modestly tell you that her story of surviving breast cancer is like so many others and she that she attributes her ability to overcome to a deep faith in God and the support of family and friends. All true but there is so much more to the story. Here it is in her own words. You can read more on her website at http://getintouchfoundation. org/inwords.php.

Mary Ann spoke at the Women’s Conference, the Nation’s Premier Forum for Women, October 24-26, 2010, Long Beach, CA. 28


You are a breast cancer survivor

with an incredible story of determination, faith and strength. What is it about going through this experience most made you want to start the Get In Touch Foundation?


5 through 12, guiding girls through 8 steps or “petals” of a breast self exam using language appropriate and interesting to their age group. The goal of the program is to encourage girls to

The Get In Touch Foundation grew

regularly view “Getting In Touch” with

from my desire to understand what my

their breasts as a normal part of their

own breast cancer diagnosis meant to

life. We launched our Get In Touch

my daughters, who were turning 12 and

Girls’ Program & Daisy Wheel breast

13 at the time. My diagnosis meant that

health initiative on September 1, 2009

they now had a “family history of breast

and to this date (September 23, 2010)

cancer,” so I felt it was important that my

our program is being implemented

daughters begin a relationship with their

in 36 states, Washington, DC and

own bodies. I taught them how to do a

13 countries! The program is free to

breast self-exam, encouraging them to

schools that request it and our goal of

become comfortable with their changing

“changing the world one girl at a time”

bodies and know what their normal,

is well on its way to becoming reality!

healthy breast tissue feels like. And then I realized that I wanted all girls to be empowered with this education, not just the girls that call me Mom. So I started the non-profit Get In Touch Foundation and began developing our cornerstone mission, The Get In Touch Girls’ Program & Daisy Wheel breast health initiative.

Q. It seems as if you’ve formed

some great alliances and partners in your quest. How is this helping you reach out even further?


We developed the program

with school nurses in mind. They are on the front lines of health care for the


What is the Daisy Wheel and how

is it creating a positive impact for young girls?


children in our nation, in the world, for that matter.

We involved them

from the beginning, inviting them to participate in focus groups that took

The Daisy Wheel is an interactive

information we obtained from similar

tool specifically designed for girls in grades

focus groups we did with girls ages 8


to 18. The Daisy Wheel is the result of

this year is October 15th. We encourage

what school nurses felt was appropriate

schools and businesses to wear pink that

conversation to have with girls about

day and donate one dollar to Get In Touch.

breast health. We are thrilled to have

How can one dollar make a difference?

the support of the National Association of

Well, “one dollar is one Daisy Wheel. One

School Nurses, as well as the Overseas

Daisy Wheel is one girl, one girl is the


whole world.” That is one powerful dollar!




NASN Vice-President Tia Campbell is even a member of our Consulting Board. School nurses are our heroes; they make our mission a movement!

Q. What is your vision for GIT?


do you see it spreading and continuing even beyond the reach you can physically do yourself?

Q. Tell us about the Get Your Pink On A. We have always seen ourselves campaign. What has been the response from the people who have participated? What is the greatest impact you think the campaign has made?

as a non-profit organization providing an educational breast health initiative with global impact. The vision was always large. We could never stop at just one girl…we want all girls, everywhere, to be smart about their bodies and the choices they make today about “getting in touch” for life. We see Daisy Wheels in as many languages as there are girls…we are well on our way!



National “GIT Your Pink On!” Day

is the third Friday in October (National Breast HEALTH Awareness Month) and

You have two

beautiful daughters. How has the work you’ve been doing impacted them and the rest of your family?



My daughters,and my son, are

compassionate, thoughtful, smart young people. They are full of the grace that only a child confronted with the potential loss of their mother can have. I never had that, so I am in awe of them and how they managed to care for me as well as each other during our “wellness challenge.” We are a family that speaks the language of “hope!”

this woman finding the lump on her breast in 1966, when I was just two years old. She saved my life the day she found that lump on her breast. Her breast cancer diagnosis



profoundly affected her daughter Barbara’s decision to pursue surgical oncology and spend her life saving other women’s lives; my life. You know the story, “a butterfly flaps its wings and sets off a tsunami.” The “positive ripple effect” is alive and well and

Q. You must have some great stories

of dedication toward ending breast cancer that has come about in your travels. Can you share one with us on how someone was inspired to take their own positive action?

A. My surgical oncologist, Dr. Barbara

her name is Mary Ann Wasil Nilan. Hope Lives!

By: Mary Ann Wasil Nilan, Mother of Three Teens, Breast Cancer Kickin’ Survivor & Health Activist, Executive Director & Founder, The Get In Touch Foundation www.

Ward, told me early in my diagnosis that I reminded her of her own mother, who, at the time, was a 38-year breast cancer survivor. Her

mom had found a lump on her breast, had the necessary treatment, and went on to live a full and joyous life. Dr. Ward told me this over six years ago.


Today her

mother is a 44-year survivor. I can’t help but think about


Challenges come so we can grow and be prepared for things we are not equipped to handle now. When we face our challenges with faith, prepared to learn, willing to make changes, and if necessary, to let go, we are

Positivity Nation™

demanding our power be turned on. ~ Iyanla Vanzan

Vision: Positivity Nation™ is creating a world-wide epidemic of positivity.

Mission: Positivity Nation™ is a global community changing the world through positive thoughts, words, and actions. Features: Daily uplifting quotes & A Year of Positive Action activities …small, simple actions that can make a BIG difference. Founded: April 18, 2010 Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer: Lanette Pottle See Us on Facebook

A Year of Positive Action Activities Try putting some of these ideas into action & experience first-hand how small things can make a big difference! • Send a thank-you card or letter to someone who has had a positive influence on you. Let them know how much their words and actions have meant in your life!


• Deliver a random act of kindness. Do something nice for a stranger or someone that you do not know very well. Remember, small things can make a big difference! Take note of the reaction you get and how it makes you feel. • Develop an attitude of gratitude; start a gratitude journal. Every day take time to record three things for which you are thankful. (There is power in actually writing these things down on paper!) STRETCH to include the not so obvious things, the little things, the less than pleasant things that helped you learn a lesson; and if you experience sorrow, finding a way to be thankful, even if it is only for those who are there to support you. • Make time to encourage a child. You may never know what an important impact you make. Investing time in a child is investing in the future!

