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Newsletter — New project of Apollonia Foundation Inside this issue:

La diverite de la France


Visiting the ZOO in Skopje


Celebrating Earth Day


International exhibition of mosaic art


Toys for our dearest, 3 gifts from Simon Trpceski and Apollonia Foundation Donation for Simon Trpceski


Musical moments with quartet of flutes “AULOS”


Apollonia Foundation wishes to inform people from Gevgelija and its surroundings, as well as all admirers of culture, music, art and literature, about the cultural and charity events that we are organizing. To that end, we will start publishing this on-line Newsletter once a month. We hope to motivate our readers to be present and to be part of the events that are organized by the Foundation.

Anyone who wants to be part of this project and receive Apollonia Foundation Info on e-mail can request a subscription:

We will be very happy if we can attain collaboration and an exchange of ideas on organizing events that will lift up the cultural life in Gevgelija or to achieve something for the greater good.

Book Promotion in Hotel Apollonia

Love needs just love. It doesn’t have anything, neither can it be had. Love does not give anything but itself . And does not take anything but itself… Cenka P.Milkovska

A novel about human passion, instincts and agony - that’s what Ilija Karajanov, famous author and professor, says about the first short novel by Cenka Popova Milkovska entitled “A sepak bese” (And still there it was). The book promotion took place on 30.05.2008 at the Apollonia Hotel and it was enhanced with poetry reading, romantic songs and beautiful musical performances. Congratulations Cenka, it was a long road but it was worth it!

Apollonia Foundation INFO

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La diversite de la France

“La diversite de la France“ was the name of this year’s French night that took place in Apollonia Hotel on 29th of May. The night was filled with French dances and songs, and also a TV production with small but rich presentation of French life and culture. This event was prepared by the students of “Josif Josifovski” High School and their professors Mirjana Camcik, Violeta Arizanova and Dragi Hadzi-Nikolov.

Visiting the ZOO in Skopje The children from the Nature Day project visited the zoo in Skopje. This project is for protecting our environment, and children aged 6 to 12 go during weekend days on a picnic in nature and learn a lot of interesting and important things about nature. The children were thrilled by the animals. The party continued in the Action park, the playground, that

place that is like a haven for children. The conclusion that we all came to at the end of the day was that this trip was perfect and we have to do it again. For more information see the web site that the children made for the Nature Day project.

Take care of animals

Celebrating Earth Day

Cleaning the parks around living areas in Gevgelija was the activity that Apollonia Foundation together with the Primary schools in Gevgelija and Municipality of Gevgelija organized on April 22nd to celebrate Earth Day. Around 50 children and 10 adults participated in this endeavor. The message we wanted to send with this is the following: Make every day Earth Day.

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International exhibition of mosaic art On the occasion of the 15-year anniversary of the International Strumica Fine Arts Colony, the International Exhibition of Mosaic Art was opened on May 23 in the exhibitory parlor of Apollonia Hotel in Gevgelija. Twenty five works of art made by seven artists from Macedonia, Italy and Serbia were presented to all art fans. This is the first exhibition containing so many number of art works and it’s very rare in the Balkan. The arts were exhibited in Strumica and will be also presented to audiences in the other bigger towns in Macedonia and Italy. See also:

The general truth is that man did not invent the stone, yet many meaningful marvels and aesthetic values he invented and created from the stone. Petre M.Andreevski

Toys for our dearest, gifts from Simon Trpceski and Apollonia Foundation

“Trpceski is the real deal. A pianistic talent in a thousand.” The Times, June 2005

One of the most important and cherished events for Apollonia Foundation in 2008 was the donation of the funds raised from the last concert of Simon Trpceski in Gevgelija. Toys for the children of “Detska Radost” kindergarten is the gift for our dearest. The children and their teachers expressed their gratitude with drawings and performance. Among the guests were Simon’s team member, his brother and people from Apollonia Foundation.

Donation for Simon Trpceski

We feel very lucky to be part of a loving passionate project; bringing a Steinway Grand Piano to Simon Trpceski and Macedonia. The greatest musical Ambassador of Macedonia has all our support.

Apollonia Foundation

Address: Gevgeliski Partizanski Odred 1 1480 Gevgelija Future events: 05.06.2008 Concert Duo Gelebeshevi with promotion on their CD Apollonia Hotel, Ball room 20.30-21.30

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15.06.2008-25.06.2008 Apollonia Art Colony June, 2008 Exhibition - Association of Artists in Gevgelija ...

Lets all work together for Greater Good!

In Apollonia Group, we believe that serving and improving our Communities is not only essential for running a thriving business, but it is a part of our individual responsibilities as citizens of the world. Throughout its 24-year history, Apollonia Group has constantly been active in many aspects of the communal life of the city of Gevgelija, the municipality Gevgelija and the Republic of Macedonia. In 2007, Korona and Apollonia Group “officialized” its community involvement and dedication by creating the Apollonia Foundation. Apollonia Foundation continues the work that Apollonia Group started more than 24 years ago; supporting and sponsoring education, cultural heritage, care for the environment, sports and health. Apollonia Foundation pledges to help individuals and groups, societies and institutions, to improve their activities for the better of the entire community: A healthy community is important to us all.

Musical moments with quartet of flutes “AULOS” One more fabulous concert from the Gevgelija Musical Moments concerts took place on May 30th in the ball room of Apollonia Hotel. This time the audience in Gevgelija had the pleasure of enjoying the wonderful music of the state winners of the competition for students. Katerina Bacevska, Angelina Katmerova, Maja Stankovska, Marija Jakimovska are the members of the quartet of flutes “AULOS”, and they were attended by prof. Marija Vrskova on the piano and Danijela Jovovic on the flute. The girls were fantastic, and I hope we’ll hear a lot from them in future.

Apollonia Foundation Newsletter No1  
Apollonia Foundation Newsletter No1  

Apollonia Foundation Love needs just love. It doesn’t have any- thing, neither can it be had. Love does not give anything but itself . And d...