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1989 -2013

25th Season

Experience the Life of Jesus Christ


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PRODUCERS Philip R. Hobson Dr. Ronald G. Corley Dr. Steve Harris Byron Stinson


BOARD OF DIRECTORS Philip Hobson, President Dr. Ronald G. Corley, VP Dr. Steve Harris, Treasurer Byron Stinson, Secretary

ANIMAL HANDLERS Paul Daughtery Abbey Daughtery KC Sloan Korey Dusenbery

COSTUME DESIGNER Barbara Christian

MAKEUP Karen Conaway

BOX OFFICE MGR Charm Trotter

PHOTOGRAPHERS Jim & Terri Culver




The Promise is performed at the Texas Amphitheatre in Glen Rose, TX under special license from Word Music, Inc. The Texas Amphitheatre is owned and operated by Somervell County. Program design, layout, graphics, and composition by Apollo WMS. © 2013 The Promise in Glen Rose, Inc.

Board of Directors The Promise in Glen Rose, Inc. President Philip and Linda Hobson Philip Hobson and his wife Linda own and operate a ranch near Weatherford. They have four children and eight grandchildren. For 40 years, they operated Hobson Air Conditioning (a company they founded). Philip was a founding member of The Promise Board of Directors, a group of Christian men who serve without compensation to help tell people about Jesus.

Vice President Dr. Ron and Karan Corley Ronald G. Corley, M.D. and his wife Karan have 13 children. They have been involved with The Promise since its inception and have traveled back and forth from their home in Lufkin, Texas all these years to support and participate in the production. Dr. Corley is a retired orthopedic surgeon currently working at the Lufkin State School.

Treasurer Dr. Steve and Anita Harris Steve, Anita, and their four daughters have been involved with The Promise since 2001. Steve is a physician at a hospital in Lufkin, Texas, and Anita is a home educator. Our prayer for this season is that God will be glorified and many will be touched through The Promise. Shalom!

Byron and Tammy Stinson Byron and Tammy Stinson are the parents of eight children and grandparents of 13. Byron and Tammy currently serve as the CEO and CFO of Glen Rose Transportation Management Inc., a 25-year old nationwide logistics company, and National Fleet Tracking located in Glen Rose, Texas. They are the founders of the Father’s House Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization providing help to many mercy ministries as well as educational experiences that increase interaction, communication, understanding, and love between Christians and Jews so that both are spiritually strengthened and encouraged.

A Message from Philip R. Hobson As we gather this season to celebrate 25 years of The Promise in Glen Rose, we give God the glory for this amazing journey! Over the years, He has brought so many people to The Promise as cast members, crew, staff, and others and has placed them here with a vision of honoring Him with their hearts and talents through the story of His birth, life, and resurrection. Audiences in Glen Rose and around the world have been blessed, and we pray that you will leave here with a new perspective of what God can and will do through you. I am so grateful to be part of this life-changing experience. As we rejoice in knowing how much He loves us, we pray that hearts will be touched, spirits lifted, and lives blessed. Philip R. Hobson President - The Promise in Glen Rose, Inc. The Promise in Glen Rose, Inc. Business Office 122 E. Church Street Weatherford, TX 76086 (817) 599-3022

The Promise Texas Amphitheatre 5000 Texas Drive Glen Rose, TX 76043 (254) 897-3926

Call us at 254-897-3926 or visit

Glen Rose 2013

The Promise

Glen Rose 2013

The Promise begins on the banks of the Paluxy River in historic Glen Rose, Texas. A grandpa and his grandchildren, Billy and Lisa, explore the riverbed in search of the dinosaur tracks that have helped make Somervell County such a popular destination for visitors. As they settle by a campfire, Grandpa is reminded of a story that his own grandpa used to tell him – a story about the Promise – a story about the One sent by God so many years ago.

Act I (Please be advised. Loud pyrotechnics are used in Scene 5 – The Desert.)