• Practice self-care. Talk a walk on the beach. Get a massage. Read a book • Forgive someone. Make the doctor appointment you’ve been putting off. Go to the gym. Do the things that you never make time for but feed your spirit. Clean up some “incompletes” in your life. Renew. Rejuvenate. Relax. go to the the things that you never make time for but feed your spirit...clean up some “incompletes” in your life. Renew. Rejuvenate. Relax.


Life Looks Pretty Good From Here By Mel Majoros

me. Three years later,

I have always been pretty lucky. I was able to attend the college I wanted and have the career I wanted. I spent 10 years working behind the scenes on some



television shows in postproduction. When I made the move from California to Michigan in 2004, I found the only entertainment job in a town of about 8,000 people, working at the local radio station. That’s





breast cancer. That was obviously a shock, as I was in great physical shape, and who ever expects to get cancer? Certainly not me! I went through a lumpectomy, 16 rounds of chemo, targeted gene therapy for a year, and 16 rounds of radiation. Through all that, I battled fatigue, baldness,




weight loss, anger, and

sadness. I still feel lucky. Now before you think this lady has gone off of the deep end, let me tell you why: Positivity. I would always walk into the chemo treatment room with a smile on my face, even when I knew the harsh chemicals would turn my skin scaly and make it difficult to eat. When the radiation would zap all of my energy and I would be so tired, barely being able to make it to bed, then having

p r e t t y







on end, I

good at the


time; I was



I would go







with a smile


on my face

and a great

every day;

man to take care


some of my




would say “I don’t know

that my blog was one of the

how you can be so happy.

top 30 inspirational blogs by

I couldn’t keep a smile

on my face if I was going

couldn’t believe it. People

through what you went

were reading what I wrote

through.” I was grateful

and finding it inspirational. It

they didn’t go through

was such a great feeling to

what I went through.

know I was helping people.

About three months after

I kept writing. Now I can’t tell



you when I found Facebook

blogging. I didn’t think

or Twitter, but I liked the

anyone would read it.

immediacy of it. Suddenly

For me, it was simply

I could instantly connect to


survivors who were like me,






everything I was feeling. At the time, I wasn’t aware of Facebook or Twitter,




writing. In March of 2009, I got an email saying



who were going through

you had asked me back when

what I was going through.

I was in college if I would be

Even though I kept a positive


mental attitude throughout

about patient empowerment,

my treatment, I felt alone.

survivorship, and other issues

Suddenly I wasn’t. Through

that relate to survivors, along

social media, I was able

with having my own radio

to find organizations and

show, I would say you were

people who could help and

crazy. I always wanted to be

whom I could help.

a behind–the-scenes person.

While I was working at the radio station, I also started for





station in April



Truth be told I am kind of shy, except when I am passionate about something. Because of this dreaded disease, I have found my voice.

of 2009. About 5 months

One thing people usually ask

later, I was asked if I wanted

is if I would change getting

to host a show about cancer

cancer. I would have to say

survivors that focuses on

no. I wouldn’t be the person

the positive aspect of cancer

I am today. I wouldn’t be able

and survivorship. Although I

to speak out for those who

was nervous, I immediately

can’t, I wouldn’t have met

said yes. I knew that the

some of the amazing people I

survivors and organizations

have met, and I wouldn’t have

that I would spotlight on my

been able to help the people

show, The Cancer Warrior,

I have helped, whether I



realize I helped or not. That’s

impact on me, and I hope

why I remain positive. That’s

that I would have a positive

why I am lucky.

impact on them.

Mel Majoros hosts “The Cancer Warrior” on Empower Radio. You can also find her blog at www.



I always find it funny when I think about what I do now. If


Quotes & Inspiration Contributed by Positivity Nation Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. ~ Harold Thurman Whitman

Challenges come so we can grow and be prepared for things we are not equipped to handle now. When we face our challenges with faith, prepared to learn, willing to make changes, and if necessary, to let go, we are demanding our power be turned on. ~ Iyanla Vanzant

It takes but one positive thought, when given a chance to survive and thrive, to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts. ~ Robert Shuller

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. ~ Gail Devers

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain


Hope, Healing and Inspiration to an Entire Community The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing If you were to ask someone today if they knew anyone who had been diagnosed with cancer, most would respond with a yes. Cancer has affected virtually every community and most families by very few degrees of separation. When Patrick Dempsey’s mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the reality of how cancer affects people hit very close to home. He learned quickly that no one should have to go through cancer without access to good care, relevant information and strong support system. Partnering with Maine Medical Center, he created the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing.

Light One Little Candle The Light One Little Candle Foundation was created by Dr. Joelle Pauporte, a young mother and psychiatrist dying of breast cancer. During the course of her illness, she discovered that no matter how sick, exhausted or overwhelmed she felt, she and her daughter could find comfort sitting together and reading. In partnership with hospitals and cancer care centers, Light One Little Candle provides new children’s books to those patients undergoing treatment. Additionally, the books come with special bookplates for patients to write notes and memories that their children will treasure. Including the new Dempsey Center program, there are


ten Light One Little Candle Programs

and personal support teams and making

distributing 20 to 50 books a month per

choices about any behavioral changes

facility. The program is currently available

(such as diet, exercise, learning new

at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT,

coping skills, etc.) is akin to choosing

MidState Medical Center in Meriden, CT,

fabrics and patterns.

Middlesex Hospital in Middletown, CT,

Much like the response to a cancer

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital in New London, CT, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and CancerCare in NY, the Dana-Farber/Brigham & Women’s Cancer Center and

diagnosis, quilting involves putting pieces together to get the best result. Finally, there is always an element of mystery: no matter how much planning goes into the process, we can’t

Massachusetts General

know exactly how


the quilt - or how

in Boston, MA, and

our lives - will turn

the Moores UCSD


Cancer Center in La



Jolla, CA.





