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“Nature Day” goes into a cave

Inside this issue: Open Fun Football School in Gevgelija


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One very interesting event related to the Nature Day happened on the 11th of August. Six children from the Nature Day had the opportunity to go inside a cave and explore it together with speleologists from the ASTBP Association from Nice, France. The goal of this unusual expedition was for the children to be introduced to this type of sport by the real professionals in this domain and to learn more about the characteristics and the ecosystem of caves.

For two weeks the French experts explored the Krapa Cave, one of the biggest caves in the Balkan, over 10 km long. From them we learned very interesting stories and legends about “Gorno Slatinska” and “Peshna” cave, and we understood the meaning of this magical and beautiful underground world. The wonderful ornaments that nature has created there, the stalactites and the stalagmites, all these breathtaking images make an impression that remains in your memory forever.

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The only thing that made us sad was seeing the many broken decorations on the floor of the cave, even though “Gorno Slatinska” cave is protected by a law since 1953. It is a pity to see man destroy in a few seconds something that has taken nature thousands of years to create. This is the most powerful lesson that all the children learned that day. “Nature should be protected and cherished” that’s our Nature Day massage we want to spread everywhere.

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Open Fun Football School in Gevgelija From the 18th to the 22nd of August, 200 children from Gevgelija and Valandovo had the opportunity to be part of the sport event Open Fun Football School. This is a humanitarian project that uses joyful games and pedagogical “fun football - concept” as a tool to stimulate the process of democracy, peace, stability and social cohesion in society and post - conflict reconciliation. This program concentrates on bringing children from war zones together through football. Apollonia Foundation was one of the local donators of this event, sponsoring the transportation of the children, and helping with some fruits and other materials that were needed.

Our goal as sponsors of this wonderful project is not just helping to promote the sport, but also to gain the interest of all people who can come together and unite for the good of the children, the youngest citizens who represent our future. We need financial help so that we can provide all conditions needed for including more children in the Open Fun Football Schools. The interest for participating in the programme is very big, but the number of the children who can be in it is limited to only 200. Together we can make a difference and I hope that next year will bring that number to at least 500.

Football is emotions and, therefore, football can function as a “driver” that unites people across cultural or religious differences.

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Donation for the X-Ray room in the Hospital in Gevgelija The X-ray department was created in the 70’s, and was constructed according to the best world standards with all necessary and appropriate isolation, space and functionality for that time. The only thing missing was the system for ventilation and air conditioning which is very important for removing the air filled with ionization. In 2002, this problem was solved with the help of Apollonia Casino, who donate a modern system of ventilation and air conditioning in all the rooms where patients were treated. Ever since then this department works in almost perfect conditions.

Gratitude board in the X-ray department

This month Apollonia Foundation, continuing the tradition from the past, donated air conditioning in the room where the new mammogram was placed in addition to a refrigerator for the needs of this department. Yearly 10.000 patients from Gevgelija and the surroundings are using the services of the X-ray department. Dr. Bozin Icev, radiology specialist

Group photo with some of the X-ray staff

Kristina Bozurska, life and work This year, the youngest participant in Apollonia Art Commune was Kristina Bozurska. She is born 1984 in Kumanovo and graduated in 2008 from St. Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of fine arts, Skopje, section: painting, restoration and conservation. She has been working on several projects, including: 2007 Workshop: Redevelopment on existent mural “Fish that swallow the world”, University of Art, Belgrade, Serbia, and in 2005: Real Presence, Workshop for emerging artists in Venice. Kristina had several group exhibitions. One of them is the International exhibition for students in Akdeniz university, Antalya, Turkey. In 2007 she won the certificate for the best generation student at the Faculty of fine arts.

“Garbage is an inexhaustible subject which irritates everyone in different ways. Without being suggestive on the viewer, he can rush into the story of the garbage and find different meanings. ” Kristina Bozurska

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Opening of “5 - ka” Sandwich Shop, all the income goes in Apollonia Foundation 30th of September 8pm Concert: Folk Groups Bojmija, Gevgelija and their guests from Belgrade, Place: Apollonia Hotel free entrance

Address: Gevgeliski Partizanski Odred 1 1480 Gevgelija Phone: 034/ 213-222 Fax: 034/213-223 E-mail:

“We must become the change we want to see in the world” Mohandas Gandhi

We believe that good health care should be universal Our past accomplishments in the medical field include the following: Purchased air conditioning system for the X- ray Department of Gevgelija Hospital. Purchased new windows for the operation room in the Surgery Department of Gevgelija Hospital. Purchased complete equipment for the Department for Eye Diseases (removing the strabismus problem on children) of Gevgelija Hospital. Funding seminar visits, both within the country and abroad, for Doctors and their further education. Financing medical treatments (performed both locally and abroad) for many individuals. Apollonia Foundation will continue sponsoring all this in future also.


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Apollonia Foundation Newsletter No.4  

For two weeks the French experts explored the Krapa Cave, one of the biggest caves in the Balkan, over 10 km long. From them we learned very...

Apollonia Foundation Newsletter No.4  

For two weeks the French experts explored the Krapa Cave, one of the biggest caves in the Balkan, over 10 km long. From them we learned very...