Scene 1 – The Prophets

Billy and Lisa go on a hike with their Grandpa along the banks of the Paluxy River in Somervell County, Texas and stumble upon an old campsite by the water’s edge. Grandpa is reminded of when his own grandfather would tell him stories, and when Lisa exclaims that when he tells stories, “they just come to life,” Grandpa begins the story of the Promised One. Moments later, the three find themselves in the midst of Old Testament prophets and experience the life of Jesus in a very special way. Song: A Promise Is a Promise Music & Lyrics: Walt Harrah Vocals: Grandpa, Lisa, Billy, and Prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah, Micah, Zechariah Scripture: Jeremiah 23:5-6, Isaiah 7:14-15, Micah 5:2-4, Zechariah 9:9-10

Scene 2 – The Road to Bethlehem & Nativity

Awed by the sight of the Prophets, Billy and Lisa can’t wait to hear more of the story. A moment later, they meet Mary and Joseph making their way to Bethlehem.  Song: Magnify Music & Lyrics: Luke Garrett Vocals: Young Mary, Joseph, Lisa Scripture: Luke 2:1-5 Grandpa introduces the birth of Jesus as shepherds watch a magnificent angelic host appear. Mary and Joseph greet the gathering crowd and are humbled by the arrival of the Maji. Song: Glory to God Music & Lyrics: Tom Fettke, John C. Hallett Vocals: Angel Gabriel, Heavenly Chorus Scripture: Luke 2:8-12, Matthew 2:1-2

Glen Rose 2002

Scene 3 – Carpenter Shop & Temple

When Herod demands the death of all male babies in Bethlehem under the age of two, Joseph and Mary flee with Yeshua to Egypt. Upon Herod’s death, they return to Nazareth where 12-year-old Yeshua grows up  in Joserph’s carpenter shop. At the temple during Passover, Yeshua impresses the church leaders with His profound insights into the Scriptures.  Song: Little Yeshua Music: Gary Rhodes; Lyrics: Claire Cloninger and Curt Cloninger Vocals: Joseph, Yeshua Scripture: Luke 2:43–49

Scene 4 – The Baptism

Jesus grew both tall and wise and was loved by God and man alike. When He was about 30, He began to be about His Father’s business in a new way. His coming was foretold by a man called John the Baptist. Song: The Kingdom of Heaven/One Voice Music, Lyrics, Arrangement: Robert Sterling Vocals: John the Baptist, Townspeople Scripture: Mark 1:5-6, Mark 1:9-11

Scene 5 – The Desert

After Jesus is baptized by John, He is led by the Spirit of God into the wilderness where He fasts for 40 days and 40 nights. The days are hot and dry, and the nights are cold and lonely. At  His weakest moment, the Tempter comes . . . Satan himself.  Song: It Is Written Music & Lyrics: Steve Amerson and David T. Clydesdale Vocals: Jesus, Satan Scripture: Luke 4:3-13

Scene 6—Calling the Disciples

As the time arrived for Jesus to begin His ministry, He found many to follow Him. These 12 men from different backgrounds accepted His call and joined Him. The Disciples were taught by the Master Himself and became known as the Twelve. They brought many people to hear the Good News and to experience the presence of the Messiah. Song: I See the Kingdom Coming Music & Lyrics: Claire Cloninger & Don Marsh Vocals: Peter, James, John the Beloved, Matthew, Disciples Scripture: Mark 3:13-15, Matthew 5:1-12



Scene 7—Sermon on the Mountainside

As a large crowd gathers on a hillside, Jesus preaches His message of love but is interrupted by Caiaphas and other religious leaders. His answers to their questions send them into a rage and they hastily exit to plan how to rid their people of this growing threat. One of their own, Nicodemus, stays behind for a private moment with Jesus. He is desperate for a deeper understanding of God’s salvation. Song: Closer than a Heartbeat Music & Lyrics: Claire Cloninger & Don Marsh Vocals: Jesus Scripture: Matthew 5:13-16, John 3:17-18

Scene 8 – Jesus and the Twelve by the River

The Disciples come together as one—unified as brothers with a specific calling. At their camp, they join Grandpa in a joyful dance of praise. But soon after, their faith is tested. At sea during a storm, Jesus confronts the Disciples about their lack of faith. Song: He Is Jehovah Music & Lyrics: Betty Jean Robinson Vocals: Grandpa, Jesus, Disciples Scripture: Matthew 8:23-27