For more information

quilts as a symbol



for The Dempsey

donation, please visit

C e n t e r. B e a u t i f u l



our website at www.

Hand-made by Mary Dempsey




decorate the Center’s


walls. “Comfort quilts” created by caring

Executive Director and President: lee@

community members are given to patients | (516) 767-8787.

receiving treatment. Volunteer quilters





are constructing an “Honor Quilt” and a

The Quilt Project Going



“Memory Quilt”. These quilts -- consisting challenging


of 6- by 6-inch squares embroidered

experience such as cancer can be likened


in several ways to creating a patchwork

embellishments -- honor both those who


are living with cancer as well as those who

The process of selecting your treatment

died from it.







his is the most important of the universal laws, in my opinion. Acknowledging it allows the

other laws to fall into place and prepares us for an incredible journey through life that we control. When we are able to be thankful for what we have--truly

each. Now imagine the actions and feelings associated with Being Grateful. What comes to mind? I imagined peace, happiness. The words you imagine may differ, but the messages they send will be the same. When

thankful, not just words we recite but






within--our world outlook changes. Consider


word “being”. It is a verb, an action word. When we

The Law of G r at i t u d e : Be Thankful, Positive Thoughts



with what we are “being” apply. following


you are feeling all these words from the inside out. The essence of these words will be reflected in


you do and with with

into contact. Life

and all the characteristics associated the


whom you come


something we are




are in the action of



and see what images come to mind when you picture a person in this role: being supportive, being loving, being romantic. As you picture someone in these roles, you are able to describe actions and feelings associated with

changes. The more you apply this law in your life the more you will help others through it. By uplifting others, you raise their energy, which in turns raises yours. Imagine how often in the course of a day you have the opportunity to do this! With your changing energy, you will begin to notice more opportunities coming to you. From Positive Thoughts, http://positive-thoughts.


Crossword Positive Puzzle 1

2 3




7 8 9 10





15 16





21 Across



The release of past requires


A basic need


Author of Chicken Soup


Troops and peace for children


Heard at the end of Yoga - the divine within


We must first have


Within every situation is


Something to remind you what you want to think


To achieve


The best medicine


The lion within us is


Laugh, Cry Eat Some Pie


We get by with a little


Measure your own


Make your dreams come


Everyones is unique to them


Something an artist has


Something we all have equally


Its all in how you see it


The result of a kind action


The opposite of Nope


L o o k ,

To u c h ,

R e m e m b e r

The Meaning of a Touchstone

By Kim Wierman, Co-Owner, Waves of Gratiude

would carry in his pocket, literally a touch-stone. When he would touch it, he remembered his goals and dreams, and

What do a rock, a tattered photo, a

was able to keep his positive intentions

saying on your coffee mug, and a rubber

focused on them. Cheryl gave it a try.

bracelet all have in common? We use

She found a rock, but more often than

them to remind us of something. When

not, it was lost at the bottom of her purse

we look at the items in our lives to which we



and not much of a reminder. (We girls


don’t wear something with

meaning, we turn them into


pockets every day.) The idea


came to wear a bracelet or

benefits of TouchStones are


something that could always


be with her. She could reach

personal. Finding the right

out and touch it whenever

TouchStone, looking at and

she needed a reminder

touching it often, creates a

of what she wanted in her

personal benefit. Whether

life and the power to stay

it says I can “Live Strong”

focused on her intentions. Nothing on the

or just reminds us of our goals, it is our

market spoke to her sense of both style

own TouchStone.

and message.

At Waves of Gratitude, we discovered

That was the beginning of Waves

firsthand the power of a touchstone.


Cheryl had been a successful business






TouchStones are so effective. We created

development director with an impressive

them specifically to be touchstones. We

track record. When her position was

infused their purpose into them from

eliminated, she thought about what she

concept through final production.

had read by Lee Brower, a contributor to the book by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret.

Created with Intention

He wrote about having a rock that he

Why are touchstones so effective? We


have an average of 60,000 thoughts a day. I know I would be hard-pressed

The bridge from our thoughts to reality.

to name even a thousand of those as conscious,




means that tens of thousands of thoughts

Wear your Touchstone!

are passing through our heads, which can distract us from the most important of those thoughts – the ones that can lead us to our intended actions and outcome for our lives. Thoughts are fluid. They are constantly moving, like an ocean. Our thoughts can aimlessly float along in an habitual pattern if we do not learn to focus them. Not only was the perfection of the cycle of nature the inspiration for the specific TouchStones created by Waves of Gratitude, but these TouchStones are symbolic of the positive energy we were feeling, an energy which is constantly moving and flowing.

A Defining Moment In the beginning, we referred to our TouchStones as Inspiration Jewelry. This segment of the jewelry industry was only a few years old and it seemed the best fit. But it wasn’t exactly the right fit. While TouchStone jewelry can have a religious intention, it was more than that. It wasn’t until we met author Deanna Davis, PhD, that we had a definition for this

contined on page 46 43

TouchStone Jewelry

by Meaza Ridley aves of Gratitude is proud to present to you, TouchStone Jewelry.  So what is a TouchStone?  There are several definitions; however, the one that applies here is “a functional or quintessential part or feature.”  And how does that apply to Waves of Gratitude’s TouchStone Jewelry you ask?  It’s pretty simple.    When Waves of Gratitude went in search of a designer, they wanted someone special who would create pieces that were “special.”  They found that magic in Jessica Fields.  Founders, Cheryl and Kim asked Jessica to design  touchstone pieces resembling ocean waves at different stages,  with each piece  receiving a purpose  of design.  Each design was then cast in silver with intent.  If you are energetically inclined, you know that creation with intent results in an energetic charge.  This charge is then transferred to each piece, which transfers to the lucky recipient when he or she wears it.   I hear the skeptics grumbling and questioning the validity of what I just wrote, and I am here to tell you that I am a “skeptical until proven otherwise” kind of person.  The beauty of my lesson is I wasn’t even expecting my piece to be energetically charged.  I was planning to use it as a physical reminder of my goals and achievements.    Imagine my surprise when after wearing my Accomplishment piece for only a couple hours, I could literally feel the difference in my brain activity.  Before I move on, let me tell you that my mind is always active, always contemplating, wondering, brainstorming; it’s always doing something.  I meditate every night to sleep and all night via guided meditations on my laptop.  I never even realized my brain could be more active than it already was.  I had no idea that my life was about to change, in a positive way, by placing that Accomplishment Wave on my neck.  All I can tell you is I had to feel it to believe it and now that I have, I can’t tell people fast enough about it.    If you are a statistical person, the numbers tell a story all their own.  Waves of Gratitude has been around since 2007 and in three years, they have never had a single return.  Let me repeat that: In three years it has never had a single, not one, returned item.  That is an impressive statistic.



