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Apollonia Foundation

27th edition of SKOPJE JAZZ FESTIVAL For one week ever y October, Skopje plays host to eminent jazz musicians from all over the world. This year the tradition continued with the 27th edition of the Skopje JAZZ Festival 2008 (17-21 October), which took place in three venues: the Universal Hall, Macedonian Opera and Ballet and the Hard Rock Club where the midnight pro-

Inside this issue: Nature Day activities for September


gram of the festival took place. Donation to individuals 3 Apollonia Foundation Group online Comments on Nature Day


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VALLE, MARCIO FARACO with TRIO ESPERANZA, the 3 inventive pianist from US JASON MORAN, the French drummer MANU KATCHE are some of the many foreign artists who were part of this year’s programme.

Marina Cvetanovska Martinovska


The maestro

3 ABOU_KHALIL, the Brazilian musical icon MARCOS

French drummer Manu Katche and his band (Manu Katche Playground) performs during the last night of the Skopje Jazz Festival, late on October 21, 2008.

Lebanese musician Rabin Abou-Khalil (R) and the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra perform at the opening of the festival on October 17, 2008.

US bassists Ron Carter and his quartet perform during the Skopje Jazz Festival late on October 20, 2008.

We are proud to say that for 14 years Apollonia Group and the Foundation are sponsors of this festival, which we believe is of high importance for culture in Macedonia and it’s considered to be one of the best of its kind in Europe.

More information on the festival and the musicians who made it so wonderful can be found on the official web site of Skopje Jazz Festival

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Nature Day activities for September We are happy to say that we accomplished everything that was in our plan and programme for the Nature Day project this month. Luckily the weather was on our side. We even were able to go to the mountain Kozuf. But we will let the pictures from our journeys tell their stories.

Peanuts farm in Kovanec village, we learned how peanuts grow and

This is a wild lemon tree, if you cross-plant it with

Playing new game at Negorski Spa

tangerine you might be able to grow tangerines in Gevgelija with this climate

how their plants look like

Racing without motorcycles on the motocross track. That was very interesting!

From reeds people were making the roofs on their houses in the past. When you walk you can notice all the beautiful

Walking Day—we walked to the Motocross track in

plants that are around you like this wild autumn flowers

Gevgelija and back, that’s around 6km If you want to be healthy eat one apple every day, and choose the red apples over green once, they are more useful

Children picking up red leaves from the Japanese The apple farm in the mountain village Huma

apple tree as a souvenir from the nature here Walk through the village Huma

For more pictures and information visit and join the Nature Day group at the following address:

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Apollonia Foundation INFO

Apollonia Foundation Group –online

Donation to individuals We at Apollonia Foundation believe that by helping individuals get better education, going on symposiums and congresses, we help our community by providing people that will have very useful abilities and who will serve the community and will serve us all. This month we gave a donation of 200€ to doctor Mitko Krdzev, specialist psychiatric in the Gevgelija Hospital, to participate in WPA cosponsored National congress “Psychiatry for the person and social transition” in Belgrade, Serbia. The congress was under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, Republic of Serbia and Psychiatric Association of Eastern Europe and Balkans. For more information on this international congress see: In September we also gave a 200€ donation as a scholarship to Bojana Gelebeseva, whom is a second year student at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Apollonia Foundation supports good students who have the hunger for knowledge and believe that education will bring better future for everyone.

Join the Apollonia Foundation group on-line on this address: : There you will find more information, news and pictures of the Apollonia Foundation and its activities. You can also join in our causes and help us with the applications and the demands that we receive at our Foundation. Together we can make a difference!

COMENTS on Nature Day Nature Day project is a very good thing that happened to the children in Gevgelija. With your help they are educated and are developing habits of how to behave when they are in nature and on our streets. They were respecting nature before, but maybe they weren’t so aware that they are also a part of it, and that they need to give their own contribution for a clean and healthy environment. I see obvious changes in my daughters behavior towards nature. Thank you for that. You project is fantastic and more than successful.

Anonymous Parent This is a comment that we received in one of the questionnaires that was conducted between the parents of the Nature Day children, on the occasion of 1 year of existence of the project.

Marina Cvetanovska - Martinovska Artist in the Apollonia Art Commune 2008 Marina was born in Kumanovo 1977, Macedonia. She graduated at the Department of Pedagogy, course Sculpture with stenography in the class of Prof. Stanko Pavleski FLU (Faculty of Fine Arts) Skopje. In 2005 she finishes Master studies of sculpturing with mentor Prof. Stanko Pavleski. Member of DLUM ( the Association of Fine Artists of Macedonia) since 2000. She has been an Art pedagogy at Primary School “Braca Miladinovci” Kumanovo since 2001. She had several solo exhibitions in Paris, Skopje, Stip, Kumanovo, Sturmica, and many group exhibitions in Belgrade, Skopje, Kumanovo, Veles. She also has been working on scenographies on MTV and the Public Theatre in Kumanovo.

In her creative moments during this year’s Apollonia Art Colony at the Motel Vardar Gevgelija

Awards: Diploma for best student at the FLU, Diploma for achieving tremendous results on the professional artistic exams during her studies, University award for the best graduate student at the University “ St. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje, Award for painting “ Vanco Djordjievski”, Paid award for drawing at the DLUM exhibition drawing 2004. If you want to see how Marina presented herself and Macedonia on the exhibition “For the fullness and the emptiness” in the Prima Center Berlin, Germany click here:

We believe that education is the key to providing a better future. Apollonia Foundation

Future Events: * 03-04 October Book Fair in Gevgelija Library * 04.11, 8pm Concert Toni Kitanovski and Cherkezi Orchestra in Apollonia Hotel * 06.11, 7pm Exhibition DLUG– Assosiation of Gevgelian artists Apollonia exhibition parlor

In the past we have done the following: * Sponsoring activities connected with the production of theater shows, art exhibitions, and poetry book publishing.

Address: Gevgeliski Partizanski Odred 1 1480 Gevgelija Phone: 034/ 213-222 Fax: 034/213-223 E-mail:

* Financing capital improvements and equipment in the classrooms and restrooms. * Buying assets that improve the educational process (exp. toys for indoor and out door games for the kindergartens). *Providing financial help to students for their studies. In the future our plans include: * Revamping and maintaining the yards and the fun parks in our schools and kindergartens. * Buying appropriate toys, books, drawing materials for the kindergartens and necessary equipment and inventory for our schools. * Sponsoring educational programs.

* 14.11, 7 pm Concert Clasical music Apollonia Hotel

* Offering training programs for High School students. * Establishing scholarships for University education. * Forming educational institution APOLLONIA ACADEMY that will support higher education and specialization by providing practical training in Apollonia Group. This will prepare students to enter the work force.


* If you want to add some interesting information for our next Eco calendar send us an e-mail. Thank you.

Apollonia Foundation Newsletter No. 6  

Future events 4 More information on the festival and the musicians who made it so won- derful can be found on the official web site of Skopj...

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