Scene 9—Healings in the Marketplace

Jesus’ ministry was much more than teaching. Wherever He went, He changed the lives of people in need. He gave sight to the blind, made the crippled walk, and delivered  the possessed from their demons. He astonished listeners with His message of kindness, acceptance, and love. One of the  greatest expressions of His power was when He delivered Jairus’ young daughter from the clutches of death. Song: In the Name of the Lord Music: Sandi Pattie Helvering Lyrics: Phil McHugh, Gloria Gaither, Sandi Patti Helvering Solo: Woman in the Crowd Scripture: Mark 8:23-25, John 8:3-11, Luke 8: 29b-31, Mark 5:22-24

Glen Rose 2006

Scene 10—The Sanhedrin Court

The more miracles Jesus performed, the more He angered the religious leaders. And the more Jesus taught, the more they thought He was teaching against them. Hatred built up in their hearts, and they began to plot against Him. Scripture: John 11:53, Matthew 16:21-23

Scene 11 – The Kingdom of Heaven

Around a campfire, Peter demands that Jesus explain the Kingdom of God, but Jesus’ answers do not satisfy him. God’s plan for establishing His Kingdom on the earth requires that Jesus be humiliated, beaten, and crucified—the manner of death given to traitors. Peter’s refusal to go along with this plan pits him directly against Jesus and threatens to break the Twelve apart. In Jesus’ harshest rebuke, He spurns Peter for not being mindful of the things of God. In the midst of the conflict, Satan appears. Scripture: Matthew 16:23

Scene 12 – Lazarus’ Tomb

When Lazarus became sick, Jesus did not come to him. When he died and was buried, Jesus still refused to visit. Four days later, Lazarus’ sisters Mary and Martha of Bethany mourn at his tomb. Mary insists that Jesus will come, but the encouragement falls on deaf ears as Martha makes her disappointment clear. Jesus arrives moments later and tenderly weeps with the women. When Jesus calls Lazarus out of the grave and Martha watches her brother step from death into life, she finally grasps the power and majesty of Jesus. As Act I ends, she proclaims that He truly is the One who has come to save the world. Song: In the Name of the Lord (Reprise) Music: Sandi Pattie Helvering Lyrics: Phil McHugh, Gloria Gaither, Sandi Patti Helvering Vocals: Disciples, Mourners, Grandpa, Lisa, Billy Scripture: John 11:35-44

End of Act I There will be a 15-minute intermission. Please feel free to visit the gift shop and ask about our Backstage Tour!

During this performance, the use of flash photography, cameras with lighted viewfinders, cell phones, video and audio recording devices are strictly prohibited.

Culver Photography The Official Photographer of The Promise in Glen Rose.

Glen Rose 2013 Professional photographs of each evening’s performance are available FREE at

Act II Glen Rose 2002

Scene 1—Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

With the Good News on everyone’s lips, Jesus and the Twelve triumphantly enter Jerusalem just as the Passover celebration begins. The welcoming throng greets them with excitement and joy. Song: Hosanna Music & Lyrics: Billy Smiley and Mark Gersmehl Vocals: Martha, Phoebe, and Veronica (Hosanna Trio) Scripture: John 12:12-13

Scene 2 – Destruction of the Temple

Jesus and the Twelve arrive at the Temple only to see that it has become a defiled place of business on the Sabbath. Jesus harshly rebukes the moneychangers in a confrontation that draws the ire of the religious leaders. In their most direct confrontation yet, Jesus publicly tells Caiaphas that he is full of dead men’s bones. This changes things entirely. So far, Caiaphas has only been looking for a way to stop Jesus from influencing the people. Now, it’s personal. No longer is he interested in keeping Jesus quiet. Now Jesus must be silenced forever. To gather evidence, Caiaphas enlists the help of Judas, one of the Twelve. Song: My Father’s Temple Music & Lyrics: Jan Easterline & David T. Clydesdale Vocals: Jesus Scripture: Luke: 19:45, 46