I encourage you to visit the website at http://www.wavesofgratitude. com and order the Wave or Tree of your choice. Your satisfaction  is guaranteed.  Take a look, place an order; you have nothing to lose and so very much to gain.  If you read my blogs, you know I’m a straight-up, tell-it-like-it-is person and I don’t write what I don’t believe.  This product gives you so much more than your money’s worth.    •

Bring the calmness of nature’s strength with the Curly Wave.

Be reminded to listen to your inner music and live life with passion with the Dancing Wave.  

Focus on all you have to be grateful for with the Gratitude Wave.

Celebrate the value of your family with the Family Wave.

Recognize the core of your well-being is health of body, mind, and soul with the Health Wave.

Find your serene state of mind with the Serenity Wave.

Acknowledge your accomplishments while appreciating those who helped along the way with the Accomplishment Wave.

Wear the Strength Wave to respect strength of mind, body, and soul. 

Show your commitment to Mother Nature and being “green” by donning the Nature Wave.

Unite your body with consciousness and consciousness with your soul with the Yoga Wave.

Or you can honor the life cycle of an ocean wave by wearing the Signature Wave, which combines Accomplishment, Gratitude, and Health, to create a breath-taking, eye-catching piece that is as unforgettable as it is inspiring. 

And if you’re not into waves, Waves of Gratitude offers the Tree of Hope in various sizes.   A bargain with almost every piece priced at under $100, Waves of Gratitude TouchStone Jewelry brings value to your life without breaking the budget.  Add your favorite Wave or Tree to your collection and start feelig the energy.  TouchStone Jewelry works great in conjunction with self-improvement programs, life coaching, specialized retreats, meditation, and so much more.  Or you can simply wear it and let it work on you.  This author and former skeptic give Waves of Gratitude TouchStone Jewelry Two Thumbs UP!


continued from page 43

wearing--a touchstone.

don’t believe in coincidences, but it was

Marvin Towler, Spiritual Entrepreneur,

important sector of the jewelry industry. I serendipity perhaps that led Deanna to rrespond to a Facebook ad for the first time ever. She saw the Gratitude Wave necklace in our ad and wanted to give it to her return conference attendees. When she had the jewelry in her hands, she described it as, “touchstones to center our lives on positive intentions for creating states like health, strength, and serenity in our day-to-day lives.” TouchStone Jewelry as a new market was born! What we had felt, what was part of the design from the first drawing and created with intention every step of

refers to his touchstone as the bridge between what we think and live to where we want to be. Both he and Tiffany Walke Peterson talk about the energy they feel from their touchstones as they wear them. The feelings and power of a touchstone have existed probably since the beginning of time, but it was just in the last 90 days that we defined for the world what we knew for a long time: touchstones will enhance our lives. Our story is just one more example of a Positive Ripple Effect. We read the Secret, which talked about a rock, which

the way, now has a name for it.

led to finding our own symbol to stay

Real People, Real Life Advocates

create our jewelry, which led to defining a

positive, which lead us to Jessica Fields to

So, today when I read in Kevin Hall’s book

category of jewelry known as TouchStone

Aspire about how Richard Paul Evans

jewelry, which made Waves of Gratitude

had bracelets he and his friends wore to

what it is today.

focus on making the best seller list, or

Our goal is to reach 2 million people who

I see Helen Mirrin wearing a diamond encrusted safety pin on a morning talk show


remind her of a successful movie shoot, we have a name


what they are

can achieve their goals and stay focused on their intention by wearing a touchstone. By doing this, we create an even bigger splash and another ripple outward. Waves of Gratitude, from the very first draft of our business plan, has included contributing 10 percent of our net profits to positive organizations that are creating their own Positive Ripple Effect.


“Hold my hand, I’ll keep you safe. I’ll protect you the best I can. Then time sweeps in and grabs on tight and before the day turns to night. Your hand I may no longer hold, but you hold my heart in the palm of your hand. So journey where life is meant to take you, and know I am always here when it is home you need to return to.” ~ Cheryl Nordyke

“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply that they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings” ~ James Matthew Barrie 47

By Terry Simpson




ur bodies are shifting and changing all the time. Given the rigors of our society and the demands placed on us, our physical being is forced to keep up. The significance of life’s puberty



demands has been greatly pinpoint





to are

young growing bodies of research

people. In fact, behavioral linking obesity as, at least, and environmental factors a contributing factor. have become so stressful

Overcoming that research is showing a Struggles shift in children’s biology

as a result. In particular, As a fitness trainer and young females are group exercise instructor, enduring


both I’ve witnessed the struggle for young girls due to obesity across many


of our population. According


the Centers for Disease Control and






2008, there has physical characteristics and been a significant disparity menarche (menstruation) in racial and ethnicity obesity

at an ever-decreasing age. rates with non-Hispanic Causation for precocious white girls increasing from


8.9% to 14.5%, Mexican- denies the life experience don’t look a certain way, American girls from 13.4% of the individuals living they will fail and not be to 17.4%, and non-Hispanic with it. Due to our ever- lovable or desirable. Rather, African-American girls from present


on we should encourage the

16.3% to 29.2% during this time period (CDC, 2009). Consider for a moment that African American girls start puberty, on average; about a year earlier than other races and you can see how the argument can be made that obesity may play a role for these young people.

Body Image So,


I encourage my young female clients to let go of the image of life and get into how it feels to be in their bodies.

to endure, not their face, hips, or buttocks.