Scene 3 – The Last Supper

Jesus and the Twelve meet for a late meal in an upper room. Jesus washes their feet to teach them about leadership and servanthood, but all the while, He warns them that the time is coming soon for His betrayal, persecution, and death. As the tension builds, Jesus encourages them to stay strong through the coming struggles. Song: Shalom Music: Claire Cloninger & Don Marsh Lyrics: Claire Cloninger Vocals: Jesus, Disciples Scripture: Mark 14:22-25

Scene 4—Betrayal in the Garden

Jesus and the Twelve cross the Kidron Valley to the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus pleads for the Father’s will to be done. When a contingent of Pharisees and soldiers arrives, Judas gives the sign—a kiss— to identify Jesus as the one to apprehend. In defense of Jesus, Peter cuts off Malchus’ ear but is unable to keep the soldiers from taking Him away to face an unjust trial before Caiaphas. Swept up by regret, Judas throws the coins away and exits, leaving a stunned Malchus to contemplate what has just happened. Song: Glorify Your Son Music & Lyrics: Steve Amerson & David T. Clydesdale Vocals: Jesus Scripture: John 17:1b, Luke 22:54

Scene 5—Denial in the Streets Having escaped the soldiers, Peter watches helplessly at the Temple as centurions beat and drag Jesus up the steps to the Sanhedrin Court. Wanting to intervene but afraid of enduring the same punishment, Peter denies his involvement with Jesus when a servant girl, a Roman soldier, and a Pharisee recognize him. In song, the guilt of Pater’s denials plunges him into complete despair. By his own weakness, he is forced to stand by as Jesus is found guilty and taken to Pilate to be executed. Song: Yesterday Music & Lyrics: Rodger Strader Vocals: Peter Scripture: Luke 22:56-62 , Matthew 25:59-69, Mark 14:55-66, John 18:13

Scene 6—Jesus’ Trials Before Pilate and Herod

Jesus is delivered in chains to the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate. But His refusal to answer any questions prompts Pilate to send Him to Herod. This infuriates the Pharisees who must now wait longer for a decision about Jesus’ fate.

Glen Rose 2002

Glen Rose 2004

Scene 7 – Jesus Before Pilate

Rebuffed by Herod, Jesus is returned to Pilate. The Pharisees churn discord among the crowd, and their demands for Jesus to be put to death grow louder. At first, Pilate orders Jesus to be flogged but the bloodthirsty crowd brings a change of mind and he trades Jesus for Barabbas. Roman soldiers hammer a crown of thorns onto Jesus’ head and start Him on the journey to Golgotha to be crucified. Song: Let Him Be Crucified Music & Lyrics: David T. Clydesdale Vocals: Pilate, Townspeople Scripture: John 19:14b-16

Scene 8 – The Crucifixion

Wounded and exhausted, Jesus carries a heavy wooden cross along the Via Dolorosa, or “way of sorrows,” and is jeered and beaten at every step. When He reaches the top, soldiers nail His feet and hands to the wooden beams and lift Him up for all to see. Song: Via Dolorosa Music & Lyrics: Billy Sprague & Niles Borop Quartet: Woman in the Crowd, Crippled Woman, Harlot, Jairus’ Wife Scripture: Matthew 27:32-33 Softly,  His mother Mary and His beloved friend John plead  for mercy. Mocked by the Pharisees, Jesus faces His final moments. Satan appears, pleased with the way things are turning out. Song: Cross of Calvary Music & Lyrics: Claire Cloninger, Don Marsh, Lorie Marsh Vocals: Mary at the Cross, John the Beloved Scripture: Luke 23:33-34, Matthew 27:41-42, Luke 23:46

Scene 9 – The Resurrection

Jesus’ mother Mary, Mary of Magdala, Mary of Bethany, and other mourners arrive at the tomb to grieve. Intending to anoint Jesus’ body, the three women find an open tomb. As the Disciples rush in, everyone gathers to see proof of the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. Song: Arise Music: Kathy Frizzel, Lyrics: Claire Cloninger , Arrangment: Gary Rhodes Vocals: Angel Gabriel Scripture: Matthew 27:35-66, Mark 16:1, Luke 23:33-56, John 19:18-42

Scene 10—The Great Commission

Grandpa proclaims that the risen Savior is alive. A crowd of His followers has gathered on a hill, and Jesus encourages them to “love one another!” He issues a lasting challenge to never cease spreading the Good News in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. With this Great Commission, Jesus ascends into a cloud (Acts 1:9 NIV). Song: Glory to God (Reprise) Grandpa, Billy, and Lisa join the throng of townspeople in a final word of encouragement to the audience. Song: Magnify (Reprise)

Thank you for 25 seasons! Volunteers:

Greg and Kelly Hatch Charles Norman Colton Lewis Garrett Lewis Emily Orr Ashlyne Baker Apollo Gibson Cameron Gibson Nathan Gibson All of those who selflessly dedicated their time during off-season.


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Glen Rose 2013

The Promise around the world. Russia 1993

Branson, MO 1996

Korea 2004

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To the Life and Memory of Caleb Midkiff (1999–2012) The day after Thanksgiving on Friday, November 23, 2012, an unexpected cardiac event suddenly and shockingly took the life of Caleb Midkiff, a young member of The Promise family. Emergency medical professionals worked for two hours to resuscitate him but were ultimately unsuccessful. Nearly a year later, the finality of his passing still ripples through the hearts and spirits of everyone who knew him. As we prepare to present the 2013 season, the producers, director, production staff, cast, crew, and all others associated with the production want to thank Caleb’s parents, Mark and Debra Midkiff, for allowing us to share his life—and our memories of him—with you this season. Our hearts are heavy, but with an equal measure of joy knowing that his place in heaven is secure, we lovingly dedicate this very special season— made all the more memorable because we were blessed to know and love such a brave, happy young man. Caleb, although your life was brief, your legacy as a caring son, loving brother, giving friend, goofy jokester, and talented performer will last with us forever. That’s a promise.

Your Promise Family

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25th S

1989 -2013


Glen Rose 2013

2013 Cast (in order of appearance) Billy Lisa Grandpa Shepherds

Prophet Jeremiah Prophet Isaiah Prophet Micah Prophet Zechariah Joseph Young Mary Angel Gabriel (Nativity Angel) Winged Angels Nativity Dancers

Asian King Asian King’s Attendants

Egyptian King Egyptian King’s Attendants

Henry Cawood Jordan Thomas Randy Mac Keith Barker, Ed Fletcher, Vicki Watson, Kameron Ackerman, Jonathan Locke, Bailey Coker, Kira Ackermann, Juliana Young Rob Parrott Mark Kent Michael Smith Matthew Keller Jamie Deel Leigh Norman Phil Dillard Megan Kent Ben Midkiff Abigail Garcia Sabra Ramirez Caren Sharpe-Herbst Hannah Harris Maddy Myers Hannah Tarron Alysa Dillard Noe Myers Rolan Garcia Justin Tomasi, Lendel Flournoy, Faith Glynn, Mikayla Reeves, Lewis Coomer, Matthew Tyre Michael Smith Melissa Leyba, Delynn Culp, Madelynn Rose Stevens, Taylee Graves, Alysa Dillard, Charis Brumbaugh, Richard Cawood, Foster Brumbaugh, Allie Winters Abigail Staples

Persian King Persian King’s Attendants

Baby Jesus Two-Year-Old Yeshua Yeshua John the Baptist Baptized Wife Baptized Husband Baptized Man Baptized Woman Boy at Baptism Girl at Baptism Jesus Satan Peter John the Beloved James Andrew Philip Thomas Matthew James, Son of Alphaeus Thaddeaus Simon the Zealot Bartholomew Judas Disciple Servant Boat Runners Caiaphas Pharisee 1 Pharisee 2

Rudy Watson Andrew Tyre, David Phillips, David Culp, Jr., Hayden Cawood, Samuel Tarron, Brian Morgan, Seth Williams, Nicholas Coker, Gideon Tarron Zaydie Garcia Aaron Witter David Midkiff Robert Twaddell Jaycee Turk David Culp, Jr. Daniel Robinson JaNae Mundy Eric Chavez Kayla McKinley Adam Richards Jenna Harris Brian Lawson Jamie Deel Robert Twaddell Kevin Belt David Culp, Jr. David Phillips Phil Dillard Robert Catts Robert Dillard Matthew Keller Daniel Robinson Ben Cockerell Seth Williams Seth Williams Samuel Tarron Billy Myers Rob Parrott Michael Smith