Beautifully Feminine The feminine is real power. The energy that radiates from the feminine is magical and can alter the course of history. I encourage my young female clients to let go of the images of life and


get into how it feels to be

heavy (excuse the pun)

in their bodies, that life is



strength of the female spirit




out from this “positive�





them, just

as a trainer and clinical



them. Taking



doctoral student, I believe



society, in particular the


medical community, is

is a blessing

too quick to pathologize


or classify obesity as a

curse. Weight

disease. It is a behavior;



a be

in some cases, a genetic image, we constantly temporary, not permanent, condition. But it is not a shame and criticize young unless you want to hold on life sentence. Calling it a girls, unconsciously or to it. disease is convenient but subliminally, that if they


coninued on page 52

Time Well Spent The mission of Time Well Spent is to inspire, educate and empower people in suburban communities to live with mindful awareness of the impact of their

purpose even as they learn about the repurposing of salvaged materials and found objects and the needs of those less fortunate, allowing them to focus on

daily lifestyle and consumer choices on

both self and others.

the quality of life for self, those in need

A recent project of Time Well Spent was

and the environment. In its most basic

not only an example of its core mission

terms, the mission is to expedite the

but brought together the troops with

growth of conscious consumerism.

children from the countries where they

Beginning with those already actively

serve in an outward act of goodwill.






awareness of the impact of



daily and

consumer choices,


Well Spent will appeal to those members of the local








like-minded community members who connect with

In conjunction with Operation Troop

the mission. A key target market will

Support, a grateful teen was instrumental

be women in the midst of transition,

in sending 627 Beanie Babies to the

needing to re-evaluate their own life’s

troops. Here’s the story of Robbie


Brengle by Time Well Spent founder, Nancy Darcy Gallant:

To be sure, the drive “ended” decidedly

“I always open the summary descriptions

late in terms of the calendar. Still, I feel

written by my service

that Robbie’s

learning teens with a


bit of trepidation. Did


they get the point? Did


they experience what


it truly means to help

drive was a

need? To put it simply, they


positive one.


spent their time well? After reading Robbie Brengle’s


beanie baby

people, help those in did



and the email he sent to









beanie babies

me with the document and some pictures, I think the questions can






all be answered with a

by the more

resounding, ”Yes!”

t y p i c a l

So, mentoring a young person, helping


people get their Beanie Babies out from

For Good drive that involves one drop-

continued on page 54

under while avoiding the trash, helping Operation Troop Support show our support to our military and, in turn helping to ease the sadness and stress of a child in a war torn country, and in general setting an example of empowered collective decluttering. That’s at least 7 ways this DeClutter For Good can be considered Time Well Spent!


continued from page 52 Now, I’m not suggesting that mere words and concepts can alter DNA, but instead of blaming, I find accepting more powerful in helping young girls change. And, oh by the way, some never lose a pound but find peace within them to live a happy and healthy life. And the lack of stress has been shown

Weight can be temporary, not permanent unless you want to hold on to it. what they may never be (loved or successful) according to our media society.

to be a buffer against early

Positive Living


If we can focus on the positive

The picture of health does not necessarily correspond

aspects of living, that in order to have good health, you must

to the feeling of health. There are a lot of skinny people were

who stressed

out and hated themselves the



Putting a label on obesity as a disease or negative condition is something they don’t need. If they are already overweight, a label is the last thing they want to read because it reminds them of what they shouldn’t have (ingredients or calories) or


first heal (can’t spell health without it) and see taking care of yourself because it feels good, not just looks good, perhaps the strength and virtue found in young girls will nurture powerful and positive women to help lead us into the future.

Positive Radio Uplifting Stories to empower listeners Brent has over 20 years in the radio



Brent Carey, Empower Radio

stations and connecting with listeners in markets

Terry Simpson, CRE8SYNERGY is a concept put in motion each time I teach my classes, work with individual clients and study in my doctoral research field of understanding the neurological effects caused by chronic pain. In my opinion, we need each other in order to heal. If we can combine our energy in a positive way, we can affect change in ourselves and others.

across the country. His upbeat attitude and positive energy are contagious. Brent is the President of Empower Radio and hosts “The Empower Radio Show� with uplifting stories and interviews to empower listeners to live the life they were meant to live!

He teaches some of the most highly attended & popular fitness classes at The Sports Club LA.


continued from page 51

the concept of corporate

off weekend in a given


month, I believe the two

by doing their share to

teens, now rising seniors,

support the community

learned quite a bit about

and the environment.




the of


physical materials-



also about the people side of the equation.


And, lastly, they learned that it isn’t over until it’s over, that it doesn’t matter whether the papers have been turned in, the front

I also feel that there was

page photo taped proudly

plenty for me to learn from

to the fridge, the accolades

the experience. For one

have been



made and

letter to the


editor led to


a front-page

isn’t done




job the

of the fold




i t e m s

being said, I

h a v e

can’t share the link here


currently because it is not

service organization that



will get them into the

to self: contact Ipswich

hands of those in need.

Chronicle and explain the

I’m so pleased to report

point of social enterprise.)

that today was that day

The teens went to New


England Biolabs to pick

bunch of photos of Robbie

up a large donation of


the little stuffed creatures

Babies to Operation Troop

and saw how traditional

Support in Danvers, MA,

businesses can embrace

to prove it!”




there’s the




whole Beanie

As a child I spent many hours in my

what made the house special. It held us

friend’s tree house. I remember how it

up close to the clouds and allowed us to

was set in the middle of this big oak tree.

view the world from a magical vantage

Its branches secluded us from the world

point. On its branches we had climbed.

we were in and allowed us to dream our

Its leaves had sheltered us from the wind

biggest dreams and share our deepest

and the rain. It had become our friend,


and the tree house had been merely a

When we were there, we felt no boundaries.

box filled with moments and memories.

We could do anything or nothing. We could

Our friends are like the tree and our

be whatever or whomever we wanted

friendships like the tree house. They

to be, and all of our wishes were within

have beautiful qualities that even they

reach. The tree house endured all; heat

fail to notice. They are always there to

filled days and star filled nights, the wind

hold us up, withstand the winds without

and rain; it was always there to welcome

bending, and continue to grow with us. In


our friendships, as in the tree house, we

Years later, I returned and the tree house was gone, but the tree still stood. It was then I realized the beauty in the tree and it was not the tree house we had gone to all those years, but the tree. For the tree was


feel secure to be who we are and know that is always enough. Our friendships have many wonderful memories and will share many more. ~ by Cheryl Nordyke

Commit to Give - New England Shines the Spotlight on Volunteering and the

Commitment to Give Back Commit to Give – New England (CTGNE)

needs of her community.

is a private volunteer organization that

In Search of A Place to Give

provides New England based nonprofit

After weeks of research and thorough

organizations and charitable groups with

investigation, Irene created the CTGNE

an opportunity to promote their events,

online database of nonprofit organizations

list their volunteer opportunities and

and charitable groups in the New England

connect to those who are interested in

area, set up a website, contacted several

volunteering or supporting a particular

of these organizations and groups,

cause. For volunteers, financial donors,

informed them of her intended services

or those who simply enjoy giving

and invited them to participate in her

back to their communities, CTGNE

new venture, thus creating the CTGNE

is the gateway to finding volunteer opportunities, local charity news and potential job opportunities. Giving back





to your community just got easier with


Commit to Give - New England.

Once the nonprofit

Commit to Give New England was founded

organizations and

by Irene Johnson of Massachusetts. Its


concept was born



of her own desire to


volunteer and her




struggle to locate


and learn about the




Irene Johnson. Founder CTGNE

the to




CTGNE embarked on the second part of

opportunities and


its mission - to inform potential volunteers wonderful and rewarding experience. on how to use the CTGNE network to find these organizations and groups. Through CTGNE’s website and social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, CTGNE, in such a short period of time, has become very successful at establishing itself as a powerful resource of information to hundreds of potential volunteers.


to nonprofit organizations, charitable groups and to those who enjoy giving back to their community whether through volunteering or financial support. When nonprofit organizations and charitable groups join Commit to Give – New England, they are granted permission to post their events and/or volunteer

Volunteers Make the Difference New

CTGNE is a free service that is offered




organizations, and charitable groups are joining up with CTGNE regularly to make a difference. Volunteers and supporters looking to give back need only view the CTGNE website, Twitter or Facebook Page and they will be greeted by a myriad of opportunities where they can donate or volunteer and become a part of this



All events and volunteer opportunities posted on CTGNE’s website transfer to CTGNE’s Facebook and Twitter sites for maximum exposure.

To learn more, visit us at http://, Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter http://

Some Organizations Listed with CTGNE • One Tail at a Time Rescue, Inc. - Haverhill, MA • Dining Out For Life – Boston • New England Walkers for Knockers – New England Area • Music to Cure MS – Massachusetts • The Lynn Museum and Historical Society – Lynn, MA



Far too often in my career I have observed






the “things” they need




achieve their goals without


any consideration to their personal characteristics. In





What Do I Have to Become to Get What I Want? By Todd Smith, Little Things Matter




necessary to accomplish their objectives. And if they don’t, are they willing to do what it takes to become the person they need to be?

another by






something have

you never



you must become someone


have never been.” Darren


p u b l i s h e r of



themselves if they have



also focused on Several


this idea. He truly

development gurus have

is a master of doing the

written about this concept.

little things that matter.

Jim Rohn, one of my

Perhaps that’s why we

personal mentors, said,

have become friends. I

“For your life to get better,

highly recommend reading


Darren’s Designing the





Best 10 Years of Your



Guess what? It worked! As

Life series in the Success

list and asked if I had

if she was peeled off the

Magazine blog. In Part 6,

those attributes myself.

pages of my journal and

he provided two examples

Additionally, I asked myself

appeared in front of me,

to illustrate the significance

this question: What kind of

my wife is exactly what I

of becoming the person

a man would a woman like

described and asked for,

worthy of achieving your

this be looking for? Who

in almost eerie detail. The


do I need to become to be

key for me was getting

Example #1 By Darren Hardy

attractive to a woman of

clear on who I’d have to

this substance?

be to attract and keep a

“When I was single and ready to find my wife and be married, I made a



I made a long list of all the traits,

woman of her quality, and doing the work to achieve that





working on keeping

long list of the qualities

that part!).”

of the perfect woman more than 40 pages

Example #2 By Darren Hardy

describing my wife to


be in great detail—her

another example to

personality, character,

bring this home for

key attributes, attitudes

you. Let’s say your


goal is to earn another

(for me). I filled up


philosophies life,

tastes, behaviors,

kind of family she’d of course physical makeup down to the texture of her hair, etc. I wrote in depth what our life would be like and what we’d do together. I then looked back at



$100,000 this year.

interests, even what come from, culture, and


attitudes and characteristics that I assumed a woman of this caliber would be looking for in a man. Then I went to work on becoming this person.

Now we need to ask the question, ‘Who do you need to become to be an extra $100,000 valuable? Your answer might contain some attributes—stated in the positive, ‘I am’—such as: ►► I am a disciplined


master of time efficiency. ►► I



solely and

on high-

productivity actions. ►► I wake up an hour earlier and review my priority objectives each morning. ►► I fuel my body properly and exercise four days a week so I am

seek and cultivate the strength and greatness in everyone around me. ►► I deliver excellence to




continually find ways to ‘wow’ them, encouraging repeat transactions and abundant referrals.” Darren’s




Todd’s Five Challenges


Select one of your

most important goals and define it as clearly as possible, just as Darren did in describing his future wife. The more clarity you


bring to what you want,


the more likely you are to

energetic and highly effective each


hour. ►► I feed my mind ideas and inspiration that will


and bolster my passion. ►► I surround myself




mentors who elevate my

expressed in What’s Your

achieve it.

expectations and prod me

Value to the Market? In

to rise to greater levels of

this post, I highlighted


the fact that if you want



and achievement. ►► I am a smart, confident and effective leader. I

to increase your income, you must first increase your value.




high. One of the reasons I have enjoyed a rewarding and satisfying career is because 25 years ago


I made a list of all the elements I was looking for in a dream business.

worthy of achieving your goals.


growth comes from the compounding





small daily improvements.