Glen Rose 2008

Nicodemus Joseph of Arimathea Scribe/Accuser Malchus Roman Captain Roman Soldier 1/Accuser Roman Soldier 2 Roman Soldier 3 Widows on the Mount

Mark Kent Rudy Watson Dean Richards Brian Morgan Justin Tomasi Oscar Garcia Tim Witter Lendel Flournoy Delynn Culp Anita Harris

Girl on Jesus’ Knee Blind Bartimaeus Woman in the Crowd (Soloist) Harlot Crippled Woman Legion Legion’s Mother Jairus’ Wife Jairus Jairus’ Daughter Mary of Bethany Martha of Bethany Lazarus Satan Double Jesus Double

Adalynn Witter Rolan Garcia Miranda Willis Megan Rollins Sonia Alcala Andrew Tyre JaNae Mundy Renae Brumbaugh Dean Richards Abby McKinley Sarah Tomasi Michelle Winters Marco Alvarez Tamara Brem David Phillips

Martha (Hosanna Trio) Phoebe (Hosanna Trio) Veronica (Hosanna Trio) Hosanna Dancers

Money Changers Mary the Magdala Comforting Angel Widow with a Mite False Witness 1

Michelle Winters Hannah Harris Jayme Graves Sabra Ramirez Maddy Myers Hannah Harris Caren Sharpe-Herbst Noe Myers Abigail Garcia Hannah Tarran Alysa Dillard Megan Kent Andrew Smith, Ben Brady, Lewis Coomer, Ed Fletcher Karan Corley Hannah Tarron Anita Harris Richard Cawood

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False Witness 2 Servant Girl/Accuser Pilate Pilate’s Servant Herod Herod’s Attendants Barabbas Via Dolorosa Quartet

Via Dolorosa Chorus

Simon of Cyrene Mary at the Cross Thief on Cross 1 Thief on Cross 2 Arise Angel Mourners

Glen Rose 2008

Caren Sharpe-Herbst Tamara Brem Robert Catts Ben Midkiff Matthew Keller Kiley Richards Charis Brumbaugh Rolan Garcia Hannah Harris Megan Rollins Sonia Alcala Renae Brumbaugh Caren Sharpe-Herbst Cindi Owen Debra Midkiff Delynn Culp Donna Tarron Gretta Rebstock Jayme Graves Laura Coomer Megan Rollins Melissa Smith Stormy Witter Robert Dillard Debra Midkiff David Culp, Jr. Andrew Tyre Kevin Belt Vicki Watson, Aimee Flournoy, Karan Corley, Delynn Culp, Ruth Fletcher, Sonia Alcala, Cindi Owen, JaNae Mundy, Donna Tarron

Adult Townspeople - Aimee Flournoy, Alysa Dillard, Ben Brady, Benjamin Midkiff, Boo Summers, Breanne Morgan, Brittany Watson, Carolyn Myers, Dean Richards, Donna Tarron, Ed Fletcher, Eric Chavez, Gretta Rebstock, Hayden Cawood, JaNae Mundy, Janice Coomer, Jeanne Ferren, Jonathan Locke, Kathrynne Myers, Laura Beth Coomer, Maria Garcia, Mary Ann Bartram, Matthew Coomer, Megan Kent, Melissa Leyba, Melissa Smith, Michelle Cawood, Noe Myers, Ruth Fletcher, Sue McKinney, Tammy Kent, Vicki Watson Young Townspeople - Aaron Witter, Abby McKinley, Abigail Garcia, Abigail Staples, Adalynn Witter, Allie Winters, Bailey Coker, Faith Glynn, Foster Brumbaugh, Gabriel Tarron, Gideon Tarron, Harrison Cawood, Isai Garcia, Jonathan Myers, Kameron Ackermann, Kayla McKinley, Kira Ackermann, Madelynn Rose Stevens, Matthew Tyre, Mikayla Reeves, Nicholas Coker, Taylee Graves

Understudies Grandpa Lisa Billy

Rob Parrott Maddy Myers Matthew Tyre

Prophet Jeremiah Prophet Isaiah Prophet Micah

Richard Cawood Robert Catts Ben Cockerell

Prophet Zechariah Joseph Mary

Billy Myers Robert Twaddell Miranda Willis

Angel Gabriel (Nativity Angel) Nativity Angel Asian King Egyptian King Persian King Two-year-old Yeshua Yeshua John the Baptist Baptized Wife Baptized Husband Jesus Satan Satan Double

Kevin Belt Melissa Leyba Rolan Garcia Richard Cawood Matthew Keller Madelynn Stevens Harrison Cawood Robert Catts Anita Harris Rolan Garcia Robert Twaddell David Phillips Gretta Rebstock

Jesus Double

David Culp, Jr.

Peter Simon the Zealot Judas Caiaphas Pharisee 1 Pharisee 2 Nicodemus Joseph of Arimathea Scribe Accuser Malchus Roman Captain Roman Soldier 1 / Accuser Widows on the Mount Blind Bartimaeus Woman in the Crowd (Soloist) Harlot Crippled Woman Legion Legion’s Mother Jairus’ Wife Jairus Mary of Bethany Martha of Bethany Lazarus Martha (Hosanna Trio) Phoebe (Hosanna Trio) Veronica (Hosanna Trio) Comforting Angel Tambourine Dancer Mary the Magdalene Widow with a Mite False Witness 1 False Witness 2 Pilate Servant Girl / Accuser

Billy Myers Matthew Coomer David Phillips Mark Kent Matthew Keller Matthew Keller Ben Cockerell Matthew Keller Rolan Garcia Andrew Tyre Oscar Garcia Marco Alvarez JaNae Mundy Marco Alvarez Hannah Harris Leigh Norman Stormy Witter David Culp, Jr. Delynn Culp Caren Sharpe-Herbst Richard Cawood Jaycee Turk Delynn Culp Seth Williams Jayme Graves Miranda Willis Leigh Norman Breanne Morgan Melissa Leyba Delynn Culp Delynn Culp Dean Richards Stormy Witter Robert Twaddell Jaycee Turk

Herod Herod’s Attendant Barabbas Via Dolorosa Quartet 1 Via Dolorosa Quartet 2 Via Dolorosa Quartet 3 Via Dolorosa Quartet 4 Arise Angel Simon of Cyrene Mary at the Cross Thief on the Cross

Mark Kent Tamara Brem, Brittany Watson Robert Dillard Jayme Graves Leigh Norman Stormy Witter Jayme Graves Phil Dillard Mark Kent Caren Sharpe-Herbst Rolan Garcia

Director - Travis Tyre Travis returns as our director for the 2013 season. His career as a playwright, director, and actor includes originating the role of Satan in Glen Rose from 1989 to 1994 and performing in Moscow, Russia on its historic 1993 tour. He wrote and directed the Off-Broadway production of The Divine Romance and played Leontes in The Winter’s Tale with the National Shakespeare Company in New York.

Travis Tyre as Satan Glen Rose 1993

Travis speaks nationally on the Arts in Christian education and is the author of the popular ArtCan line of theatre resources for Christian classrooms (Introduction to Drama—Grades 7-12, Journey through Drama—Grades 4-6, and more at

He regularly directs productions in Metroplex churches and beyond, including the premiere performances of According to Luke and The Prisoner (one-man show about the life of Paul). As a documentary scriptwriter, his award-winning work has been seen on The Discovery Channel (Texas Wild), PBS (Fiesta in the Sky), and NBC (The Bats of Austin). Travis lives in Arlington, Texas with his wife Elizabeth (who he met at The Promise) and their sons Andrew and Matthew.