Determine who you

must become to achieve your goal. Make a list of the qualities and attributes





challenge? It will define your future!

that you must have to be a person worthy of achieving that goal. Identify which of those characteristics you



and determine whether improvement is needed. And



recognize those that you don’t have, so you know where you need to focus

“When you become a millionaire, it’s not the million dollars that makes you valuable. It’s the person you become in the process.” – Jim Rohn

your efforts.


Believe in yourself.








achieving anything you desire. Make I CAN DO IT your mantra and repeat it daily.


Start today to focus

on becoming the person


About the Author: Todd Smith is a successful entrepreneur of 29 years and founder of Little Things Matter. To receive Todd’s daily lessons, subscribe at www. . All Todd’s lessons are also available on iTunes as downloadable podcasts. Todd’s podcasts are listed in America’s top 100 podcasts.

Ever ywhere, everyday there are people who with one small action create a huge ripple. Their ripples in turn create more ripples. In Creating Ripples, we will highlight some of the people who we know are making a difference. If you know someone who is making this kind of difference, send us an email at and we will highlight them in an upcoming issue. This Issue’s Featured Positive Ripple Renegade

“Saving the world, ten dollars at a time”

Take note folks: Howard went out into

Vitamin Angels Founder

the world as a spiritual activist providing

The definition of a conscious visionary


is Howard B. Schiffer, Founder and

essential nutrients required to survive

President of Vitamin Angels.

infant mortality rates and thrive by age five





through his organization, Vitamin Angels.

Vitamin Angels is a 501c3 charitable organization


He began in the natural products industry


to make the world a healthier place deeply

child mortality worldwide by advancing

intuiting a soul mission within.

availability, access and use of essential

The Inspiration

micronutrients, especially Vitamin A, to newborns, infants and

The Northridge Earthquake

children under five. In 2010,

was the inspiration that

Vitamin Angels is connecting


over 20,000,000 children in




Vitamin Angels. I got happy

40 countries, including the

chills when I read Howard’s

US, with the vital nutrients

story on his website.

they need as a foundation


made one phone call and

for good health.


had 3 pallets of vitamins delivered to the

to improve their health is just 25 cents!

help earthquake victims. He followed by

For $1 you can reach one child for the

meeting the same local relief agency

first four years of their lives when they are

that contacted him about the earthquake

most vulnerable and reduce the risk of

victims. The agency connected him

child mortality by 23%! And you can feel

to undernourished children in rural

good about donating to Vitamin Angels;

communities and villages around the

their efficiency has earned them two


consecutive 4-star ratings from Charity

Navigator for sound fiscal management,

In 2005, Vitamin Angels distributed

and they were recently named one of the

100 million supplements to children

Top 10 Highly Rated Charities Relying on

and families in need around the world,

Private Contributions.

forcing Howard to take out a 2nd and

Get On Board

3rd mortgage on his home. In 2010, the organization has already reached over 22

Check out Howard’s website: www.

million children in 40 countries including

the U.S. Gratefully, the have grown to a

Get on board in

anyway you can either with donations

level of targeting 30 million children next

or just spreading the word. Remember,

year and as many as 50 million children

25 cents can make a huge impact on the

a year by 2013.

life of a child in need. Vitamin Angels is a

Vitamin Angels’ cost to reach one child for

pristine model of Spiritual Activism from

a whole year with the vitamin A necessary

the heart of one man to the world.


bronze angels: $5,000 - $24,999 Vitamin Angel’s work is made possible with the support of corporate sponsors, promotional partners and product donors. List provided courtesy of VitaminAngel. org corportate sponsor pages.

“We can work together for a better world with men and women of goodwill, those who radiate the intrinsic goodness of humankind.” ~ Wangari Maathai Vitamin Angels embodies the quote by Wangari Maathai. Help us join the Positive Ripple Renegade to raise funds for Vitamin Angels.


“Saving the world, ten dollars at a time� A Positive Ripple Effect Magazine selected Vitamin Angels as our feature organizaiton that is creating ripples and making the world better. In an effort to encourage and enable others to see how easy it is to make a difference we have commited to update the status of the fund raising efforts in every issue as well as include the event in our social media efforts. We are hoping to show people our lives and the legacy we are creating is unfolding with every action we take every day. We are asking our readers to take the money they would normally spend to purchase a magazine and match that amount with a $10 donation.

Magazine from the newstand: $5 Morning cup of Starbucks: $5

Join us by donating $10. With the help of 500 of our readers, we will equal the minimum contribution of a bronze corporate sponsor. This demonstrates how one person can and does make a difference.

Lunch out with friends, Tip: $5 Skip just two and donate to Vitamin Angels: $10



Fall Favorites

R e c i p i e s Cheryl’s Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

1 teaspoon nutmeg ½ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 ½ cups semi-sweet chocolate chips 2 Cups Oatmeal

Ingredients 1 cup Crisco 1 cup Sugar 1 egg 1 Cup Cooked Raisins 3 Cups Flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon Baking Soda (dissolved in 1 cup water from cooked raisins) 2 teaspoons cinnamon

Combine flour, cinnamon, baking powder, nutmeg and salt together and set aside. Boil raisins ahead of time for 10 minutes at a simmer so the water has time to cool. Set aside 1 cup of raisin water. Blend the Crisco and sugar until blended. Add egg, vanilla and water and blend until mixed, do not over blend. Slowly add dry ingredients. Stir in chocolate chips and raisins. Drop by teaspoon unto cookie sheet and bake at 350 from 8-11 minutes.


Kim’s Chicken Pot Pie Use recipe with your favorite 2-crust pie crust recipe Ingredients 1/3 cup Margarine or Butter 1/3 cup Chopped Onion 1/3 cup All-Purpose Flour ½ tsp Salt ¼ tsp Pepper 1 ½ cups Chicken Broth 2/3 cup Milk 2 ½ to 3 cups Shredded Cooked Chicken 1 ½ cups Steamed Carrots, Sliced ½ cup Canned Peas 1. Heat oven to 425°. Prepare pie crusts for 9” pie pan. 2. Melt margarine in medium saucepan over medium heat. Add onion. cook 2 minutes or until tender. Add flour, salt and pepper. Stir until well blended. Gradually stir in broth and milk, cooking and stirring until bubbly and thickened. 3. Add chicken, carrots and peas. Mix well. Remove from heat. Spoon chicken mixture into crust-lined pan. Top with second crust. Seal edges and flute. Cut slits in several places in top of crust. 4. Bake at 425°F. for 30-40 minutes or until crust is golden brown. Let stand 5 minutes before serving. 6 Servings.


Success Strategies

Get More DONE! Tiffany Walke Peterson, Success Coach

you DO!”

Would you like to take more action and


get more done?

get into action



i m m e d i a t e l y,

For most of my coaching clients, this is


the very reason they hire me as their



coach. They KNOW they want to achieve

to with

goals and to accomplish MORE in their lives, yet they’re not getting it done as effectively, timely, or in such an inspired manner as they would like. In Principle 13 of “The Success


Jack teaches about the importance



you one of my favorite

This perception of waiting until you have enough time stalls your goals and stunts your progress – the very opposite of the successful life you desire to create.”

ACTION; it’s one thing

success strategies that empowers



take action NOW! It’s called “The 15 Minute Rule.” Most often we think about whether or not we take action on our goals (exercise, write for our book, get organized) if

to think about your goals

we have enough time, which usually is

and dreams and it’s

answered, “no.” We often feel that we

another to get into

need an hour or more to go exercise.

action with those goals

We may feel we need three hours in

and dreams. As it’s

a perfect, serene environment to work

beautifully stated, “The

on that book or project. We may put off

Universe doesn’t pay

organizing the garage or home office

you for what you know,

because we don’t have a full Saturday

it pays you for what

to commit to the organizing project.


This perception of waiting until you have enough time stalls your goals and stunts your progress, the very opposite of the successful life you desire to create. So, here is your success strategy of the week – The 15 Minute Rule. Taking any one of your goals, commit to taking action for a focused 15 minutes. Go on a brisk walk in your neighborhood for 15 minutes. Take 15 minutes and work on writing that book or that project. Focus on organizing that home office or garage for 15 minutes. You can set a timer on your cell phone, computer, or kitchen appliance. See, many of my clients will say they want to be healthy, for example. Yet they’ve stuck themselves in thinking they need to go to the gym six days a week for an hour each visit to consider that they are achieving that goal. Or they know that the clutter in their office, home, or car is sabotaging their energy, yet they are stuck thinking they need three hours to work on it. The important ingredient here is to get into ACTION versus putting it off. Success is a habit my friends. Therefore, the habit is

Get into action today with at least one 15 minute commitment in an area that matters to you and watch the momentum increase as you move your goals and your life forward by taking action NOW! This is a doable success strategy that you can begin living today. Good luck!

more important than the time amount.


Positive News In the News

Each day we are bombarded with news. We turn on the computer and on our homepages are the most sensational headlines. The teasers on the broadcast news often have us gasping at the awful news. This column is different. We went in search of not only positive, good news, but also stories about people, places, and events that are creating positive ripple effects. If you have any such news you would like us to share in an upcoming issue of APRE, please email it to The White House Science Fair fulfills

MANCHESTER, N.H., Oct. 18, 2010 ―

a pledge President Obama made to

FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition


of Science and Technology), a not-for-


profit organization founded by inventor






and math (STEM) with the same fervor

Dean Kamen to inspire young people’s interest and participation in



and that

technology, the


winning robotics teams from the 2010 FIRST Championship were recognized for their achievements during the White House Science Fair. President Obama saluted the work of FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®) team #341, “Miss Daisy,” of Ambler, Pa.; FIRST®Tech Challenge (FTC®) team

afforded professional athletes.

#25, “Rock ‘n Roll Robots,” of Arcadia,

“It was out of this world to be at the

Calif; and FIRST® LEGO® League

White House,” said FIRST LEGO League

(FLL®) team #3013, “The Inventioneers,”

participant, T.J. Evarts, a homeschooler

of Londonderry, N.H.


from Londonderry, N.H. “The President

continued from page 11

is really funny, and he said that with our

cultivating despair and hopelessness. If

SMARTWheel invention, he would not

I’m going to err on one side or another,

be able to drive and eat a hamburger at

the side of lightheartedness seems far

the same time. What he wants to do is

more bearable and, fortunately, far more

to make sure that his daughters





invention when they are



old enough to drive and


he was very interested



cloying if you

in how we came up with

will. But you’ll

the ideas.”

have to catch

“The Inventioneers” (Team #3013), a

me if you want

homeschooled team, took home top

me to hear it.

honors at the 2010 FIRST LEGO League


World Festival for their SMARTwheel, a


special steering wheel meant to combat




the problem of texting while driving. The

sliding across

team, all between the ages of nine and


14, completed a special program at the


Books or speeding to yoga class or locking

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

unsuspecting grandmothers out of their

(MIT) and are already working on a

homes in failed attempts to ensure their

second-generation prototype of their

safety. And I’m thinking I’ll probably be

invention. SMART stands for Safe Motorist

spreading a ripple of good humor along

Alert for Restriction Texting. The invention

with me, yes, even in the midst of “these

is a sensor-laden steering wheel cover

tough times.” Won’t you join me?

that detects texting behavior and emits

Deanna Davis, PhD

alerts to bring the driver’s attention away from texting and back to the road. Future

Author of Laugh, Cry, Eat Some Pie, The Law of

optional features include data collection

Attraction in Action, & Living With Intention

and notification of employers, parents, or

For great free resources and more reasons

insurers of the driver’s unsafe behavior

to laugh, visit

behind the wheel. Courtesy of


A Positive Ripple Effect Magazine  

A Positive Ripple Effect magazine was published by Cheryl Nordyke and Kim Wierman after spending 10 months blogging every day about gratitud...

A Positive Ripple Effect Magazine  

A Positive Ripple Effect magazine was published by Cheryl Nordyke and Kim Wierman after spending 10 months blogging every day about gratitud...