Stage Crew Tech Crew

Lighting Spotlight Operators Sound Wardrobe


Hair/Makeup Quick Change Crew

David Culp Sr. - Tech Director Brandon Fipps Tina Glynn Yessenia Villanueva Rachael Kendall Lisa Jackson Miriam Stevens Jason Stevens Tim Henderson - Designer Kim McGee - Board Operations Jeremy Rebstock Scarlett Carroll Jessica Carroll Larry Hess - Sound Manager Gregg Lewis Jamie Lewis Barbara Christian - Manager Sandena Shipman Rosemary Ayers Janet Martin Priscilla Locke - Manager Katrina Krebbs Kristina Butler Jan Cunningham Michael Locke Kyle Bankhead Kyle Bonesteel Karen Conaway - Manager Aimee Flournoy Kiley Richards Leigh Norman Kelly Hatch

Glen Rose 2002

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The Father’s House is a non-profit 501c3 public charity foundation. Our mission is to provide educational experiences that increase interaction, communication, understanding, and love between Christians and Jews so that both are spiritually strengthened and encouraged.

House & Administrative Staff Box Office


Gift Shop Prayer Tent


Charm Trotter Ralph Sides Lisa Baker Ashley Lehrman Janet Hinz Susan Molder Melinda Swink Katy Sanchez Priscilla Sides Hannah Sides Linda Wilson George Smith Zachary Scott Janet Hinz Georgia Orr Dawn Wilson Kathy Brault Kristen Gibson Billie Kinnard Roy Kinnard

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Dedicating 25 Years Dr. Ron Corley The Promise has so much to be grateful for and so many people to thank for helping it through the good times and the challenging ones over these 25 seasons. The Lord never said it would be easy to speak His name to a crying world; in fact, He knew it would be hard. But He wanted us to see if we had the heart, drive, commitment, and spirit to carry out His calling. Twenty-five seasons later, we can say that we did all we could to be the vessel He called us to be. We’ve tried to use the talents He gave us to reach out to every single audience member and share with them the Light they needed. But over the years, even as audiences in Glen Rose and around the world were experiencing The Promise and lives were changing, so much more was happening away from the bright lights. A group of men with uncommon devotion were praying The Promise through financial woes, political tensions, spiritual attacks, and the wavering will of others. Those men paid the earthly costs--money, blood, and tears--so we could be standing here before you now. And none of them worked as hard, as long, and more prayerfully than Dr. Ronald Corley. He was there in 1986 when the vision was first taking shape. He was there in 2002 when the end of the dream was upon us. It literally darkened the stage. But God led Dr. Corley’s hand to bring about the current board--four men of the same vision. And we’re here tonight with lights, costumes, music, and a passion for sharing the Word because Dr. Corley, and the current Board of Directors, saw God’s hand and followed it. The past 25 years have shown that Dr. Corley’s example as a man and leader is blessed by God. His influence and leadership continue to affect the production and everyone associated with it. For all these things, we are grateful for his heart, mind, spirit, and strength. How long God has for us to be here is unknown. The Promise and what it represents is so much more than any one of us, and we’re all ecstatic to have been a small part of it. All we know for sure is that we will be here as long as the Lord lets us. And we have Dr. Corley and his family to thank for all their years of sacrifice and service. Thank you Ron, Karan, and their 13 children. May God bless you. Prayerfully Yours, The Board, Cast, and Crew of the 25th Season of The Promise

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Do You Want to Invite Jesus into Your Life?

If this performance of The Promise has touched your heart and you want to know how you can experience a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, we want to help you. Just follow the ABCs to developing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Admit that you are a sinner. ~ Romans 3:23

“For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”


elieve ~ Romans 5:8 “But God commendeth his Love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

Confess and receive Him into your life by faith and trust Him as

your Savior ~ Romans 10:9 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Questions? Our Prayer Team is available to pray or just talk with you. You will find someone at our prayer center near the gift shop.

Glen Rose 2009

2013 Promise Playbill Mobile  

Mobile version of 2013 Promise Playbill celebrating 25 seasons at the Texas Amphitheatre in Glen Rose, TX.

2013 Promise Playbill Mobile  

Mobile version of 2013 Promise Playbill celebrating 25 seasons at the Texas Amphitheatre in Glen Rose, TX.